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PROPOSED TENBY DIRECTORY. 18' The compilation of a Tenby Street Directory is in hand. As a part of it an index of house names would be useful, and the following list is published in order that the compiler of the Directory may be informed of additions or corrections which competent persons may sug- gest. Information may be sent to the Tenby Observer Office. A Abbeville, Church Park. Alma House, Saltern. Arch House, St. George's Street. Argyle House, High Street. Argyll House, Esplanade. Assembly Houses, Crackwell Lane. Avondale Villas, St. Julian Street. B Bank House, High Street. Barry Cottage, Lower Frog Street. Bath Cottage, Upper Frog Street. Battersea House, St. Mary's Street. Bay View, Norton. Beaufort House, Victoria Street. Bedford Cottage, Harries Street. Bedford House, Sutton Street. Bellevue Chambers, Crackwell Lane. Belmont house, Paragon. Belvidere, Serpentine Road. Beverley House, Warren Street. Blair Lodge, Church Park. Boulston Cottage, Trafalgar Road. Bower Cottage, Park Road. Brandwood Cottage, South Cliff Street. Brick House, High Street. Bridge House, Bridge Street. Brisbane House, Warren Street. Broughton Villa, South Cliff Street. Bryn-awel, Warren Street. Bryn-glas, Warren Street. Bryn-hyfrid, Narberth Road. Bryn-y-mor, Narberth Road. Brython, Narberth Road. Buckingham House, Esplanade. Burnham Cottage, Crackwell Street. Butts (The), Marsh Road. C Caermaria, Picton Terrace. Cambrian House, St. Julian Street. Cambridge House, South Cliff Street. Camrose Cottage, Trafalgar Road. Cawdor House, Esplanade. Chalet (The), Narberth Road. Charlton House, High Street. Cheriton Villa, South Cliff Street. China Cottages, Cob Lane. Clarence House, Esplanade. Clareston House, Warren Street. Clareston Villa, Clareston Road. Cleddau, Picton Road. Clement Dale, South Cliff Street.. Clevedon Cottage, Bridge Street. Cliff Side, Sutton Street. Clifton Rock, Rocky Park. Clock House (The), High Street. Coastguard Cottage, Castle Hill. Coastguard Houses, Trafalgar Road. Cogmill Cottage, The Green. Collingwood Cottage, -Trafalgar Road. Connaught House, Warren Street. Coupland Villa, Marsh Road. Coventry House, Crackwell Street. Cowbridge Villa, Park Place. Cradock, Church Park. Craigmuir, Clareston Road. Crawford Cottage, Church Park. Cresswell Cottages, Cresswell Street. Croft Cottage, Croft. Croft House, Croft. Croft Lodge, Croft. Cumberland House, Esplanade. D Dale Cottage, Trafalgar Road. Dalmuir, Clareston Road. Deer Park Villas, Deer Park. Deva House. Victoria Street. Devonshire Cottages, Cresswell Street. Devonshire Cottage, Park Road. Devonshire House, Norton. Dinas Cottage, Queen's Parade. Dunwear, South Cliff Street. Dyffryu House, St. John's Hill. E Eaton Cottage, Culver Park. Elm brae, Picton Road. Elm Tree House, Trafalgar Road. Elsdale, Warren Street. Elwy Cottage, Trafalgar Road. Essendene, Paragon. Ethelstone House, Esplanade. F Fairfield, North Cliff. Fairview, Church Park. Falmouth House, South Cliff Sttreefc. Farnham House, South Cliff Street. Fern Cottages, Penally Road. Fern Dale Cottage, Park Road. Fern House, Warren Street. Flats, Bridge Street. Fleming Houses, Lower Frog Street. Flint House, Deer Park. Franklin House, Upper Frog Street. Frogmore House, Lower Frog Street. Frogmore Terrace, Lower Frog Street. Frogmore Villas, Lower Frog Street" G Gables (The), Heywood Lane. Garfield Cottage, Park Road. Gill Cottage, Harries Street. Giltar Cottage, South Cliff Street. Giltar House, Esplanade. Gladstone Cottage, Trafalgar Road. Glan-y mael, Church Park. Glen-y-mor, Sutton Street. Glencoe Cottage, Harries Street. Glendower, Croft. Glenroyd, Church Park. Glenwood, Narberth Road. Goscar House, Norton. Granston House, Church Park. Green Hill Cottage, Green Hill Road. Green Grove Cottage, Park Terrace. Greenmore Cottage, Lower Park Road. Green Valley Cottage, The Green. Grove (The), Heywood Lane. Guild House, Cresswell Street. Gumfreston Cottage, Trafalgar Road. Gumfreston House, Culver Park. Gunfort House, Gunfort. H Hallsville, Victoria Street. Hamilton Cottage, Upper Park Road. Hanover House, Esplanade. Haskell Cottages, Picton Road. Hazlecroft, Church Park. Hazlewell, South Cliff Street. Hazlemere, Warren Street. Hereford House, Sutton Street. Heriton Villa, South Cliff Street. Heywood Cottage, Heywood Lane. Heywood House, Heywood Lane. Heywood Lodge, Heywood Lane. Heywood Mount, Heywood Lane. Hill Cottage, Heywood Laue. Hilling Cottage, Trafalgar Road. Holmloa, Warren Street. I Irvonia, South Parade. Ivy Bank, Harding Street. Ivy Cottages, St. Julian Street. Ivy House, St. Julian Street. J Jasperley House, High Street. Jubilee House, St. Julian Street. K Kenchester Cottage, Trafalgar Road. Kent Houses, Norton. Knightsbridge House, St. Julian Street. L Laleston House, Culver Park. Lancaster Buildings, High Street. Lancaster House, Crackwell Street. Langdon Villas, Warren Street. Lansdowne House, St. Julian Street. Laston House, Castle Square. Laurie Cottage, Rocky Park. Lavallin House, High Street. Lexden Cottages, Lower Frog Street. j Lexden Terrace, St. Julian Street. I Lexden House, St. Julian Street. Llanboidy, South Parade. Llanstephan Villa, Picton Road. Lydstep Buildings, Lower Frog Street. Lyndale, Warren Street. M Madras Villa, Park Place. Malden House, Church Park. Malvern House, Esplanade. Manorbier Villa, Warren Street. Manse (The), Warren Street. Marine Terrace, Paragon. Marlborough House, South Cliff Street, Marsh Farm, Marsh Road. Mayfair, Church Park. Melrose, Warren Street. Mentone, Harding Street. Merscot, Picton Road. Milford House, Norton. Milton, Church Park. Minwear House, Warren Street. Montrose Cottage, Clareston Road. Moray Villa, South Cliff Street. Mount Pleasant, South Parade. Myrtle House, St. Mary's Street. N Nelson Cottage, Trafalgar Road. Newlyn Villa, Park Place. Newport House, South Cliff Street. North Bay View, High Street. North Cliff House, High Street. North Croft, Norton. Norton Cottage, Norton. Norton House, Norton. 0 Olive Buildings, St. Mary's Street. Osborne Cottage, Harries Street. Osborne House, South Cliff Street. Oxford House, Lower Frog Street. Oxford Lodge, Lower Frog Street. p Palestine House, Lower Frog Street. Park Villa, Park Terrace. Pembroke Villas, Warren Street. Penrhyn House, Picton Road. Picton Villa, Picton Road. Portland Houst, Upper Frog Street. Potter's Villa, Trafalgar Road. Primrose Cottages, Picton Road. R Rebleen, South Cliff Street. Rectory (The), South Cliff Street. Rectory (Old), Norton. Red House, Heywood Lane. Redlands, St. Florence Parade. Rhos Cottage, Trafalgar Road. Ripley House, St. Mary's Street. Robeston House, South Cliff Street. Rock Houses, St. Julian Street. Rock Terrace, St. Julian Street. Rockville, Norton. Rose Cottage, South Parade. Rose Mount, Heywood Lane. Roslyn Cottage, Harries Street. Ruabon House, South Pool. Rydal Mount, Greenhill Avenue. S Saltwood House, South Pool. Scarborough House, Paragon. Seaforth, Serpentine Road. Shirley House, Picton Road. Shrewsbury Cottage, Harries Street. Sirius Cottage, Harries Street. Skrinkle Cottage, St. Mary's Street. Somerset House, Victoria Street. Somerset Houses, Esplanade. Somerville, Warren Street. South bourne, South Cliff Street. South Cliff House, St. Julian Street. South Rock House, St. Julian Street. Southsea House, Lower Frog Street. Sparrow's Nest, North Cliff. Sparta Houses, Crackwell Street. Springfield Cottage, Narberth Road. Springfield Cottages, Park Road. St. Agatha's, Esplanade. St. Asaph's, Trafalgar Road. St. Aubin's, Picton Terrace. St. Bride's, Esplanade. St. David's Cottages, Lower Frog Street. St. Elmo, Picton Road. St. Florence, Trafalgar Road. St. George's House, St. George's Street. St. Margaret's, Picton Terrace. St. Mary's Cottage, St. Mary's Street. St. Mary's Hill, Heywood Lane. St. Mary's House, St. Mary's Street. St. Mary's Villa, Greenhill Avenue. St. Oswald's, Picton Terrace. St. Teilo's, Cottage, Trafalgar Road. Stanley House, Sutton Street. "Star Inn" (Old), Lower Frog Street. Stretton House, Lower Frog Street. Suffolk Cottage, Trafalgar Road. Sunny Bank, Harding Street. Sunnymead, Heywood Lane. Sunnyside, Marsh Road. Swindon Cottage, Harries Street. T Talbot Cottage, Culver Park. Tarporley Cottages, South Parade. Temple House, Lower Frog Street. Tenby House, Tudor Square. Thomas Cottage, Trafalgar Road. Thorn Cottage, Harries Street. Toronto Cottage, Clareston Road. Trafalgar Cottage, Trafalgar Road. Tredegar Cottage, Tudor Square. Tredegar House, Tudor Square. Trevine House, South Cliff Street. Tudor Cottage, Cresswell Street. Twin Cottages, Marsh Road. V Ventnor Houses, Warren Street. Vernon House, St. Julian Street. Victoria House, Culver Park. Victoria Houses, Marsh Road. Vine Cottage, St. Mary's Street. W Walmer House, Deer Park. Warburton House, South Cliff Street. Warren House, Warren Street. Warwick House, Norton. Waterloo House, High Street. Waterwynch, Waterwynch. Westcliff, The Green. Westfield, Greenhill Avenue. Westbourne Cottage, Culver Park. Weston Lodge, Harding Street. Weston Terrace, Harding Street. Weybourne House, Warren Street. Won ford Lodge, Norton. Woodbine Cottage, St. Mary's Street. Worcester Cottage, St. John's Hill. Worcester House, Esplanade. Wynberg, Church Park. Y Yelverton Cottage, Harries Street. York House, Tudor Square. York House, Crackwell Lane. Y strad Cottage, Trafalgar Road. Z Zion House, Norton.






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