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LLANFAIR FLOWER SHUW. The second show of the Llanfair District Horticul- tural Socijty was held at Llanfair on lharsday. The president of the society is the right hen. the Earl of Powis, who arrived at Llanfair at one p m. He was met in High street Dy the members of the committee, (Hillh Sheriff), Rev S. Reed, Messrs E. K. Hilton. T. and the general pablio, includiug Mr J.C.Hilton, Watkins, J.P., C. E. Howell, Rniewport, John Pickmore, Warrington, T. J. Hounefield, J.P.. G. Edmunds, The Bank, W. Theodore, C.C., Dr Hum- phreys. J. Lloyd Humphreys, Charles Humphreys, C. H. Beck, Upton Priory, Joseph Evana, Fronygog, Henry Owen, Mathafarn, C. W. Humphreys, Tylissa, Tnomas Bowen, Tvm Jones, Thomas Jehu, Johi, Thomas, draper, E. D. Roberts. E. Anwyl Kvans, J. B. Jones. Goat Hotel, ThomiS Morris, Welshpool. Deputy C. C. Crowden, and the hon. sees., Messrs J G. Jones andR. M. Jervis, who escorted his Lordship in procession, headed by the band of the 4th Bat- talion South Wales Borderers, to the show ground* in the Vicarage field, where a large marquee had bet n erected by Mr J. E. Thomas, Oswestry. His Lordship, in declaring the show open, expressed his pleasure at being present, and seeing snch a pros- pect of a successful show. A vote of thanks pro- posed by the High Sheriff, and seconded by Mr Thos. Watkin, was cordially given to his Lordship for act- ing as president, and for attending in person to open the show this year again. The Committee, which consisted of the following gentlemen: Messrs Thomas Watkin, chairman, Dr Humphreys, treasurer, Thomas Bowen, Tom Jones, G. Edmunds, J. B. Jones, C. W. Humnhreys, E Dryhnrst Roberts, and the hon sees MrJ. G. Jones, Brynpenarth, and Mr R. M. Jervis, solicitor, aro to be complimented upon their successful efforts to secure a good show, and for providing a varied and attractive programme to keep up the interest of the spectators throughout the day. In addition to the flower show proper, the committee arranged to have sheep dog trials, sheep sheering competition, and a dog show, the former being held in the Tanllan and Neuadd fields, a full view of which was to be had from the show grounds. Signor Somerfield enter- tained the company with his ventriloquial and other performances at intervals during the day, while the splendid brass baud of the 4th Battalion South Wales Borderers discouised sweet musis in another part of the grounds. Lady Powis, accompanied by the Countess of Yarbarough. graced ttie company with her presence, and distributed the cottagers prize to the successful winners at three o'clock. Miss Hilton, Glynhiriaeth, presented the Countess with a magnificent bouquet of flowers. The bhow was well patronized by the leading gentry of the district and immediate neigh- bourhood, and they included Mrs Pryce, and Captain Pryoe, Cyffronyrld, and friends; Mrs Humphreys- Owen and friends, Glansevern; Mr and Mrs Hilton and family, Glynhiriaeth; Mr and Mrs Hounsfield, Gpoogan, Up wards of 1,100 entries ware made for competition. The flower show was far in advance of last year's as regards quality and number, and we understand that the takings were nearly doubled. The centre of the tent was occupied by large flower platforms, the flowers and fruit having been supplied from Powis Castle, Cyffronydd, and Rhiewport. The Judges were as follows:—Dogs, Mr C. H. Beck and Mr Joseph Evans; sheep dog trials and sheep shearing, Mr Henry Owen, Mathafarn p mltry and roots, etc., Mr R. Scotson flowers and garden produce, Mr Mactarbane; butter, etc., Mr William Farmer industrials, Mr Thomas Evans, Maesgwyn, and Mr D. Thomas, Glanvirniew. Refreshments were provided by Mrs Tudor, Corner Shop. Private stalls were occupied by Mr Johd Thomas, man- facturer, who exhibited homemade c'oths and flannels, and Mr Thomas Jehu, who exhibited farming and dairy utensils, together with handsome dogcarts made by himself These traps were provided with a new invention for balancing them acoording to the height of the bor3e. The stalls were well patronized And saveral sales were effected. Mr Thomas is the winner of ailiteddfolio prizes as the best maker of Welsh tweeds. The following were the awards CLASS A. For cottagers only. Early Kidney Potatoes-1. John Davies, Dolgoch, 2, Thomas Arthur, tailor 3, Owen Owen, Tyncha. Early Round Potatoes—1, T Arthur; 2, J Davies, Dolstooh 3, D Astley, 8choolhouse. Early Kidney (any variety)-I, J D Astley 2, J. Astley, senior; 3, D Astley. Early round (any v&rlety)— John Evans, Water- gate 2, P S Poole; 3, D Astley. Spring Onions-1. Thomas Arthur; 2, Joseph Astley; 3, W Bullock, Manafon. Autumn Onions-I, D Astley 2, D Astley. Effebalots-1. William Bollock, Manafon; 2 and 3, R Davies, Tynrhos. TurnipA-I. Thomas Jones, Melingddol; 2, Edward Lewis, Wrenhir; 3, R Pryce, Brynpenarth cottage. Carrots-1. W Bullook; 2, Owen, Llanerfyl; 3, T Proctor, shoemaker. Beet—1, P S Poole 2, Thomas Arthur; 3, T Proctor. Parsnips—1, W Bullock 2, D Astley. LeekJs—1,. W Bullock 3, D Astley. Cauliflowers—1, E Lewis, Wernhir 2, Edward Evans, Paryrhiew 3, T Jones, Dolcelynen. White oabbage—1, D Astley; 2, John Evans, Watergate; S, Edward Jones, Froneithin. Samy—1, D Astley; 2, J Evans. Red cabbage—1, W Francis, Tyucha ;^2, D Astley; 3, Edwaid Evans, Parkyrhiw, Broad beans—1, D Astley 2, J Davies, Dolgoch 3, D Astley. Scarlet runners—1, W Bullock; 2, D Astley; 3, Owen Owen, The Foxes, Llarerfyl. Peas-I, D Astley; 2, W Bullock; 3, E Lewis. Celery—1, E Phillips, Poplars; 2, P S Poole 3, D Astley. Vegetable marrows—1, D Astley; 2, John Tudor, Manafon. Sweet herbs (four varieties)-I, David Astley; J Astley, eenior. Collection of Vegetables—1, E Lewis; 2, Mrs Astley. i FRUIT. ■il Six plums—1, E Lewis; 2, D Astley. Apples—1 and 2, Mrs Roberts, Firbank 3, Thos, Jones, Dolcelyneu. Gooseberries—2, Mrs Jones, Firbank; 3, W Bul. look. FLOWERS. Geraniums in pot—1, John Tudor, Manafon; 2, Catherine Griffith, Watergate; 3, D Astley. Fusebia-2. D Astley 3, J Tudor. Window plant—1, Mrs Rees, Pool road; 2, P S Poole 3, D Astley. Collection of annuals—1, W Bulloock; 2, 0 Owen, Tyncha. Assortment of cut flowers-1, W Bullock. CLASS B. For Amateurs. Kidney potatoes—1, John Thorns, Neuadd Lwyd; 2, Miss Williams, Henllys. Early round potatoes—1, John Thomas; 2, Alfred, Breeze, Tynypant. Kidney (any variety)—1, Mrs Roberts, Beehive Inn 2, T Bowen, Dolgead Hall. Bound potatoes (any variety)—1, Rev S Reed; 2, Miss Williams. Henllys. Spring onlons-I anc 2, Miss Williams. Autumn onions—1, Henry Farr Jones; 2, Rev Jas Thomas, Llanwyddelan. Eschalots—1, J G Jones, Brynpenarth; 2, Hugh Davies, Fron. Carrots-I, Miss Williams 2, J Jones, Goat Hotel. Garden tuirnips-1, J G Jones 2, Alfred Breeze. Parsnips—1, Miss Williams; 2, Thomas Watkin, Brynmair. Beetroot—1, Miss Williams; 2, Dr Davies, New Mills. L,3eks-1, Rev James Thomas 2, Miss Williams. Cauliflowers-I, Rev T D James, curate 2, Thos Bowen. White cabbage—1, Misa Morgan, Beecbgrove; 2, J G Jones. Red cabbage—1, Rev S Reed; 2, Mrs Lloyd Humphreys. Peas-1, J G Jones 2, Miss Williams. Broad beans—1, Rev S Reed; 2, T Bowen. D Hart kidney beans—1, T Bowen; 2, Mrs Story, Stone cottage. Scarlet runnerø-4, T Bowen; 2, J G Jones. Celery-I, J B Jones 2, J G Jones. Cucumbers—1, T Watkin. Vegetable marrow—1, Evan Morris, Red Lion; 2, T Watkin. Collection of sweet herbs—1, Miss Williams; 2, Mrs Thomas, Bodeinioa. Collection of vegetables (six varieties)—1, J B Jones; 2, Miss Williams. Dessert plume-I, Thomas Evans, Maesgwyn; 2, Miss Thomas, Neuadd Lwyd. Baling plums—1, Rev S Reed; 2, Edward An lr-w, Belan. Dessert apples—1 John Davies, Dolgoch 2, J C Jones, Graig. Baking apples—1, John Jones, Red House; 2, Ed An irew. Pears—1, Alfred Breeze 2, Johurhomus, Neuadd Lwyd. Gooseberries—1. Alfred Breeze. Black currants—1, J B Jones. B-d currants—1, Thomas Evans, Maesgwyn; 2, J B JOUts. Three plants in pots—1, Mrs C W Humphreys, Tylissa; 2. Mrs Jones. The Taubonse. Window Plact-1, Mrs Story; 2, Mrs Edmunds, Baitk. Six varieties of annuals—1, Miss Williams 1, Mrs J G Jones. Assortment of cut Sowers—1, Mrs C W Hum- phreys; 2, Mrs Hugh Davies, Fron. Asters—1, Miss Wiliiama; 2, Rev S Reed. tt ,ck-I, Mrs J G Jones; 2, Mra C E Humphreys, Monut Einion. Pansies-Mrs C W Humphreys. Cut roses—1, Miss Jones, Fir Bank; 2, Miss Williams. Cut dahlias—1, Mrs T Watkin; 2, W Bullock. Cut carnations—1, no name; 2, Mrs Hugh Davies. Maidenhair fern—1, Mrs T Watkin; 2, Miss Jane Davies, Dulgooh. Begonia—1, Mrs Morris, Red Lion; 2, Mrs T D fain- s. Pot fern—1, Miss Davies, Dolgoch 2, Mrs Story. CLASS C. For gentlemen and other gardeners. Kidney potatoes—1, Henry Gittina, Golfa; 2, David Jones, Glynhiriaeth. Early round potatoea-I, G Cooke, Cyfrowydd; 2, H Gittins. Kidney potatoes (any variety)—1, G Cooke 2, H Gittins. Round potatoes (any variety)-I, G Cooke; 2, T Bowen. Spring onions—1 and 2, G Cooke. Autumn onions—1, Mha Williams; 2, G Cooke. Eschalots—1, Miss Williams; 2, James Thomas, Eirhnog. Carrots-1, G Cooke; 2. James Thomas. Garden turnips-I, H Gittins; 2, T J Hounsfield Glynoogan. Parsnips—1 and 2, G Cooke. Beetroot—1, David Jones, Glynhiriaeth; 2, H Gittins Leeks—1, and 2, G Cooke. Cauliflowers—1, H Gittins; 2, James Thomas. White cabbage—1, G Cooke; 2, James Thomas. Red cabbage—1, John Rowlands, Llanfair; 2, H Gittins. Savoy cabbage—1, G Cooke; 2, James Thomas. Peas-1. G Cooke 2, H Gittins. Broad beans—1, G Cooke 2, H Gittins. Dwarf kidney beans—1, James Thomas, 2, T J Hounsfield. Scarlet runners—1, G Cooke; 2, T J Hounsfield. Celery—1, James Thomas; 2, G Cooke. Cucumbers 11, James Thomas; 2, G Cooke. Vegetable marrow—1, Henry Gittins; 2, David Jones, Glynhiriaeth. Collection of sweet herbs—1, William Jones, Mount Hall; 2, G Cooke. Coilection of vegetables (six varieties)—1, G Cooke; 2, James Thomas. Dessert plums-I, H Gittins 2, T J HounsfiAld. Baking plums—1, John Jones, Tycoch; 2, G Cooke. Dessert apples—1, Rev James Thomas, Llanwy- ddlan Rectory; 2, H Gittins. Baking apples—1, G Cooke; 2, W Thomas, Tany. bryn. Peari-I and 2, James Thomas. Black currants—1, G Cooke. Red onrranLs-I. W Jones; 2, G Cooke. Three plants in pots-I, G Cooke 2, W Jones. Window plant-1. H Gittins 2, G Cooke. Six varieties of annuals—1, H Gittins; 2, G Cooke. Assortment of cut flowers-I, H Gittins, 2, G Cooke. A-iters-1, W Bullook 2, G Cooke. Stocks—1, H Gittins; 2, G Cooke. Pansies-I, G Cooke. Cat roses-I, James Thomas; 2, W Jones. Cut dahlias (double and singie)-I, G Cooke; 2, W Joies. CLASS D. Honorary Prizes. Six varieties of potatoes (six each)—1, G Cooke; 2, Rev James Thomas. Celery-1. G Cooke. Cucumbers—1, G Cooke. :Marrows-I, G Cooke. Tomatoes—1, G Cooke. Collection of vegetables (ten varieties)—1, G Cooke. Dee Bert plums—1, H Gittins.; 2, David Roberts, Tynrhoa. Baking plums—1, G Cooke. Dessert apples-I, G Cooke. Baking apples-I, G Cooke. Black surrants-1, G Cooke. Red currant3-I, G Cooke. Melon—1, G Cooke. Collection of fruit (six varieties)-I, G Cooke. Cut Roses-1, G Cooke. Cut Dahlias-I, G Cooke. Four specimen plants—1, G Cooke. Two specimen plants-I, G Cooke. One specimen plant-1, G Cooke. Hand bouquet—1, G Cooke. CLASS E. Open to Farmers, Amateurs, and Cottagers. 3lbs. fresh butter—1, Mrs Thomas, Meliaygrug; 2. D Thomas, Glanverniew; 3, Mrs Davies, Glyn- hiriaeth. Basket of hen eggs—1, Mary Jones, Penllwyn; 2, Miss Hughes, Brynglas; 3, Mary Jones. Fat cheese—1, Mrs Jepson, Plascolyn. Skim Cheese—1, Mrs Jepson; 2, Mrs C W Hum- phreys. CLASS F. Open to Farmers. Basket of farm prodnce-I, Richard Andrew, Cefn Manafon 2, John Thomas, Neuodd Lwyd. White wheat—1, Mrs Gough, Eithnog; 2, R Jones, Tanllan. White chair wheat-I, 0 Owene, Tyncha: 2nd. R Jones, Neoodd. Red Britannia, wheat-1, R Jones. Penllwyn 2, John Thomas, Neuodd Lwyd. Red straw wheat—1, Edward Jones, Lawnt; 2, John Richards, Tarhouee. Barley—1 and 2, Edward Evans. White oats-I ar d 2, David Jehu, Auctioneer. Black oats—1, R Evans, Cwmllwynog; 2, Edward Rees, Cross. Swede turnips—1, Mrs Jones. Rhosgall; 2, R Jones, Brynpistall. Common ditto—1, T. Bowen 2, Edward Andrew. Mangel Wurtzel—1 and 2, T Bowen. Ox cabbage—1, Edward Gittius, Cefncoch. LASS G .H tafc. era w .¡. Industrial.H (..M'ir Best cultivated and cropped garden (class A)—1, David Astley; 2. Evan Phillips. Ditto (class B)—1, Hugh Davies, Fron; 2, John Lloyd Humphreys. = Honey in comb—1, Rev D Davies, Gartnbeibio; 2, Pryce Astley, Tynllwyn. Run honey—1, Rev D Davies; 2, Pryoe Astley. Set of table decorations—1, Mrs Story; 2nd, Mrs Jones, Tanhouse. Hand-made walking stick—1, Edward Humphreys, Glyn 2, John Rowlands, Coach. Set of horse shoes-I, Rowland Owen, Llanfair; 2, W R Davies, Manavon. Home-made preserve (black ourrants)-I, Mrs Story 2, Miss Sarah Davies, High-street. Loaf of bread—1, Miss Whittington, Dolgoch; 2, Mrs Watkin, Bridge-street. Hand-made flannel shirt (men's)-l, Mrs Mary Astley, Caerwedyn; 2, Mrs G Cooke.: Men's knitted stockings—1, Miss Tudor, Manafon; 2, Mrs Mary Jones, Tygwyn. — Child's frock—1, Mr W Astley, School House. Bouquet of wild flowers-I, Mrs Cooke; 2, Mrs Evans, Parkyrhiw. Pot of pille lard-1. Mrs Thomas, Tanybryn; 2, Mrs Jepson. Best arranged collection of wild flowers-I, Mrs Cooke 2, Mrs Edmunds, Bank. CLASS H. Poultry &c. Couple of Bantams (cockerel and hen)—1, Thomas Astley, butcher 2, Alfred Davies, Tynyfownog. Brabmas—1, Thomas Watkin, Brynmair 2, Pryce Davies, Glynu -ha. White Dorking-l, John Beddoes, Dwyrhiew. Grey Dorking-l, Mias Williams, Henllys. Game—1, Thomas Jones, Doicebynen; 2, Alfred Davies. White Leghorn—1 and 2, T. Watkin. Brown Leghorn—1, Edward Humphreys, Glyn; 2, Richard Pryce, Brynpenarth. Plymouth Rocks—1 and 2, Mrs Thomas, Bodeinion. Best Couple (any kind)-I, Alfred Davies; 2, Mrs Williams, Henia.rth Gate. Beat Couple dressed—1, Miss Bowen, Dolgead Hall; 2, Miss Humphreys. Cockbird Canary—1, Rev S. Reed. Drake and Duck—1, Evan Roberts, Brynhwdog; 2, Alfred Davies. Gander and Goose-1, Alfred Davies; 2, Abia Morgan, Rhiwhiriaeth. Turkeys—1, T. J. Hounsfield. PIGEONS. Couple of Carriers—1, A. E. Hughes, Wynnstay. Fantails-I, J. G. Jones. Homers—1 and 2, Eddie Morris, Red Lion. Tumblerll-l, Edward Evans, Parkyrhiew. Tame Rabbits-I, R. Heber Peate. DOGS. Setters—1, T. Bowen, Jjoigead Hall; 2, Tom Jones, tanner. Spaniels—1, Thomas Evans, Maesgwyn; 2, Evan Morris, Lion. Sheep Dogs-1, R. Bonall, Welshpool; 2, J. M. Jones, Mathyrafol; 3, Edward Vaughan, Llyason h c, Vaughan, Tymawr. Greyhound—1, J. Lloyd, Newtown; 2, William Thomas, Llanfair h c, Mills, Cause Office. Fox Terrier—1, J. Lloyd, Newtown; 2, T. J. Hounsfield 3, Tom Jones; h c, Dr Thomas and Evan Phillips. Welsh Terrier—1 and 2, Capt. Pryce, Cyfronydd; h c, Mrs Rees, Henefail. Any variety—1, Thomas Henry Vaughan 2, J. Lloyd Humphreys. In the sheap shearing competition out of ten com petitors the prize was awarded to Thomas Roberts, Nautyrhelyg, Llangadfan, shepherd to Mr R. Owen, Cann Office. Sixteen shepherds entered their names for the Sheep Dog Trials Competition. The first and second prizes were divided between Richard Tudor, Cannon, Llanerfyl, and Evan Astley, Glynbach, Llanerfyl The third prize was divided between Thomas Roberts, Nantyrhelyg, and Thomas Watkins, Dolyfardyn, Llanllugan.






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