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n_ -=" |l uou»«.-w nM»vifroi inn mrwrg 'f, LB"I ¡ -"L.. Black cat] I MATURED VIRGINIA-1904 CROP ,a~ 0 A | Cigarettes i i iO for 3d. None better at any price. I "iiiriim«» -l:1 Tinmfnm nimww ran THE FASHIONS OF SPRING I For Whitsuntide the Latest Designs in Suitings ARK NOW BEING SHOWN BY T. C. PALMER. THE CASH TAILOR. Our Exclusive Ideas can be seen in OyR WINDOWS this week, and your choice made from The Suit to measure. The New Lounge Worsted Suit 5012K WITH LONG ROLLED LAPELS. IN THE NEWEST SHADES OF GREEN, SEAL BROWN, AND MOUSJE GREY. The Double-Breasted London Reefer Suit 4-2/- AS NOW BEING WORN, IN STRIPED WORSTED OR TWEED, WITH TWO BUTTONS. VERY SMART. The Cambridge Suit 55/- BLACK MORNING COAT AND VEST, WITH FLAT BRAIDED EDGES; GREY STRIPED TROUSERS. CUT IN THE LATEST LONDON STYLE. The Palmer Indigo Serge Suit 35/- (SPECIALITY). TO STAND SEA, SUN RAIN, THE IDEAT. HOLIDAY SUIT. WILL WEAR FOR TWO YEARS. INSPECTION INVITED. I T, C. PALMER. THE CASH TAILOR, y 67a, High Street, Merthyr, ■ Also at QUEEN ST., CARDIFF, & CASTLE ST., SWANSEA. 'u. MW STURMEY-ARCHER 3-SPEED CYCLES mW may be fur chased from ihe manufaciurersef.the foUcivingfamous cycles, || mm many of whom stock special Sturney-Archer j-Spced Models. M Alldays, Bradbury, Centaur, Calcott, Chase, Coventry Eagle, j| Campion, Challenge, Coventry Royal, Chater-Lea, Enfield, Elswick, Kjf |)Pa Gloria, Rothwell, H umber, Lea-Francis, Mead, Monopole, {m Ii»: Sunbeam, Premier, Olympic, Robin Hood, Raleigh, Rudge- m Whitworth, R. and P., Riley, Beau-Ideal, Singer, Sparkbrook, g Wk Swift, Star, Triumph, Unity, Victoria, Wearside.$ Wm Say, STURME Y- ARCHER and you will make sure of getting ff genuine original 3-speed gear instead of a cheap imitation. M Stunney Archer Gears Ltd., j<t Wr Nottingham. sa.c'r?! S local cycle and |I|>. IlPdf delem "Makes Cycling I Easy." 1 w The universal mount for every cla's of cyclist, becaut;e every want, every aste, every income, has been intelli,ently The 19°9 models are to be seen 10 thousands of up-to-date cycle depot-in this district as below-where they represent A COMPLETE AND UP-TO-DATE EXHIBITION or CYCLES I'\¡ EXHIBITION OF CYOL ;f J in themselves. If no Agent in your immediate district, (I wnte us for the name and of the íFROl"l SWIFT CYCLE CO., Ltd., OVENTRY. H J0HN LEWIS, 354, 355, HighiSt., 1 PWy<,arren' WERT i \f A PRESERVATIVE OIL. W 0 n iHL Dressing for Boots, \jtfj 12 Leggings, &c., W 0 W SNOW AND RAIN PROOF. rINs 4id. and 9d. The 9d. size contains i pint and is topplied with brush. From all Dealers or of— H. M. LLOYD, 28, Victoria-st., Merthyr. Bole Makers: VIX OIL Co., Basingtaall-sfc., London, E.C War Declared! j PRESENTATION SHOES. CEttTS' HIGH-GRADE BOOTS. tfOR ONE MONTH ONLY we will GIVE AWAY ABSOLUTELY FREE with every Order for our Gent's high-grade lace Boots, at 10/9, a pair of Ladies' lace Shoes. As *»,.advertiijem en t only, to snow you what class of K<»ods we sell. Remember the Ladies' Shoes cost »°u nothing Give your sister or sweetheart a l^^gpresent that will please her Solid value l\a3jt"parcel dispatched. Carriage paid to any the esfi" Write to-day enclosing 10/9 and receive pairs for the price Of one. State size of and ladies required. Send now! A. WILLIAMS & Co., Boot & Shoe Warehouse, Stourpgrt Rd., Kidderminster lSole Factgrs 0, tb8 « KOULIER BRAND, j

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The Northern Union Game.|


Fear in City Life.

----Y GOLOFN GYMREIG ,....................----.....-..........--....,.....--.------.....---------.........----.....-.....-.....----



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