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Tho discussion at the Colwyn Bay ratepayers' meeting called by the chairman of the local Ur. ban Council will be read with considerable interest by those residents whose income mainly depends upon the volume of trade transacted with visi- tors. Several suggestions were brought., for- ward whereby the revenue of the Advertising Association might be augmented, but the only two that seemed to be at all practical were those of the voluntary rate and the leasing of certain portions of the Promenade to the Association by the Council. Even these schemes met with a oertain amount of opposition, and it must be con- fessed that they are not what might be termed particularly brilliant. It is unfortunate that the Council are not able to levy .a rate for purely advertising purposes in the same manner a9 Blackpool, and it is certainly time that Parlia- ment should invest watering-places with powers to spend money out of the rates upon adver- tising the attractions of their respective tjwnsr. Such lesortu as Rhyl, Colwyn Bay, and Llauo dudno are absolutely and solely dependent upon visitors, and therefore should possess facilities like a.ny ordinary man of business for advertising broadcast their special features in the best possi- ble way. If we are not mistaken, BlacVpool is about the only town in the kingdom which call levy a. rate upon the inhabitants for publicity purposes. It is consequently the most advertised resort in the country, and undoubtedly the most enterprising. But it is easy to be enterprising when you have money, and that is what Colwyn Bay and other seaside resorts have not got. ■* The proposal' to rent some portions of the Pro- menade, at what would practically be a pepper- corn rent, is really transferring money from one pocket to the other. If the Council commence to reduce their sources of income it will ulti- mately mean increasing the rates; on the other hand, wo aro afraid a voluntary rate would not be a solution of the difficulty. It must not be forgotten that the better class residents, though they naturally have the interests of the town at heart, would prefer a certain amount of se- clusion a.nd quietness, which must gradually be denied to them as the town grows in size and population. Therefore they would not readily, if at .all,-subscribe. The people who are most vitally interested in the question are those rate- payers who are, literally speaking, earning their bread and butter in the place, and they may be classified principally under the headings of pro- fessional classes, tradesmen and lodging-house keepers. It is to their advantage that the Association should be enabled to advertise the natural beau- ties and other attractions of the town as far and as wide as possible. Why not, therefore, every member of these classes band together, and each contribute in proportion to their means towards the funds of the Association. Whatever con- iribution? they can get. from the independent weil-t'do residents would, of course, be heartily welcomed, but it would be foolish to expr-ct much from that direction. rhe people who will direct, ly benefit ironi the advertising scheme must of necessity work out their own salvation, and tho sooner tho better a list of names of every 013 ,"110 would corrio under the three headings wo baic mentioned is got out, carefully examined, and canvassed with this object in view. We also take tho liberty of suggesting that Madama Riviere be approached with a view to her ren- dering the movement all the assistance in her pcwer. This popular and most estimable lady I seems 10 move, and have her being in an atmos- phere of charity and good-will, and it was, we underrand, chiefly owing to her powers of or. ganisation that last Friday's excellent chrysan- themum concert, realised no less a sum than L80 towards the funds of the Society. Such an amount as that would be a perfect god-send-we use tt), term reverentially--to the Advertising Association, and we feel confident that Madarno Riviere could have so worthier object upon which to expend her energies a.nd resources. Our report of the Colwyn Bay Urban Council held on Tuesday is somewhat belated, but that is our misfortune and not our fault. The old adage says "better late than never," and after all it makes most interest ing reading. The debates were lively and sparkling, and they were punctu- ated wit.h witty sallies. The most interesting discussion was that relating to the new tram- ways, and we are sorry to notice that some mem- bers of the Council are inclined to doubt the bona-ftdes of the Construction Company. If there is any indication of such a thing we hope it is only duo to a misunderstanding. It should be realised that 1 he interests of Colwyn Bay are irry materially bound up ith the interests of the Tramway Company, and there foro the rela- ticns between the two authorities -should be atfiu