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A ForgiYing Wife.


A ForgiYing Wife. "I WASN'T IN A FIT STATE TO BE KNOCKED ABOUT;" SAD STORY FROM CHURCHSTOKE. A somewhat pale-faced young country woman appeared at the Montgomery Police Court last Thursday, leading by the hand a chubby-faced little boy-child." She filled the pathetic part of a 20th century Griselda. "I wish to withdraw my case," she told the Bench, in the case of Sarah Wilcox v. John Wilcox, painter, Alport, Churchstoke. The Mayor: What was your complaint against your husband ? The wife: For assault and battery. What did lie do ?-He knocked me about. Did he injure you ?—No, sir. Did he use any weapon at all ?—No, sir. He struck me with his hand. Did he hurt you very much ?—Well, sir, I wasn't well at the time, and wasn't in a fit state to be knocked about. That is really why I had to take the case on, be- cause he has done it so many times. You now want to withdraw ?—Yes, please. Mr T. Morgan Owen (another magistrate): What guarantee have you that he won't do it again ?-Well, he has promised he won't do it again. Mr Morgan Owen: You say he has PROMISED NOT TO DO IT AGAIN, does he? The Mayor: You have been here before, haven't you ?—No, sir. My father was here. It was adjourned from the last meet- ing. I was too ill to attend. The Mayor: Of course, you must be pro- tected. He must know that. And if you apply to adjourn the case. the magistrates agree to do so for twelve months. And so, if he docs assault you or misconducts him- self, he will simply be charged here. (To the Churchstoke constable): You had bet- ter see him. P.C. Parry: Alright, your Worship. I'll see him. The Mayor: It is very good, of course, of his wife to withdraw it. He may de- pend upon it, if he is charged again and if he is guilty, that he will be treated very severely. Mr Maurice Owen (another magistrate): You must try to agree. That's. the best thing!



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