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FOOTBALL NOTES. [BY ^VKTERAX.J In reply to a correspondent, the following teams are in for the semi-finals of the South Wales Cup: —Aberystwyth, Barry Athletic, Knighton, Ebbw Vale oirogerstorie. The draw has not yet taken place. A terrible muddie and hash was made of the Combination mat di at Newtown between the homesters and Aberystwyth, and for the sake of football generally it is sincerely to be hoped there will be no recurrence of it. A.« far as I can gather the facts are these. The referee appointed wrote to say he could only act if the match began at 2-30, as he must return by the 4-15 train. The Com- bination authorities too, 1 am told, fixed the kick- off at 2-30. The secretary of the Newtown Club informed Aberystwyth of this, aud the secretary of the latter wrote on receipt of the information to say they could only conie by the train reaching Newtown 2 47. Whether any further correspon- dence passed between the teams I do not know. To cut the matter short, the Ab?rystwyth men turned up on the ground at 2-50 or thereabouts, only to find that the referee had gone. In the most sportsmanlike manner they offered to play the game with a Newtown person as referee. Haying had one referee down for the match the Newtown Committee refu.i< d to appoint another, and so LbUt was no game. The above are as tar as 1 can gather the facts of the case, and now f :>r a few remarks on them. In the first place I think it was a great mistake- Indeed wrong altogether— to appoint a referee who was so tied as to time. Many 1 time I have been at j>ewtown and leturned by the 4.15 train (tratne began at 2,.30) but in every case but one, I had to leave before the game was finished. The exception was in the Llandudno v. Newtown match, when three of us ordered the bus to drive np to the entrance gtue of the football field and take us to the station. Thanks to the train being late we were in time. In order for players or referee to catch I this train it, is absolutely cecessary that the game should commence to the minute, no delay at half- time, and no delay through accidents, &c. Those who attend football matches kuow that it is very rare indeed for such a state to 1)2. Again, if the referee must perforce go by the 4 15 train, why did he nob referee up to 4.10. By ordering the bus he would have been in time, and only about ten minutes of the game would have been left, unfinished or even short time could have been played as at Welshpool. In the League games two referees have acted—one after the other. The referee, I am in- formed, blew his whistle at 2,30. What a farce! ail the homesters on the ground ? And did he expect the Aberystwyth players, who were the other side of Moat Lane to hear it and rush on the ground at The Aberystwyth men are certainly to be pitied. I have never yet seen a game—League, Combination or ClIp.tie- begin at Aberystwyth at 2 30, though that time has been stated as the kick-ofr on the bid. Train arrangements caused thebe games to lie delayed often as much as 45 minutes—the Llandudno match was aa instance cf t in's. Again, iu order to be at Newtown ground at 2 30 it won id be necessary for the men to leave home at 8 a.m. and rerurn at midnig"hr, .hr.t is 16 hours at a match on the nearest ground to them, and all this for the sake of 20 minutes iu the time of starting play. It is absurd. If the appointed referee was so tied as to time the Combination Committee ought certainly to have seat another, and in my opinion they are much to biarae for not having done so. Xow what is to be the result of this maddlc, ? It cannot be ex- pected that the Aberystwyth team should again visit Newtown at the expense of at least 15. Nor 000 the homesteis again be expected to advertise the game, prepare the ground, and pay another referee. It woo Id be much bettor for .the clubs to share the expenses incurred already and have the game declared a draw. They could certainly say it ended in a draw in more ways than one. Neither side scored, as Newtown did not go through the silly farce of kicking a goal. Little affairs of this kind often cause much unplefJsuntnes8 and soreness but I trust there will bo none to-day when the teams meet iu the Cup-tie. May the game be a good one auI the best team win. The Test Match at Chirk was not a particularly brilliant one, but it brought two Oswestry players to the frout-A E Watkin, now of Aston Villa, and Tom Parry of the present Oswestry XI. The latver was in splendid form and actually scored three out of the five goals for his side, while Watkins in the most brilliant manner scored the only one for his side. The latter is chosen for the International Match with Scotland, but Parry, who is as good a forward as ever donned the jersey for Oswestry, is not. The friendly game between Oswestry and Chirk ended in favour of Oswestry by 2 goals to 0. Very few spectators were present owing probably to the wretched weather and influenza, aid also because frieudlies are not much valued now-a-days. The Oswestry forwards were particularly smart, Goodrich, Watkins, and Tom Parry especially shining, while the goalkeeping of G Davies was the feature of the match. Davies improves with every match, and possesses rare nerve smartness and judgment. of his tares on Saturday were particularly brilliant. The game at Wrexham between the Reserves of Oswestry an,i Wrexham was a very close and exciting one. At first the visitors held the upper hand, and led at half-time by 1 goal to 0; but in the second part the homester* put on great pressure, and just managed to get home by a short head. Singleton and Cole's, or Shrewsbury Reserve, go on their way rejoicing. They are a splendid team, and if they are beaten the visitors will need to be a very smart team. Snailbeach were boaten on Saturday by 5 to 0, and full time was not. played owing to the refusal of one of the Snailbeach men ta leave the fu-ld when ordered to do so by the referee. Welshpool had Newport as visitors in the Shrop- shire League match on Saturday. It will be re- membered that when the above teams met at Newport the Welshmen were defeated by 6 to 0. The game was delayed for ninety minutes ùwing- to th- late arrival of the Newport men. Neither teams were frilly repreaeuted. In the first half the game was pretty even. H Morgan- Owen distinguished himself for Welshpool by scor- ing the first goal of thn match. It was a splendid performance and fnlly justified the applause which greeted it. Harper equalised from a srimmage, and thf interval arrived 3Tithott any alteration in the score. In the second half the game was keenly contested, bat after ten minutes' play the referee stopped the game owing to darkness, the final score being one goal Qacli, I heartily congratulate Mr Garth Morgan-Owen on his success ac the military examination. He is a thoioughiy good sportsman and just the kind of solrlier n'quired ill South Africa. It is a pleasure to an old sportsman like myself to tind so many cricketers and footballers volunteering for the front. In view nf the scarcity of volunteers from the Yeomanry in this district one is almost templed to suggest Iiac instead of the annua! Yeomanry show Government aid should be given for the encourage- ment of etach games as cricket and football in order to secure willing volunteers in I case of war. No less than three of the Newtown footers J hller, Dicky Morris, and J P Swetten- harn have volunteered, and from what I know of them they will do their duty like men. It will be a bad look out for the Boer who gets in the way of Jack Miller or Swettenham, and I shall expect Did y Morris to be engaged as chief of the "out- flauking" department. Good luck be with you my dear boys, and may God blrss you and bring you safe home again with honours, and no one will give you a heartier greetingjthan Veteran." THE COMBINATION. RESULTS UP TO DATE. Goals P. w. L. 1). F. A. PTS Chirk 15 30 2 3 35 1-1 23 Wrexham 12 9 1 2 46 19 20 Druids 14 7 4 3 27 20 17 Bangor 9 4 4 1 15 18 9 Newtown 10 4 5 1 24 30 9 Aberystwyth 9 3 4 2 17 22 8 Oswestry United. 10 2 Ij 2 19 23 6 Birkenhea.d. 7 2 4 1 12 16 5 Rhyl 8 1 4 3 13 23 5 Llandudno Swifts.. 10 0 8 2 14 37 2 SHROPSHIRE AND DISTRICT LEAGUE. RESULTS UP TO DATE. Goals P. W. L. D. F. A. PTS Iron-Bridge 6 5 0 1 14 5 11 Sinedeton & Cole's. 8 5 2 1 32 12 11 Bridgnorth 8 3 3 2 22 23 8 Newport 8 3 4 1 14 16 7 Wem 9 2 4 3 10 23 7 St. George's United 6 2 2 2 12 16 G Stafford C.c 5 2 3 0 16 12 4 Welshpool United.. 6 1 5 0 9 22 2 THE LEAGUE. RESULTS UP TO DATE. Goals P. W. L. D. T. A. PTS Sheffield United 22 If <9 8 45 10 36 Aston Villa. 23 It 5 4 51 24 32 WolverhamptouW 21 10 4 7 30 21 27 Sunderland 21 11 8 2 32 23 24 Notts Forest. 21 H G G 36 29 24 Bury 21 10 7 4 33 23 24 Stoke 22 9 9 4 2G 30 22 Everton 22 8 9 5 26 33 21 Derby County 20 7 7 G 25 24 20 Newcastle United.. 19 7 7 5 34 24 19 n Manchester City 21 7 9 5 33 Z8 19 Burnley 21 7 10 4 23 35 18 j West Bromwich A. 21 G 111 5 23 33 17 Notts County 21 G li 5 1 43 17 Preston North End 21 6 11 4 21 30 16 Liverpool 22 5 12 5 '27 34 15 Blackburn Rovers. 18 í 10 1 :2. 37 15 Glossop 19 3 12 4 10 48 10 DENBIGHSHIRE Â: DISTRICT LEAGUE. RESULTS UP TO DATE- C, oals P. W. L. D. R. A. PTS Wrexham Reserve. 6 1 2 21 13 14 Oswestry Reserve.. S 5 1 2 36 11 12 Adwy United 8 5 1 2 17 10 10 Chirk Reserve 7 3 1 3 22 7 9 Druids Reserve 10 3 5 2 2*3 24 8 Uuabon Albions. H 2 4 2 17 26 6 St Martins 7 2 4 1 10 25 5 Ellesmere Rangers 7 1 5 1 9 24 3 Vron St Albans. 7 1 5 1 8 26 3 -<19