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LLANWNEN. TEA AND ENTERTAINMENT.—On Tuesday after- noon, the 27th ult., Mr and Mrs Hughes of Neuadd- fawr invited the school children and also the mem- bers of the Sunday school to an excellent treat of tea, cake, etc., which was prepared at the Red Lion Inn. The children mustered in good numbers, and did ample justice to the good things provided After tea was over, the children retired to an ad- joining field, where they indulged in various games and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. The children afterwards assembled in front of the Red Lion where each child was presented with a nice bun by Mrs Hughes. In the evening an entertainment under the presidency of Mr Hughes, was held at the schoolroom, which was filled to overflowing. Ihe most attractive, and certainly the most ap- preciated part was taken by the school children, who had been trained for the occasion by Mr Jones the schoolmaster. Miss Cicely Bankes Price acted as accompanist and rendered every help possible to ensure the success of the concert. The follow- ing was the programme Part 1. chorus, 0 haste* from the busy town," the School Children recita- tions, Greeting to Mrs Hughes," Owen Davies, I zrl Eddie Davies, Ben John Jones, Johnny Thomas! and Evie Williams; dialogue, Het Jones, and David Williams; solo, "Nans o'r Glyn." Mr T. J. Jones; rcitations, Let Williams, Eddie Davies, and David Jones; trio, Fair Flora Decks," Messrs D. Parry, John Evans, and T. J. Jones; dialogne, Lizzie Jones and Co.; solo, Mercli y Melinydd," Miss Bessie^ Davies recitations, Jolin Jones, an'd Ewart Davies; solo (penillion), Mrs Evans Red Lion; dialogue, Y Bechgyn ar Yssol"; solo and chorus, Mae'r Ceiliog wedi Cann," John Jones and School Children recitations, Dan Jones and A. Evans solo, Cymro Pur," Mr J), B. Williams; dialogue, Misses S. Richards, and H. Evans; duett) The Gipsy Countess," Mrs Evans, and Mr T. Jones; chorus; •• Ihe foot Traveller," the school children quartette I Gwaiiwyii,'iNIr. D Jenkins and Party; dialogue, Lizzie illiams and Sarah Jones; male voice Parly, "Mytanwy," recitations, Ben. Lewis and Owen Davies; solo and chorus, The Merry Workers," nine school children recitation and song, by the Infants solo (penillion), Mr. T. J. Jones recitations, Mary Thomas and Eddie Davies Im- promptu speech (1) David Thomas (2) John Wil- liams duett Where are you going my pretty maid Ewart Davies and Mary Jane Thomas solo -1 Bugail Hafod y Cwm," Mr. D. B. Williams; action song, by school children. Part II—male voice Party, Y Tylwyth Teg," recitations, David Wil- liams and Lizzie Jones dialogue, Owen Davies and Mary Thomas: trio, Dame Durclen,, Messrs, D. Jenkins, John Evans and T. J. Jones; recitations, Tom Thomas and Lizzie Jones Three Old Maids of Lee"—Solo by Miss Bessie Davies; dialogue, Y Ddwy Forwyn," Misses S. Richahds and H. Evans action song, Yr k i hw r' solo by Ewart Davies quartette, Mr. D. Jenkins and Party; recita tions, Mary A. Richards and Ben John Jones; solo and chorus, Aunt Eliza Ewart Davies and school children dialogue, James Davies and Lizzie Jones solo, Ar Lanau'r Teifi," Mary Jane Thomas reci- tation, Johnny Thomas; Trio, "The Ticklers" Messrs. John Evans, David Parry, and T. J. Jones: dialogue, Y Teulu Anrhefnus chorus, The Nigger Boys,ten school boys solo, Pwy sydd eisieu Papyr Newydd," Mr. T. Jno. Jones; recitation, "Good Night," by nine school children male voice Party Dewrion Feibion Gwalia." In the interva Rev. D. Morris, Vicar, passed a vote of thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Hughes for their excellent treat, to which Mr. Hughes briefly responded. A very en- joyable meeting, which lasted fully four hours, was brought to a close by singing Hen wlad fy Nhadau." MB

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