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- English and Welsh Markets.

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English and Welsh Markets. CAXXLE. LIVEKPOOL, Muia-lay.-A few less cattle m uurkct to-day. Although the trade in the early viae better, it iell away a, the uay advanced, i'ricvs, Itcw- ever, were not 4UOtaul> ai2ci-cm horn those current liit week. Very liuie didereiiee ill sbeep supply excepting that there w-'i e fewer really 1lI .jUi. ity Ulan usual on ouer. Demand slow, and tor ix uj. h chafces uiueh lower prices were accepted to eti'r.v< a clearance, i'riees :—jtteef titd to id; mutton ííd to od per lb. At market :—l,t>37 cattle and ó, cheep. Yv KiiXiiAii, Monday.-Tllere was a very mce supply of stveii to-day, and busmees was brisk, buyer; leuig pretty plentiful. Bed sold particularly well, UHH¡;Í1 pigs were quiet. (Quotations:—lieef bd to 7iti per lb., mutlun and lamb 7jd to 8|d per lb, veal 7d to ^-<4, Mid p;g £ irom 7s Sd to 9s 6d per score lbs BIIiMilsUHAM, Tue-sday.—Few b asts offering, and business inactive. Prices :-Be6t liereiords 6iJ; short- horns od to 6id; bulls and cows 4d to -4-fd; wetber sheep 7!d to 7Jd ewes and rams ofd to bid per lb. Short supply of pigs, but good mand; bacon pigs 9s 3d porkats 9s 9d to 10s; sows í 8 3d to 7s öQ per score. tALFORD, Tuesday.—Fat cattle showed an increase of over JOO; demand slightly improv~4, and piicea a shade firmer, but not tjuotably higher, Her ftds and pulled Scots made 61d shorthorns and Welsh bullocks 6d to 6^d; cows and bulls 3ici to ojd per lb. Sheep were over 1000 fewer than last week, choice light weights being scarce, and trade unchanged, « Ciieviots made Sid; other Scutch í J to bd; Irish id to íd per lb. Best veal calves scarce, prices rang- ing up to 8d. per lb. Cattle made a fair finish, but sheep closed badly. Numbers:—Cattle 2,185; sheep 7.092. COEN. LIYERFOOL, Tuesday —Whaet, very firm, with fair trade, id to ljd over Friday. 1 Manitoba, new, Sis CORN. LIVERPOOL, Tuesday —Whaet, very firm, with fair trade, id to lid over Friday. 1 Manitoba, new, Sis 3d to 8s 3id 2 Red Winter, new, 7s lid to 8s maize, slow trade, prime mixed, new 6s 6d; old, 7s 2d; plate, 5s íd to 5s 8d beans, Saidi, washed, 34e peas, Canadian, 7s 8d to 7s 8d; Odessa, 7s lCJtd to 7s lid; flour, unchanged to 6d dearer. Weather, fine, frosty, S.E. HAY AND STRAW. MANCHESTER. Monday. -Hay 4*d to 4, clover 5d to 6d, straw wheat 3d, oat 2d to 3d per stone. BUTTER. OORIi, Wednesday.—Average supply, brisk demand prices unaltered and firm. Firsts 103s; seconds 100s; thirds 97s; fourths 90s; mild cured: Superfine lO:3s; fine mild 101s choicest boxes 103s; fresh butter 106s. WOOL BRADFORD, }f"nda.y.lhe tone of the market to- day is exceedingly strong, and prices of crossbreds show a sharp advance. Forty-sixes, which ten ('a.8 ago could be bought at Hid, are now quoted it :b to Is (Jd. Forties are IOd to lid. Sixties Merino re. is a in fully firm at is 10id., the advance has, however, checked buying, and there is not the same vtjluwa 01 business as last week. MEAT. BUTTER. AND EGGS. BANGOR, Friday.—Fresh butter, Is 4d per lb; fresfc eggs, 8 to 9 for I-, Irish, Danish, and Canadian butteis Is Id to Is 4d per lb; beef 7d to 10ci mutton, 7d to lOd; lamb 8d to lOd veal, Sd to 10d pork 7id to lOd; ham íd to lOd bacon 7 £ d to 9d fat pip 3d to3. geven eight potatoes 241bs for ls; carrots 2 for led per lb turnips |d to Id parsnips- Id peas 6d cabbages Id to 3d each cauliflowers 2d to 6d; eeh-ry 2d to 3d per stick lettuce Id each leek Id bunch cucumbers 6d to 8d each grapes (English) 25 6d to 5s per lb; do., (foreign), 6d to 8d mellons, (English) 2s fid each tomatoes 6d tolOd per apple@ Hd to 6d pears 2d and 6d each; chickens 4s to 48 6d per couple fowls 2s 6d each ducklings 2s 6d to 3s 9d each hares 2s to 3s 6d rabbits 9d pigeons Is 4d to Is Gd per brace; pheasants 5s partridges 4s 6d geeee 8d per lb turkeys Is 2d; salmon Is 6J soles Is to Is 6d turbot Is 2d; brill is halibut 9d lemon sotae 9d plaice 4d to 6d whiting do; dabs 4d; gurnets 3d hake 4'1 mackerel 4d to 6d each skate 3d to 4d per lb ood do; haddocks 4d white buit 6d per pint; prawns Is per lb; shrimps 5d per pint. LLANGEFNI, Thursday.—Butter Is 2d per lb eggs 10 for Is beef 6d to 8d per lb mutton 7d to 9d lamb 10d veal 7d to 8d pork 6d W-Sd fat pigs 3d: little pigs 10s to 15s each fowls Is to Is 6d ducks 2s to 2s Gd potatoes 6s to 6s 6d per sack eats 15s pe* quarter.

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