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L V Mrs. Peters (from n fholograph). Her Mother, A Chronic Dyspeptic Cured by Dr. Williams' Pink Pills. Theiatest cures by Dr. Williams' Pink Pills, 'illustrating how they create new blood, and so restore perfect health to adults and the young, refer to the cases of Mrs. Elizabeth Peters, of 9, Oak Grove, Cricklewood, London, N.W., and her daughter Cissie, whose experience is printed on this page also. Mrs. Peters stated: "For twenty years 'through Chronic Dyspepsia, I never knew a clay's good health. But now, at the age of 42, I enjoy perfect health. This I owe to a course of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills. I was only twenty when the Indigestion ,began to torture me after every meal but after my marriage I suffered so acutely with Dyspepsia that I almost lost all desire to live. Stabbing piins cut through my chest after meals, and it was impossible to stand upright without agony. I suffered, too, from flatulence and palpitation,, and often fainted. In spite of medical treatment my stomach seemed to get weaker bilious headaches and sickness attacked me, and after even a morsel of nourishment the pain became violent. t., "We spent a lot unsuccessfully in treatments. At last my husband bought me a supply of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills to try. After I had taken a few boxes of these pills my appetite began to return and food agreed with me. I was surprised at the ease with which I digested food, and the pains disappeared from nay chest and back. After further supplies of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills I was not troubled with flatulence, palpitation, head- aches or dizziness. My nerves were braced up, and every trace of Indigestion and weak- ness left me. Dr. Williams' Pink Pills cured me of acute Dyspepsia, and I am grateful to them far a new lease of life." Because the Pure, Rich, Red Blood that Dr. WsLlian.j' Pink Pills create, they have cured countless instances of Indigestion, Anaemia, Rheumatism. Eczema, and Nervous Disorders also ills that afflict women only. Of deaifers, or direct, price 2s. 9d. one box, or 13s. 9d. for six, post free, from Dr. Williams' Medicine Company, 46, Holborn Viaduct, London. Always ask distinctly for Dr. Williams' Pink Pills T Ptsmssamssamammmmamm MOUNTAIN ASH AND DISTRICT Billposting and Advertising Co., Ltd. Having the LARGEST NUMBER OF BILLPOSTING STATIONS IN THE DISTRICT, are prepared to toke Con- tracts by bh8 Month or Year. 55NDBILLS DISTRIBUTED throughout District by RELIABLE MEN. Manager and Secretary— O. W. HOWELL,, F.C.I.S. b Windsor Offices, Mountain Ash. Telephone, 13. COUGHS, COLDS, i ASTHMA, f BRONCHITIS. I DEAKIN'5 MIRACULOUS CHEST, couala, xmlo LUNG HEALER. ^11 immediately arreit the course of I disease ,guard against all ill effects. It possesses mar- yellous healing and tonic properties, give*, •"•taut Relief to Coughs, Colds, Hoarseness, Difficulty of Breathing, etc. It is very *«flcial, aad has proved tor many years a .COON and a BLESSING to THOUSANDS of jSUPFERKRS in all parts of the World. Prices, 1/1$and-2/3, of all Chemists and Stores: 0r 2/6 from the sole proprietors and inventors, G. DEAKIN & HUGHE8. Inflammation Rsmedies Ca,, BLAENAVON, Mon; TAKE "THE MEAT? DEAKINS *■11 J

'1 aff and Cynon Miners' Meeting.

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¡Deafness Cured.

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Mr. Keir Hardie, M.P,, atI…


. Cwmbach Minister's Marriage.

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* ,Inspection of Territorials…