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Lemco offers yO!! this amazing Many hundreds have aiready taken advantage of this unique offer — on no account should ï.Q.rniss Mothers, nurs, travellers, invalids and the aged will find the 1|| Lernco-Thermos Flask a priceless boon. A Oj Jsp The Lemco-Thermos Flask rv$6 Requires no heat, methylated spirit, chern- icals, attention, or expense of any kind, Is light, portable, glass-lined. handsomely. finished, and has a capacity of one pint, Cannot possibly get out of order-and, with ordinary care, will last you a lifetime, Costs 21/ but is offered, by arranement with Thermos, Ltd.. to Lemco-users Free! jja No Beef Extract to Equal I LEMCO 4§™°ip fell LMICO IS the most highly concentrated and Jill [KIZPS ,jrMCO HOT jg 16^ KmB economical form of pure fresh beef. J jjj 1 24 Sn IWL HOW TO GET THE FLASK 111 HOUM It aBPsBk Simply s«v« the Lemeo Weight Coupons found under the j I ||i R Kqajra| «HH|k capsule of each jar, and post before December 31, 1909. I j j :Jj;; I ;TfTM g }Sgg3 For 7 lb. Weight Coupons the Flask is FREE. i|ll To obtain a Flask sooner, you may- or 3 lb. ,,10/' aud 51b, Weiiht Coupons and deposit of 7/6 11; j || } 't S B Deposit ed 0" receipt of balaace of Coupon.. Llmeo BOfttIS 0 !ftc', 4; Lloyd's  Vellue, LOfIdon, E.C, Mr. E. T, Davies, F.R.C.O., Conductor Merthyr and District Choral Society, Honorary Examiner and Siocal Representative Royal Academy of Music and Royal College of Music, Member of Council of the Incorporated Society of Musicians, Local Secretary Trinity College, London; Music Master Merthyr County School, etc., etc., SITES LESSONS IN Singing, Organ and Pianoforte Playing, Harmony, Counterpoint, Orchestration, &c. PUPILS PREPARED FOR THE R.C.O., R.A.M.* AND ALL RELIABLE EXAMINATIONS. Reeant sneoesses of Pnpila include:—A.R.C.O., L.R.A.M. (2), Advanced Honours Associated Bwrd &JLM., R.C.M. Senior and other Certificates Trinity College, London First and Special Prizes Royal National Eisteddfod, &c., &c.. Fine 3-Manual Organ. = CARTREFLE, MERTHYR TYDFIL. MR. W. J. WATKIMS, F.R.C.O., L.R.A.M. (PIANO) (Organist St. John's Parish Church, Conductor Dowlais Male Voice Party, Member Incorporated Society of Musicians, Solo Pianist and Accompanist), GIVES LESSONS IK- Singing, Organ and Pianoforte Playing, Harmony, Counterpoint, Musical Form, &cr Engagements accepted for Organ Recitals, Concerts, Eisteddfodau, &c. For Terms apply :—* 18, MORLAJS STREET, DOWLAIS; or at BURR'S MUSIC WAREHOUSE, MERTHYR. Abercynon visited Mondays—2, Mountain Ash-road. ) Burr's Music Warehonse, Merthyr, Tuesdays Mp TjjT T V-mjC* (Organist and Choirmaster Market Square Church, JLYlXv. ww • JJ JZl ww itWi Local representative: London, College 0? **usic. College of Violinists and late Conductor of the Merthyr Orchestral Society.) GIVES LESSONS IN Violin, Organ and Pianoforte Playing, Theory, &c. FOR TBEMS APPLY— —————————— Mr. _35 Thomas Street, MERTHYR. D. w. DAYIEST F.T.S.C., A.R.C.O. PIANIST, ORGANIST, CONDUCTOR AND ADJUDICATOR, ORGANIST OF BETHANIA, DOWLAIS (Successor to Mr. HARRY EVANS1, TEACHER OF THE PIANOFORTE, ORGAN, SOLO SINGING, HARMONY, COUNTERPOINT, INSTRUMENTATION, &c. Pupils Prepared for all Mertbyr Vale, Mountain Ash and Reliable Exams. Rbymney visited Weekly. Address GLASFRYN. PENYD IRREiy, MERTHYR f' t 1". Don't Hang D>r! WeirsRailings" | D'r.Well's Railings' Cc. ')rn Silk i an d Save During I PaJn and Tro uble. 19°9. a DON'T 1 HEAD ON PEOPLE'S CORNS BUT. AT THE SAME TIME, i ? DON'T H'AVE CORNS FOR OTHER PEOPLE TO TREAD ON 1 DR. CORN SILK is the GREATEST CORN REMOVER ever known, I Diui'i be put off, insist on having Dr. WELL'S CORN SILK. § 7*d. and 1/1$A PACKET. g (SOLE AG-HINT FOR MERTHYR AND DISTRICT— 1 HEKRY M. LLOYD, M.P.S., § DISPENSING CHEMIST AND PHARMACIST, | VICTORIA STREET, MERTHYR TYDFIL. SERVANTS can easily be obtained by CLAlKHS B 41 PILLS are warranted to cure, in the use of a small Want Ad. in these either sex. all acquired or constitutional Discharges columns. State your requirements, and from the Urinary Organs. Gravel, and Pains in the you will be .sure to get suited at once. back. Free from Mercury. Established upwards of years. In boxes 4s. 6d. each. of all Chemists and '3 Patent Medicine Vendors throughout the World. Of d tour k 8ent for sixty stamps by the makers. The Lincoln aatf T v Midland Counties Drue Company. Lincoln. d "tWMIT»H i — 1 ■«_ i — Are you looking- for anything? If so, a W -»■ y Want Ad. in our columns will get it for Theunirsa.1 mount for every cla.ss of cyclsti b.ecause Jt .t(¡.date cycle' depots in thIs dIstnct as below-where M they represent t UP-TO-DATE t n themselves. If no Agent in your immediate t write us for the name and addres of the nearest. SWtFT CYCLE CO., Ltd., COVENTRY. a J0HN LEWIS, 354, 355, High St., KA Vgl ^Wlfr/vB) I Penydarren. MERTHYR TYDFIL. IBIS! f/|—• PER MONTH f ffll 6JAO CASHVH —


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