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LOCAL SIFTINGS. i—> ISI III. On our fourth page will be found several in- teresting letters from correspondents. The last fishing competition of the series will be hel«H;o-morrow (Friday) afternoon. A special fishing competition, organized by Mr Tommy Jones, in aid of the Tenby Cottage Hospital, will be held on the Royal Victoria Pier next Wednesday afternoon. The BELGRAVE HOTEL, Esplanade, Tenby, is now replete with every convenience and accom- modation for visitors. Tariff upon application to Manageress. 000 Narberth Guardians on Monday voted £ 10 to the West Wales Sanatorium, an £5 each to Narberth and Saundersfoot District Nurses Fund. The Rev. Vallance Cook, Connexional Evan- gelist, will conduct a ten days' Mission in the Tenby Wesleyan Church, commencing October 22nd. The yacht Vivid, with Admiral Sir Wilmot H. Fawkes, K.C.B., K.C.Y.O., Naval Com- mander-in-Chief at Devonport, arrived at Pem- broke-Dock on Tuesday evening. The engagement is announced of Mr Gwilym Hinds, of Blackheath, London, to Constance Madeline, younger daughter of the late Mr J. B. Hughes and of Mrs Hughes, of the Cobourg Hotel, Tenby, and the Royal Hotel, Bath. A report is circulated that a naval base is to be established at the Mumbles. Representa- tives of the Admiralty visited Swansea twelve months ago when they made a number of inquiries as to the defensive qualifications of the port. Two flotillas have been in the Bay within the last three months. The Harvest Festival services will be held in the Tenby Wesleyan Church on Sunday, October 2nd, when the preacher will be the Rev. George Woodcock. On Wednesday, October 4th, the annual Fruit Banquet will be held at 7.30 o'clock, to be followed by a musical evening. Tickets Is, each. m T- Lundy Island, the picturesque retreat in the Bristol Channel, has just had a record invasion of tourists. Hitherto the largest party of visitors to land there have numbered a score, but as many as 420 were brought ashore by surf boats from the steamer Albion last week. They were cordially welcomed by the Rev. Hudson Heaven, the owner of the island, who is in his eighty-sixth year. The supply of stamps at the post office was soon sold out, and while the visitors were swarming up to the hotel they heard the attendant draw the cork of the last bottle of beer in the place. Mr John Hordley, Tenby's oldest inhabitant, who was born in Shropshire, on September 20th, 1817, celebrated his ninety-third birthday on Tuesday. An interesting interview with Mr Hordley, who, dispite his ripe age, is in posses- sion of all his faculties, and enjoys good health, will appear in our next week's issue. At the Tenby Police Court on Monday morn- ing, Gaetano Rapacioli, the Italian manager of Messrs. Rabaiotti Brothers' ice cream shop in St. Julian Street, appeared in answer to his customary summons for Sunday trading, and practically before the Clerk had finished read- ing out the charge had planked the money (5s. fine and 5s. 6d. costs) in small silver down on the desk, after which, with a self-satisfied smile, he left the Court. A fishing competition was held yesterday (Wednesday) afternoon, the prizes being a mas- sive marble clock, given by Mr C. D. Allen, and a writing case and lady's work basket, given by Mr A. W. Walton, of Manchester. There were thirty-three entries. Mr C. Farley secured the first prize,:the other two falling respectively to Mr Tommy Jones and Mr Layton. Mr T. P. Hughes (President of the Tenby Tradesmen's Association) distributed the prizes. 000 When Knights were Bold, on of the funniest and cleverest plays ever staged, and which has been a tremendous London success, will, by arrangement with Mr Arthur Cowtan, visit Tenby, on Monday, October 3rd. The play is irresistibly funny, and laughter of a side-split- ting kind is the natural accompaniment to a seat. A plan of the Assembly Rooms is now ready at Mr Cowtan's music warehouse, St. Julian Street, and where seats can be booked. 0+0 The ninth fishing competition from the Royal Victoria Pier, Tenby, took place last Friday, with an entry of 26, when the first prize (a spirit kettle and stand) was won by Mr Layton Mr C. J. Hoffmann's rose bowl by Mr Mott- ram Mrs Derby-Hydes' books by Mrs Samuels and the special prizes (box of cigarettes given by Mr S. G. Rogers, and a fishing bag given I cl by Mr J. H. Hodges) were secured respectively by Mr Jeffreys and Miss Shimmin. The prizes were distributed by the Rev. J. D. Fowden, M.A. Go* The landlady of the IIean Castle Hotel, Saun- dersfoot, requests us to correct an inaccurrate statement which appeared in last week's issue of the Pembroke County Guardian, where it was announced that Sir Herbert and Lady White and family were staying at the Cambrian Hotel, whilst, as a matter of fact, these distinguished visitors are guests at the Hean Castle Hotel, as are also Mr Maxwell Laurie, M.V.O., Indian Civil Service Official Mr T. Wener Laurie, Sydenham Hill Mrs Paten, and Miss Booth. 040 The Editor of The Bazaar, in reply to a correspondent who wrote asking him with regard to a seaside resort in which to spend October, replied as follows in a recent issue of that widely-read journal Tenby is fre quented all the year round. Though mild, it is not relaxing, even in the summer, owing to the plentiful sea-breezes, the town being built on a peninsula with the sea on three sides of it. It is one of the sunniest places in the kingdom. We should think it an excellent resort for an October holiday. It is in every way a delight- ful place." -+++-- No less than fifty-five persons, male and female, were at the Tenby Police Court on Monday morning, on the recommeadation of the Overseers, excused the payment of the last Poor Rate. The list was presented by Mr T. M. Eastlake, the collector, and the total value of the rates excused was stated to be JS55 18s. 8d. As the names were read out, it was noticed that several failed to put in an appearance, which lead the Mayor to remark that out of respect to the Court they ought to attend, and intimated that those who were absent in future stood a very good chance of being made to pay. The Tenby County School is to be heartily congratulated on its recent examination suc- cesses. As a sequel to the annual examination of the Central Welsh Board the Tenby County School has swept off all three of the County Exhibitions, which are worth 220 per annum for three years, the pupils thus distinguishing themselves being Lottie Llewellin, Sageston Alice Davies, Houghton, Carew and Phoebe Lord, Tenby, who in this order headed the list of competitors for Pembrokeshire. This, we understand, is the first occasion upon which one school has secured all the County Exhibi- tions, and it is a performance which certainly redounds to the credit of the teaching staff at the Tenby County School. Another pupil of the same school, Trevor Lloyd Williams, has obtained the higher certificate of the Central Welsh Board, and qualified for the Welsh Matriculation. We congratulate Police Constable William John (19), a young and energetic member of the Tenby Force, upon his very smart and clever capture of the Neath collier who was wanted in connection with the theft of various articles from the Prince's Head. With very scant data to work upon Constable John soon managed to get upon the fugitive's track, and come up with him in Hoyle's Mouth Road. Seeing that he was pursued, Francis took to his heels and tried to give the officer a wide berth, but the latter, after a short and speedy sprint, came up with his quarry, captured him and conveyed him safely to the local Police Station. This, by the way, is not the first time that P.O. John has been successful in effecting a smart capture, and his intelligence and sagacity are to be highly commended. We hope this latest achievement will be brought to the notice of his superiors and duly placed to his credit. hh In our advertising columns will be found particulars of a grand evening concert to be given in the Tenby Assembly Rooms next Wednesday evening. The splendid Press notices of Miss Alys Bateman prove her to be an artiste of great versatility and brilliancy, and we may safely look forward to a rare treat. Miss Hannah Jones is another singer of supe- rior attainments, to whom it is always a great pleasure to listen. Mr Eduard Parloyitz is a pianist, not alone a virtuoso, but .an artiste. He has travelled on tours throughout the United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, etc. for five years travelling on an average 25,000 miles a year. Miss Kate Jones always pleases us by her violin playing, and doubtless she will be at her best next week. Mr Richard Williams is well-known to us as a talented musician, and will join in several duetts with Miss Hannah Jones. This concert party is such that the capacity of the Assembly Rooms should be taxed to the utmost, and it is hoped that we shall be able to chronicle a complete success- financial as well as artistic.






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