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SALES BY AUCTION. MESSRS. MOMRIS, MARSHALL & POOLB. \j> *'1,1 IMPORTANT SALE OF WINTER KEEP ON THE A1IERHAFESP ESTATE, Near NEWTOWN MESSHS MORRIS, MARSHALL & POOLE are favoured with instructions E. J>. Proctor, Ktq.. to Sell by Auction, at the ELEPHANT .HOTEL, NEWTOWN, On TUESDAY, 22nd AUGUST, 1893, At 3 o'clock in the afternoon, subject to conditions, ihft grazing of the following fields to 25th M arch, 189.1. A. R. P. Lot I. No. 874 Piece below the Church 19 1 33 2.— 8-2 Great Meadow 16 3 4 3.— 887 Cae Isfa « 4.— „ 504 Ci«e Daisy 20 0 3.9 5_— 840 Fit-hpond Close 6 0 5 6.— „ 827 Brynllwyd 11 1 2 Particulars may be obtained from the Auctioneers, r from E. Powell, Newtown. fl20 RADNORSHIRE. PARISH OF BEGUILDY. MESSRS. MORRIS, MARSHALL & POOLE have been instructed to offer for SALE KY PUBLIC AUCTION, at the Bear's Head Hotel, Newtown, on TUESDAY, the 29th day of AUGUST,' 1893, At 3 o'clock in the Afternoon precisely, subject to ,couditiona-to be then produced, All that Desirable FREEHOLD MESSUAGE FARM AND LANDS, with the Allotments and Appurtenances thereto, or therewith held, commonly known as BWLCHYILYN, «ituate in the parish of Beguildy, in the County of jRadnor, and containing 34 Acres, 3 roods, and M perches, or thereabouts, of useful Araole and Pasture Land, now in the occupation of jar John Stephens as yearly tenant. For further particulars apply to the AUCHONICRBB, (Chirbury, Messrs WILLIAMS, GITTINS & TAYLOR, Solicitors, Newtown, or Messrs TALBOT & WATKINS, Solicitors, Newtown. f95 MONTGOMERYSHIRE. A SMALL FREEHOLD PROPERTY called RHOS-Y-GLASCOED," Situate within one mile of the far-fame i and pictnr- tipque Village of Meifod. This Desirable and Compact FREFHOLD FARM, eolUlisting of about 31 Acres of productive Pasture, Meadow, and Arable Laud, with a Stone-built HOUSE, nearly new, and Substantial FARM BUILDINGS, now in the occupation of Mr John ■Jones, will be offered for Sale by Auction, by MESSRS. MORRIS, MARSFALL & POOLE, at the LEON HOTKL, ME IEOD, On FRIDAY, therlst day of SEPTEMBER, 1893 by order of the trustees of the will of the late Uenjamin Barber, Esq. Plans and particulars, vnay be obtained on applica- tion to the AUCTIONJUR8, Chirbury, Shropshire; or f H. HAND, Esq., gjgt Solicitor, Macclesfield. Hit. i. B. THISTLE. On THURSD/AY, AUGUST 31st, 1893. BLV/íE B E Li INN, .JSROAD Si TtR E E T, NEWTOWN. HE. JOHN,- S3. THISTLE is favoured with instructions from Mrs Morris (who is leaving) 4» Sell bv, Auction, without reserve, her V/iUABLE KQUSEHOLD FURNITURE And Effects, including the contents of Yard, Cellar, *& Kitchens, Sitting Room, Parlour, Smoke Room, Club Room, Back Parlour, and 6 Bedrooms. 8 Iron French Bedsteads and Palliasses, 6 Feather and Flock Beds, 8 pairs. Sheets, 7 pairs Blankets, >7 Counterpanes, Chests of Drawers, Toilet Tables and Ware Night Chairs, Cane seated Windsor and ^er Chairs, Chimney Glasses, Ornaments, 20 trained Pictures, Carpets and Hearthrugs, Towel-rails, TlMahSny^re^infi Table, fitted with toilet,glass, Nabogony Washstax)d -with.jnerble top. itB-of Parlour Furniture, upholstered in bazr, Laraetables, rreseefo and Chairs in Club uoom. Set of Boxing Gloves, Dumb Bells, Quoits, Carpet jlitcben and Cnlinary U tenaila, including anoxeel- lent Cooking Stove. Officee: Montgomery. fix-, > MESSRS. WALTtQN AND LEE. lUd -orsbire.—In the North-west part of the County. A char»ing part of the tTpper^V ye Valley An*, uouncemar t of Safe of an .exceedingly picturesque, and highly important Freehold Agricultural and1 Sporting ^Estate, cituated in ,*lie parishes of Tfhavader, Nantmel, and St Harmon, and extend-' icaTover aatreaof about3187.acres. Itincludes the ixceptiocaUy attractive Reaideatal and Sporting' Domain known as BryntirioB^compaising a hand- some and substantially built iFanuly Residence of modern construction in the Gtothic style of archi- tøctur ocpying a high but sheltered situation beautiful pleasure grounds and.-oommanding mnat extensive and beautiful wewa of the Valley S UnDer Wye and of the Walsh hills on either fte Sporti»« »d ie.ic.Uora! Properties, si^te close to the Xown »nd railway JtSion of Kl\»yader on the Cambrian Raj^ay, and portions within five miles «f Ll^rdrindod, seven of Llanidloes, and nine of Bull Mi; with valuable fishing rights in the River Wye; various Ieclosures of Building and Accomodation Land, together with a »Tilia Residence aad a. sfcap and Srerate bouse in the town of Rhayader, tho whole 'SSdtcing an aetaal and fairly estimated cental of upwards of £ 1S&9 per annum. MESSRS and LEE have been floored with instructions to offer the above for £ ALE i,. AUCTION in the following convenient Lo<«, at the Justices' Rooms, Rhayader, on Wednegdajythe 13th of September nect, at one for two o clock iwi/ely, unices acceptable offers be previously made by private Tre«y. ST Desertion. Area- l BryntL-ion Mansion ancl Three Farms. 858 1 24 2. Accomodatien Land. 11 2 25 i Neuadd^du Farm 656 128 4. Cae-rhyddwea Farm 322 2 13 Troed-y-diiew j 5. Hendre-iifah Farm. 1*1 i 4 7. No-oadd,lwyd Farm, &c 192 2 U ft. Great CaflUle Farm, &c 1*> 5 0. Pastnre Enclosure J 3 28 10. Allotment i £ 11. Little Castle Farm 1»'6 0 23 12: Five Fields. 0 32 J3. Little VaynorEarm. Ig 2 25 14. Lower Coed-«Won Farm 124 2 35 15. Lower Talcoed Farm. 75 0 38 16. Bryn Nicholas Farm 171 0 6 17. Maes Cottage °n London House, Rhayader 0 0 28 10. Velindre Cottage and land 12 0 M S>. Accomodation Land Grigeryn W 0 g g: DS: & «»»*: Totftl 3187 2 1 Er1To. f88 SALES BY AUCTION. MESSRS. HALL, WA TERIDGEY & OWEN. GREAT SALE OF MONTGOMERYSHIRE SMOKY-FACED CATTLE. MRSSRS. HALL, WATERIDGE & OWEN L" are instructed by T. F. Kynnersley, Esq., of L i-ghton Hall, near Ironbridge, Shropshire, to Sell ou Wednesday, Septemoer 6oh, at the Home Farm, Ijeighton, about HEAD of PEDIGREE MONTGOMERY O V/ AND JERSEY CATTLE together with abont i r\r\ PEDIGREE SHROPSHIRE SHEEP and I \J\J SOME HORSES. Mr Kynnarsley is obliged to Sell the whole of his Cattle to make room for his hackney horses. This is believed to be the only herd of the famous Mont- gomeryshire Smoky-faced Cattle in England. These Cattle are noted Dairy animals, deep milkers, and will do on the poorest land. For catalogues (now ready), and particulars, apply Messrs Hall, Wateridge and Owen, County Auction Mart, Shrewsbury. fl22 PUBLIC NOTICES. NEWTOWN AND LLANIDLOES UNION. THE Next MEETING of the ASSESSMENT -L COMMITTEE for hearing APPEALS against Poor Rate Assessments will be held at the Work- bouae, Caersws, on Wednesday, the 23rd August instant at 12 o'clock. By order, R. WILLIAMS, Clerk. Newtown, 9th Augaat, 1893. fl05 NEWTOWN AND LLANLLWJHAIARN LOCAL BOARD. PRIVATE STREETS WORKS ACT, 1892 N' OTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that at a Speeiil Meeting of the Newtown and Llanllwoh&iurn Local Board, held at the Board Room, Wesley-street, Newtown, on Friday, August 18th, 1893—" The Private Str ets Works Act, 1892," was adopted by a unanimous resolution of the said Board; and it was farther resolved That the Act shall come into operation on Friday, September 29th, 1893." By Order of the Board, WM. COOKE, Clerk. Newtown, August 21st, 1893. fl27 REGISTRATION OF VOTERS FOR THE COUNTY OF MONTGOMERY. "VTOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that CLEMENT :„XM ELPHINSTONE LLOYD, Esq., Barrister at Law, has been duly appointed to revise the Lists of Voters in the Election of a Knight of the Shire for the County of Montgomery, and the Lists of County Electors, and that he will make a Circuit of the County, and hold Courts for that purpose at the several times and places undermentioned, that is to say:— At MACHYNLLETH, at the Lion Hotel, on Tuesday, the 19th day of September next, at 12 o'clock at noon, for the Parishes of Cemmes, Darowen, Lianwrin, and Penegoes, the Town and Liberties of Machynlleth, the Townships of Isygarreg and Uwchygarreg, and the Township of Caereinion Fechan, in the Parish of Mallwyd. At LLANBRYNMAIR, at the Wynnstay Arms, on Wednesday, the 20th day of September next, at half-past 2 o'clock in the afternoon, for the Parishes of Carno and Llanbrynmair. At LLANIDLOES, at the Public Rooms, on Thursday, the 21st day of September next, at 11 o'clock in the forenoon, for the Parishes of Llandinam, Llangurig, Llanidloes (without and within the Borough of Llanidloes) and Trefeglwys. At NEWTOWN, at the Public Rooms, on Friday, the 22nd day of September next, at 11 o'clock in the forenoon, for the Parishes of Aberhafesp, Bettws, Kerry (two parts), Llanllwchaiarn (two parts), Llanmerewig, Llanwnog, Moughtre, Newtown, Pen- strowed, Knd Tregynon. At MONTGOM k RY. at the Guildhall, on Saturday, the 23rd day of September next, at half-past 11 o'clock in the forenoon, for the Townships of Aston and Castlewright, and the Parishes of Berriew (without and within the Borough of Pool), Church- stoke, For den, Hyssington, Llandyssil, Montgomery, and Snead. At LLANGYNOG, at the Board Schoolroom, on Monday, the 25th day of September next, at 12 o'clock at noon, for the Parishes of Hirnant, Llangynog (two parts), Llanrhaiadr yn Mochnant, Lianwddyn, and Pennant. At LLANFYLLIN, at the Town Hall, on Tuesday, the 26th day of September next, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon, for the Parishes of Llanfechan, Llanfi- forenoon, for the Parishes of Llanfechan, Llanfi- haugel, Llanfyllin (two parts), Llansaintffraid (in Pool Hundred), and Myfod. At LLANDISILIO, at the Golden Lion Hotel, on Tuesday, the 26th day of September next, at 3-45 o'clock in the afternoon, tor the Townships of -Bausley, Carreghofa, and Criggion, and the Parishes of Llandisilio, Llandnmo, and Uanaaintffraid (in Deytheur Hundred). At LLANFAIR, at the Goat Hotel, on Wednesday, bhe 27th day of September next, at 11 o'clock in the forenoon, for the Parishes of Castle Caereinion (without and within the Borough of Pool), Llanfair (two parts), Llangyniew, Llanllngan, Llanwyddelan, and Manafon. At CANN OFFICE, Gl1 Wednesday, the ,27th day of September next, at 4 o'clock in the afternoon, for the Parishes of Garthbeibio, Llanerfyl, and Llangadfan. At WELSHPOOL, at the Town Hall, on Thursday, the 28th day of September next, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon, for the Parishes of Guilsfield (without and within the Borough of Pool), Pool Lower Division, Pool Middle Division, and Pool Upper Division, and the Townships of Cletterwood, Hope, Leighton, Middletown, Rhosgoch, Treiystan, Trewern, and UppingtQR, and for all other Parishes, Townships, Precinete, and Places, if any, within the said County, of Moutgamery, not hereinbefore specified. And NOVCE IS HEREBY GIVEN te the Over- seers of the said several Parishes, Townships, and Places, that they are required to publish the above notice, and PUNCTUALLY to attend at the Court at which their List is appointed to be revised, and to bring with them all original Notices of Claims of Voters and Notices of Objections to Voters, delivered or transmitted to them, and also all Rates made for the Relief of the Poor. between the Fifth day of January, 1892, and the last day of July, 1893. GEO. DEVEREUX HARRISON, Clerk of the County Council. Welshpool, August 17th, 1893. f126 ENGLISH CONGREGATIONAL CHUKCII, NEWTOWN. A BAZAAR In aid of the Building Debt of the above Church wil be held in the AUTUMN OF THIS YEAR. Contributions Solicited. TOM ROBERTS Severn Square, Newtown, e444 bee, pro. tern. LEGAL NOTICES. ENDOWED SCHOOLS ACT, 1869, AND AMENDING ACTS, WELSH INTERMEDIATE EDUCATION ACr, 1889. IN THE MATTER OF THE FUNDS Applicable out of the County Rate and Moneys provided by Parliament and out of the Local Taxation (Customs and Excise) Duties to the Intermediate and Technical Edncafcion of the Inhabitants of the COUNTY OF MONTGOMERY, In the Matter of STUART RENDEL'S GIFT, In the Matter cf the WELSH INTERMEDIATE EDUCATION ACT, 1889, and In the Matter of the LOCAL TAXATION (Customs and Excise) ACT, 1890. The Committee of Cooncil on Education have approved of a Scheme for the Administration of the Funds applicable to the Intermediate and Technical Education of the Inhabitants of the County of Montgomery under the above mentioned Acts, and of the above mentioned Gift, and Notice is Hereby Given that unless within two months after the first publication of this notice a Petition is presented to her Majesty in Council in pursuance of section 39 of the Endowed Schools Act, 1869, or a Petition is presented to the Committee of Council on Education in pursuance of section 13 of the Endowed Schools Act, 1873, such scheme may be approved by her Majesty without being laid before Parliament. Copies of the Scheme, price Sixpence each, may be obtained from Mr J. P. Harris, bookseller, Llanfair, Messrs M. & J. E. Watkins, booksellers, Llanfyllin, Mr J. H. Mills, bookseller, Llanidloes. Mr L. Williams, bookseller, Machynlleth, Messrs Park and Son, booksellers, Newtown, Messrs Salter and Rowlands, booksellers, Welshpool, or from the Secretary, Charity Commission, Whitehall, S.W. This Scheme may also be seen without charge at the said office of the Charity Commission Education Department. G. W. KEKEWICH, Secretary. 5th August, 1893. fl07 SCHOLASTIC. HIGH SCHOOL for WELSH G-IRLS, Ashford, Middlesex. — Autumn Term commences on September 4th. A few VACANCIES for Children of Welsh parents at the reduced and inclusive fee of J832 per annum.—For form of application apply to Secretary, 127, St. George's Road, Pimlico, Londor, S.W. £124 DAY SCHOOL for YOUNG LADIES. STONE HOUSE, WELSHPOOL. PRINCIP ALi THE MISSES SMITH. THE NEXT QUARTER will Commence on JL MONDAY, 21st AUGUST- References and ProspectnB on application. fill HIGH MIDDLE CLASS BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL, FOB YOUNG LADIES, CLEVELAND HOUSE, WELSHPOOL. Principal8- The MISSES BELL. The aim of the Principals is to supply at a moderate cost, a Bound and superior education, with careful training and home comforts. Prospectuses on application. a329 NEWTOWN GRAMMAR SCHOOL HEAD MASTER- Ernest J. Bunnett, B.A. (Cambridge Mathematical Honours), late Assistant Master at LIVERPOOL COLLEGE, etc. Assisted by a RESIDENT MASTER. BOARDERS assured of a Comfortable Home. For PEOSPBOTUS and TERMS for Boarders and Day Boys, apply to the HBAD MASTER. PRIVATE LESSONS to Ladies and Gentlemen in Mathematics and Painting. bl62 UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF NORTH WALES, BANGOR, Incorporated under Royal Charter. DEPARTMENTS Arts, Science, Agriculture. AGRICULTURAI DEPIRTMENT. A COMPLETE COURSE OF INSTRUCTION IN AGRICULTURE HAS NOW BEEN ORGANIZED. Full information about College Classes, Scholar. ships, Diplomas in Agriculture, Certificates in Dairying, &c., will be found in the Agricultural Prospectus (free on application), which also contains information respecting Extension Lectures, Teachers' Classes, Field Experiments, and Dairy Schools. The average cost of living in Bangor, including college fees, is about £ 40 for the oollege year. The Next Session begins on October 3rd, 1893. JOHN EDWARD LLOYD, M.A. f78 Secretary and Registrar. LLANIDLOES GRAMMAR SCHOOL. To be Opened Sept. 1893. HEAD MASTER: W. D. LEWIS EYANS, M.A., London Late Cynddelw Scholar at the University College of Wales, First Class Honours in English Lan- guage and Literature at B.A.; Second in order of merit on M.A. list. Assisted by Qualified Masters. Pupils prepared for Scholarships at the Welsh University Colleges, London Matriculation, Civil Service, Denominational Colleges, &c., and for Commercial Life. REFERENCES ^Principal Roberts, Dr Herford, and Prof. Azigue, U.C.W. Revs J. Miles, J. A. Morris, and LI. Edwards, Aberystwyth. NEXT TERM BEGINS SEPT. 5TH. Prospectus, &c., on application to Headmaster. fl03 SLAG" FOR WHEAT 0 AGENT- C. MORGAN, BBYNHAFBEN CRESCENT NEWTOWN. 6207 GENERAL ANNOUNCEMENTS THE GRANDEST FETE IN ENGLAND t SHREWSBURY GREAT FLORAL FETE, WEDNESDAY & THURSDAY, August 23 & 24, 1893. THE MOST MAGNIFICENT FLOWER SHOW IN ENG- LAND. £ 750 in Prizes. Nothing like it for magni- tude and grandeur. BEE & HONY Y EXHIBITIONS, LECTURES on BEE-KEEKING. Each day the Magnificent BANDS (by kind permis- sion) of H.M. ROYAL HORSE GUARDS (Blue), Conducted by Mr C. Godfrey. H.M. GRENADIER GUARDS, Conducted by Lieut. Dan Godfrey. PLAYING ALTERNATELY AND COMBINED. The largest and most splendid Band at any Fete. 80 MAGNIFICENT PERFORMERS. BAND OF SHROPSHIRE YEOMANRY CAVALRY. 8 HOURS' MARVELLOUS PERFORMANCES. By the Most Wonderful Artistes in the World, all specially engaged for this Fete only. A FRESH PERFORMANCE EVERY FIFTEEN MINUTES, THE BROTHERS WICHMANN, Champion High Rope Performers of the World. First time in England. LOLO, SILVESTER AND LOLA, on the Flying Trapeze. THE FRANTZ FAMILY. Lady and Gentlemen Acrobats in full Evening Dress. First time at any Ff ts. THE MUSICAL JEES, GROTESQUE PANTO. MIMISTS. First time at any Fete. THE WONDERFUL SELBINI BICYCLE TROUPE Greatest Artistes in the World. Only time at any Fete. THE MARVELLOUS DAGMAR TRIO, in their Daring Equilibriatic Performance. Only time at any Fete. MDLLE. VIC1 ORlA. Champion Lady Horizontal Bar Performance of the World. Only time at any Fete. BARETTO AND ARTELL. Comical French Clowns and Triple Bar Performers. Only time at any Fete. BON-BON AND ARTINO. Grotesque Trapeze Comedians. THE THREE OTTOS, in Fan and Mischief." MARVELLE'S WONDERFUL PERFORMING DOGS. GREAT COMPETITION IN HORSE LEAPING with Witter Jump. Neirly.2100 in Prizes. BALLOON ASCENTS BY CAPT. WHELAN. GORGEOUS DISPLAY OF FIREWORKS AND ILLUMINATIONS, by Messrs. PAIN & SONS, each Evening. CHEAP EXCURSION TRAINS FROM THE CAMBRIAN RAILWAY AND ALL PARTS. ADMISSION: Wednesday, One to Five o'oclock, 2s 6d; Five to Seven, Is af L,-r'Seven, Gd. Thursday, all day from Eleven, to, after Seven, 6d. Half-Crown Tickets sold at 2s., if bought on or before MONDAY, August 21at. Send stamped Addressed Envelope and Postal Orders to the Hon. SOC8' H. W. ADNITT ■)„ s W. W. NAUNTON j on. ecs. The Square, Shrewsbury. f98 THE Liverpool & London & Globe INSURANCE COMPANY, ESTABLISHED 1836. Total Invested Funds. £ 8,263,943 FIRE— LIFE— ENDOWMENTS— OR ANNUITIES. For the Quinquennium ended 31st 1 December, 1888, the large Rever- sionary Bonus O1: 35/- per cent. per annum was again declared on Sums Assured under the Par- ticipating Tables of the Prospectus, and provision was made for Intermediate Bonuses during the present Quinquennium. EXPENSES MODERATE. BONUSES LARGE. HEAD OFFICES: 1, DALE STREET, LIVERPOOL.-7, CORNHILL, LONDON. Agents-POWELL & GRANT, Lard Agents, Llanidloes A. J. MORRIS, Trade Hall, do. W. P. PHILLIPS, 19, Broad St., Newtown. THE WORKMAN'S WATCH. The Guinea Watch £ 110 A Good Sound Article. The Two Guinea Watch 92 2 0 Patent Lever, Strong and Durable. The Three Guinea Watch £ 3 3 0 Patent Lever, in Strong Silver Cases. U- The aDove are all Warranted for One Two and Three Years respectively. GOLD WEDDING RINGS. FORD, WATCHMAKER, JEWELLER, Ac NEWTOWN. a70 A WATCH IS A NECESSITY OF CIVILISED LIFE." Give your old watches to the youngsters, and have an Up to date Watch FROM E. H. MORGAN 18, BROAD STREET, NEWTOWN, In Metal Cases from 10/6 to 30/- In Government HaU Marked Silver Cases from 18/6 to E5 5s, In Government Hall Marked Gold Cases from 35/- to X20 EVERY WATCH GUARANTEED; "What is here? Gold, yellow, glittering precious gold. Timon of Athetut iv., 3. Pure Guinea Gold Wedding Rings (A present of Half-a-dozen Tea Spoons—good quality— given to each purchaser). «14 GENERAL ANNOUNCEMENTS. ————————————————————— MACHYNLLETH 6TH ANNUAL HI)RE, CATTLE, SHEEP, DOG, POULTRY, AND Horticultural Show, AND SHEfclP feHEAtilSG COMPETITION; To be held in PLAS \IACHYNLLK TH GROUND." (by the kmu permission oi th.: Marchioness OJ) oi L jndonder: • ), on Friday, August 25th, 1893. Rules, Regulations, E i., t ry Forms, and auy forth- iuforma. iun MTY be uotaitiod Iroai sue undersigned, R. Gli.LART, 1 Hon G. vv. a. WAKEFIELD, Sec*. THOMAS JLLuTD, Secretary. fl25 KERRY & LLANMEREWIG SUMMER FESTIVAL AND FLOWER SHOW Will be bel-I on Saturday next, 26th August, 1893. ON MAESYLLAN, KEHRY. PEESIDENT: J. E. POUNDLEY, Esq., C.C EXHIBITION OF Flowers, Fruit, and Vegetables, FARM PRODUCE, BUTTER AND POULTRY, .!lL;) AND HONEY. AMATEUR ATHLETIC SPORTS, TROTTING MATCH. TILTING AT RING, GALLOWAY AND PONY RACES, TUG-OF-WAR, QUOITING, DONKEY RACE NEWTOWN EXCELSIOR BAND Will be in attendance, and will play Selections of Music and for Dancing. ETENTS. HALF-MILE FLAT RACE (Handicap). Open. First prize, t2 23.; second, 10s. Second prizi; given by Dr. Pure has, Newtown. ONE MILE BICYCLE RACE (Handicap). Open. First prize, ^62 23.; secand, .£1 1. Second prize given by Mr (;. W. Norton, Newtown. 120 YARDa' FLAT RACE (Handicap). Open. First prize, 10s.; second, 2s. 6d. First prize given by Messrs J. and E. Owen, Newtown. ONE MILE FLAT RACE (Scratch). Local. First prize, £ 1 5s.; second, 15a.; third, 5s. Fi-st prize given by Mr Jenner, Kerry; second prize given by Mr Herbert Jones, Newtown. HALF-MILE FLAT RACE (Handicap). Local First prize, 10il.; second, 2iJ 6d. First prize given by Mr J. Palmer, Newtown. 220 YARDS' FLAT RACE FOR BOYS under 14. (Handicap). Loca.1-2 mile radius. First prize, 23. 6d.; second, Is. 6d. Both prizes given by Mr Milnes. 240 YARDS' OBSTACLE RACE (Scratch). Local. First prize, 10s.; second, 2s. 6d. First prize given by Mr W. P. Phillips. Newtown. TUG-OF-WAR (Five-a-sid>). Local. Prize, 12a. 6d. Prize given by Messrs Francis & Co., Newtown. HALF-MILE DONKEY RACE. Last in to win. First prize, 5s. second, 2a. 6d. PONY RACE, ONE MILE. Not exceeding 13-2; 9 stone, weight allowance 7 lbs. per inch. 10 miles radius. First prize, ,;£1 Is. second. 10s. 6d. First prize given by Messrs Palmer and Silver, Newtown. GALLOWAY RACE, Ii Miles. Not exceeding 15 hands; 10 stone. Sweepstakes. Weight allow- ance 7 lbs. per inch. 10 miles radius. TILTING MATCH (Open). First prize, X2 2s. second, .£1. TROTTING MATCH (Open). Prizes about £ 6. No winner of a rice can be entered. QUOITING MATCH (Singles) 21 yards rise, 21 points up. Open. First prize, XI Is.; second, 10s. 6d.; third, 53. Firt-t prize given by Messrs Stokes & Jones, Crated Water Manufacturers, Newtown second prize given by Mr H. E. Breese, Newtown. Ground open at 1 p.m. Admission One Shilling. Tickets, Ninepence each if obtained on or before Thursday, 24th inst., from Newtown—Mr F. W. Cooke. Short Bridge-street; Mr J. MtLuuei, Market Hall Vaults, Kerry-Mr A. Jenner, and Secretary. RAILWAY ARRANGEMENTS. On August 26th, the Cambrian Railways Co. will issue CHEAP DAY REf URN TICKETS to Kerry from Caersws, Moat Lane, Newtown, Welshpool, and intermediate stations, by trains due to leave Welshpool at 9 0 a.m. and 11 25 a.m., and Caersws 926 a.m., Moat Lane at 10 0 a.m., Newtown 10 15 a.m. and 145 p.m. Passengers RETURN same day by any ordinary stopping train, and for Newtowc, Abermule, Montgomery and We shpool, by tpecitl train leaving Kerry at 9 30 p.m. REFRESHMENT TENT ON THE GROUND. JOHN EVANS, Secretary, f59 Kerry. Sylfaen Dairy School, Near WELSHPOOL, In connection with the Agricultural Department of the University College of North Wales, Bangor. RESIDENT MATRON: MRS. FAULKNER. TEACHERS: Cheshire Cheese-makiing- Mr. T. E. WILLIS & Mrs. FAULKNER. Butter-making— Miss M. A. JOHNSTONE, Late of Durham Dairy College. SCHOOL OPENED for Cheese-making APRIL 1ST, 1893. Pupils are received and Boarded at Sylfaen. For futher particulais apply to JOHN EVANS Sec., 24, Broad-street, WelshpojI. e371 SlLVEB MEDALI8T NATIONAL COMPETITION. 26, Severn Street, Welshpool. SPECIAL NOTICE. THE LION HOTEL, MACHYNLLETH. Having taken the above Hotel, I beg to announce that it has undergone a thorough cleaning and re-fur- nibbing, and is, therefore, open to all orders connected with this Old Established Hotel, and is now replete with every comfort as a Family and Commercial House. Coffee and Private Sitting Rooms. BILLIARDS. Posting in all its Branches. WINES, SPIRITS, AND MINERALS, Wholesale and Retail. ALL ORDERS PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO. Special attention given to Fishing and Touring Parties. EDWABD JONKS, Proprietor, And Bull Hotel, Welshpool, M60 GENERAL ANNOUNCEMENTS LLANIDLOES FLORAL, HORTICULTURAL, & COTTAGERS' IMPROVEMENT SOCIETY. THE SEVENTH A-N LN UAI-I SHOW ) f WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 30fcb, 1893. PRIZES JilOO. Plants, Flowers, Vegetables, Farm and Dairy Produce. Honey, Needlework & Knitting. &c., &c. DOG SHOW, SHEEP DOG TBIALS, HORSE SHOW. Live Stock—Weight Judging Competition. MILITARY TOURNAMENT COMPETITION IN TENT PEGGING AND HEADS AND PO TS. J PRIZES—J61 Is. Od. and 10&. fid. FOOTBALL TOURNAMENT I THE NEWTOWN BAND Will play Selections of Music throughout the day. RAILWAY ARRANGEMENTS.—CHP»P tickets from Welshpool, Mnclivnileth, Bnilth, and intermediate Stations. See Company's bills. The Grounds will be open from 12 o'olook aoon ADMISSION, 1.. Foi Schedules and fuli particulars, pply to the Hon. Sees, j MORRIS, (FRLD. W. DAVIES, Entries close August 23rd. I 122 EISTEDDFOD GADEIRIOL MEIJRIOlSr, A GYNHELIR DDYDD G ALAN, 1894, YN Y PUBLIC ROOMS, D.OLGELLA.U, CHIEF SUBJECTS. LITERATURE. TRAKTHAWD.—" Lie cydwybod a eyniadstl eyn. deithaa yn rheoleiddiad bywyd dyn." Owobt .,5. POETRY. TXSTYN Y GADAIR-Pryddest-" Dydd CoMBitd." Gwobr X7 a Chtdair hardd. MUSIC. Adjudicators .—Joseph Bennett, Esq., and W. H.Thomas. Esq., London. I'r Cor o unrhyw nifer a gano yn oreu (a) fjydgan —"And then shall your Light." (Elijah), (b) Unrhyw ddain Cymraeg o ddewisiad y Coran eu hunain. (Geiriau Cymraegneu Saesneg). Gwobr < £ 40. I'r Cor heb fod dros 40 a gano yn oreu yr Anthem _H Trowch i'r Amddiffynfa." (F. H. Roberts. Mus. Bac.)-Gwobr .£12. I'r MALE VOICE PARTY a gano yn orolt 11 Monk's War March." (Blodweu, Dr. Parry). Gwobr 412. CYSTADLKCAETH Y BRASS BAND—11 When winds breathe soft. (Web be). (T. A. Haigh. Anlaby Road, Hull). Gwobr X15. ORCHESTRAL BAND-bpb fed dan 12 o nifer. Gellir cael enw y darn a'r cyhoeddwr ond ymofyn t'r ysgrifenyddion. Gwobr £ h. O. O. ROBERTS, 1 v EDWARD WILLIAMS, "»nltayddl«u D.S.—Sicrheir Trains o'r lleoedd y bydd Ootfta nea Brass Bands. For a Complete List of Sutjscts send to one of the Secretaries (lid). f72 STTN INSURANCE OFFICE (FIRE) FOUNDED 1710. Sum insured in 1892, £ 391,800,000. For all particulars apply to the following Agents:— Newtown—MR. WILLIAM F. THOMAR. Office. PUBLIC ROOMS. Newtown & Llanidloes-Mr BENNKTT BoWLAime. Llanfyllin-Mr WILLIE M A. PUGH, Welshpool-Mr DAVID WALL. I MONTGOMERYSHIRE CARRIAGE WORKS SALOP ROAD, WELSHPOOL, ESTABLISHED 1837. G. ROGERS & SON OF OSWALD ROAD, OSWESTRY). Assortment of Carriages of our own Manufacture always in Stock. REPAIRS PROMPTLY EXECUTED; ESTIMATES FREE. o908 A DENTAL NOTICE. MESSRS. COTTAM AND gOKS. JJLL SURGICAL DENTISTS. OF CAXTON HOUSE, OSWB8TBY, beg to inform their patrons, and the public generally, that for a few weeks they trill discontinue their visits to Welshpool and Newtown, allowing their patients 15 per cent. for Welshpool, and 25 per out, Mf Newtown, for Railway Expenses, &o ( oat of the accounts for coming to their Ottoaa in Oswestry .J Dated 12th June, 1893. I $&?