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After the loyal toasts, Lord Powis proposed "The Montgomeryshire District Entire Horse Association," ana coup'ed with it the name of Colonel Harrison. His Lordship said there were few people who could wish the Association more success than he did. He had been a very successful competitor that day, so he spoke feelingly—(hear, hear)—but he heartily hoped the Society would continue to be as successful in the future as it was at the present time. There was little doubt it had done a great deal of good in the country, and there was then in the yard an excel- lent class of yearlings and two-year-old eolt- and fillies. They welcomed the presence of Mr Muntz, the owner of Forest King, whom they had in the dis- trict last year, and who would so greatly improve their stock. Mr Muntz told him (Lord Powis) that he would back Forest King to beat Vulcan, and all he could say was he hoped the record of the future would exceed the record of the past (hear, hear). The CHAIRMAN, in responding, said his position as Chairman for a good many years had been a very plea-aut one. Referring to Forest King lie was glad to think he was the owner of a filly by the celebrated sire. That, perhaps, was not the place to make any lengthened remarks upon agriculture, but be wculo merely point out that it was of the greatest possible advantage to all parties to seccre the best possible stock, and the object of the Association had oeen to introduce into the cuunty the best shire horses that could be found anywhere (applause). Seeing that th Society was almost entirely self supporting, it was evident their work had been done fairly satisfactorily (heir. hear). Captain PRYCE proposed The successful competi tors" coupling with the toast the names ot Dr Gill and Mr Lewis, of Weston. He only hoped that nevere as the competitions had been this year they would be still keener next. Dr GILL, in returning thanks said he had always had the greatest love for a haokney, and it gave him great pleasure to breed them. As regarded the show some people were of opinion that there were too many small shows, but these small shows were the only way in which the small breeder could advertise his wares, and effect sales, which brought money to the farmers, and that was what they wanted in these har J times. Mr LEWIS also responded, remarking that they should try and breed the best they could, no matter what class of horse. Cfptain Pryce had expressed the hope that the competition would be more severe next year. He (the speaker) had found it a hot corner this year-(laugbter)-an(i he considered ail all the exhibits of excellent quality. They were much obliged to Colonel Harrison for his energy and management. Mr E. H. MORRIS proposed the health of the judges. He said the Society should congratulate itself on having secured the services of some of the best judges in England. He hoped they were satisfied with what they had seen, and also they would do their best to send some purchasers to this part of the country, where they were badly wanted. Mr MUNTZ, M.P., in response, said it gave him very much pleasure to be present at the Show, which was an excellent one all round. It was the first time he had been there, and he hoped it would not be the last. He sympathised with the fact that agriculture was in a very depressed condition The difficulties agriculture had to contend with might be summed up in a few words. They all knew that the cause of depression was the low price of produce, and therefore all the leading agriculturists in the House of Commons opposed the Royal Commission, which could not possibly do any good. Their society had pursued the right course, in improving the breeding of that kind of stock which commanded the highest price. Although none were fonder of hunting than he was, he did not believe in the farmer making a living by breeding hunters, but he believed in improving the stock of hackneys and sire horses. He maintained that there was nothing which returned so much to the agriculturist as the breed- ing of shire horses. He was sure the breed of Forest King," would do good to the district, and this was a district in which the owner of a shire hor-e could look for the best stock. He sincerely hoped that the enterprise of the society would con- tinue to be successful. Mr KILL, who also responded, said there was no county which had done more for the breed of thire horses than Montgomery. He was glad to note the absence of those great fat over-grown anima's, which, when they arrived about the age of maturity, were useless for the purpose for which they were intended. LEAPING AND TURNOUTS. The leaping and turnout competitions began at three o'clock in the field farthest from the Smith- field There was a very large attendance of th pub- lic, and the grand stand was extremely well patro- nised. Lord and Lady Powis were amongst those present. There were two classes devoted to leaping, and t.,vo to turnouts. A considerable interest was manifested in trials. The leaping contests consisted of leaping over two brush hurdles, two hurdles in close proximity, and a water jump of the regulated lengtn. Some excellent pport was witnessed, and the effects made by the winning horses were really excel. lent, the water jump being negotiated in grand style, drawing forth the piaudits of the public. Dur- ing an excellent programme, which was adinitably sustained, an unfortunate accident occurred, which cast a gloom over the whole of the spectators. Mr Walter Pryce, of Cyfronvdd, a son of the late lamented and esteemed Lord Lieutenant of Mont- gomeryshire, was mounted on a beautiful grey horse, possessed of considerable spirit. In its first two or three attempts the animal acquitted itself extreme!y I well, althought exhibiting signs of what appeared to be viciousness, and in the second class of the leaping contest, whilst performing the in and out hurdle ar- rat), ement it shied, and swerving to tho left, cime to griet over a rope which enclosed the Jeuping ground, and fallit g, precipitated its rider heavily to the ground, roiling over him several times. A serious accident befel Mr Pryce, but undoubtedly it might have been far more serious, and a large crowd of sp ctators at once rushed to his rescue, aud the horse was led away by the groem. Several local medical practitioners at once examined the un- fortunate gentleman, and found him suffering from a scalp wound, injuries to the face, and a severe shock to the nervous system. For a considerable time operations were suspended, and when Mr Pryce bad been attended to by the doctors as far as circumstances would permit, the Earl of Pow.s requistioned his carriage) and pair, which was awaiting in the road, and the injured gentleman, to the regret of all concerned, was conveyed from the field. In the turn-out competitions some splenGirl horses and traps were on view, and in many cates the judges had considerable difficulty in arriving a a decision owing to the keeness of the competition. In the first turn-out class there were 13 entries, and after a close competition the first prize was deservedly awarded to Mr Ed. Bennett, Rhydycarn, Trefeglwys, for his black mare and trap. The maie is only three years of age, and is undoubtedly one of considerable praise, and of which the owner may be justly proud, being one of the best mares ever exhibited in the county. The following were the ofricials.-I,lanagement Committee: Colonel Hariison (chairman), Capt. G. 11. H. Hayhurst-France; Messrs. W. F. Addie; Alderson, Glanmeheli Black, Little Ne-s J Marshall Dugdale; M. Evans, Wernilwyd- J. F. panels Gacr; Green, Tjnycelin Green, Moore,, Green, Knockin; Green. Bank: Dr. Gill, Welshpool s R. E. Jones, Farm; J. W. Kay, Hyssington F. Langford, Court Calmore; Lewis, Great Weeton; Macque«n CoedyJinas; C. Mytton, Buttington w u J '• Court; E Morgan, BahailJonj JT" Cbirbury; J. R. Morris, Wrock- wirdme; Minton, Montford; Richard*, Greeuhall; H. Roberts, Newtown J. Richards. Morton H..Jl; Tanner, Shrawardine; Williams, ^talioe Webster, Lpighton. Yard Stp-ardA Harrison; Ivlotiers. I „ £ J. Edmunds, Macqueen, R. Morgan, E. H. Morris, T. Williams. S'alice. Judges :-4ire Horses: Messrs. James Forshaw. < altoc-on-Trent, and J. Hill, bmethwick hall; Hunter. Hackneys, Ponies, Leaping and I urn-^uts Messrs P. A. Muntz, M.P., and Henry Moore, Cranswick. Mr J. Evan«- °* "Poad-8treet, rlelipool, made au efficient and ooiiging secretary. The following is the prize list :— wt'Z8 FOaL,at,f00t -'• ElWd The Moors, iwfd rai ttT' k; 8-vears; 2, Ey^s, Wtrn- a l" T"oruas Uw-en, Knockin, Knockin brown years r, John Lewis, Great Weston, Korab W3rnifw!?ialep °r ,previoasly to 1389-1, Morris Brans, Gavty', byown- 4 years old; 2, John L«wi», bitat Wtston, >orah, brown; 3, John Lewis, Lillian, grey r, Richard Morgau, Bahaillon, Venture Fillies foBled in 1390—], Thomas Green, The Bank, Enth, J™™ 3» K- K "VVilUams, Lower Mellington, Wood- bro,[n» .5 years; 3, John Lewis, Givat Wi-ston, Tri^Tm^t'11'' llf' 'a V™5 Edwanl Jones, Bank Farm, •fyea^s otd. 'S' Trctleli" Clinkerina, chestnut, ]„™!eS..f0«Cdi,i!1 J89,1,-1' David Richards, Royal Oak, filly, R. h ^'Y.n' T r;Ior":U1- "aiiai.Ion, Vashti; 3, Henry b;>y 2 year! bllUKer> Pentre, Pen tie Las», Fillies foaled in 1892-1, Edward Green, The Moors, filly, bay 2, Thomas G. Davies. The iiotlv, filly, bay 3, Thomas wSaVScS-bS"- *•«• 6— r I'1 or Prevwnsiy to 1890-1, John Lewis, Th? w' B,nnLl0?' ba-v' 10 Tear3 2, Edward Green The Moots Sterling-, bay, 10 years; :j, Joun Lewis, Inuomar 3 years >ea'S r' Richards, Uyaclys, Revival, bay 3 years. Pn,?l.nS.f?alTd if V8:U~1\,na?U,rl "O'ce, Pentrehyling, Bav u r,' B Jones, Whittington, Yonng Carbon, dark biown S. J M Jones, Mathrafal, Cvrmo, hc!<tnut; r, Tlioa Green, Knockin, Legislator. I'oaled in 1898-1, John Richards. Morton Hall, biown, 2, .Thomas Greon, The Hank brown vrs Alinfcnn bu0ry!Swn.°ntf0r<iDuke' bk°k; r '^rmer, Win^ Coit Foals-1, Edward Green, The Moors, colt foal, nnlTha T it \'T' J,°T" Lewis> Weston, stallion colt, bay, 4 months old; 3, Henry Roberts, colt foal, bay, 2C weeks old; r, Edwarti J ones, Bank Farm, colt foal, brown, & months old. Filly foals-I, Mooris Emns, Wei-nllviyd, bay, six montbo » n'w i Weston, brown, i months old 3, A C Hnmphreys-Owen, Lady Mary, brown, six months old. Fiw £ »ar« P1r u ^1Vein ,by th" Ri*ht Hon. the Earl of Ellesmere. Colt Foals by "Vulcan."—1, Richard Wain- wright, Sweeney, colt foai, brown, 5 months old; 2. Thomas Green, Knockin, coit foal, brown, 5 months old; 3, Hei.ry Roberts colt bay, 20 weeks old; c, Edward Jones, Bank Farm, colt foal, brown, 5 mouths old. Special prizes given by the Right Hon. the Earl of Ellesmere. Filly toals by •< Vnlean.l, Morris Evans, Weinllwyd, bay, 6 months old 2, Honry Cambridge# Kmnerley, Brown, 6 months old r, A C HumphreyB-0wen, Lady Mary, brown, 6 months old. Special prize given by P A Muntz. Esq., M.P. For the best colt or filly foals by Forest King."—John Lewis, V/«3'ou> ba? c°lt, 4 months old; r, John Richards, Morton Hall, filly, bay, 5 months old Special prize given by the President of the Show. For the best cart mare for breeding purposes, not less than three years old, bona fide the property of a tenant farmer.—1. Thomas Green, the Bank, Ruth, brown, three years; r, Edward Green, The Moors, Weston Biossom, HUNTERS. Mare with her foal for hunting purposes.—1, the Earl of rowis, Leighton Jane i the only exhibit). Hunter, mare or gelding, 4 years old and upwards.—1, John Lomax, Master John, bay gliding, 5 years old; 2, T 8 Minton, Montford, chestnut gelding, 8 years old. „ HACKNEYS. Hackney stallion to sarve mares in the district next year— I, E and r Green, Pool Quay, Blaie II, bay 5 years old. Hackney mare with her foal, above 14.2-1, Edward Green, The Moors, Modesty, chestnut, 6 years old; 2, John Arthur Talbot, Newtown, Katislla, black. H years old; 3, Wm. Asterly, Pentref, Pnncees, chestnut, 9 years old Hackney mare with her foal, 14-2 and under-I, W Addie. Rustic, black-brown, foaled iu 1&90 2, G. H. H. Hayhurat- France, Nelly, bay, 5 years old. Hackney, mare or gelding, 4 years old and upwards, and not less than 15 hands—1, Miss Annie E Lomax, Llanfvllin, Figaio, gelding" j 2, John Gill, Welshpool, Gwen, mare, chest* nat, 7 years old, height 15-2. Hackney, mare or gelding, 4 years old and upwards, 13 hands, but under 15 hands-I, The Earl of Powis, chestnut gelding, 5 yeprs old; 2, H Hawksworth, Welshpool, Lacy, mare, roan, 7 years old; r, F E Marston, Welshpool, bay gelding, Clara II. r Mare or gelding foaled in 1890-1, E Bennett, Maid of the Valley black mare 2, J M Jones, Mathyrafai, Bess, bay T?a.Y' I'l l 'l,c" Edward Jones, Caebardcl, Jtitty, black mare; r. Tnomas Morgan, Fraukwell, Newtown, chestnut mare Polly. Mare or gelding foaled in 1891—1, George Pryce, Forden, brown gelding; 2, Miss Annie E Lomax, Hodfach, Sligo; 3, Evan Jones, Court House, Jessie, chestnnt filly. Colt or filly foaled in IS92-1, W F Addie, Scorcher. Mare or gelding, any age, not exceeding 14i hands—1, E Green, The Moors, brown geiding; 2, the Earl of Powis, Gin; 3, Francis E Marston, Welshpool, bay mare, Clara II. Special prize given by Messrs E and T Green. Colt or filly foals by Blaze 1I-1, John Gill, Welshpool, bay filly foal, 5 months old; 2, W F Addie, chestnut colt, foaled 1893. PONIES. Pony maro or gelding, any age, not exceeding 13 hanos-l, A Pryco, Cefnyvaenor, King Alfred, dark brown, 2 years old; 2, F A Owen, Xag's Hend, fchestnut mare, aged; 3, L J L Owen, Nag s Head. Silver King, grey, 4years. Pony mare or gelding, any age, not exceeding 12 hands—1, R Morgan. Bahaillon, Lucy, bay pony mare 2, G H H Hayhurst-France, Brownie, aged 3; 3, R A Pryce Cefny- vaenor, Flying Polly, brown, mare, 5 years. LEAPING. Mare or gelding, any age (confined to members and persons residing in the county) 1, C Miller, The Court, brown mare; 2, H H Hayhurst-France, black mare, Black Maria. or KLlldin^ :m-y a?e (open)—1, Wiiliams, Tenbnry, Whistling Coon; 2, Wm Dodsworth, Nottingham, brown mare, Topthorn. U U TURNOUTS. Single horse, over It hands, and trap—1, E Bennett, Rhyd. ycarw, Trefeglwys, black mare, Maid of Llawryglynne 2, A 0 Davies, Penrallt, chestnut gelding, Goldeu Cross r, Hy Roberts, Newtown. Single cob or pony, not exceeding 14 hands, find trap-I, E Green, The Moors, brown gelding. 2, W F Addie, black mare. Lady Poll; r, C J Ltyland, bay mare, Metre.