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SALES BY AUCTION. ARMY REMOUNTS. AN INSPECTION OF HORSES Adapted for; CAVALRY Purposes Will be held at THE RAVEN REPOSITORY, SHREWSBURY, ON THURSDAY, JANUARY 18TH, 1900, Commencing at Ten o'clock to the minute. The following is an approximate description of Horses required:- CAVALRY- Age, 6 to 10 years. Height, about 15-2 to 16 hands. Active Class of Horse. Limit Price, £50. Horses will be examined in order of Stall Numbers. Stalls will be allotted and Numbers forwarded upon receipt of Entries. Entry Forms and all particulars will be for. warded upon application to JOHN HILL, ESQ., c/'o MESSRS HALL, WATERIDGE, AND OWEN, Auctioneers, High Street, Shrewsbury. HORSES. 800 HORSES. OPENING SALES FOR 1900. NORTH WALES REPOSITORY, WREXHAM. X40 Prizes. ARMY REMOUNTS REQUIRED. FRANK LLOYD & SONS expect a grand trade. Tuesday, January 23rd Harness Horses and Hunters. Wednesday, January 24th-Small Horses, Cobs and Ponies. Thursday, January 25—Heavy Horses and Vanners Last January Sales were the best clearance during the year. Entries close Saturday, January 13th. BOROUGH OF MONTGOMERY. NOTICE. TO FARMERS, DEALERS, and OTHERS. It has been decided by the MONTGOMERY TOWN COUNCIL to establish TWO HORSE FAIRS IN EACH YEAR, IN THIS BOltOUGH, Viz:— ON THE FIRST THURSDAY IN MARCH, AND THE FIRST THURSDAY IN OCTOBER, The First to be held on THURSDAY, THE FIRST OF MARCH NEXT. By Order of the Town Council, CHARLES S. PRYCE, Montgomery, Toyvia Clerk. 29th December, 1899. LLANIDLOES DISTRICT PLOUGHING MATCHES ASSOCIATION. THE NINTH ANNUAL MATCHES Of the above Association of Ploughing, Hedging, Ditching, Horse Shoeing, and Competition of Horses, Brood Mares, Yearlings and Suckers, wiil be held (weather permitting) on WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 7TH, 1900. (Or the first open Wednesday thereafter) ON LLWYNYBRAEN FARM, In the Parish of Llanwnog. PRESIDENT SIR JAMES JOICEY, BART. M.P., GREGYXOG. Schedules of prizes, entry forms, and all infor- mation may be obtained from Members of the Committee, and the Hon. Secretary. Chairman — Mr Evan Jones, Henblas. Vice-Chairman—Mr Evan Hughes, Park. Treasurer Mr Richard Savage, Penyborfa. Hon. Sec. lr John Phillips, Llwynybraen, Caersws. LIGHT OF THE FUTURE. Celtic Acetylene Illuminating Co. The Simplest and best Generators for the production of Acetylene Gas. Estimates free on application to Agent- J. L. JONES, PANTYCELYN, L^ANDRIUDOD. CUPIS'S CONSTITUTION BALLS Are an unfailing remedy (Write for pamphlet). For Horsesfor Grease Testimonial. Swelled Legs, Cracked c&e Cannock Apr. Co., Ltd. Heels, Coughs, Colds, Star- Cannock, Apl. 18,1890. ing Coat, Influenza, giving Oear Sirs,—I have much •„j jieaeure in testifying to the vigour, and keep- o-aperiority of your Horse mg high-fed Horses in ■JojsrsTiTUTiow HiLr.s. We Health, <fcc. lave usotl them for the last «2»JSW5tr*3[ For Cattle 4 Sheep mnmak what use voalike in cases of Hove or Blown, Managing Director. Uistemper. Epidemic, &c. For Scouring- in Calves they are almost infallible, Proparod upwards of 60 ears hy the late FEAMCIS Oufist,, t.B.C.v.o. Sold in l'ackets1811d and 3s6d each, 7 email 10a(5:i,of 7 large 21s, by Chemists and Medicine Vendors,or from Pro- prietor, The Wilderness, Diss, Norfcik on receipt of amount J II. ANDERSON, CABINET MAKER and UPHOLSTERER, 5 & 6, HIGH STREET, WELSHPOOL (Adjoining Park Lane). Estimate given for Every Description of CABINET WORK. DINING, DRAWING & BEDROOM FURNITURE BRASS AND IRON BEDSTKADS. SPRING, HAIR AND WOOL MATTRESSES, FEATHER BEDS, &c. FUNERALS COMPLETELY FURNISHED. FURNITURE REMOVED AND STORED. ESTIMATES FREE. Largest and Best-Constructed FURNITURE VAN Obtainable. STORING WAREHOUSE 5 & 6, HIGH STREET, WELSHPOOL SALES BY AUCTION. ESTABLISHED 1869. WHITFIELD AND SON'S FAT, DAIRY and STORE STOCK AUCTIONS IN THE OSWESTRY SMITHFIELD. Every WEDNESDAY at 10 30. EARLY ENTRIES SOLICITED. TOWN OF ABERYSTWYTH. IMPORTANT SALE OF VALUABLE LEASE- HOLD PROPERTY. MR J. E. JAMES has been instructed to sell by Public Auction at the Lion Royal Hotel, Aberystwyth, ON WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 24TH, 1900. At 3 o'clock p.m., subject to conditions to be then produced, the following desirable Leasehold MESSUAGES namely, LOT 1.—The Messuage and Premises known as No. 39, Portland Street, in the occupation of Mr J. Aitiuir Jones. LOT 2.—The Messuage and Premises known as No. 41, Portland Street, in the occupation of Mrs Winifred Jones. Both Lots are held under a Corporation Grant for the term of 99 years from the 13th day of December, 1813. The apportioned Ground Rent in respect of each Lot will be 5s. Terms have been arranged with the Corporation for a renewed Lease of the properties. For further particulars apply to the Auctioneer, or to Messrs Roberts and Evans, Solicitors, both of Aberystwyth. MESSRS ROBINS, GORE & MERCER, will include in their Auction Sale at the Mart, Token-house Yard, London, E.C., Token-house Yard, London, E.C., ON WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 24TH, 1900, At two o'clock precisely, the following eligible' Investment CARNO, MONTGOMERYSHIRE, The Freehold Farms known as NEWGATE and PENRHIW, comprising about 20a. 3r. 29p. of Arable, Meadow and Pasture Land, and let on a yearly tenancy at C20 per annum. Held subject to vicarial charges, amounting to 3s per annum. Also the adjoining Freehold Farm known as HENSHOP, comprising about 6a. lr. 13p., and let on yearly tenancy at £ 13 10s. per annum. Held subject to vicarial charge at Is per annum. (Forasale in two lots). Particulars, Plan and Conditions of Sale may be had upon application to James Cornford, Esq., Solicitor, 68a, Liucclns Inn Field, W.C. Mr John Thomas, Graigfryn, Carno, Montgomery; at the Mart, London, E.G.; or of the Auctioneers at their offices 205, Wardour Street, Oxford Street, London, W. WILLIAMS AND NICHOLSON AUCTIONEERS AND VALUERS, OSWESTRY. (ESTABLISHED 1876). MESSRS. WHITFIELD AND BATHO, AUC- iTIONEERS & VALUERS, Will SELL in the OSWESTRY SMITHFIELD, EVERY WEDNESDAY THROUGHOUT THE YEAR, FAT AND STORE CATFLE, FAT CALVES, FAT SHEEP, LAMBS, and PIGS. OFFICES SALOP ROAD, OSWESTRY DAY, SON, & HEWITTS' REMEDIES FOR DIFFICULT I LAMBING AND CALVING ABSOLUTELY INDISPENSABLE. The" GASEOUS FLUID" F'.r prostrated Cows and Ewes. Scour or Diarrhoea, Lability, Hoven, Colic, &c.-Price 20s. per doz. The "RED DRENCH" For Cleansing Cows and Ewes, Fevers, Chills, Red Water, Hide-bound, &c., prevents Milk Fever, and Dropping.—Price (Cows) 13s.; (Ewes) 3s. 6d. per doz. The "CHEMICAL EXTRACT" For anointing after Parturition, Straining and pre- venting- Gangrene. For all kinds of Wounds, Swollen Udders, and Sore Teats.-Prices, 2s. 6d., 3s. 6d., and 7s. per bottle. The "GASEODYNE For Heaving and Paining. It deadens excessive pain instantly, and quiets the nervous system.— Price 3s. Gd. per bottle. UNPARALLELED SIXCCFSS OF s k DAY, SON, & HEWITTS' LnlnbiEg & Calving Chests, Price complete, carriage paid, 30s. and X3 3s. Write for Pamphlet and full details: ROYAL AKIMAL MEDICINE MANUFACTORY, 22, DORSET ST., LONDON, W. (Est. 1833). To LANDOWNERS, ESTATE AGENTS, AUCTIONEERS AND SURVEYORS. ORDNANCE MAPS Of all Scales kept in stock of the environs of Ellesmere, Oswestry, Welshpool, Llanfyllin, Llanfair, Llanidloes, Caersws, Newtown, Machynlleth, Dinas Mawddwy, Towyn, Llandrindod, Rhayader, Knighton, Bishop's Castle, Montgomery, &c. Maps of any place in the Central Wales counties and Shropshire procured from the O.S. Map Department per return by post. Agents :—R. & M. OWEN, Printers and Map Agents, WELSHPOOL. Plans of Estates, Auctioneers' Catalogues and Posters, Conditions, and other printing at moderate cost. EDWARD A. GRIFFITHS, LICENSED SLAUGHTERER OF HORSES, COWS, &c., THE GLEDRID, NEAR CHIRK, AND THE BOROUGH DEPOT, WREXHAM. To obtain Best Prices for Carcases, advise at once, WHEN FRESH, by Telegram or Messenger. Cost of Telegram allowed to Sender. Wrexham Orders to Telegrams— SLAUGHTER, WESTON No. 7, BEAST MARKET. RHYN." AGENT MB DAVID PARRY, Powis ARMS WELSHPOOL. PUBLIC NOTICES. IMPERIAL YEOMANRY EQUIPMENT. SUBSCRIPTIONS PROMISED IN OSWESTRY AND DISTRICT. £ s. d. Loi;d Harlecli 50 0 0 Mr and Mrs J Parry-Jones 100 0 0 Captain Heywood Lonsdale 50 C 0 Mr W R 0 Kynaston 25 0 0 Lord Kenyon 25 0 0 Mr Stanley Leiphtoo, M.P. 10 0 0 Major the lIon G Ormsby Gore ]0 0 0 Mr J Dorsett Owen 10 0 0 Mr A S Corser 5 5 0 Major Lovett 5 0 0 (And a further sum of R5 if a gun is bought) General Schreiber 5 0 0 Colonel Fisher 5 0 0 Mr R LI Kenyon 5 0 0 Mr W Aylmer Lewis 5 0 0 Mr E Williams-Vaughan 5 0 0 Mr W Fletcher Rogers 5 0 0 Mr Thomas Edwards 2 2 0 Mr R B Smale 2 2 0 The Mayor of Oswestry 1 1 0 Dr Lloyd 1 1 0 Mr Horace Lovett 1 1 0 Mr A C Nicholson 110 Mr T II Craven 1 1 0 MrWHSpaull 1 1 0 Ret- T Redfern 1 1 0 Mr VG Owen 110 Further subscriptions may be paid to the three Oswestry Banks, or to the Mayor, or Town Clerk treasurer of the fund. MONTGOMERY WAR FIND. FINAL LIST OF SUBSCRIPTIONS. £ s. d. Amount previously acknowledged .120 9 4 Mr Henry Jones, Hendomen 0 2 6 Mr Rudge, Stalloe 0 1 0 Hev C P Thomas 0 10 6 Collection Baptist Church (part) 0 17 0 Dr Hobertson 1 0 0 Mrs W R Brown 1 1 0 II R E 11arrison, Esq 10 0 0 Children's Christmas Party at National Schools 1 10 0 Collection Forden Workhouse Chapel, by request, per Mrs Fortune 3 3 3 Collecting hmes- Checkers' Hotel 0 1ill Dragon Hotel 0 8 2k Cuttag-e Inn 0 1 0 N & S Wales Bank 0 0 3 Post Office 0 1 11J National Schools 0 1 9% Mr R Maddox 0 14 0 16 6 Total .139 11 1 EDWARD R JAMES, Mayor. J M JüXES, N & S Wales Bank, Treasurer. CHARLES S PRYCE, Town Clerk, Hon Sec. NEWTOWN LADIES' WAR FUND. THE re-assembling of the Ladies for the Sewing JL Meetings has been postponed for the present. A further Notice will appear when the Meetings are to be re-commenced. E L WATKINS, Hon. Sec. AN Earnest APPEAL is made for Subscriptions for buying flannel shirts and belts, etc., for the Service Squadrons of the Montgomeryshire Yeomanry Cavalry about to proceed to South Africa. Cheques and postal orders, also flannel Bhirts, cholera belts, socks, and Khaki-coloured knitted helmets, Tam -o'- Shan ters, and comforters (the latter 3 yards long), will be received by Mrs 2 Wentworth Forbes, Welshpool and Nevtown Mrs Charles Dugdale, Terrick Hall, Whitchurch; and Mrs Williams-Vaughan, Bryn Hafod, Oswestry. pOWERFUL & JJRAMATIC "J^OVEL OF AN UNCONVENTIAL TYPE. CAPITAL PLOT! SKILFUL CHARACTERISATION GRAPHIC STYLE! We have pleasure in bringing before the notice of our readers a Striking WORK OF FIXTION which we have Secured for Issue in our Columns, BY MORICE GERALD, Author of "Misterton," The Victoria Cross," "Cast Out," Black Gull Rock," "Jock- o'-Beach," Murray Murgatroyd, Journalist," &c., &c. THE TITLE OF ouia NEW STORY IS THE CROWNING OF ESTHER, AND THE OPENING CHAPTERS WILL APPEARS IN OUR COLUMNS, ON SATURDAY, JANUARY 20TH, 1900. THE ADVENTURES OF CARADOC: A TALE OF WALES IN THE DAYS OF KING ARTHUR. PRICE ONE SHILLING. WELSHPOOL: SALTER & ROWLANDS, And may be obtained at Messrs Smith & Son's Railway Bookstalls. From the Liverpool Courier. September 8th :— Arthurian legends are always interesting, and a word of praise must be accorded Mr B C Hardy, who, in a capital little work, "The Adventures of Caradoc," published by Messrs Salter and Rowlands, COUNTY TIMES, Welshpool, has, with the venue of his story in Wales, woven an attractive tale of the noble King and his trusty knights." THE ADVENTURES OF CARADOC. Is. Salter and Rowlands, Welshpool: 1899. The present little work, penned by B. C. Hardy, is one of the most charming romances we have read for a long time. Caradoc, who plays a leading part n the drama, is a gallaut soldier, who in time is selected as Captain of the King's Guard, and subsequently becomes one of the Knights of the Round Table. The adventures which Arthur and his knight go through are graphically told, the sad death of the King making a pathetic ending.-The Shooting Times and Britixh Sportsman. PUBLIC NOTICES. OSWESTRY INCORPORATION. PORTER A N L LAUNDRESS. WANTED, a PORTER and LAUNDRESS at TV the Workhouse, Morda, near Oswestry. The Porter will be required (in addition to his ordinary duties) to assist the Master generally and superintend the admission and discbarge of .1 Male Inmates and Male Vagiv.nts. The Laundress will oe required (in addition to her ordinary duties) to assist the Matron generally and to superintend the "dmission and discharge of the Female Inmates and Femsle Y;.grants. Salaries Porter £ 25, Laundress £]8 per annum, with board, apartments r,od washing, but without Beer or Beer money. Each Salary will be subject to deduction under the Poor-Law Officers' Superannuation Act, 1896. Applications in Candidates' own writing, giving particulars as to age, experience and previous occupations, with copies of testimonials, to be received by me, not later than FRIDAY, the 19th INSTANT. J. C. BULL, Oswestry, 8th January, 1900. Clerk. MONTGOMERY CRICKET CLUB. THE ANNUAL DANCE WILL TAKE PLACE ON THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 22ND, 1900. JOHN DAVIES, Hon Sec. TREWERN. THE ANNUAL DANCE WILL TAKE PLACE ON THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 15TH, 1900. Lady's Ticket, 2s 6d Gents' do, 3s. E. H. EDWARDS, Hon Sec. MONTGOMERY DISTRICT INDEPENDENT ORDER OF ODDFELLO WS, M.U. The ANNUAL MEETING Will be held at NEWTOWN, ON THURSDAY, JANUARY 18TH, 1900. PUBLIC DINNER In the PUBLIC HALL at 5 p.m. CHAIRMAN: BRO. G. H. ELLISON, ESQ. The following amongst others will be present:— BRO. TOM HUGHES, ESQ., J.P., LLANELLY, Grand Master of the Manchester Unity. BRO. A. C. HUMP1* REYS-OWEN, ESQ., M.P., BRO. COL. E. I'RYCE-JONES, M.P. Dinner Tickets, 2s 6tl each. CHüS. SHUKER, P.C.S., Welsh pool. ABERYSTWYTH FOOTBALL CLUB. PRIZE DRAW-WINNING NUMBERS. 2325, 521,1285, 536, 2504, 935, 873, 408, 1477, 302, 2383, 1479, 3021, 509, 1980, 613, 4156, 1995, 2566, 2570, 1411, 1921. 529, 66, 1765, 301, 4221, 420, 59, 1498, 2061, 2176. 479, 2435, 1446. 2216, 757, 1311, 21, 2488, 2-85, 912, 611, 457, 1803, 4133, 1785. Prizes may be had from the Hon. Sec., on and after January 15th, 1900. WELSHPOOL COUNTY SCHOOLS. HEADMASTER MR R E OWEN, M.A. HEADMISTRESS Miss ALICE J ROBINSON, Assisted by an efficient staff of Masters, Mistresses. and Visiting Teachers. The Schools re-open on TUESDAY, 16TH 0 JANUARY, 1900. Entrance Examination at the Schools on Monday, 15th January, at 10 a.m. Tuition Fees: X5 5s. per Annum, payable in advance to the undersigned. For Forms of Admission, Prospectus, and any further information, apply to the Headmaster or Head-mistress, or to EDWARD L. R. JONES, Welshpool, Clerk to the Governors. 4th January, 1900. NEWTOWN COUNTY INTERMEDIATE SCHOOLS. HEADMASTER: A. S. TETLEY, M.A. HEADMISTRESS: MIRS C. M. GLADDISH, B.A. (LOND.). Assistant Masters N. G. DAVIES, P Sc. and A. E. SAUNDERS. Assistant Mistresses Miss A. C. JOHNSON and Miss E. JONES. THE NEXT TERM WILL BEGIX ON TUESDAY, 16TH JANUARY, 1900. Scholars prepared for University, Professional or Business life. Special attention given to Com- mercial subjects. Practical work throughout the School in Chemistry, Physics,Cookery or Woodwork. School Fees, JE5 5s a year payable in advance as follows: C2 2s for each of first two terms, zEl Is for the third term; afterwards £115s a term. For particulars of admission Entrance Examina- tion Scholarships aad Bursaries, &c., apply to the Headmaster or Headmistress, or to MARTIN WOOSNAM, January, 1900. Clerk. EDWAED MORRIS, BARBER, BILL-POSTER AND DISTRIBUTOR. MAESGLA'S, MACHYNLLETH. Bills posted and distributed in town and neigh- bouring district at moderate charges. SPECIAL SHOW OF INVITATION CARDS COUNTY TIMES OFFICES, WELSHPOOL & ABERYSTWYTH PUBLIC NOTICES. CAMBRIAN RAILWAYS. World's Fair," Agricultural Hall. Savage Soufh Africa," Olympia. Pantomimes at the Various Theatres. ON TUESDAY, January 23rd, 1900, Cheap Excursion Tickets will be issued to L OXDON. Times of Starting. Third Class Return. c From p m 2 Days 5 Days JL >vCemmaes Road 1 45 V 16s 6d § 3 Llanbrvnmair 1 57 > 10s .L:I jr«Caruo" 2 113 jf ia -I | Caersws .2 24V jC ib3 £ Moat Lane 2 32 '<) cs Newtown 2 47 }- 9s |} > fAbermule 2 56 > 15s Montgomery. 3 3j ') Two Davs Passengers return from London (Euston) at 10 0 p.m. on Wednesday, January 24th. Five Days Passengers return from London (Euston) at 8 45 a.m. on Saturday, January 27th. Times of Starting. "H From 2 & 5 One Two Five m Days. Day. Day. ]Days. Days. -2 a m p m Poo1 Quay 8 0 8 40 V 7g 6d 9g c +Four Cr esee 8 10 o 4b s a fLlanfyllin 7 3.") 7 0 V g fLlanfechain 7 47 7 12 > 7s 6d 9s 14s 6d +Llans'ntif'id 7 55 7 20 j ° Llanymynech 8 15 8 55 "] 0 ° Llanymynech 8 15 8 551 fLlynclys S 24 9 2 XL Oswestry 8 40 9 40 Whittington 8 44 9 45 is Frankton 8 52 9 50 f 7s 6d 9s 14s Ellesmere 9 0 10 0 i j Welsh'inpton 9 710 5 j Bettisfield 9 11 10 10 | Fenn's Bank 9 l'l 10 15j Day and Two Days Passengers return from London (Euston) at 8 50 p.m, via Crewe on Wed- nesday, January 24. Five Days Passengers return from London (Euston) at 2 15 p.m. via Crewe on Saturday, January 27. t Passengers for Liynelys, Llausaintffraid, Llan- fechain, Llanfyllin, and Four Crosses returning by the 8 50 p.m. ex Eustcu have to wait several hours ■\t Oswestry, and those for Abermule by 1C 0 p.m. go forward frjm Welshpool 9 10 a.m. Children under 3 years of age, Free; above 3 and under 12, Half-price. All information regarding Excursion Trains and Tourist arrangements on the Cambrian Rail- ways can be obtained from Mr W. H. GOrGH, Superintendent of the Line, Oswestry. THOUSAND MILE TICKETS. THE CAMBRIAN RAILWAYS COMPANY issue FIRST CLA^S 1,000 and 500 MILE TICKETS, the Coupons of which enable the pur- chasers to travel between stations on the Cambrian Railways during the period for which the tickets are available, until the Coupons are exhausted. The price of each ticket is P,5 5s 1,000 miles, and L2 17s 6d 500 miles, being about IjVd per mile. Application for the 1,000 or 500 mile tickets must be made in writing, giving the full name and address of the purchaser, and accompanied by a remittance, to Mr W. H. Gougb, Superintendent ol the Line, Cambrian Railways, Oswestry (cheques to be made pay. able to the Cambriau Co. fir order) from whom also books containing 100 certificates for anthorising the use of the tickets by pur- chaser's family, guests, or employes can be obtained, price 6d. each book, remittance to accompany order. C. S. DENNISS, General Manager. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE TREATY, the several stacks of well-harvested HAY, offthe growth of 1898, standing at the undermentioned Stations on the Cambrian Railways, and estimated to contain the respective quantities, more or less also undermentioned, viz.:— Lsti- Esti- mated mated Station. i weight. Station. weight I Tons. Tons. Overton-on-Dee 4 IBoughrood 10 Weston Wharf 4 Uemmaes Road 3 Llanymynech 7 !(,Ian(-Iovey 3, Llansaintffraid 11 lYnyslas 4 Llanfyllin 11J |Bow Street 5^ Welshpool 11 Penmaeupool 5 Abermule 6 Pensarn 4^ Tylwch 3 Criccieth 9 St. Harmons 4 Abererch 5J Doldowlod 7 Doldowlod 7 ——— Builth 11 j Total 132 For further particulars, and to treat, apply to R. BRAYNE, General Offices, Oswestry, Secretary. March, 1899. DREW & CO., OSWESTRY. M I N E R A L W A T E R MANUFACTURE RS. THE WATERS have be?n carefully analysed by I GRANVILLE H. SHARP, F.C.S. (late Principal of the Liverpool College of Chemistry), and compare favourably with those of any other Manufacturers of High-class Goods. They are strongly recommended for their purity and natural mineral properties and may be obtained of all First-class Hotels, Chemists, and other Agents, or direct from the OFFICES AND WORKS: KING STREET, OSWESTRY. SOLE AGENTS BY APPOINTMENT: GUIXESS & CO. EXTRA STOUT. BASS & CO. INDIA PALE ALE. BKEV.'EUS OF THE CELEBRATED WHITE HORSE BRAND OF HOP BITTERS, Guaranteed to be brewed from the finest Kent Hops only. NO SUBSTITUTES USED. ADVERTISE your WANTS in the COUNTY TIMES" Three editions, one charge—21 words Is three weeks 2s 6d. HOTELS. THE LATS SIF. JAMES CLARKE, M.D., says "A fortnight in Aberystwyth, is equivalent to a month's residence in most Watering Places. Pure water from Plynlimon, soft breezes from the Atlantic, and excellent Draiuic-:e." JJELLE YVE HOTEL, ABERTSTW YTH.~ Facing the Sea. Family and ■ Commercial Hotel & Boarding House; one of the Cheapest and most Comfortable in Wales. Board and Attendance from twe and a half Guineas per week, or 9s per day, according to Bedroom. Table D'hote at 6-5C o'clock. Visitors wishing to be on Boaraing Terms, must give notice on arrival to tlit anageress. Tariff on appI.s.tion to W. PALMER, PROPRIETOR, WATERLOO HOTEL, ABERYSTWYTH* Tiiis First-class Family and Com merciai PRIVATE HOTEL Boaiaiug House is situate in the centre of the Esplanade, auo commands an unbroken sea TERMS MODERATE DURING WINTER MONTHS. A. E. <5: A. MORRIS, PF.orR!F"Rc'SSiES WHITE HORSE HOTEL TERRACE ROAD, ABERYSTWYTH (a Minute sralkfroxn t* the Sea; Three Minutes' walk from the Hallway S-tauicn). This iiotely which is situated most centrally for Touri-sr.?. Ovolists, and Commercial Gentlem^r has recently undergone extensive alterations, including the addition of new Coffee and Com- mercial Rooms, is replete with every comfort. PRIVATE SITTING ROOMS. STORE ROOM FOR CYCLES TARIFF STRICTLY MODERATE. .—„ :\1. A. REA., PROPRIETRESS. BEKYSTWYTH.—PRINCE ALBERT HOTEL, I^TLE DARKGATS —— L STREET, Family and Commercial. ihis Hotel is situated in one of the principal Streets of the Town, and ie near to the station, the Castle, Pier, and Promenade. The House is old established and fully licensed. BED AXD BREAKFAST FROM 3 6. GOOD STABLING. LIGHTED BY ELECTRICITY. OPPOSITE THE NEW MARKET HALL. PROPRIETOR: i. PARRISH. TERMINUS HOTEL, ABERYSTWTTH. Tne Hotel is now unoer new 7-— —, —"— — management. It is situate close to the fetation, and is tne most convenient Hovel in Town for Travellers and others. It las receutr, eon emarged^ ana is now replete witii every mod era convenience, anci it lighted throughout with the electric light. T. E. SALMON, PROP&IETGB. -=- "WHTXXSTAT & HERBERT AEMS HOTEL. MACHYXLLETH. First-class and Commercial Hotel, situate in Maengw}n Street, and possessing all the conveniences of a Iligh-class Hotel. It has its own Stock Rosms, Livery Stables, and Coaofe Houses. Billiard Table. Posting in all its Branches. Buss meets all Trains. APPLY: PROPRIETOR. ^REWYTHEX ARMS HOTEL, LLANIDLOES. Under new Manage- T* — — — merit. First Ciaae Famih- and tommercial Hotel, fetock Rooms. Porting in all its Branches. Excellent Trou Fishing close to hand. BUS MEETS ALL TRAINS. HEADQUARTERS FOR C.T.C. A. W. CORNFORTH, PROPRIETOR. REAR HOTEL, XEWTQWX, NORTH WALES. This well-known and old-established Family and Commercial Hotel is one of the largest and most comfortable Hotels in North Wales. It contain" large Commercial, Coffee, fcmcke, Slock and Billiard Rooms, also Suites of Aoart- ment,s i Hot and Cold Baths, Electric Bells. Hotel Omnibus meets all Trains. Posting in aD its Branches. First-class Accommodation for Cyclists. Stabling for over 150 Horses. A. MARSTON, PROPRIETOR. DAVID ROBERTS AXD SONS, LTD., BREWE H S, A B i;Y S i W Y i'l 1. PRICE LIST ON APPLICATION.! :.t'J1«.r 'I!K8o COOKE Bros., Newtown. THE LEADING FURNISHING ESTABLISHMENT IN NORTH AND CENTRAL WALES. FOUND A wo^DERFUL CURE FOR — 1 RHEUMATISM, LUMBAGO, SCIATICA, NEURALGIA, CHEST, COLD, SORE THROAT, SPRAINS, BRUISES. INVALUABLE FOR FOOTBALL PLAYERS. PREPARED BY THE Welsh Golden Rheumatic Cure Co., Aberystwyth. POST FREE, 13. SOLE AGENT FOR ABERYSWYTH—E. P. WYNNE CHEMIST. UWPCT—*iHiI.W-'WBL.:wSIAgV.JT.*V:. v „|j|| -j a, r. PRIVATE TURKISH and MENDICATED BATHS. Cures Rheumatism, Sciatica, Neuralgia, Dyspepsia, Liver and Kidney Complaints by a New Process, without danger or Palpitation. Open from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. 3 6, GREAT DARKGATE STREET, ABERYSTWYTH. -:if'=.ó= THE CELEBRATED CYMRO RAZORS MADE OF THE FINEST WARRANTED QUALITY STEEL, POST FREE 3s. 6D. EACH. SOLD ONLY BY M. H. DAYIS AND SONS, HARDWARE MERCHANTS, ABERYSTWYTH. t FRESH SALMON FROM THE TEIFY, WYE, AND OTHER RIVERS DAILY. DEALER IN WENlIAM LAKE ICE. T^TIPTT A PTI W A T FISHMONGER AND POULTERER, X5JJL I IlAiXiJ X LICENSED DEALER IN GAME Mr.MF.ER OF THE NATIONAL SEA FISHERIES PROTECTIOX SOCIETY, GREAT DARKGATE STREET. NORTH PARADE AND TERRACE ROAD, ABERYSTWYTH, COUNTRY ORDERS PROMPLY DESPATCHED. "1.c:w:a.- JAMES WILLIAMS, SIDNEY HOUSE, NORTH PARADE, ABERYSTWYTH, Latelv occupied by MRS. SMITH, GREENGROCER, FISH, GaME, & POULTRY DEADER, BUTTER & EGG MERCHANT. HOTEL AND PUBLIC INSTITUTIONS CATERED FOR. PROMPT ATTENTION GIVEN TO ALL ORDERS. -oI.3I.o.¿,z-T -r:Ti'- WARD'S CALCULATOR FOR BUILDERS, &C. CONTAINS TIMBER TABLES, PARTICULARS OF B"GILDIG MATERIALS, &c., SCALES FOR PLANS AND MAPS, &c., &c. A most useful Compendium for all connected with the Building Trade, the Management of Property &c. PRICE 6D., POST FREE, GP. (IX P.O. OR HALFBSNUT STAMPS.) FROM THE PUBLISHERS SALTER & ROWLANDS COUNTY TIMES" OFFICE, WELSHPOOL NIVEN AND JONES, PRACTICAL HIGH-CLASS TAILORS AND COSTUMIERS, Beg to intimate that they are now showing Ranges of AUTUMN AND WINTER GOODS SUITABLE FOR LADIES' AND GENTLEMEN'S WEAR. o- A NEW SELECTION OF SHIRTS, TIES, HATS, &c., FOR THE COMING SEASON. 0 ADDRESS— 18, BROAD STREET, WELSHPOOL,