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SALES BY AUCTION. Messrs. Morris, Marshall & Poole MORRIS, MARSHALL & POOLE, Agricultural &.General Auctioneers, Valuers and Arbitrators. PERIODICAL SALES of STOCK conducted at Montgomery, Welshpool, Caersws, Bishop's Castle, Westbury, Berriew, Bishop's Castle, Westbury, Berriew, Newtown, Kerry, Anchor, Llanbadarn, Craven Arms, Ludlow, Church Stretton, Knighton, Tenbury. The most careful attention is given to Sales of Agricultural Stock, Estate and House Property, Timber and Antique Furniture. A Speciality is made of Valuations and Arbitrations ot every description. HEAD OFFICES Chirbury, Shropshire. Newtown Office:-38, Broad-street. (357) BERRIEW STOCK SALES. NEXT SALE OP FAT AND STORE STOCK On Friday, November 18th. Early Entries esteemed a favour. (378) MORRIS, MARSHALL & POOLE. CAERSWS STOCK SALE, Friday, November 25th. MESSRS. MORRIS, MARSHALL & POOLE beg to announce that they will hold a Special Sale as above of FAT AND STORE STOCK of all classes. Early Entries solicited. RADNORSHIRE. PARISH OF BEGUILDY. SALE OF A VALUABLE FREEHOLD STOCK FARM. I MESSRS MORRIS, MARSHALL & POOLE -iri- are instructed by the Mortgagees to" Sell by Auction at the BEAR HOTEL, NEWTOWN, On Tuesday, November 29th, Subject to conditions to be then produced, incor- porating the Common Form Conditions of Mid Wales Incorporated Law Society, that DESIRABLE UPLAND FARM, known as KILLOWENT, situate in!the Parish of Beguildy, midway between the excellent Market Towns of Knighton and Newtown, and 1-J miles from the Village of Felindre, comprising a Comfortable Stone Built Dwelling House, and the Convenient Farm Buildings, together with about 247a., Or., 20p.. of Sound and Productive MEADOW, PASTURE & ARABLE LAND, Well provided with Shade and Water. Further particulars from the Auction erp, Cbirbury and Newtown; Mr William wàt" BlS, Solicitor, Newtown; or x MESSRS. TALBOT, STEIN & EVERSWEf), 412 Solicitors, Burton-on-Trent. CHRISTMAS FAT STOCK SALES. MESSRS. MORRIS, MARSHALL & POOLE beg to announce the following Fixtures :— MONTGOMERY-Thursday, Decomber 1st. WELSHPOOL- Monday, „ 5tb. BISHOP'S CASTLE-Friday, „ 9th. IVESTBURY- Monday, „ 12th. CAERSWS- Friday, „ 16th. Schedules of Prizes and other information may be obtained from the Auctioneers. Early Entries will be esteemed a favour, and will secure good positions in Sale. Offices-Newtown and Chirbury. (413) Messrs. Frank Lloyd and Sons. IggT Last Sales for the Year. 600 HORSES.— £ 50 Prizes. NORTH WALES REPOSITORY, WREXHAM. FRANK LLOYD & SON INVITE ENTRIES FOR— Wednesday, November 16th-Hunters, Harness Horses, Cobs and Ponies, including several Cub Hunters. Thursday November 17th- Waggon, Lurry, Van, and Young Horses, which include 17 Grand Town Horses and Shires from Messrs George Adams & Sons, Farringdon. Entries Close To-Day (Monday), November 7th. DRESSMAKING FOR LADIES and CHILDREN IN THE LATEST STYLES. GOOD FIT ASSURED AT MOST MODERATE CHARGES. MOURNING & WEDDING ORDERS HAVE SPECIAL ATTENTION. POWELL RIDOUT BOURNEMOUTH HOUSE, BROAD STREET, NEWTOWN. IMPORTANT TO MOTHERS. EVERY Mother who values the Health and Cleanliness of her Child should use Harrison's "Reliable" Nursery Pomade. One application kills all nits and vermin, beautifie and strengthens the hair. In tins, 4jd and 9d. Postage, Id.—George W. Harrison. chemist, Reading- Sold by Chemists.—Agent for Newtown; A. Breese, ohemist, The Cross; agent for Mont- gomery: W. P. Marshall, chemist. Broad-street; agent for Welshpool: William Bishop chemist; agent for Llanidloes: R. Hughes. (764) SALES BY AUCTION. Messrs Cooke Bros. & Roberts. COOKE BROS,& ROBERTS, F.A.I. N.D.A. AUCTIONEERS, VALUERS, HOUSE & ESTATE AGENTS. OFFICES—Newtown, Llanidloes, Aberystwyth and Dolgelly. (75) MONTGOMERYSHIRE. PARISHES OF NEWTOWN, MANAFON, AND BERRIEW. HIGHLY IMPORTANT SALE OF VALUABLE FREEHOLD FARMS, Situate in the Parishes of Manafon and Berriew, known as THE MOAT," LLWYNCOPPA," & "PANTY BERTH," with Excellent Dwelling Houses and Farm Buildings. The land is in a good state of cul- tivation, well watered and timbered, and divided into convenient enclosures, comprising a total area of 293a., 3r., 14per., or thereabouts. Also the COTTAGE & GARDEN known as Bronyrhiew," in the Parish of Manafon. THREE CONVENIENT COTTAGES with Gardens, Kerry-road, Newtown. CHOICE BUILDING SITES, ALLOTMENTS & ACCOMMODATION LAND, also an Attractive COTTAGE known as DULAS," with Large Orchard and Garden, all situate near the town of Newtown. ESSUS. COOKE BROS. & ROBERTS have d received instructions from the Owner to ? received instructions from the Owner to offer the above for Sale in Eight Lots at the BEAR HOTEL, NEWTOWN, in The Middle of November. For Particulars, Plans, and Cards to View apply to the Auctioneers at their Offices, Newtown and Aberystwyth, or Messrs North, Kirk & Co., Solicitors, 15, Lord-street, Liverpool. (352) MONTGOMERYSHIRE. DESIRABLE FREEHOLD INVESTMENTS IN NEWTOWN. MESSRS. COOKE BROS. & ROBERTS are favoured with instructions to offer for Sale by Public Auction, at the BEAR HOTEL, NEWTOWN, :On Friday, November 22nd, at Three o'clock in' the afternoon precisely, sub- ject to conditions which will incorporate the Common Form Conditions of the Shropsbire aw Society, all those FOUR DESIRABLE DWELLING HOUSES FIVE COTTAGES, TANNERY, WAREHOUSE, BUILDING SITES, and ACCOMMODATION LAND, Situate in Newtown, on the main road leading to Welshpool. LOT 1. All Those FOUR COTTAGES, Brick and Stone Built and Slated, situate and being No. 32, Pool- road. Newtown, and Three Cottages in Greer s C prr,du;ing gros4 annual rental of o&. LOT 2. All Those Desirable and Well-arranged FOUR DWELLING HOUSES, Substantially Built of Brick and Slated, situate and known as Nos. 24, 25, 26, and 27, Pool Crescent, and producing an annual rental of .£64 19s Od. Also, all that Old-Established TANNERY & WAREHOUSE, Brick Built and Slated, situate on the Pool-road, Newtown, let at an annual rental of £ 20. And all that Valuable ACCOMMODATION LAND, situate in the rear of Pool Crescent, con- taining an area of about 1-J acres, and let at an annual rental of .£7. Producing a Total Annual Rent of £ 91 19s Od. For Particulars, Plans, and Cards to View, apply to the Auctioneers at their Offices, Newtown and Aberystwyth or to Messrs. MINSHALL, PARRY-JONES & PUGH, 411 Solicitors, Oswestry. TO FARMERS & STOCK-KEEPERS. ENGLISH YEAST, 25 per cent. stronger than any other. Pea Meal and Peas, Bean Meal and Beans, Barley Meal and Barley, Wheat Meal and Wheat, Indian Meal, Round Flat Corn, Best Middlings and Thirds, Best Germs and Bran, Crutihed Oats and Beans. Old Oats and Mixed Feed. MOLASSINE MEAL. GOOD FLOUR at MILLERS' PRICES. FOWL CORN. lOOlbs., 7s. 6d. Now Hops and Malt. Best Devonshire Trussed and Chopped Hay. Highest Price given for all Game. The Best Prizes at the largest Shows invariably go to Users of Wilson's Canadian Pig Powders. Wilson's Canadian Worm Powders. DAVID EVANS, People's Seedsman, NEWTOWN. THE LOW PRICE OF STOCK. FARMERS Wishing to Avoid Selling Stock at the Present Low Prices in order to meet Rent or other pressing claims, and requiring Financial Assistance for these objects, will do well to inquire Terms, etc, by letter or personally, from GEORGE PAYNE & SONS., 5, Town Walls, SHREWBUET. 395 ESTABLISHED, 1870. I Mrs JAMES JONES & SONS Bog to.state that they intend continuing the Business of MARINE STORE DEALERS, At the Old Address- UNION COXTRT, Crescent St., Newtown. Best Market Price given for Rags, Rabbit Skins, Brass, Lead, Zinc, Bones, Horse Hides, &c. PUBLIC NOTICES. BOROUGH OF WELSHPOOL. TO THE MUNICIPAL ELECTORS OF LLANERCHYDOL WARD. LADIKS AND GENTLEMEN,— I BEG TO RETURN MY SINCERE THANKS to the faithful 122 Electors who recorded their Totes in my favour on the 1st inst., and to my numerous friends for their valuable assistance in a memorable contest, the effect of which has yet to be realized. Your Obedient Servant. E. MORGAN JONES. 31, Severn-street; Welshpool. 4th November, 1910. 418 TO THE MUNICIPAL ELECTORS OF WELSHPOOL. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN,— TO THE 138 FREE AND INDEPENDENT Voters of the Guilsfield Ward who sup- ported me against tremendous odds, I tender my heart-felt gratitude. I rejoice to know that they included men and women of every shade of political opinion and sincerely hope that the decision come to by the Electors will not, as it is feared, greatly increase the rates, nor still farther block the progress of the Town and District where all our interests lie. Again thanking you, I remain, Ladies and Gentlemen, Your obedient Servant, ALFRED J. GILES Severn-street, Welshpool, Nov. 2nd, 1910. (417) BOARD OF EDUCATION, Session, 1910. MONrGOMORYSBIRE EDUCATION AUTHORITY. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Local Education Authority for the County of Montgomery (hereinafter called the Committee") in pursuance of and in exercise of the powers conferred on them by the Education Acts 1870 to 1907 (in which first mentioned Act the Land Clauses Consolidation Act 1845 and the Acts amending the same are with certain restrictions incorporated) and of every other power enabling them in this behalf intend to apply to the Board of Education for a Provisional Order enabling them to put in force the powers of the Land Clauses Act so as to enable the Committee to acquire the piece or parcel of land containing by admeasurement 1866 square yards or thereabouts at Brooks, in the Parish of Berriew, in the same County and forming portion of a field numbered 1757 on the Ordnance Survey for the said parish being part of Stingwern Farm in the said parish. The piece of land is required for the purpose of erecting thereon school houses, school buildings, and buildings and premises in connection there- with. AND NOTICE IS HEREBY FURTHER GIVEN that a plan of the said land may be seen at all reasonable hours at the County Education Offices, Newtown. Dated this 4th day of November, 1910. LLEWELYN PHILLIPS, "'1 Clerk to the Education Authority. County Offices, Newtown. (408) WALLPAPERS from l £ d per Roll. Any Quantity (large or small) supplied at Wholesale Prices. Our Stock exceeds 250,000 Rolls of all Classes. Write for Patterns and say what class you require.- (Dept. 284), The Barnett Wallpaper Co., Ltd., Manchester. (90) DROP A POSTCARD to the Music Salon, Newtown, for a new Illustrated Price List. It will be sept free of charge. C. WOODYATT POPE, 13, Broad Street. NEWTOWN. CHOCOLATES of all the Leading Makers always in Stock in great varieties. Sole Agent for CARSON'S Celebrated Chocolates and other Confectioneries. Large Variety of FANCY BOXES Suitable for Presents. Biscuits, Fruit, and all kinds of Sweetmeats. SDlendid Assortment, and Big Range of Prices to Suit Everyone. DAVID HAMER Railway Whart, NEWTOWN, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALER IN COAL To Suit all Customers, and in Trucks, to any Station. LLANYMYNECH LIME. CANADIAN HAY SUPERPHOSPHATE. BILSTON SLAG. SAWN OAK CORDWOOD. Write for Quotations. MUST BE CLEARED TO MAKE ROOM FOR NEW SEASON'S GOODS. SECOND-HAND INSTRUMENTS, Thoroughly Overhauled & Renovated. COTTAGE HARMONIUM, C Walnut Case (almost equal to new) R3 10 0 HARMONIUM by Alexandre, in first-class condition, with 3 sets of vibrators. in Oak Case, suitable for a Schoolroom d65 5 0 ORGAN in Walnut Case, with Music Cabinet and Knee-swell. Suitable for Cottage £ 5 10 0 AMERICAN ORGAN in solid A Walnut Case, with Mirror Top and Knee-swell, (as good aa new) £ 7 O 0 PIANETTE BY J BROADWOOD 1 and Son 10 O PIANOFORTE by Johnson, Of London, in Walnut Cate SBO 1U U PHILLIPS' MUSIC SALON, NEWTOWN. MISCELLANEOUS WANTS. BOOK DEBTS Purchased, Cash down; any JD district. W. Jackson, 26 Corporation-street, Manchester. ¥JTyTANTED, Woolsorter.—Apply, D. Th«jjas, V? Caedraw Mills, Merthyr Tydvil. 267 WANTED—A Respectable Woman as House- keeper for Working Man good hom i for suitable person; one used to children preferred.— Apply, John Morgan, Red House, Kerry. 400 JUNIOR CLERK wanted, with knowledge of shorthand, state experience and salary re- quired.—Box 406,' Express' Office. WANTED by first-class Assurance Company, industrious man as agent in Newtown; Salary and Commission. Apply-Box 409, 'Ex- press' office, Newtown. OLE SKIN COMPETITION—Prizes value Twelve Guineas. Half a million skins wanted; also Cat, Otter, Badger, Hare and Rabbit Skins. Top prices paid.-Write, Watson & Co., 49, Great Qaeen-street Kingsway, London, W.C. TO LET—Unfurnished, Large Sitting-room, 2 Bedrooms, Box-room, Kitchen, and use of Bathroom (h and c water).—E. Bebb, 45, Broad- street, Newtown. 279 EDROOM & SITTING-ROOM to let.—Apply 38, Broad-street, Newtown. 358 WANTED—A Donkey, suitable for drawing a Heavy Lawn Roller.—Particulars and Pdce. Box No. 401, Express Office. FOO.ND, on Llanidloes-road, a Rug.—Apply, D.C.C. Williams. (396) LOST, a Yearling Ewe, pitched E.J. on both sides.—Information to Edward Jones, Cwm- mule, Dolfor. (399) LOST, from Llwynybrain, Caersws, a young Seeep Dog (bitch); black, white brisket.— Finder rewarded on returning same. (398) PROPERTIES TO LET. TO LET, with immediate possession, Rose Cottage, Caersws; rental £ 12.—Apply to Miss Jones, Crown Inn, Newtown. (761) HOUSB, SHOP, and WAREHOUSE in good n position in Newtown, to let.—Apply E. C. Morgan, Crown Chambers, Newtown. (405). O LET, from November^ 12th, The Bear Inn, Llanidloes.—For particulars of terms, etc, apply to C. A. Hackett, Ind Coope ai l Co. Ltd., Newtown. 353 O LET—A Convenient" and Well-situated House and Shop, Newtown. — Apply to Bennett Rowlands, Estate and House Agent, Newtown. 139 rno BE LET—From the 1 t of May, all that X Commodious Family R sidence known as Glandwr." with Stable, Gard. n, etc., situate on the Pool-Road, Newtown.—Apply to Cooke Bros. and Roberts, House Agents, Nt wtown. (411) URNISHED HOUSE be let for six months, with immediate possession, a fully furnished Country Residence, containing 3 recep- tion roouft, 11 bedrooms, Bathroom, &c., and oc- cuping a splendid position overlooking the main road, between Newtown and Welshpool, Mont- gomeryshire, a mile and a half from Abermule railway station.—Apply to E. H. Morris and Son, Estate Agents, Chirbury, Shropshire. (402) SALES BY PRIVATE TREATY. CI OOD KINDLING WOOD for Sale. — Jones T and Leach, Joinery Works, Newtown. IANOFOP-TE -Almost new, cost J630; accept JL half or near offer.-Box 36, Montgomery- shire Express' Office. FOR SALE.—20 Tons Best Carrots warranted sound; price and quality right.—Cox- Hallett, Shrewsbury. 312 IANO—J612; excellent condition; walnut JL case.-40, Regent-street, Wrexham. 37 ORGAN-Massive high top with mirror; 10 0 stops and two knee swells; sacrifice for .£10. —Box 38 Montgomeryshire Express.' TOCKTAKING SALE, Tyres Covers. 3/3; Air Tubes, with valves. 2/3 each, guaranteed; Pram Tyres, Frames, Wheels, Saddles, Pedals, Carriers, etc., new goods; sale list free.—W. A. Gorton, manufacturer, Wolverhampton. 370 UNEItALS.-All Undertakers should send Jf name and address to John Marston's Caniage Works, Ltd., 24, Bradford Street, Birmingham, for latest List-free of charge. 336 ARM AGREEMENTS, with the Alterations necessitated by the Act of 1908, are Now Ready, and may be obtained from the Publishers, PHILLIPS & Sow, N*WT«WK.—Price, 6d. each. NEWTOWN. PEOMPTITODB. NEATNESS AND 800D Workmanship Guaranteed. Moderate Charges. HARRY HIBBOTT, Undertaker, Joiner, and Carpenter, Weir Street, Newtown. Carpets laid down, Shops fitted up. Removals attended to. Furniture carefully repaired. CLOGGING —EDMUND HITCHON begs to inform the inhabitants of Newtown and District that he still continues to carry on the Clogging Trade in all its branches at Crown Street, Newtown. JOHN A. OLIVER, Wholesale and Retail Tobacconist. Appointed Sole Agent by the Manufacturers for Newtown and District of the following Specialities: Messrs Sandorides, Turkish Egyptian, and Virginia Cigarettes; Messrs J. Samuda's Avoca's, Cigars, Tobacco and Cigarettes also, the World-renowned G.B.D (B.B.E.), and Masta Briar Root Pipes. J.A.O. Keeps a large Stock of Briar and Meerschaum Pipes in Cases, suitable for presentations. All kinds of ripes Repaired an,l Re-mounted, "Not a Address: 36 Broad-street, Newtown. WELSHPOOL. NO BRIDE, NO WEDDING but in addition to the presence of the Bride, no Wedding in the Borough of Welshpool is com- plete without one of A. E. BOND'S Celebrated Wedding Cakes—International Gold Medallist Quality.—Sold at 7 & 8, Broad-street, Welshpool DO YOU WANT TO LOOK WELL AND PROSPEROUS? Of course you do, who does'nt ? JOHN JONES, Broad-street; Welshpool, will help you by supplying a well-cut Suit of the best material at a moderate price. JOHN JONEE' stock of Hats, Collars, Ties, and Gloves is large and up-to-date. If you doubt the veracity of this statement, take the wise man's advice, Proveall things, and hold fast that which is good, by calling at JOHN Joxxs, Broad-street. Welshpool LLANDINAM. R SAVAGE, BOCER, LLANDINAM keeps Thomas Jones & Co., Limited (Liverpool), Teas. The tea for this neighbour hood. Best quality Groceries, Provisions, &0., at lowest priom. Flour and Corn Merchant. Q513 LLANFAIR. IMPORTANT TO FARMERS —FOR RIDING JL Saddles and Harness (made on the Premises) *0 to JOHN EDWABDB, Saddler, Collar and Harness Maken Llanfair. London Whips, Never Rust" Bits Sponges, Chamois, Embrocation, Ac. Water- proof Knee Ruga. Cloth and Leather Leggings Special Oil and Blacking for Harness Agent to the UliaDoe Aanmaoe Co. r2u PUBLIC NOTICES. Mr. A. J. BIBB, F.R.C.O., (Organist of Newtown Parish Church), HAS VACANCIES FOR A LIMITED Number of Pupils. TERMS Organ and Theory Lessons, 2 Guineas per quarter; Voice Production and Pianoforte, 1 Guinea. Candidates prepared for Musical Examinations.—Address: Preswylfa, New-road, Newtown. (180) BERRIEW CHARITIES. PERSONS DESIROUS OF SUPPLYING the Trustees with 53 White Blankets, are invited to send samples to the Clerk of the Trustees not later than Friday, the 18th day of November. Approximate size, 216 yards by 2 2 yards. Price not exceeding 5/6. E. (LLOYD, ^(407) Clerk to the Trustees. WELSHPOOL GRAMMAR SCHOOL. PREPARATIONS for Îíbe University Locals, JL Preceptors, Public Schools, Shorthand Certificate, and Civil Sertioe Examinations. OVER 100 PASSES during the last five years in the above Examinations. Thirty Shorthand Certificates gained since 1893.' CAMBRIDGE LOCALS. ALL PASSED. HONOURS. RESIDENT MASTER, UNIVERSITY GRADUATE. Cambridge Local Examination Class now forming Comfortable Home for Boarders. Moderate Terms. i87 T. F. HILES, Head Master. CAMBRIAN RAILWAYS COMPANY. CLOCK AND WATCH CONTRACT. MID WALES SECTION. TENDERS are invited for cleaning, repairing JL and keeping in proper order as from 14th December next, the whole of the clocks, time- pieces and watches at the Cambrian Railways Stations, Workshops. Signal Cabins and Offices from Llandinam to Talyllyn, both Stations in- clusive also for cleaning, repairing and keeping in order the watches of the guards working on this Section of the Company's Railways. Forms of tender, with full particulars of the number and description of the clocks, timepieces and watches, can be obtained on application to the undersigned, with whom Tenders, marked Clocks and Timepieces should be lodged not later than 9 a.m. on the 16th proximo. S. WILLIAMS, Secretary. Oswestry, 24th October, 1910. MONTGOMERYSHIRE EDUCATION AUTHORITY. TENDERS FOR WORK AT COUNCIL SCHOOLS. LLANDINAM COUNCIL SCHOOL. TENDERS ARE INVITED for works of Improvement and Alteration to the Llan- dinam Council School, and for a Water Supply. Plans, Specifications, and Conditions may be seen at the County Education Offices, Newtown, during office hours, on written application being made to the Clerk, accompanied by a deposit fee of £ 1 Is, which will be returned on receipt of a bona-fide tender. Tenders, marked "Tenders for Llandinam Council School" to be sent to the undersigned before the 14th November, 1910. The lowest or any tender not necessarily g/wtpr\tgd (Signed) LLEWELYN PHILLIPS, Clerk to the Education Authority. County Education Offices, Newtown. 21st October, 1910. (335) MONTGOMERYSHIRE EDUCATION AUTHORITY. TEACHERS, as indicated, are REQUIRED IMMEDIATELY for the following SCHOOLS HEADS. Certificated-Hyssington and Snead C.E., Mis- tress, .£75. Gungrog C.E., Mistress, ego. Llanfechain C.E., Master, .£90. ASSISTANTS (Female). Uncertificated-Llangadfan C.E. (Welsh essen- tial), to take sewing, 5!>. Llaagynog <2!. (knowledge of Welsh), £ 40. ronwoDert C.E. I (Welsh essential), J545. Carno Cl. (Welsh essential), X40. Llanfechain C.E. (to take sewing), X40. Cemmes C1. (to take sewing; with knowledge of Welsh), £ 4:5. Pool Quay C.E. (2), i!40 and £ 45; Mont- gomery C.E. (to take sewing), .£45. ASSISTANTS (Male). Machynlleth Cl., .£50. Forms of application may be obtained from mú. the undersigned, on receipt of stamped addressed foolscap envelope for reply. Canvassing, directly or indirectly, a disqualiifcation. LLEWELYN PHILLIPS, Clerk to the Education Authority. County Education Offioes, Newtown, Nov. 4th, 1910. 390 TENDERS. SALOP AND MONTGOMERY COUNTIES AND WENLOCK BOROUGH LUNATIC ASYLUM, BICTON HEATH, Near SHREWSBURY. PERSONS desirous of Supplying by Contract J. the undermentioned Articles are requested to send in sealed TENDERS (with samples whan practicable), addressed to the VISITING- COM- MITTEE, and endorsed Tender for -,u not later than mid-day on SATURDAY, 3RD DECEMBER. FOR THREE MONTHS. From 1st January to 31st March, 1911. Flour, Meal, Com-chandlery, Provisions, Coal, Slack, Coke and Straw. FOR SIX MONTHS. From let January to 30th June, 1911. Groceries and Eggs. FOR TWELVE MONTHS. From 1st January to 31st December, 1911. Yeast, Salt, Bottled Beer, Drapery, Boots and Shoes. Leather, Brooms and Brushes, Earthen- ware, Stationery and Printing, Funerals, Sweep- ing Chimneys, Tinware, Ironmongery, Timber and Building Materials. Forms of Tender may be obtained on application to me. The Accounts for Flour, Provisions, and Coal will be paid monthly; for other articles quarterly. The Visitors do not bind themselves to aocept the lowest or any Tender, and they reserve to themselves the right to accept a portion only of any Tender. WILLIAM JOHNSON, Clerk of the Asylum. N.B. Every Sample or Pattern must bear the same ef the article, the sender's name, and the price. Only accepted Samples will be paid for. 394 LEGAL NOTICES. THOMAS HENRY EVANS (Deceased). ANY PERSONS having Claims against the Estate of Mr Thomas Henry Evans, late of Belle View. Montgomery, builder, are requested to send particulars thereof me, the undersigned, on or before the 30th day of November next, and all Persons indebted to the said Estate are required to pay the amount of their indebtedness to me forthwith. HENRY PARRY, Executor, Forden Station. 333 Nr. Welshpool. 1b ELIZABETH PHILLIPS, DECEASED. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that aii Creditors and other Persons having any claims or demands against the Estate of Elizabeth Phillips, late of White House, Velindre, Knighton, in the County of Radnor, Widow, deceased, who died on the 23rd day of September, 1910, and whose Will was proved in the District Probate Registry at Hereford on the 11th day of October, 1910, by Sarah'Elizabeth Harries (wife of David Harries) the Sole Executrix therein named, are hereby required to send in their claims or demands to me, the undersigned, the Solicitor for the said executrix, on or before the 9th day of November, 1910, at the undermentioned address. after which date the said executrix will proceed to distribute the assets of the said Elizabeth Phillips among the parties entitled thereto, having regard only to the claims and demands of which she shall then have had notice, and the said Sarah Elizabeth Harries will not be liable for the assets of the said Elizabeth Phillips, deceased, or any part thereof so distributed to any person or persons of whose claims or demands she shall not then have bad notice. Dated this 1st day of November, 1910. D. JENNINGS, 47, Stepney-street, Llanelly. Solicitor for the said Sarah 397 Elizabeth Harries. R. & S. MORGAN, SHORT BRIDGE, NEWTOWN. NEW STYLES IN LADIES' Coats, ii'i rJvM Ja:; Paletots, Macintoshes, | J' j\ Showerproofs, | Costumes, if ] 5 i J '„ Skirts, &c., &c. 'L* Ladies' Coats Showerproofs Girls' Jackets and and from Paletots, Macintoshes 7/11 to 25 6. 9/11 to 37/6. 2/6 te 15/6. Umbrellas, Hosiery, Corsets, Underclothing. DRESSMAKING, Mourning Orders Bromptly Executed. Grand Value in Sheets, Quilts. Blankets, Flannels, Flannelettes, &c. ippr CLUB TICKETS TAKEN. R. & S. MORGAN, SHORT BRIDGE, NEWTOWN. KEEP YOUR PAPERS IN ORDER. THE BANK OF ENGLAND FILE For Receipts, Letters, Invoices, &c. Tug T Made in Toughest Manilla Paper and Stout Board, with Flap and Webb Strap and Buckle. WITH 21 POCKETS EACH. Size. Price. Octavo 10 by 5t 1/- Large Octavo lli" 6 1/6 Quarto Hi »» 9 2 Foolscap. 14 „ 9 2/6 Made in Cloth (THE ELEPHANT FILE) at 2/3, 2/9, 3/9, and 4/6 each. PHILLIPS & SON, LA. W & COMMERCIAL STATIONERS, 19, BROAD STREET. GENERAL ANNOUNCEMENTS. PICTUREDROME. 7•—SUCCESS SUCCESS 9 • HBWTOWN. TWICE XIGHTLY. Three Grand CHANGES of PICTURES Weekly. MONDAY, WEDNESDAY & FRIDAY. The Biggest, Brightest and Steadiest LIFE MOVING PICTURES EVER SEEN.. NOTE THE LATEST EVENT MONDAY AND DURING THE WEEK, in addition to Film advertised, the Management has secured at great cost the Reproduction of the Riots in Portugal, Showing the destruction by shell fire of King Manuels Palace, Bombard- ment of Lisbon by Warships, Street Riots, and Flight from Spain and arrival in England of King Manuel. No extra charges. Popular Prices—Body of Hall, 3d.; Side Gallery, 6d.; Back Gallery, 9d. NEWTOWN SKATING RINK Popular Night—Tuesday, Nov. 8th, SKATING 8 to 10. DANCING 10 to 11. Saturday Afternoon, 2-30. PUBLIC HALL, NEWTOWN. Miss INEZ HOWARD'S Co., "The Prince and the Beggar Maid." NORTH WALES TEMPERANCE FEDERATION. A GREAT TEMPERANCE DEMONSTRATION Will be held on Tuesday Evening, November 8th, In the BAPTIST CHAPEL, NEWTOWN. Chairman: DAVID DAVIES' Esq., M.P. SPEAKERS :— Sir J. HERBERT ROBERTS, Bart., M.P. WILLIAM GEORGE, Esq., Criccieth, (Brother of the Chancellor of the Exchequer), AND OTHERS. The Chair will be taken at 8 p.m. Collection to defray expenses. (403) THE WELSH NATIONAL MEMORIAL TO OUR LATE KING EDWARD VII. CAMPAIGN AGAINST CONSUMPTION A PUBLIC COUNTY MEETING Called by the Lord Lieutenant (Sir Watkin Williams-Wynn, Bart.), will be held at One o'clock p.m., in the TOWN HALL, WELSBPOOL, On Saturday Next, 12th November, in connection with the above Memorial. SPEAKERS:— SIR WATKIN WILLIAMS-WTNH, Bart. (In the Chair), LORD KENYON, D.L., DAVID DAVIES, Esq., M.P., J. MARSHALL DUGDALE, Esq.; D.L., J.P., N. W. FAIRLES-HUMPHRETS, Esq., J.P. (Mayor of Montgomery), RICHARD JONES, Esq., J.P. (Chairman ot Education Committee), ARTHUR LATHAM, Esq., M.D., HUGH LEWIS, Esq., J.P. (Chairman of County Council), D. WINTRINGHAM STABLE, Esq., LL.B., J.P., Dr. C. E. HUMPHREYS (County Med. Offioer), And Others. All Persons are cordially invited to attend. FOR HIRE. A SPLENDID DAIMLER LANDAULETTE SUITABLE FOR BALLS, PARTIES, TOURS, ETC. All Kinds of Fittings and Repairing Done. 0 Apply—COOKSON & CROSS, Frankwell, NEWTOWN, A. 131LEESAi. t Q CHUTIST, THE CBOSS, NEWTOWN, CO 4 Agent for BRTTCK, GRKIN & Co's. S §3 Speoialté. Sighteaver,' from 2/6 per pair. All sights carefully tested. »