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Montgomery's Damping Ground.…


More Warmth for Paupers.i







Property Sale at Newtown.





Crime in Montgomeryshire.



CAERSWS GUARDIANS. Despite very disagreeable climatic con- ditions, Caersws Guardians mustered in goodly numbers on Wednesday, when the board room was occupied by the Chairman (Mr R. Evans), Vice-Chairman (Mr Pryce Pugh), Mrs D. H. Lewis, Messrs D. Lloyd, R. Hamer, Joseph Davies, Woosnam-Savage, j J. P. Francis, R. Edwards, J. Gethin, E. Morris, R. B. Wilson, Matthew Wilson, E. Rees, W. Morris, E. Lewis, John Powell, R. Bowen, T. Whitticase, Samuel Powell, and Pryce Wilson-Jones. The Clerk (Mr C. T. M. Taylor), Relieving Officers Lewis, Wilson, and Owen, were also in attendance. A letter was read from Mr J. E. Tomley stating that he had been directed by the Welshpool Pension Sub-Committee to in- form the Board that many persons over 70 years of age who at present were in receipt of relief were hesitating whether or not to apply for the old age pension for fear that they might thereby lose the services of the Poor Law medical officer. His Committee hoped that the Guardians would allow the services of the medical officers to continue. If' they decided to allow it, then they hoped that they would communicate through their relieving officers to the persons interested. The Chairman I don't think it will make any difference to us, as we have the officers already, and in any case we should have to pay them. Mr Wilson-Jones It certainly is a very humane suggestion, and it will very much help these people going out. Mr Whitticase moved that the recommen- dation be adopted, and having been seconded by Mr D. Lloyd, it was carried unanimously. The Chairman I think it will be a great relief to them. The Clerk I think that this has already been done, as I believe most of the people have been informed. We are doing this now, and I don't see much difference in this from the case of those who have come into the house and are medically attended. Mr Joseph Davies But you don't think the medical men will make any objection. The Clerk If the relieving officer gives him an order he cannot raise any objection. The Chairman He cannot complain be- cause we are not putting anything more on him. The Clerk announced that a lunatic pauper who had once lived at the Lower Common, Kerry, and had for 29 years been living in Bicton Asylum, had died at the age of 87. He entered Bicton in 1881, and had never left, and he was the oldest pauper lunatic from Montgomeryshire at Bicton. The date of his death was November 10th. Mr Wilson-Jones He must have been a great expense to the county. The Clerk next read a letter from Mr C. S. Pryce, clerk to the Forden Guardians, asking the Board in the event of Forden Workhouse being turned into a lunatic asylum, whether the Board would be pre- pared to take in a number of their inmates, and on what terms. Mr Wilson-Jones This is rather an im- portant question, and I feel that possibly we cannot very well go into the matter to- day. I believe, if you agree to a certain proposal, there will be a special meeting called in a fortnight's time of this Council. I think if a small committee were appointed to go into the matter it will come to that, and we shall have to take a number of Forden paupers. I think it would be the wisest course to be taken now. Mr Joseph Davies seconded. The Clerk Might I suggest that we refer it to the Asylum Committee which we ap- pointed as a deputation to the County Asylum Committee. This was agreed to, the members of the committee being the Chairman, Messrs S. Powell, Joseph Davies, M. Wilson, and P. Wilson-Jones. The Clerk I have to report the death of our Treasurer, Mr Griffith Griffiths, and as you know that sad event took place on Saturday last. We are at present without a treasurer, and I thought it best to at once communicate with the Local Government Board, as we are in duty bound to report every resignation or death. I have seen the acting manager, Mr Davies, and he has consented to fulfil the duties of treasurer until the permanent appointment has been made. He told me that he thought it un- likely that a permanent manager would be appointed until a month's time had elapsed. The Local Government Board have since written to say that any temporary arrange- ments which have been made are not neces- sarily subject to the sanction of the Board, but that under the present circumstances it would be advisable for the acting mana- ger to be temporarily appointed. Mr Wilson-Jones I think at this stage that it would be advisable to pass a vote of condolence with the relatives of our late treasurer, and he has been a very good treasurer, too. That is the least we can do to show our sympathy with the family, and I move that that be done. The Chairman seconded, remarking that the death of Mr Griffiths had been very sad and sudden. The vote was carried, all the members standing. The Clerk announced that he had been asked to bring before the notice of the Guardians an accident which had happened to the inspection well in the yard. It was rather a serious matter and rather danger- ous. Some of the Guardians had seen it, and the Master had been instructed to have it fenced in. The whole well had given way to a depth of thirty feet. On the motion of Mr Samuel Powell, it was decided to immediately direct the at- tention of the Surveyor to the matter, and have it repaired forthwith.

'IInjustice to Llanmerewig.