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SCHOOL BOARD MEETING. The last meeting of this board was held on Wednes- day. Present: Messrs W. Conway (chairman,) J. Dan- iel, E. Jones, A. A. Williams, R. Greenway, John T. Edmonds. and E. H. Davies. The minutes of the last meeting were read and con- firmed. Mr Williams asked if there had been an inspection of the Garndiffaith Schools. Mr Jones: It is to be in July. Some conversation having taken place respecting the falling off in attendance at the different schools owing to medical certificates being required by children in whose homes epidemic disease had been prevalent, A member asked if the Education Department would make allowances for such absence. Mr Edmonds said it would. A cheque for jE70, current expenses connected with the British School since its transfer to the Board, was signed and handed to Mr Conway. The above account ran to the end of the first quarter, and a further cheque ofjElS 10s 3d, expenses since the end of the quarter, was also presented. It was unanimously carried that this cheque be also paid. Mr Williams said that some time ago a resolution was passed in reference to Bible reading. It was agreed that a copy of the resolution be hung up in the Board Schools. Mr Williams suggested that a copy be hung up in the British School. 0 The clerk was advised to make a minute of instruc- 1tion to the managers to that effect. A census was presented by which it appeared there were nearly 300 children above the age of 5 years not attending any school. Mr Lansdowne, architect, Newport, in accordance with instructions presented his plan of alterations pro- posed to be effected at the British School, Pontypool. The alterations would accommodate 100 additional scholars. The plan also embraced a house for the master. Mr Conway said the Board could do nothing with these plans; it would be for the new Board to deal with them. Mr Williams proposed that the plans be recom- mended to the consideration of the new Board. This motion, which was seconded by Mr Davies, was carried unanimously. Mr Edmonds: Has the architect given you any idea of the cost of these alterations? The chairman The master's house will cost J6300, and the school £ 500. Mr Jones That is about what we estimated for the school, I think. I The chairman You will have room for 300 scholars; and if you get it done £ 4 a head it will be very reason- able. The chairman announced that the balance against the Board up to the half year ending March was £112 3s Sd. A bill of zC15 18s 9d for articles supplied for school use by Messis Davies & Sandbrook, and a bill of 8s 6d from Knight & Co., were presented. Mr Edmonds proposed that these bills be paid.— Carried. The chairman I suppose a Id rate upon the whole paiish would pay our expenses up to the present time, and more than pay them when we get the Government Grant. Mr Greenway What would a Id rate realise ? Mr Edmonds: 1200. The chairman And three-times £ 200 will defray our current expenses. Besides, gentlemen, we should re- member there have been expenses which will not occur again— the fitting up of the school-room for instance. Mr Edmonds suggested that Messrs Davies and Con- way, if they could spare time, should meet together and calculate what the schools had cost altogether. The chairman said he felt confident a Id rate would cover the expenses; at Llanfrechfa Lower it took a 5d rate to keep the school going. Mr Edmonds: That is a smaller district, and the smaller the district the heavier of course will come the rate on the parishioners. Mr Davies thought it was the duty of the expiring f board. before they separated, to accord a vote of thanks to Mr Conway for his services as chairman. This was seconded by Mr Greenway, and carried unanimously. Mr Conway returned thanks, saying he had done his best; he thanked the members, who had made his office a pleasaut one and who had helped him to get over the business. The meeting then terminated.

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