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The Northern Union Game.|



EVENTS OF THE WEEK. ¡ The Northern Uhion Cup was won by Wake- field Trinity, on Saturday. Rev. R. J. Campbell, in l1 sermon on Sun- day, said religion was in a state of decay. The Home Office hAS appointed a committee of experts to investigate heat tests for explos- ives. The wifo of the Hon. J. W. H. Gully, eldest i son of the ex-Speaker, has been granted a di- vorce. Two children, playing in the East End of London, were killed by a motor-car on Satur- day evening Manchester United won the English Cup, on Saturday, defeating Bristol City at Crystal Palace by a goal to love. Bert Newton, a boy, whilst engaged in a field at Branston, near Lincoln, with a horse and heavy roller, was crushed to death. The death occurred at Swansea. on Saturday of Mr. Harry Williams, general secretary of the National Amalgamated Labourers' Union. The Prince and PlÍnos of Wales on Monday visited Sheffield to open the library which Mr. Edgar Allen ha.s presented to the University. At a conference in the Guildhall on Satur- day Mr. G. N. Barnes, 1ST.P., argued that land monopoly was a primary cause of unemploy- ment. More than 100 special trains took people into London on Saturday from all parts of the country to witness the Cup Final at the Crystal Palace. An old tailor, associated with a fisherman's mission, has been ordered to pay 3s. costs at the Guildhall for spitting in a Great Eastern Rail- way carriage. A fourth candidate has entered the field in the Attercliffe bye-election, the Patternmak- ers' Society having decided to find funds for a Labour nominee. A disastrous fire broke out at Fo!kostone on Monday afternoon, when the premises of Geo. Mence Smith, oil and colour merchants, were entirely destroyed. A blind man complained to the South West- ern magistrate on Monday that a railway book- ing clerk had declined to issue a ticket to him becau-s-9 of his affliction. The right of a Church of England minister to rcfusi the Sacrament to persons married under the Deceased Wife's Sister Act is the subject of an important appeal. Amazing scenes were witnessed in London on Saturday owing- to the presence of many thous- ands of football enthusiasts who had come to see the final tie for the English Cup. The Lady Mayoress, addressing the girls of the Guild of St. Catherine, at Hatcham, on Saturday, said that girls nowadays had far greater opportunities than their mothers. The Rev. Everard Digby, who has resigned his curacy at St. Michael's, Coventry, as a pro- tost against pew rents, announced, on Sunday, that he had received five offers of curacies. It is stated that a syndicate of Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire, and Derbyshire colliery own- ers have leased 7,000 acres of land at Barnby Dun for the purpose of establishing a colliery. The chief matter for consideration at the South Wales Coal Board, on Saturday, was the effect of the Eight Hours Act upon the working agreement, but no understanding was arrived at. At Penge Police Court, on Monday, twenty- two men were charged with committing various offences at the Crystal Palace on Saturday afternoon during the course of the great Cup Tie. In the Commons on Monday,, the Indian Councils Bill was read a third time, a com- promise wÎth tho Opposition having been ar- rived at in relation to the clause deleted by the Lords. On tho arrival of the Hamburg-American liner Cleveland at Plymouth, Captain Hahn reported the disappearance overboard of the Hon. Ronald Ramsay, brother of tho Earl of D-alhousie. Mme. Sarah Bernhardt and Mme. Rajane will be present at the Franco-British Charity Fete to bo held from June 9th to June 12th at the Canadian Palace at the Imperial Interna- tional Exhibition. An extraordinary situation exists in both football leagues, and it is not yet certain which team will go "down" with Leicester Fosse, nor which two of tho three leaders of the Second League will go "up." In tho Juvenile Court. Dublin, -in Saturcl. Patrick Brindiey, aged fourteen, was remanded on a charge of having ''feloniously killed" another boy, Alfred Cuthbert, aged between eight and nine years. The Baptist Union of Great Britain and Ire- land opened their spring Assembly in London on Monday. Thf Rev. Principal J. T. Mar- shall, in his presidential address, spoke on the permanent value of the Old Testament. The House of Lords on Monday passed through Committee the Army Annual Bill, in- to which the Government has introduced an amendment providing that the transfer of powers by the Secretary for War to the Army Council shall not be retrospective. On a woman being charged at the Thames Court, on Monday, with drunkenness whilst in charge of a child, Mr. Chester Jones inquired how sha obtained the drink. It was stated that the woman stopped outside tho public-house and her husband handed the drink out to her. At, the Central Criminal Court on Monday, Frederick Murray, aged S3, a sea-man, was sen- tenced to ten years' penal servitude for L1t-tÆmp. ted murder. Prisoner had had a remarkable career of crime. He had been several times convicted and twico escaped from custody. Constantinople was occupied by the Mace- donian Army on Saturday, with the exception of the Yildiz and some other outlying barracks, which offered a desperate resistance, that was continued on Sunday. The casualties during the two days' battle are stated to be very heavy. A remarkaVle demonstration of sympathy was witnessed at Cardiff Cemetery on Satur- day at the funeral of Tom Parry and Horry Hawkes, two of the victims of the locomotive explosion at the Rhymney Company's yard, Cardiff Docks, on the previous Wednesday morning. Dr. Lawrence, Dean of St. Albans, preached the Shakespeare sermon, on Sunday, in the Collegiate Church of Stratford-on-Avon. The Corporation attended in state, together w'th re- presentatives of public bodies. A stained glass window, the gift of Sir John Holder, Bart., was unveiled. At the Old Bailey on Monday, William Mus- son. aged 20, a painter, was sentenced to five penal servitude for the attempted mur. dar of his aunt, Alice Robs haw, at Woolwich. Prisoner attacked the woman at her house, and said, "You have got to die." Robbery was the motive of the crime. Middlesex Sessions on Monday allowed the appeal of Caffyn, Limited, or Hornsey, against the refusal of the Highgate Licensing Bench to renew the off-beer licence of the company's brewery. Objection had been taken by the licensing authority to the alleged distribution of free samples of beer. The night warden at Winchester Prison, Marshal Wright, was found unconscious, on Sunday morning, with his head smaehed, and simultaneously it was discovered a prisoner had escaped. It is surmised that Wright was struck down from behind by the prisoner, a Belgian, who was serving a sentence for burg- lary. At a dinner in Cardiff, on Saturday night, of the combined staffs of local dry docks, Mr. Wm. Jones, the general manager, was presented with an address expressing esteem and admiration of his strenuous labours and genial personality. In the course of the Bpeeohes Mr. J. Herbert Cory referred to the principle of profit-sharing, and said he would like to see it extended to the Bristol Channel. A verdict of "Manslaughter" was returned by a coroner's jury at Kingston on Monday against William E. V. Thornton, a chauffeur, who was arrested in court. It was alleged that Baron von Pohl's motor-car driven by TTiornton, killed a boy on the Hampton Court-road. The boy was stated to have run out from behind a van, and the chauffeur said he did not see the lad. Bail was allowed. In the House of Commons on Monday, the Premier mformed Mr. Talbot, the Conservative member for Oxford University, that he could not gave an assurance that the second reading of the Welsh Disestablishment Bill would not be proceeded with before the Church Commis- sion presented its report.. Had the reply been otherwise, it is said that a revolt of Welsh members would have been s-st on foot.

Fear in City Life.

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