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Sapping Intelligence.


Sapping Intelligence. ABERYSTWITH.—Arrived, The Pilot, Thomas, from Liverpool, with general cargo; Gomer, Jones, from Ply- mouth, with machinery for the Lisburne Mines Honora, Davies, from Flint; Mercury, Lewis; Catherine, Delahoyd; Lark, Jones; Venus, Watkins; and Eliza, Evans, from Newport, with coal; Mermaid, Edwards, from Neath, with culm; Fanny and Betty, Lewis, from Redwharf, with limestones; Lady of the Lake, Owens, from the Isle of man, with 100 mease of herrings; and Eleanor, Evans, from Borth, in ballast; sundry boats belonging to the harbour with herrings from the bay. Sailed. The Sisters, Jenkins; John and Ann. Jones and Castle, Jenkins, for Flint, with lead ore; Dolphin, Jones, for Irvine, with bark Earl of Lisburne, Evans, for Bristol, with sundries; Bee, Owens, for Cardigan, with sundries Eleanor, Davies, for Carnarvon Mary, Davies, for Milford; Charming Molly, Watkins; and Waterlilly, James, for Newport, in ballast.

SATURDAY, SEPT. 26, 1840.

(From the Weekly Chronicle.)