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♦ ABERDARE POLICE COURT. WEDNESDAY.—Before Sir T. Merchant liams (Stipendiary), Messrs. D. P. Davies. i ¡i W. Jones, L. N. Williams, and Dr. Evan Jone- MAN AND WIFE CASE.—An order was made by consent, in the case of Mary Jenkins against her husband, Thomas David Jenkins, for the payment of 22s. 6d. a week and costs —Mr. C. Kenshole appeared for the wife, and Mr. W Thomas for the d< fend-.nt. THEFT OF A FOOTBALL SUIT.—James Griffiths was charged with stealing a leather hand-bag and a number of other articles. at Ynysybwl. —James Jacobs, Pontypridd, said that on the 11th inst. he was playing in a football match, at Ynysybwl. After the match he went to the Windsor Hotel, Ynysybwl. He placed his; football clothes a hand-bag and put it on a seat in the smol •-room. He left the room and when he returned the bag had gone. He searched for the bag and gave information to the police.—P.C. Henry Osborne said that from information received he went to the defendant's lodgings and found the bag there. Asked where he got it from, he said I know nothing about it." His mother, in his presence, said, You brought the bag here." When charged at the station he denied it. He now said if he did steal it he was under the influence of drink he remembered nothing of it.—Defendant was sent to prison for six weeks. "THEFT OF COAL.—Thomas Jenkins was summoned for stealing coal, the property of the Marquis of Bute.—P.C. Caleb Morris proved the theft and Walter Morgan assessed the value of the coal at 9d.—Fined 10s. ASLEEP IN THE ENGINE HOUSE.—Arthur Hill, an engineman, was summoned for committing a breach of the Coal Mines Regulation Act by sleeping while in charge of his engine.—Mr. C. Kenshole prosecuted.—William Leyshon, mec- hanic at Abercwmboi Colliery, said the defen- ha.Ild", was In charge of an air compressor, and a faiyAftgine. The former dealt with the pumps antr the" latter controlled the ventillation. Defendant worked from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. At 11.20 witness saw defendant asleep. He watched him for ten minutes and he then woke. He then went into the fan engine house and found that defendant had entered up the log book showing he had marked it as having been visited at 12 p.m. midnight. He produced the book.—Sir Marchant: That is not charged against him.—David Rees Morgan, the manager, spoke of the possible danger of the engines stopping. They required continual attention.— Fined £2 and costs. ASSAULT.—James John Lewis was summoned for assaulting Mary Annie Lawrence.—Com- plainant said defendant had been lodging with her and left without notice. She spoke to him and he struck her in the face twice.—Defendant denied this and said that while lodging with her he did not get enough food. She only gave him three meals a day.—The Stipendiary What did he pay ?—Complainant: Ten shillings a week for board and lodgings.-—Fined 10s. and costs. DOG OWNERS FINED.—There was a batch of cases of. persons being summoned for keeping dogs without licences, and the usual fines of 7s. 6d. oach were inflicted. In other cases defendants were summoned for not keeping their dogs under proper control, and orders were made for the dogs to be kept under control and the costs to be paid. In three cases the dogs had been worrying sheep, and these were ordered to be destroyed, under a cumulative penalty of ?0s. a day. VARIOUS.—Mr. Winstone Rees applied for an ejectment order, on behalf of Mr. D. H. Morris, Aberaman, against J. Davies, of 137, Cardiff-road, and Mr. W. T. Howell, solicitor, Aberaman, made a like application on behalf of Mr. J. W. Evans, in respect of a house in Commercial-place, rented by E. L. Davids.— Both were granted. Fines as follows were inflicted for drunkenness:—Ellen Crowley, in Dew-street, 10s. and costs; James Griffiths, in Tydraw-road, Ynysybwl, 10s. and costs; Enoch Evans, Tylorstown, in Morgan-street, 10s. and costs; Owen Evans, in Tower-road, Hirwain,.10s. and costs Edward Ware, Capcoch, in John-street, Capcoch, 10s. and costs Wm. Camey in Coleman-street, Capcoch, 10s. a.nd costs; David Meyrick, in Foreman's-row, Abemant, was let off, he having, at the last court, been fined for breaking a window. -John Thomas Morris, for being drunk in charge of a horse, in Merthyr-road, Llwydoced, was fined 10s. and costs. He told tho Magistrates that the police first charged him with stealing the horse, but the Stipendiary said that was not now the' charge. James Williams and Rees Thomas, for fighting in the street, at Cwmbach, were fined £2 and costs. Henry Roberts and Elizabeth Davies, who did not appear, for indecent behaviour in South-avenue, Gadlys, were fined 40s. and costs.






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