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Merthyr Police Assault-at-Arms.



DOWLASS. LOCAL WILL.—Mr. John Davieo, of S, Mar- ket-street, grocer, who died on March 24th, aged 31 years, left, estate valued at £ 712 gross with not personalty £ 408. Probate of hia wi.. has been granted to his widow, Mrs. Mary Ann Davies, of the same address, the sole executrix. LKCTCUE.—Under the auspices of the "Ewjg Morgujiwg" Friendly Society, the Rev. Peter Price delivered an entertaining lecture at Beth- ania Welsh Congregational Chapel on Thurs- day evening, the subject being "Y Islnv ("Them"). There was a good attendance, and es, Alderman Wm. Lewis presided. OBSEQUIEs.-The funeral took place on AIou- day, at Cefii Cemetery, of the late Mrs. Eliza- beth Wiliiams, of the Globe Shop, High-street, who died on the previous Thursday after a long and trying illness. The deceased was the relict of the late Mr. John Williams, butcher, who predeceased her seven years ago. She was 65 years of a-e, and a native of Llandovery, and was greatly respected. The obsequies, for gen- tlemen oiilv. were largely attended, and the Rev. Price, Bethania, where the deceased was a faithful member, and the Rev. J. B. Jones, Caersalem, ofiictateG. MOOELS FOR MAY.—A collection of the choicest crpations of the season in their various departments being exhibited by Messrs. J. S. Davies and Co., drapers, milliners, etc., just now The arm have secured some exceptional lines lecentlv, of which their customers will enjoy full advantage, for not only are the prices below the usual cost, but the styles affected are of the latest. The show or lively heauwear in their windows this week will be universally ad- mired, for the examples are all modelled on the elect of Paris and London. The stock of blouses in varied materials is quite up-to-date, and with summer fast approaching, Messrs. J. S. Davies and Co. are in a state of preparedness to meet tho demands and tastes of the public. DEATH OF MR. ENOCH WILLIAMS.—A well- known and active townsman, in the person of Mr. Enoch Williams, builder and contractor, Wyndham-street, passed away on Tuesday morning at the age of 53 years. He leaves a widow a.nd three sons and three daughters. The deceased had been established in business on Jus own account for tho past years, and carried out a large number of important con- tracts in the district and Monmouthshire. These included the building of the Free Libraries at Penydarren, Troedyrhiw and Abergavenny, as well as residential property. The erection of the new Central Infant School at Dowiais had also been entrusted to him, and operations were about to be commenced. The late Mr. Wu- liamis had been in failing health since the ad- vent of the new year, and for the past month had been practically confined to his home. He had received the closest possible mcdicox atten- tion throughout, and on Monday afternoon was operated upon at the Bedford House Private especially missed at Gwernllwyn Welsh Con- Hospital, Cardiff, but death supewened at 7.30 o'clock the following morning. Deceased will be gregational Church, where he was a deacon and devoted member, and Sunday School teacher. PRESENTATION. —At the office* of Messrs. D. Jones, Dickinson, and Co., Ltd., American Stores, on Wednesday evening, Miss H. E. Williams, Penybryn Villas (cashier to the firm), was made the recipient of a handsome present- ation from her colleagues and fellow-workers. Mr. W Talog Williams (manager), who occu- pied the chair, said the meeting was one of sorrow and joy bemingled. They all regretted Miss Williams's severance of her connection with the house after seven years' service, but rejoiced at the same time that it was but to enter into the ties of matrimony with the lie v. David Jones, Merthyr, who had recently accep- ted a pastorate in Birkenhead (cheers). He greatly respected and esteemed Miss Williams, for she was invariably obliging, courteous, dili- gent, and what was most important of all in business—punctual (applause). He wished her every happiness and prosperity in her new sphere (loud cheers). Further eulogistic refer- ences to Miss Williams's personal good quali- ties and exprçssixe of the warm affection with which she is regarded, were voiced by Miss Rees, Miss Arnold, Messrs. C. E. Thomas, S. Williams T. Jenkins, P. R. Morris, W. Wil- liams, and C. V. Fen wick, The gift, to which every employee had readily subscribed, con- sisted of a valuable and complete canteen of nickel and electro-plated cutlery, in solid oak, bearing the following inscription: "Presented to Miss H. E. Williams by the Employes of Messrs. D. Jones, Dickinson, and Co., Ltd., on the occasion of her marriage, as a token of sincere esteem and Yespect.-1909." The pre- sent was formally handed over by Mr. J. Spencer (the oldest employee of the firm), who. in a few well-chosen phrases, asked IVIis3 \\il- liams's acceptance ot it as an outward manifest- ation of their goodwill, and carrying with it liams's acceptance of it as an outward manifest- ation of their goodwill, and carrying with it their best wishes for her future health and happin-ess.-Miss Williams, who was greeted with a round of applause, said that she could not thank them sufficiently for the very beauti- ful present, on which she could not place too high a value. During her connection with the firm, the same unvarying kindness and consioer- ation had ever been meted out to her. To at- tempt to adequately return thanks, or to give expression to all that she felt was impossible, but the gift, she assured them, would be very rrreatlv treasured (applause).—Mr. Harry Wil- liams (mill manager) also spoke, thanking those present for their handsome tributes in word and d-ecd to his sister.

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