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LAMPETER. TOWN COUNCIL, TUESDAY. Present, Alderman Hugh Walker, mayor, presid- ing; Councillors Charles Evans, Evan Davies, J Josua Davies, W J Williams, D D Evans, William Davies, John Jones, A Price, D Davies, D F Lloyd, with Mr J E Lloyd, clerk; E D Rees, assistant clerk. Acceptance of Office .—A letter from Mr David Thomas, Ferndale, was read accepting the office of surveyor and inspector of nuisances. Bryn-road.-douncillor Evan Davies, submitted the report of the Streets Committee which recom- mended that the Council through the Town Clerk apply to Mr Robert Jones, agent to Mrs Hughes, Neuaddfawr (owner of the road which is not a high- way) abutting Bryn-road and Church-street re- quiring the same to be drained, levelled, kerbed, and metalled, and made good so that .upon the certificate of their surveyor it might be taken over as a highway by the borough along with Bryn-road without unnecessary delay.—The matter at the suggestion of the Town Clerk was adjourned for a month, so that he might look up the Act. A**emWy /<W*The Clerk said that he ad received counsel's opinion on the question of the right of Corporations to hold municipal w t "f? ac'yise^ the Town Council toap- u LocalGovernment Board fnr authority to hold this piece of land upon which the Assembly Rooms are proposed to be built. Continuing, the rSf'i u atlinCe the last meeting the sum of ±,<445 had been handed over to the treasurer of the Corporation by the eisteddfod committee on the distinct understanding that they should become ♦u6 PT°Perty 'he Council.—On the proposition of the Mayor, and seconded by Mr D D Evans, it was agreed to make an application to the Local Govvrn- ment Board for such an authority as advised bv counsel.—Mr Charles Evans proposed, and Mr A Price seconded, that a vote of thanks he accorded to the Eisteddfod Committee for handing over the money. This was agreed to.-In reply to Mr J J Davies, the Mayor said that he believed the plans of the Assembly Rooms were ready, and he hoped that building would soon be proceeded with. Fire Biigade. Mr Charles Evans drew attention to the number of large fires which bad recently occurred in the neighbouring towns, and speaking as a ratepayer, said that if a fire occurred in this town he did not know where he would run first for assistance. He would suggest that every house- holder should be provided with the necessary in- struction for nre. Mr D F Lloyd said that every surveyor occupied the post of captain of fire brigade, and, besides, they had a call-boy who knew each member of the brigade.—The Mayor said that Mr Evans's suggestion was a wise ane. He believed that a circular be sent to each house- holder containing the necessary instructions.—Mr Charles Evans then proposed that a circular be printed and distributed, and this was agreed to. The Gas Question.—Mr Charles Evans said that he should like the Cooncil to have a little discus- sion over the gas questiou, and to pass a resolution thereon. He should like to ask them to appoint a small committee, possibly the Mayor may act one, and he would also assist if needed to investigate this matter by this day month.—The Mayor to Mr Evans: What do you want to investigate?—Mr Evans replied that be would tell them privately at the meeting of the committee—Mr D D Evans As Mr Kvans is so friendly with the Gas Company will he quietly ask them to sell the gas to the Corporation (loud laughter.) The Nero Licensing Act.—Mr Evan Davies having obtained the Council's permission to snsnend the Standing Orders, moved a resolution that the Council petition the County Council to particularly observe the New Licensing Act.—Mr Chas Evans in seconding said that at a recent Temperance meeting a similar resolution was passed calling upon the magistrates and the police to use all their power to carry out the Act.—Mr D D Evans in supporting said that a petition from the Council would have more effect than the Temoerance meeting. The Council is the authority. It was thereupon unanimously agreed that a petition be sent the Chief Constable.