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TVfLIB AND BEQUESTS. The will of Miss Mary C. Dickson, of Denmark-place, Camberwel!, was proved in the London Court on the 22nd ult., and the personalty sworn under X16,000 the executors and trustees being Sharon Grote Turner, Esq., of Red Lion-square, and George Puckle, Esq., of Herbert-house, Coldharbour-lane. The will is dated August 25, 1866, and the testatrix died in February last, at the age of 67. Her freehold property she directs to be sold and the proceeds equally divided among five persons, one of whom resided with her; and the per- sonalty, after paying some few legacies to her executors and others, she bequeaths to charitable purposes as under :-The Royal Hospital for Incurables, British Home for Incurables, North London Hospital, Smallpox Hos- pital, Metropolitan Free Hospital, Cancer Hospital, Sick Children's Hospital, Nightly Refuge for the Destitute; Female Orphan Asylum, Westminster; London Hos- pital for Consumption, and Brompton Hospital, each < £ 200 the Infant Orphan Asylum, Orphan Working School, London Orphan Asylum, the Asylum for Fatherless Children, Red-hill National Benevolent Institution, London City Missions, Lambeth Pension Society Penitent Female Institution, Red Lion-square Paralytic and Epileptic Institution, Ladies' Visiting Society Boys' and Girls' Schools, St. Matthew's, Den- mark-Iiill and Royal London Ophthalmic Hospital, each £ 500 and a like sum of X500 to the Ragged School, London, with a share in the residue to the extent of £500, and any further surplus to be given to such institution as the executors may think proper. The will of John Stewart Margetson, Esq., of Broad- lands, Streatham, Surrey, and of Cheapside, warehouse- man, of the firm of Welsh and Margetson, was proved in the London Court on the 23rd ult., and the personalty sworn under £ 140,000. The executors and trustees are Sir Benjamin Philips, Paul Margetson, Esq., testator's brother; Hannah Margetson, the relict and John Margetson, the son. The will bears date Feb. 2, 1867, and he died on the 18th of the same month, aged 55. The will is entirely a family disposition, leaving to his wife £ 500 immediate, several houses, and the sum of = £ 10,000 absolutely, and directing her to distribute amongst his servants the sum of £100. The residue of his property, real and personal, lie leaves to be divided equally amongst all his children on their respectively attaining the age of 24 years. The will of Ellis Watkin Cunliffe, Esq., of Upper Seymour-street, was proved in London on the 8th ult., under £140,000 personalty. The acting executors and trustees are Ellis Brooke Cuncliffe, Esq., the son, and William Fry Foster, Esq., the son-in-law—power being reserved to. Arthur Cunliffe, Esq., the son and other executor and trustee, to prove hereafter. The testator was of the firm of Cunliffe, Dobson, and Co., merchants, Fenchurch-street and Sweeting-lane, London, and Bor- deaux.. The testator died, in December last, at the family mansion, Acton-park, Wrexham, at the age of 79. The will is dated 1S63, and a codicil 1865. He leaves to Mdme. Tayeau, widow of his late manager at Bor- deaux, an annuity of 2,400f. ( £ 96.) The testator states in his will that he has made ample provision for his son Arthur, and also for his two daughters in his lifetime he therefore bequeaths all his partnership interest to his eldest son, Ellis Brooke Cunliffe, and appoints him residuary legatee of both his real and personal estate.— Illustrated London JS'ev;s.


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