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FOOTRALL. "By The Shropshire League fixture between Newtown and Hereford on the Cunning? last Saturday was a very one-sided aff:iir-much more so than the score 4 to 0 seems to show. Both teams had undergone two or three changes since the preceeding Satur- day when thev met in the Welsh Cup Tie Lester s absence from the visitors' team beins; the most con- spicuous, whilst Teddy Davies did duty in Tucker's place and Evan Tees partnered. C. Parry in the home ranks. The visitors, with the exception of Cole and Sunderland, did rot show anything like the form they exhibited in the Cup encounters, and the efforts of tho forwards were easily repulsed. Edwards did not, have one difficult shot to deal with—indeed he only receive^ some two or three strong ones at Ion? range all th,ougoh the match. Sunderland, on the oÜ'>r hand, was continually troubled from one quarter or another, and it is quite a marvel how he repeatedly returned the regular showers shots that were sent to him from all parts of the field —shots even from hacks in- cluded. Cole was as safe as nossible, and kicked and tackled vigorously, but his nartilet, was verv feeble in his returns and his tackling ill-timed. The halves worked hard but the forwards seemed unable to 13 they were very cleverly and tenderly cared for by the home halves. On the other hand the play of the home van was undoubtedly the best they have exhibited this season. The passincr of Pryce-Jones and Sweten- ham was a treat to witness—being as accurate and judicious as any on« could wish to see. Piatt played a much improved Erame to his two previous m<afcr.es a?Pi'nst the Cathedral team. Although most cleverly shadowed throughout the game by his opponents' halves and backs, he very wisely played more to his wings than in the two previous matches", but on several oceasions he some very beautiful individual runs. Nock and W. P-vrrv kc- P- up to their best form and when thev got th"e ball it was down the field in <; no e tima," 'in(] ,n many occasions littie Nockie and his big partner fairly ran rings round their opponents, beinor re- peatpdly cheered bv the spectators for their fine display. However there is ono little fault, belong- ing to this pair that of Keeping the ball rather too much to themselves and both are equally culpable. On Sat.uday, after making some solendid passing runs, they were of; en robbed in in tryiusr to keep it up too lone, and this brought a rather unpleasant (to them) finale to their per- formance. The halves played a good game all throngn. Bauiter and reddy Davies played hard and stuck to their work well. Worthen played capital,y till two goals were scored, and then seemed to take things easily. One of the early features of the mutch was a splendid shot from Teddy Davies, which nearly beat Sunderland. It landed nearly between him and one of the up- rights. and being driven with jrreat force this cute custodian had to make a great effort to save. Banister tackled most furiously, and several fouls were given against him, but this was on account of his hard play. He was always after the ball and seldom without it, and he passed most judiciously to his forwards. Charlie Parry's form was not the best he has shown this season, and he was beaten once or twice by Hedly, the nimble outside rieht of the visitors, but bis returns and place kicks were a treat to behold. E. Rees played a stronar game, and seems as "old and cunning as ever. There is nothing to add about Edwards, and his post was nearly p. sinecure all through. When he was called upon he was there. Newtown now have a more than fair chance of heading the League list. They stand second at present, and with the team iu the form they are now they are not likely to lose many, if any, more matches. Hereford, the leaders, have many a stout battle before them. The old Dragons, however, are not done with and are well in the running. The Oswestry team gave us on Saturday one of their real old-fashioned surprises and beat Newport on their own ground. This was a grand perfor- mance, and proves there is life in the old dog yet." It is a long lane that has no turning, and let us hope that the United have now seen their worst day over. Personally, I have a very good opinion of the team. and although they have done badly this season, much of their misfortune may fairly be put down to bad luck." There are good and capable men in the team, and they will yet do well if they will all pull together. I want the mea to go in strongly for tHe Charity Cup, and in the first round tu knock "spots" out of Wrock- wardine Wood. It can be done, and I feel certain it will be done. On Saturday the players gave a rare exhibition of pluck and stamina, and towards the end bottled up Newport. Market Drayton fell on Saturday, and now stand third on the list, but the three next below them on the list are in a much better position as they have five or six games in hand, and the lowest two are only three points behind. For the Village Cup some capital and exciting games were witnessed on Saturday. The first one between Whittington and Porthywaen was most Stubbornly contested. Porthvwaen had the luck in their favonr, and iust scraped home by 1 to 0. Both teams played rare football, and winners and losers^ alike deserve congratulations. orton Swifts, as I expected, proved a bit too good for Pant, but the winners had very little up their s eeyes, and the sturdy rockmen gave them a rare tussle. ° n Q8* J Junior Cup contests are progressing n a uraay the clever little Shrewsbury Athletic team, with their brilliant play, completely dazed fT°Wn-' and beat them by no less than 5 tD l. All the winners played a sterlirtr o-ame nnrl their football was worth seeing. ° The Birmingham and District League match between bhrewsbnry and Oldbury was a most tame affair. I bad the plasure of witnessing the match, but I must say I was much disappointed at the listless lackadaisical play of Shrewsbury. The players seemed as ,t they had not their heart in the work, and were quite out of form. Something seemed wrong with nearly every man in the team. The half-back Ene-usually so strong-was verv weak. Even W. Ellis took things easy, and was not the W. Ellis I remember. Probably the players took it for granted that they need not exert them- selves to gain a couple of points from Old bury. They were mistaken, however, for the Oldburv men played a good, fast, passing game, much superior to the Shrewsbury forwards, and they were well on the ball. Any ordinary mortal could see with half a glance that the Shrewsbury players, if they tried, were immeasurably superior to the visitors, and yet the game ended in a draw. It is seldom I have seen a point so simply t rown away as it was in this match. I was informed by an old friend that this was the worst s-ameShrews- bury have played on tueir gronna tnis year. My friend of old, Colour-Sergeant Edwards, who was linesman, seemed quite angry with the play of his team. I suppose the best of teams have a day off now and then, and so too much blame must not be laid on the team. The latest recruit, Salt, in the centre, was the best of the forwards, and he has all the making of a fine and fast centre-forward. The goal he got was a real gem. To-day, in the Amateur Cup content, the men will I know play a far different same, and the Casuals will find that the play of the Salopians will not be of the casual" style it was on Saturday. Whitchurch Victoria were pooriy represented at Welshpool in the Shropshire and y District Junior League, and the home team having their defeat at Whitchurch in thf-ir minds took full advantage of this weakness and healed the sore with vengeance. They had all the play from beginning to end and scored no less than 11 to 1, and could if they wished have increased even this tall score. Tom Jones distinguished himself in the centre and I fancy created a record in this position as he scored no less than seven goals, and nearly all of them good ones. With reference to this match, a correspondent writes as follows Whitchurch Victoria visited Welshpool on Saturday to play the return match in the North Shropshire and district Junior League with the United. The visitors were not in it after the first ten minutes, and received a drubbing to the tune of 11 goals to 1. Although the visitors' custodian had such a heavy score against him, he played a good game, and had scarcely any chance with the shots that beat him. For the home team, Dick Evans in goal had very little to do, but what shots he had he saved in capital style. Astley and Dan .Jones at back played a grand game, although the latter was not quite up to his usual form, espec a11 y the first half. W. Davies end W. Evans played a good game at half-back, and the latter would make a good player with a little more judg- ment. Tom Jones was tried in the centre, and although he has played some excellent games at centre-half this season, lie has not played better than be did on Saturday, his passing and shooting being a treat, and he had the honour of scoring most of the goals. Thomas and Jarman played a good game on the right wing, some of the runs and centres of the latter being a treat to witness. Austin was not far behind, and in the second half played exceedingly well. With Mytton, Holloway, 3¥l Beubow in the team thay will yet be well up in the Leig-'e ladder if thay can keep up Saturday's ^°The Fi;'St Class League matches are getting well on towards the end and a rare race there is between the first three on the list. Aston Villa, however, have such a good lead at present that they have the best chance of heading it. The order of tha First League i- .0 and 'landing Satnrchv laf;t is as follows:- Goals PI'd Won Lost Dr'n Fe; Ag-st Fts Aston Villa 23 16 4 3 58 32 35 Derby County 21 14 4 3 57 25 31 Everton 22 13 4 5 53 29 31 Bolton Wanderers. 22 11 8 3 33 26 25 Stoke 22 12 10 0 42 31 24 Sunderland 22 9 7 6 36 31 24 Preston North End 22 9 9 4 34 41 22 Sheffield Wednesday 21 9 8 4 33 41. 22 Blackburn Hovers, 19 9 7 3 30 29 21 Notts Forest 21 8 11 2 34 37 18 Sheffield United 21 7 10 4 24 35 13 Burnley 21 6 11 4 26 34 16 Wol7erhamnton W's. 21 7 13 1 43 47 15 Biuv 19 6 11 2 31 36 14 Small Heath 19 5 13 1 30 62 11 West Bromwic h Ahn 22 3 14 5 22 50 11 SHROPSHIRE AND DISTRICT LEAGUE. Results up to and including Saturday last :— >—Matches .—Goals—^ P. W. L. D. ForAgt. Ptsj Hereford 9 7 2 0 39 13 14 Newtown 11 7 4 0 33 21 14 Market Drayton 14 6 6 2 29 24 14 Wreckwardine Wood 9 5 1 3 J8 10 13 Wellington Town 8 4 1 3 26 2C 11 St. George's 9 5 3 1 29 13 11 Newport Town 13 4 8 1 26 36 9 Whitchurch Town. 11 3 6 2 15 40 8 Tron-Bridge 9 2 5 2 15 30 6 Oswcstry Urnted 13 3 10 0 22 45 6 SHROPSHIRE AND DISTRICT JUNIOR LEAGUE. Results up to and including Saturday last :— teliei-, ,G'ls, P. W. L. D. For A'st Prs Ruabon Albion 7 5 2 0 3 15 10 Ellesmere Rangers. 6 4 2 0 14 15 8 Whitchurch Vietoria, 8 3 5 0 17 38 6 Oswestry Reserve. 5 2 2 1 19 12 5 Welshpool 5 2 3 0 23 21 4 Whittington 5 1 3 1 6 9 3 WELSHPOOL JUNIOR LEAGUE. Results up to and including Saturday last:- Goals. P. W. L. D. For A'st Pts Powvsland 3 3 0 0 13 1 6 Welshpool Albion 3 2 0 1 11 5 5 Severn Vallev Rovers 4 1 1 2 9 8 4 Giiilsfiel,d 3 0 2 1 4 10 1 Leighton Swifts 3 0 3 0 2 14 0 NEWTOWN AND DISTRICT JUNIOR LEAGUE. (Souls -N P. W. L. D. For A'st. Pts New-town Half 4 3 1 0 13 4 6 Caersws I 2 2 0 0 7 1 4 Cambrian N. End 2 1 1 0 11 6 4 Kerrv 2 0 2 0 2 17 2 Royal Welsh Ware'se 2 0 2 0 1 6 0 Bettws 0 0 0 0 0 0 o BISHOP'S CASTLE V CKAVEN ARMS. Played at Bishop's Castle on Saturday. Craven Arms set the ball in motion hut the Castle were the fi:st to attack and D. Grosvenor scored before the game was three minutes old. This was quickly followed by another from Beale. The homesters continued to press, Craven Arms rarely crossing the centre line and before the interval the Castle put on their third goal. In the second portion the Castle took matters rather easily and contented themselves by adding three more goals, the last from Waters tieing one of the very best. Thus ended a one- sided game in favour of Bishop's Castle by six goals to nil. For the visitors Lockiey kept his charge well, but not much can be said for the rest, who played a rather rough and tumble sort of game. The Castle lads, who, bye the bye, have been play- ing a capital game of late, were much the smarter team, Jones, th",Ü' new goalkeeper, not once being called up"n to show his skill. Winning team Goal, W. Jones; backs, R. Grosvenor, and E. C. Davies half-backs, E. Jones, W. J. Cadwaladr and J. Lewis forwards, W. Richards, A. E. Pugh, R. Waters, A. Beale, and D. Grosvenor. Linesman, Mr Allen. Referee, Mr W. C. Havard.