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LLANDILO. TEMPERANCE.—The Rev. Morris Morgan, of Swansea, lectured at the Memorial Hall, on Sunday evening, on temperance. There was a good attendance. THE YOUNG PEOPLE'S CUILI).-Tlie weekly meeting was held at the Memorial Hall, on Tues- day evening, when prayer meeting was only kept. COUNTS- COUTP.T.-The usual bi-monthly court was held on Thursday of last week, when owing to indisposition His Honor J ud.še Beresford failed to attend. The undefended caces were however, in the ordinary course disposed of by Mr Registrar Lewis Bishop, and the hearing of the contested actions was postponed until to-day (Friday). It should be stated that all the suitors in the defended cases were apprised of the fact that the Judye would not be able to be present, and so no unnecessary journeys or expense were incurred. WEDDING. Miss Oliver, who has been in the employ of the worthy and widely esteemed Dynevor family for 16 years (for the most part as lady's-maid), was on Saturday, married to Mr George Morris, of London, at St. Michael's Church, Basingstoke, by the Rev Mr Windle. The bride, who was given away by her brother, wore a cream dress trimmed with siik cord and swanston. The bridesmaids were her sister and cousin, and they were dressed in china blue and large cream hats. The best man was Mr Jay. The party in the Church comprised Mr and Mrs Morris (parents of the bridegroom) Mrs C. Morris, Mr Galloway, Mrs Goodeham, Mr A. Morris, Mr Harding, Mr Carter, Mrs Bye, Mr A. Oliver, Mr White and Masters P. and W. Oliver. The breakfast took place at the bride's mother's residence, the bride's cake having been presented by Mrs Lindsay, of Dynevor Castle Demesne. Amongst the numerous presents (about 100 in all) were costly and handsome gifts from the Right Hon. Lqrd Dynevor and the Hon. Misses Rice. The happy couple left the same day for Bournemouth, to spend the honeymoon. ENTERTAINMENT.—A bible story with music by Messrs Foxwell and Graham entitled "Abraham" was rendered by the Llandilo Church Sunday School Choir at the Drill Hall, on Thursday evening of last week, when the audience was a large and respectable one. The reader was the Rev. Lewis Price, vicar, than whom no better could be found to undertake the part. The choir was virtually a juvenile one, and the excellent manner they went through the different choruses (which by the way contained pretty music) redounds to the credit of Mr T. Parry as their conductor. The musical world locally has hitherto known Miss Lockyer, County Press, as a clever manipulator of the pianoforte, but on this occasion we heard her for the first time as a vocalist. She undoubtedly possesses a contralto voice of no mean order, and we are surprised she has not bestowed equal attention to the development of each of her two-fold musical talent. The solo Miss Lockyer rendered was Thy word is lamp" (Main), for which an encore was demanded and complied with. The air, "Thou shalt bring them in (Handel), fell to the lot of Mr C. G. Phillips, schoolmaster, who, despii. the fact that he was suffering from hoarse ness, gave a very good account of himself. Evidence for this was given by the loud demands for encore. The vicar, however, said that Mr Phillips's cold would not permit him to re- appear. This appeased the adult portion of the audience, blit-the. boys in the rear continued to insist on their cries of encore, when the vicar wittily remarked, (i Boys, be merciful to your master. ;This was greeted with laughter and had the desired effect. Mr Lewis Thomas sang the bass solo, "The friend of God" (Warren), very- effectively. For a young fellow his voice waspowetfuk and. in time we believe he will make a mark. Miss Edith Parry was unable through illness to sing the soprano solo Lord, thou hast searched" (Tufts), but her sister, Miss Lizzie, gave a praiseworthy rendering in her place. She had to comply to an encore. The tenor solo, Tis all for the best (Abbey), met with good justice by Mr Rees, station master, Ffairfach, whose voice, although weak, has the quality of sweetness about it. The accompanists were- pianoforte, Miss Lockyer harmonium, Mr C. G. Phillips; both of whom, we need scarcely say, efficiently carried out their respective tasks. The following. is the programme:—Anthem, "0 that I knew"; chorus, "He that hath made"; chorus, "We seek a land"; chorus, "O God of Bethel"; chorus, "Standing on the Promises"; chorus, "Dare to show your Colours"; contralto solo and chorus, "Thy word is a lamp"; Stl]o, Miss C. E. Lockyer; air, "Thou shalt hrillg them in," Mr C. G. Phillips; chorus, "The God of Abra'm praise"; chorus, "Melchizedeck that wondrous priest"; bass solo and chorus, "The Friend of God"; solo, Mr Lewis Thomas soprano solo and chorus, Lord, Thou hast searched"; solo, Miss Edith Parry; chorus, "Escape thou for thy life tenor solo and chorus, "'Tis all for the best" solo, Mr Rees chorus, "Faith took the knife"; chorus, "In God is our trust." SCHOOL BOARD. The first meeting of the newly elected board was held on Tuesday at the Town Hall, when there were present Mr Herbert Peel, Major Thomas, Rev J. Towyn Jones, Messrs Morgan Davies, James Rees, L. N. Powell, Griffith Williams, and J. B. Morris.— Proposed by Mr Morgan Davies, seconded by Mr Griffith William", and resolved that the Right Hon. Lord Dynevor be appointed chairman of the board for the ensuing three years.—Resolved on the motion of Rev Towyn Jones, seconded by Mr James Rees, that Mr Morgan Davies be appointed vice-chairman for the like period. —Proposed by the Rev T. Jones, seconded by Mr James Rte3, and resolved that the application of the head master of Brynlloi School for an increase of the teaching staff to fill the vacancy caused by the death of the senior P.T. be granted find that$.n Ex-P.T. te advtrtized for.—On the motion of Mv Morgan Davie?, seconded by Mr J. B. Morris, it was Tfes'olved that the applicants 0 state the amouiit^of salary rt'quired.-H.M.I's report of Tabernacle School was laid before the board and read. It stated that the school was in a fair condition., 110- igrant earned amounted to £ 80 17s 6d.— Resolved that Benjamin Griffiths be paid £ 2 for taking a census of the population of Salem district.— It was resolved that the following be appointed special managers of the different schools in the district, viz, Bettws, Mr J. B. Morris Br nlloi,'Mr James Rees (also I y Rev T. Jones, and Mr Morris, not special) Cwmivor, Mr Morgan Davies Salem, Mr Peel Tabernacle, Major Thomas.—Resolved that four ordinary monthly meetings in the course of each year be held in the Amman district, the dates to be left to the selection of the clerk subject to the approval of the board. The returning 0 officer's bill for conducting the recent school board election, amounting to E44 5s 3d was laid before the board, and it was resolved on the motion of Major Thomas, seconded by Mr Morgan Davies, that he be paid 244 on condition that he should pay 10s to Ann Roborts, caretaker of Brynlloi School, for the extra work in cleaning after the election.—Mr J. B. Morris gave notice to move at the next meeting that the salary of S. ,9 E. Thomas, sewing mistress at Bettws School, be increased by 30s per annum. Notice was received from a P.T. named Thomas Michael, to terminate his engagement in six months time. LLANDEBIE SCHOOL BOARD, At the ordinary monthly meeting beld at the Shire Hall, Llandilo, on Tuesday, there wete present Messrs William Jones (in the chair), David John J. nes, David Thomas, and William Evans.—Mr D. J. Jones, gave notice that art architect be appointed, and a day fixed to visit Drefach, Peny^roes and Ammanford schools with the view to deciding upon the necessary extensions.—Resolved that the clerk write to Mr Price, headmaster of Penygroes School, and ask him to get the number of children of school age within the district of his school sent to the board in time for the next meeting of the board.—Resolved that Mrs Martha Davies, of Quay-street, Ammanford, beappointed sewing mistress at Cross Inn School at a salary of £7 per annum.—An application from Mr Evaii Morgan, the school attendance attendance officer for an increase of salary was laid before the board, and it was reached that the same be considered at the next meeting. — Mr G. L. Hancock's resignation was laid before the board, and it was resolved that a person be appointed to fill the vacancy' at the next meeting.— The report of H.M.I's of Capel Dewi School was laid before the board and read, by which it appeared that a arant of JE44 103 6d had been earned. The qlivffiuwof teaching drawing at tha school will be considered at the next meeting.









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