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Merthyr Board of Guardians.


Merthyr Board of Guardians. ANNUAL MEETING. RESIDENT MEDICAL OFFICER FOR THE WORKHOUSE. ELECTRIC LIGHT FOR HOUSE AND INFIRMARY. Tha annual meeting of the Merthyr Board of Guardians was held on Saturday, the Rev. J. Hafchren Davies in the chair.—Mr. David Hopkins, the first vico chairman, was elected chairman for the ensuing year; Mr. Augustus Davies was elected first vice-chairman; and Mr;. M. A. Evans second vice-chairman.—In taking the chair, Mr. Hopkins referred to the antici- pated change of the sweeping away of boar& and said that a board would have nothing to do but act as a local committee, with limited powers. He trusted they would work well to gether during his year of office (applause).— The Rev. J. O'Reilly said that perhaps that would be the last time the Board would have to elect a chairman, but he would like to ay that he did not think it wise to change the chairman every year. SPECIAL RELIEF CASES. Considerable time was occupied in hearing special relief cases brought forward by the war- rant officer. One was the case of J. W. Rees, late of Glebeland-street, who went to America. some time ago and left his wife and seven chil- dren chargeable to the rates, the family costing tho Board £83 16s. The case was heard al- the police court some time ago, and Ree-c was com- mitted to prison for thre'3 monvhs.—Mr. Rich- ards said that after the convict-ion. some of Mr. Rees's friends, including Mr, Scott, tho Great Western Hotel, asked if terms could be made to pay the amount by instalments. He consult- ed with the Clerk, who agreed to accept £20, and with the con-sent of the magistrates the commitment was suspended for a month to give Rees a chance to look for work. He now offer- ed to pay the amount off at the rate of 25s. a month.—The Clerk said he advised the accept- ance of £20, b?cause if the man had gone to prison, perhaps the Board would not have re- ceived a penny.—It was stated that Mr. Ree- owned property worth £2,000, but that it was fully mortgaged. Mr. J. Prowie mentioned the case of Mrs. Jones. 2, Dowlais-street, Aberdare. The hus- band. he said, had not worked for a fortnight; the woman complained to him that, she was without food, and he to!d her to see the reliev- ing officer, who, however, said he could not grant her relief. He thought the law was tyr- annical if it gave an officer power to refuse relief under such circumstances. — The Clerk said that a relieving officer had to exercise his discretion whether Ü was a case for outdoor or indoor relief. He always advised the officers to err on the side of leniency, so not to run any risfts.—Mr. Young said there was a wife and four children in this case. Tho hu-band, she said, had not worked for a. fortnight, but he went to public houses singing. Sha admit- ted that on tho 17th April she received B2 5s.. a fortnight's wages, and a fortnight before she received £2 18s. making JB5 3s, The husband had not deserted the woman, and on the face cf the circumstances he told her that he would give'her an order for the House. He was in- formed that out of the £2 5s.. the woman re- paid 16s. 6d. which she owed to her si-ter.— The officer said the man would anpear before the committee on Monday.—The Board reliev- ed Mr. Young of all blame, and agreed to hear what the husband had to say. RESIDENT MEDICAL OFFICER. It was agreed, on the motion of Mr. W. Hiley, seconded by Mr. T. T. Jenkins, to re- scind the resolution in favour of appointing an assistant medical officer at the Workhouse. The Board considered the recommendation of the House Management Committee that a resident medical officer for the Workhouse be appointed at a salary commencing at £200 a year, rising by annual increments of £20 to a maximum of JS500 per ajinum, together with rations, apart- ments and laundry.—The Rector of Dowlais said the Board were embarking upon a very expensive scheme, and he was not prepared to move one way" or the other that day. The rates were going up in every direction, and they were not justified in adding materially to the burdens of the Union. He did not think this question had received sufficient business consideration.—Mr. David Evans (Merthyr) en- dorsed these remarks, and moved that the re- port be referred back to committee. Dr. Ward, the present medical officer, he said, had done his duty.—Rev. Thomas Rees (Pontlottyn) •"seconded the amendment.—The Clerk said he had seen Dr. Ward, who said that in case of an operation, no house surgeon would perform that operation without calling in another sur- geon. The Board would have to make arrange- ments for calling in a specialist and a consult- ing surgeon. Nurse Elvira did all the dispens- ing at present, but if a resident medical officer were appointed, the Board would have to ap- point a dispenser at a salary of JB60 or £70 a year.—Mr. W. Harris said that Dr. Ward had advised the committee in the matter all through, but feveral members said this was on the understanding that he would be appointed consultative surgeon.—After further discussion, the report was adopted by 22 votes to 15. ELECTRIC LIGHT. The Home Management Committee reported having considered the report of Mr. John Lloyd with reference to the lighting of the Workhouse and Infirmary by electricity. Mr. Lloyd stated that the estimate of the Merthyr Efectric Traction and Lighting Company for the electric lighting installation was a fair one, and that their estimate of the probable con- sumption was a reasonable one. The letter of the Merthyr Gas Company offering to fix in- candescent burners in lieu of the existing flat flame burners for the sum of £62, was also sub- mitted to the Committee. The Committee re- commended that the following terms of the Merthyr Electric Traction and Lighting: Com- pany be accepted, subject to the sanction of the Local Government Board, viz.:—Installa- tion: To instal the whole of the wiring, lamps, switches, etc., with plain fittings, including the various buildings with overhead wires, as shown on tho plans submitted, for the sum of £521 2s. Supply of current: £200 a year for a minimum consumption of 15,000 units, and 2d. per unit for any current consumed in excess of that quantity, in addition to the rental of the meter or meters. This offer was made on the condition that the supply was taken for a per- iod of at least five years.—Mr. H. Jones moved that the report be not accepted, as he antici- pated the capital cost to the ratepayers would be £10,200. and they would have no better light. — Mr. David Evans seconded on the ground that there was. no reason why the change should be made.—Mr. W. Harris said he thought electric light would be a boon in the Infirmary.—The report was adopted, and the Clerk said he would communicate with the Local Government Board. PROPOSED EXTENSIONS. The House Management Committee reported having received a letter from the Local Gov- ernment Board, stating that they had consider- ed the Guardians' proposal to erect additional buildings at the Workhouse, between the Board room block and the children's quarters, and having regard to all the circumstances, they would suggest that the Guardians should defer their present proposals until they were in a position to submit a more comprehensive scheme for the enlargement of the Workhouse as a whole. The Committee recommended that the proposal be deferred for the present.— A further letter was received from the Local Government Board, stating that they had care- fully considered the Guardians' proposal to erect two additnonal wards at the Workhouse Infirmary, and, while realising the difficulty of extending, owing to the restricted site. on the usual lines, they did not feel that they would be justified in assenting to the erection of an additional block at right angles to, and directly connected with, the existing building, and ask- ing the Guardian: to consider whether the im- mediate needs would not be sufficiently met by an extension on the lines suggested in pencil on the plans, the arrangement suggested giv- ing an additional eight beds on the ground floor and eleven or twelve beds on the first floor, by carrying that floor over the entrance road to the airing court. The Committee recommend- ed that the Architect be instructed to prepare plans on the lines suggested by the Local Gov- ernment Board.—The report was adopted. REPRESENTATION. The committee appointed by the Board to attend a meeting of the joint committee of the Glamorgan, Brecon, and Merthyr Councils at Hengoed, with reference to the representation of parishes in the union of the Board, made a recommendation to the joint committee to in- crease the number of representatives in respect of the parish of Gellygaer from 11 to 13, and consequently to increase the number of guard- ians representing the parishes of Aberdare and Merthyr from 15 and 20 to 20 and 28 respec- tively, making the total representation 70— Aberdare, 20; Gellygaer, 13; Merthyr, 28; Penderyn, 3; Rhigos, 2; and Vaynor, 4. COMMITTEES. The various committees were re-appointed, the chief interest centring in the Assessment Committee. A large number of the members of the Board had already left the meeting, and those who remained adjourned for dinner, re- assembling just before two o'clock. During the last six months, the possible attendances were six, and the following shows those who put in the full number:—Mr. David Evans (Hirwain), 4; Mr. Augustus Davies. 6; Mr. Rees Rees. 6; Mr. David Hughes, 4; Mr. J. Aurelius, 5; Mr. David Hopkins, 5; Mr. H. Jones, 3; Mr. William Harris, 5; Mr. Edward Edwards, 3; Mr. David Evans (Merthyr), 6; Mr. Thomas Andrews, 5; and Mr. J. Rogers, 5. The following are the new committee:— Rector of Dowlais, Rev. J. O'Reilly, Messrs. Augustus Davies, Rees Rees, David Hopkins, H. Jones, W. Harris. T. Andrews, John Rogers, J. Prowie, J. Edwards, and T. T. Jen- Idns.

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