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THE COURT. i'iusviocs to the Queen leaving Windsor for Osborne- house, her Majesty held a private Investiture of the Most Honourable Order of the Bath. Her Majesty, accompanied by Princess Louisa, entered the White Drawing Room at three o'clock on Saturday, when the following Knights Grand Cross were severally introduced into the presence °f the Sovereign by the Lord-in-Waiting, attended by -"Ir. Albert W. Woods (Lancaster Herald), Registrar Secretary of the Order, bearing the Insignia of a Knight Grand Cress upon a crimson velvet cushion, and Rested by her Majesty with the Riband and Badge of the Military Division of the First Class :—Lieutenant- general Sir John Lysaglit Pennefather, Admiral Sir paries Howe Fremantle, Major-General Sir Arehdale "ilson, Bare., Lieutenant-General Sir Edward Lugard, f general Sir John Aitchison, General the, Hon. Sir Carles Gere, and General the Marquis of Tweeddale. The following Knights Commanders were then in like I!llllner severally introduced to the presence of the Sove- li!gll, and received the honour of knighthood (except |ce-Admiral Sir Edward Belcher, who had already re- vived that honour), and invested by her Majesty with the insignia of their respective divisions in the second "lass of the order :—Vice-Admiral Henry John Codring- tou, Vice-Admiral Joseph Nias, Vice-Admiral Sir Ed- ward Belcher, Lieutenant-General Edmund Finucane ilorris, Lieutenant-General Peter Edmonstone Craigie, lieutenant-General John Bloomfiekl Gough, Lieutenant- general George Henry Lockwood, Major-General Mau- rice Stack, Major-General Edward Green, Lieutenant- general George Brooke, Vice-Admiral Thomas Matthew Uiarles Symonds, Major-General George Bell, Inspector- general of Hospitals and Fleets David Deas, Lieutenant- general Thomas Holloway Captain Sir William Salton- j^all Wiseman, Bart., R.N., Lieutenant-General Wil- Bell. Lieutenant-General John Bloomfield, Lieu- tenant-Geneml Anthony Blaxland Stransham, Major- general William Bates Ingilby, and General William Thomas Xnollys (Civil). The Queen was attended by Lady Churchill (Lady in Raiting), the Earl of Bradford (Lord Chamberlain), Lord Raglan (Lord-in-Waiting), Major-General F. Sey- mour, C.B. (Groom-in-Waiting), and Lord Alfred Paget 'Kquerry-in-Waiting). R F>-RN>'CESS LOUISA, attended by Lady Churchill and ord Alfred Paget, went to London on Saturday even- \t°' a.Ec!" honoured the performance at the Prince of Wales s Theatre with her presence. The Hon. Mrs. Wellesley had the honour of accompanying her Royal Highness. Her Royal Highness afterwards returned to Windsor Castle. THE Queen, Princess Louisa, Princess Beatrice, and ^ince Christian, and the Ladies and Gentlemen in 'aiting, attended Divine service 011 Sunday morning in he private chapel. The Rev. R. Duckworth preached the sermon. THE Prince of Wales attended Divine service at the UhapelRoyal, St. Jantes's, on Sunday morning. The eommuniou service was read by the Rev. Thomas Hel- tt'ore, the Rev. Dr. Vivian, and the Rev. G. A. F. Hart. Antherc, Since by man came death (Handel). Sung Master Coward, and Messrs. R. Barnby, Benson, and bawler. Mr. Cooper presided at the organ. The ser- mon was preached by the Rev. G. A. F. Hart, from 1 St. John v. 4. IT is said that apartments are being fitted up at the British Embassy in Paris for the Prince of Wales, though the name of the Princess has also been added. must be premature, albeit it is most gratifying to hear that great progress has taken place in the health of her Royal Highness. The Royal Family went about to the Fine Art Collections during the Easter week, which opened to the public the following Monday. THE Queen, it has been reported, would visit Coburg this year, but the present complication in foreign poli- tics makes this doubtful. If all should be soon settled pacifically, the intention may be carried out, but Bal- moral is more likely to be selected for the summer trip. There are many changes and improvements going on, more especially in the laying out of the ornamental gardens. One of the additions is to be a cricket-ground. The visit c f the Prince and Princess of Prussia to this country, which was to have taken place this year, has been deferred. In fact, everything seems to depend upon war or no war.






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