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Tea, Grocery, and Provision warehouse, SEED AND CORN STORES, XAZUEBT STREET, PONTYPOOL. WILLIAM F. DAVIES TlfiOS •• Ktora liw fonart> thank* to tho GHergy, Gentry, and public generally for the liberal support accorded JDto him he has entered upon the above Old-established Business; and trosta, by unremitting attention Itotnitr a»4«»pplf«ig Fust olam ArtialeB at reawnable prioes, to merit a oontioanee of their patronage. Teaa. QMd,TXaefU, Pleamftt Drinking Tea Is 84 to 2s Od per lb. NtDCiiw Btiwur, FiU Flavoured •* fwe tea, very Strong* rich character; a spleadid Family Tea, suitable for any puipose 8s Od „ Coffees (Fresh Roasted in the Berry.) Bt&aier Plaatetfaa 1« 4d p« Ifc. « flhttee MountainBetry, 8d „ f s»ek ftraaad Coffeea is oa M Sugars. Xolat Juaaifla Raw and Dewerara Oryetala, Refined and Double-Reflned Lump. A Supply of Bngliih and gfyptiigw BHIfI, Oats, Bran, Sharps, KtHII, Indian and Barley ifmit liiiM m AM4; at Lowest Prwi. Arent for the Droitwioh Salt Work's Refined and' Agricultural Salts. fyt wlT ulasmxho of gtetftDra to PHILADBL- PfllAUthe AMX&IOAK U3TE UJOTBD 8TATES MAIL STEAMERS. ■, LIVERPOOL TO PHILADELPHIA EVERY WEDNESDAY, JH^BVCalling atQuBBwrrowK every Thubsdat ^■P First-class, full-powered Iron Steam* ships are appointed to Sail: PnmsTLYAXU. June 27 Inthasa July 18 Jixwon July 4 July 25 ,OlAjw OLwa July I I Aug. I 9JF* IntenacMdt* Passengers carried on voyage marked thus The only Tkaks-Atlaxtic LIJn sailing under the Ukitbo STATES FLAO, and carrying the American Bafts for saving life, besides the usual complement of lMeboats and an extra number of Life Preservers. The MMmaodation for all classes of passengers is equal <to any el the European .Steamship lines. Every Steamer parries a Surgeon and Stewardess. Passengers and goods are landed at Philadelphia on tke "barf of the Pennsylvania Railroad Company, whieh has the shortest and most direct route to all phees la the Western States. Ftaeeogers by this Line can pass direet into the Rail* Med Can without leaving the Landing Wharf, and and. the sane roof, there are Refrbshkbny RooK, United States Letter Box, Telegraph Office, Exchange OtRoe, and Baggage Express Offioe. Cabin Passaob, 12 to 18 Guineas. Return Tickets, lit redaeed fates. STEMAGS PASSAGE as low as by any other TAST line, including an ample supply of Provisions. Steerage Passengers are forwarded to New York or Boston with- out additional charge. IxTEliMXDiATE Passaob, including Beds, Bedding, and all necessary Utensils, and separate table, £ 8 8s. Apply in Philadelphia, to Peter Wright and Sons, Beneral Agents, 807, Walnut-street; in Queenstown, to X. J. Cummins & Brothers and in Liverpool, to RICHARDSON, SPENCE, & CO., 17 and 19, Water-street J. MORGAN, Post Offict, FontypooL Titos. H. Thohas, High-st., Tenby. J NO. THOMAS. Church-It., Tredegar ALLAN LINE. BHGRTEST OCBAW PASSAGE TQ M E R_L C A. CMCPOSBD OF Twbjttt FIKBT-Clabs ROYAL MAIL STBAJiKRS. SAILING DAYS—from LIVERPOOL,everyTUES- DAY and THURSDAY to CANADA, and every AL- TERNATE TUESDAY to HALIFAX and BALTI- MORE, forwarding Passengers on easy terms to all parts of CANADA and the UNITED STATES. r< SurgeonandStew ardesses provided free for all classes' af Passengers. Passengers who secure their Tickets before leaving home are met at the Railway Station in Liverpool by aa appointed Agent of the Company, who, takes charge them until they go on board the steamer. THE CANADIAN Govebnmhmt grants AB8iaTBX> PAS- SAC eb by the ALLAN LIKE. For Rates of Freight or Passage, apply to ALLAX Dkothbbs and Co., Alexandra Buildings, James-street, Liverpool, or to mqbgaN> pogt0ffiet> pontypool. Queensland Emigration. SAILINGS FllOM GREAT BRITAIN, ¥ ROXBURGHSHIRE." 4th July, from Glasgow, for Brisbane. <• NEWCASTLE about 12th July, from London, for Brisbane. • Female Domestic bervants free. Apply to local agent: J. R. MORGAN, Post Office, AGENT GENERAL FOR QUEENSLAND, 2, Charing Cross, London, 8.W. FREE EMIGRATION TO SOUTH AUSTRALIA. JÐ GOVERNMENT OF SOUTH AUSTRALIA GBANT FREE PASSAGES To the following Artisans, viz.: Carpenters, Bricklayers, Ibsons, Plasterers, Agricultural and Railway Labour- era, Copper, Tin and Lead Miners, not exceeding 40 wan of age, Single, er Married with not more than three children, also to Single Female Domestic Servants, COAL MINERS ARE INELIGIBLE. All Persons who are considered eligible by the immigra- tion Agent, paying their own Full Passage, receive a land Order Warrant of the value of £ 20 for Adult above 12, and £ 10 for Children between 1 ana U years of age. No Money, or Fee of any kind, is to be paid by in- tending Emigrants to the Local Agents for their re- muneration. Full particulars and information, with Forms of Ap- ulication. to be obtained at the Office of the Govern- ment of South Australia, 8, VICTORIA CHAMBERS, WESTMINSTER, LONDON, S.W., Or cf Mr Morgan. Post-office, Pontypool. TO BE-GIVEN .A. WAY .-GRATIS! A New Medical Work, entitled, « HOW TO ENSURE HEALTH, or, the Confidential Friend," This Book should be read by everyone of either sex. BEING a guide for the Safe and Sure Treatment and Cure of all Debilitating Diseases, such as Nervous Debility, Mental and Physical Depression, Palpitation of the Heart, Noises in the Head and Ears, Indecision, Impaired fiiight and Memory, Indigestion, Prostration, Lassitude, Depression of-SpiritB, Loss of Energy and Appetite, Pains in the Back and Limbs, Timidity. Self- Jftstrust, Dizziness, Love of Solitude, Groundless Fears, and many other ailments which if neglected bring the sufferers to an early Death. Together with Hints on Chronio Rheumatism, Gout, Neuralgia, Epilepsy, Hys- teria, and all diseases of the Nervous and Alimentary System. This Medical Work (112 pages) gives PRESCRIP- TIONS, with full INSTRUCTIONS for their prepara- tion and use. Contains also Friendly advice on HY- GIENE, or the WAY TO PRESERVE HEALTH. Sent post free for lone stamp, or by letter post three •tamp6. Advice by Letter, Gratis. SPECIAL ADVICB IN ALL DISOBDBBfi PECULIAR TO FEMALES. THE FEMALE'S FRIEND and ADVISER will be lent GRATIS to any address en receipt of STAMPED ENVELOPE. &=' Address, Messrs BARNES ct Co., 46, Lonsdale Square, Bamsbury, London, If. Important to Country Patients. MESSRS BARNES & Co.may be consulted personally or by letter, in all private and confidential cases, and for the benefit of Nervous Sufferers who cannot visit them they will, on receiving a description of their case, enclosing a stamped envelope for reply, be ready o give their opinion upon the nature of the case, and the principles of treatment necessary to effect a perfect caTe.-Addrom Messrs BARNES & Co., 48, Lonsdale- square, Barnsbury, London, N. B H til 1 fJ Hiw IW11 00./ .J :\1. J. :(,1t:}:;5'FI{I'-F'c' COUGHS J COUGHS and WINTER COLDS alse Consumption, Bronchitis and other affections of the THROAT and LUNGS are quiekly RELIEVED and permanently CURED by Brown's Herbal Remedies." AU who suffer are requested to test the efficacy of these Medieinee. Sample bottles are supplied free of charge by all Country Agents, or can be had by post from the Proprietor. Addrom:-O. P. BROWN, 2, Ring-street, Qovent Garden, London. Prof. Brown's Treatise on Consumption." AI pp., free by post* Prof. Brown's Complete Herbalist," ■Ml free is.-The above oan be had of the Ageat for .WWjfipOGl, a. B. F&RSy ObemieC, Ãnet. NOTICE OF REMOVAL. I" E. EVANS & SON, Coach Builders & Wheelwrights, BEG to inform the Nobility, Gentry, and Publio in general that they have Removed from Llanover, near Abergavenny, to more Commodious Premises at Penperllenny, Goytrey, near Pontypool, where they hope, with strict attention to all orders entrusted to them, together with good workmanship and best mate- rials, to merit a share of the public patronage. E. E. & Son also return their thanks fer all past favours, and remain, your obedient servants, E. EVANS & SON, Ooaeh Builders, Wheelwrights, &c., Penperllenny, Goytrey, near Pontypool, Mon. The Oldest Wholesale and Retail Provision & Family Grocery Trade, OBANE,,gTBEET,, PONTYPOOL, (AND GRIFFITHSTOWN,) Established 1787. DANIEL & JONES (late Herbortd RETURN their sincere thanks to the Clergy, Gentry, and Public generally for the very liberal support they have received since taking the business, and whilst they respectfully solicit a continuance of the same, they are determined that nothing shall be wanting on their part to give entire satisfaction. Every effort will be made to ensure good quality, moderate prices, and punctual attention to all orders. Good Strong Congou at Is 8d per lb. Fine do. 2s Od „ Superior do. 2s 6d „ The Best Mocha Co fees, Sparkling Lump, Crystals, and Detnarara Sugars, Prime Home-cured Bacon,Cheddar, English, øld American elteese Salt and Fresh Betteere English, American, and French Flour; Beans, Oats, Bran, Barky Meal, Maize, Sharps, Malt, Peas, Oatmeal; Preserved Fish, Salmon, Lobster, Sardines Australian Beef and Mutton, in 216.1 4lb., and 616. Tins, at Lowest Prices. Agents for Huntley & Palmer's Biscuits; Spratt's Patent DogBiscuits, 22s. per cwt.; Worcestershire Fine Salt, Manure ditto. N.B—D. & J. strongly recommend their 2s and 2s 6d Teas, as being of superior quality. • ■CIOR THE BLOOD IS THE LIFE."— J» See DeuterOnozay, chap, ski., 23. R, K WORLD FAMED B LOODMf'Ali t Trado M:ark, Blood Mixture." THE ClEAT BLOOD PURIFIER & RESTORER SKU; DISEASES, Eruptions, Blotches, Ulcerated tj Sore Legs, Old Sores, Glandular Swellings, Can- cerous Ulcers, Spots, Pimples, Pustules, Boils, Carbuncles, Ringworms, Scald Heads, SoreEyes, Erysipelas, Itch, Scurfs, Discolorations of the Skin, Humours and Diseases of the Skin of whatever name or nature, are literally carried out of the system in a short time by the use of this world-famed Medicine. THOUSANDS OF TESTIMONIALS FROM ALL PARTS. IMPORTANT ADVICE TO ALL.—Cleanse the JL vitiated blood whenever you find its impurities bursting through the skin in pimples, eruptions, or sores; cleanse it when you find it obstructed and sluggish in the veins; cleanse it when it is foul, and your feelings will tell you when. Keep the blood pure, and the health of the system will follow. As this mixture is pleasant to the taste, and warranted free from anything injurious to the most delicate constitution of either sex, the Pro- prietor solicits sufferers to give it a trial to test its value. CLARKE'S WORLD-FAMED BLOOD MIXTURE is sold in Bottles, 2s 6d each, and in cases, contain- ing six times the quantity, lis each-sufficient to effect a permanent cure in the great majority of long-standing cases,-BY ALL CHEMISTS and PATENT MEDI., CINE VENDORS throughout the United Kingdom and the world, or sent to any address on receipt of 30 or 132 stamps by the Proprietor. F.J. CLARKE, Chemist, Apothecaries, Hall, Lincoln. Wholesale: All Patent Medicine Houses. LONDON DEPOT: 150 OXFORD STREET. Pontypool: E. Stephens (late Haddock.) B. Ford (late Conway.) A NEW MEDICAL WORK By HENRY SMITH. Doctor of Medicine and Surgery of the University of Jeua, and Doctor of Medicine of the Metropolitan Medical College, New York, by Examination, 1860. Just Published, Enlarged Edition, 144 pages, Crown 8vo., Free by Post Two Stamps, in Envelope, Debilitating and Nervous Diseases; their 17 CAUSE, CONSEQUENCE, SYMPTOMS, AND TREAT- MENT. This work gives THE RESULT or TWPNTY-EIGHT years' special PRACTICE for the Cllre of all Diseases of the Nervous System, Nervous Debility, Mental and Physical Depression, Palpi- tation of tbe Heart, Noises in the Head and Ears, Indecision, Impaired Sight and Memory, Indigestion. Loss of Energy, Pains in the Buck. Constipation, Blushing, Hysteria, Timidity, Self-distrust, Dizziness, Love of Solitude, Groundless Fears, Muscular Relaxation, &o. It is a GUIDE TO HEALTH, STRENGTH, an4 VIGOROUS OLD AGE, invaluable to the Nervous, Sedentary, Dy peptic, and ail those whose constitutions have become debilitated and relaxed from Irregularities of Life, Ihtemperanee, Climate, Age, or Disease, or irom Over-taxed or Abused Energies, whether of body or mind. Gives Instructions and Advice for the Treatment of Nervous and Physical Debility, Local and Constitutional Weakness, Premature Decay, and all Disorders resulting from loos of vital force. Also by same Author, by-post, seven stamps in envelope. ON DISEASES PECULIAR TO WOMAN; 0 Their Cause, Symptoms, and Cure. This Work is written for the Use of Females. It is a Guide to the Cure of a Class of Ailments to which the Female Constitution is peculiarly liable. NOTicic.-The above Medical Works will be sent direct from the Author, in an Envelope, on the receipt of the amount in stamp*. IMPORTANT TO COUNTRY INVALIDS. CONSULTATION BY CORRESPONDENCE. mjIE AUTHOR OF THE. ABOVE WORKS JL will, for the benefit of Country Invaiids, on receiving a description of their case, send his opinion, free of charge, with advice and directions for restoration to Health. A Confidential Form of Correspondence containing Ques. tions,$c., to assist persons in describing their case, will a sent pott-fi ee on receiving a directed envelope. adwuebs „ HENRY SMITH. 8, Birtou-crescent, London. W.I. X71 IPA THE BEE-HIVE SHOP, TROSNANT STREET, PONTYPOOL. To Married Men and Bachelors, Spinsters and Widowers, Forgemen and Potters, Colliers and Labourers: Your patronage I ask this year of '77 And I'll execute your orders well and honestly, by heaven. CHARLES MINOR. sells all hinds of Fv rnituitk & Beddikg, At prices so cheap, it will pay for your wedding. Bis GOODS are all aoou and well made, you will find. It will pay you well to bear him in mind. D&nt think of the CARRIAGE-he delivers giods free. Look at that! It's a savitig of trouble, you sec. Belli be happy to see you in Trosnant-street, where He sells concuss and 10PAI and a good east chair. Mattbessbs, also, in STRAW, FLOCK, and hair, So some t. his ShoP-1I<1u"!find everything there. New 4 Second-hand Furniture bought, sold, or exchanqed. Geods delivered per own Van. Free of Cost CHARLES MINOR Gives the Best Price for all kinds of Leftsf Wearing Apparel. In things that's old, in things that's new. In everything doth Minor d8 Brooms, Brushes, China, Glass,or Tin, At Minor's shop are fouud within. Wardrobes of every class he buys, ithout regard to fit or size- Jm quantifies bothlarae ifnd.smalt. 2ftf 6WC t» r&(Qt A buy <&, PONTYPOOL AUXILIARY BIBLE ASSOCIATION. THE ANNUAL MEETING of the Pontypool Aux- iliary of the British and Foreign Bible Society will be held at the Tow. SCHOOL, Pontypool, on Tdbsdat, the 26th of June, when the Rev. W. DICKENS LEWIS, District Secretary for North Wales, will attend as a Deputation from the Parent Society. The Meeting will bo Addressed by Loeal Friends of the Society. The Ohair will be taken by EDWARD J. PHILLIPS, Esq., Woodlands, at 7.30 p.m. Friends of ail Denominations are respectfully invited to attend. Dated June 12th, 1877. West of England Loan Office. Established 1856. MOLFEY.. NO sureties required. Cash adranoed -4UMS of £ 10 and upwards TO Farmers, Contractors, House* holders, Innkeepers, Tradesmen and others, on thefr own security, repayable by eaay instalment*- Distance no object. AGBNTS FOR POnTPOOt. MESSRS. PUILIPOT & WINGFIELD, Auctioneers, Market House Chambers. To those who suffer from Irritation of the Scalp from Scurf, Dandriff, or loss of Hair H.. FOX'S NUTRITIVE AND SEDATIVE CREAMS is a certain remedy.—Sold by Messrs Roderick & Wood, and by the Maker, H. Fox, Commercial st., Pontypool. BIRMINGHAM GOODS, Jewellery, Watches, Har- moniums, Household Furniture, &C. Agents Wanted. Enlarged Illustrated Book free. Apply— Henry May, Birmingham. HARVEY & Co., havinjr made very LARGO purchases, are able to compete with mut Firm or OO- OP*RATIVB STORKS, and at tbe same time offer tbe putuM Biustial terms. 6 per Cent, disoount on every purchase OV« W« pay NEAT attention to oar Oostckk and MA*™! pepartmerite,« send out some HUNDREDS from our own ?F 6elr-Heasarement. NEVER having one rettuned. SILKS at WA prices, VBCWNKN8JOA6HMSRB8. Our far famed ITEUOROWA*r All the new X)RBSG Matsriala, GautcoBB, SHKBrnro*. *5* JTEIA, CARPETS, Buliuckts, &C., Ste. Patterns fires. ALL ORDER* must enclose remittance. PROMPT attention to Post Orders orTejegrama. IiambetfaHouse,Westminster Bridge.LONAOFV THE QUBEN'S LAUN P B BBS SATO THR f^-LENFIELp X /'R GTARCH 1.8 THE BEST SHE EVER USED. IJLHE ALLIANCE SOCIETY, 5L, Moorgate To INV3ESTOR8: T^V^BMT^^SRWTBOOMEB FT Drawings TO BORROWERS: Advances free of Interest. A, R. Beoretair- 'T.ONDON and SOUTH AFRICAN BANK (Incorporated by ROYAL Charter I860). 10, KRAO wnj.RTW Stkbst, Loitoow, Paid-RO Cfcnttal £ 100,000 ISSUES IJSTTERS of CRBDIT and DRAFTS on ite Branches at Port Elisabeth, SRAHMM; town. Cape-town, Durban (Natal). Bills neeocUtedaad sent for ooUeotion, and all Banking business transacted. Interest at 6 per oent. per annum (payable HALF-JJMW allowed on Depowts fixed for 18 months or tourer PERIODS. "fyTTLNER's SAFJ&S, Best and Cheapes* XU- SAPTOtTABD against FTftic THIEVBS. Phcmix Bale Works. VV ALJOSR'S CRYSTAL CASE WATCHES. ▼ »< A» raperaediag all others. PRISE Medals, London, WW Palis 1887. Stiver from £ 3 8a. Gold from £ 9 6s. M,CotnhilU B.C. T30.Regeat-st.,W.&76.Strand.W.C. Dcseriptlvw Pamphlet free. «& 1 00/LPATTERNS of NE WSLLKS •39A, A" or Dress Goods post free. JUT 6IIJK8 from 1 to 20 «g. Fancy Dresses 7/6 to F GE. ZVWFR Write to D, NICHOLSON & OO^. 60 to 58, FLFC PWU* Jfork Ohnreh Yard. London, B.O. Established 18*3- GILKS and DRESSES from LONDON. PATTERNS 8ENT FKEEL ■RICHEST BLACK. COLORED and FANCY SILK8 From 2/0 per yard. 100 New Washing Fabrics from 0a. yd 100 New Textile Fabrics from 6d. yd. lOO New Black Fabrics from 64. yd. BAKER & CRISP, 198, Regent Street, London. W. ROYAL DEVON SERGE for LADIES' DRESSES woven of pure wool only for SPRING and SUMMER WEAR. The Court Circular, Myra's Journ Milliner and Dressmaker recommend it as the best, THE oheap- est, the most durable. Prices from 1/3 per yard. Send for Patterns direct to THE FACTO R8, SPEARMAN & SPEARMAN, PLYMOUTH. IT 18 ALSO wovTnr lIOB. BOYS' HARD WEAR & GENTLBBMPs SUITS \\TALTER TRUEFHT's, 1, New Bond » ▼ Street, LoHdon. Hatr in all the newest styles as worn In London and Paris, Black, Brown and Golden Dyes, Kalo- trikos the best dressin £ ~for the Hair. Astringent Lotion stops its falling. Sempervivens is the best Restorer. Gentlemen's Hats, &C. Best Articles at moderate prioes. npRUNKS and PORTMANTEAUS. JL HARROW ft BON. Old Bond St., London, ie a reliable House," Appleton's Guide, 1876. Illustrated Oatalogne post freew TO MLLLINEKS AND OTHERS. SEND 30/. for 1 dozen Millinery Bonnets O also 0/-for ldos. Chfldrens'.Steaw Bats «MMED in all ooloan. Dress Cape KEPT in stoek from O/-to so/, PER Lace Curtains, Antimacassars, POWERS. Feathers, itibbons, Oheaille. AND EYRAY requisite FOR Millinery P^IPOMS. W. CPRRONS Weekday Cross, NGGGGGM- /MURDERS (l^UedX^vetted) CASTpfGS, V^NAXLS, & BUILDERS' IRONMONGERY. (Estimates 4 OFAS. Williams & C^JOTCANNON St, London. | designs free, "PLANT & MACHINERY SUPPLy ASSOCIATION ited). Manufacturers, ^I^PSUP^S MFL^NERY^AOD Implements for their Business under an HIRK Systkk of easy payments extending over 1. ore ywwa, Parttcolars and opinions of the Press poet free. Great W Ofll=de, H=u A ToFASMBRS, AGRICULTURISTS, SHEPHERDS, h. Foot Rot & Lameness in Sheep effectually oured by^theuseio< BAGSHAW's FOOT ROT DRESSING. Sold in Bottles 8/8 and 5/6 Sheep, as originally made by JOHN BAG8HAW, Belstead. 5>le Proprietors and Mauuf aeturers, rj.EIIWAD E, RIDLEY & CO, Wholesale Druggists, IPSWIOH. To whom applications for Agencies must be madg. STEAMSHIP-SHARES.—As an Inrest- ment.—Messrs. HUNTLEY, BERNER& 0O..S^M8HH) and Share Brokers. West Hartlepool have for DISPOSAL RTT A RGS IN some first-class STEAMSHIPS. It is well toown that such vessete owned in the North OFENELMD aeapttsj investment, & that dividends RANGING from 18 to SB per GENT, per ann. have heen returned for the holders of the same, suea steamships BEING insured, the investors HWRE no Hak out Capitalinrom property, T byTLIE, in the Custom House a title of UNQUALIFIED security is obtained. OTEAM ENGINE^lor ALXnpURPOSES. •^THE "WIGZELL A HALSEY Improved Patent. OFFICES, 62, MARK LANE, LONDON^EJO^ "irHT Pay Retail PRIOES for JEWELLERY N'V when you can buy at wholesale prioes P SU^GENE^ 85/ Rngliah Levers warranted, FT £ 10, Sold Genevas from 66/ INDIES' Gold Levers, gents' Gold Levers, £ L6 lOs., Hunting Cases, £ 18. WE^NJF BMJS, Keepers Diamond RINGS. ^rooohes, Chains, SeabTKeys, ftc. Guns by the best Makers, or any goods of Birmingham manufacture ean also be Country orders must enclose remittanee or give two GOW* refarenees. Any goods not approved will be exchanged TF H. HrrrcHnrso* ft SONS. Cambridge Oresoant, IVT^NEYon J-to Male or Female in Town or Country, on note OF H&NA. Stock in Trade, Cfops, Farm Stock, to assist persons into ness, Furniture without removal orpublieity. also on depon* TO Deeds, Bonds, Shares, Reversions, Freehold and Leasehoios a. O per Cent, interest. No sureties, fees or law costs. DISTANCE noobiect. N.B.—This being a genuine OFLICE(ESTABL^HEAWW for all Mercantile and other Monetary transactions, BOIGOW™™ will do well to at ono« write or oonsult Mr. H. CAMJM. 108, Strand, London. If bv letter, state amount REQU3REOU_^ O~rr"R E n o v o -EL Instantaneously cleans Kid Gloves, Silk. Velvet.]?U1'8t &c„ &c.. also Lace Goods, without unpleasant ODOUN^ENTRNUY supersedes Benzine and all Fluids. For sale by allCu Drapers and Perfumers (prioe 6d., 1/- and 3/- per box). Herts & Co.. 43a. Store Street, Bedford Square, London- BEWARE OF SRURIOUS IMTTATIONT8.. T^REEMAN'S BAKING P<5WDER. XJ Trade [TRY IT.] Mark.. This Article on merit has gained universal approvw_ AN« induoed many imitations. Ever genuine (W.G. Freeman). FREEMAN & HILDYARD, Manufacture* Dover Road, Borough, London. Also kept in 8took by every London Wholesate HOW- TfSE ENTTs^FRtJlT SXLT. U (Prepared from sound ripe Fruit). C>,>V It is the best preventive and curp for Bihoueress. Headache, Skin Eruptions, Impure Blood, Pimples OAW Face, Giddiness, Feverishness, Mental Depression, _»». of Appetite, Sourness of the Stomach, Constipation, tog, Thiret, ftc., and to remove the effects of M Eating and Drinking. Price B/9 and 4/0 Bold by all Chemists. —. JOHN D'ARCY & SON, Brewers <» FJ PORTER and STOUT, AJJCHOB BSBWUBT, DUBLIN. PURCHASING(A^FTE WNSIN WMCHTHWE ARE SON? IJACKP/f TKA: TPACKET TEA!! hy Connoisseurs to be the best. Wholesale at the Warehouses, 28, Lime Street. London, E.C. ^——- A. co-'s^T* LIGHTHOUSE COLZA OIL FOR MODERATOR AND OTHER LAMPS. tterchants & of &U kinds of Burning <& PRICE IJIST FUBB ON APPI*TCATIO* OffioM, 46, Upper Thames Stroet, Ix>ndoti. CHEAP JEWELLERY.—ShopkewS^jS find best assortment ft lowest priees at MILLIN. 12, Houndsditch, London. Clocks. Watches.Cutlery,Oomos.spsj' tacles.Pens, Pipes.Purses.Oataloirueafree. Estd. 1857. Cssh° L' Post free for Five Stamps from XL G. T. CONGREVE, PECKHAM. LONDOlf. rn "CONSUMPTION, ITS ONLY SUCOKSSFUL TREATMENT, w (Neic_ Edition) trtti many Interesting Case* ■ JOHN MITCHELL, the inventor 01 PRESS-TOOLS for the Manufactur* of STEEL PENS. Established 1822. AKEB to the QUEEN. Steel pens for all writers.—London Depot. No. 118. OHEAPSM* Works-Newhall STREET,J»inningham. RILLap GARDEN ~fettinG^~GOOA Tanned Netting for Fruit Trees, Strawberry Beds, &A., Cheapest in Britain, 52/- per cwt or less than one h»nny per square yard. Terms Oa^h- JOHN WOOD^ cfigh. Street. Pittenween, Fiie, K.B. npHEY ARE TSE &&ST WB ey ER TBIBD. PubHa Opinion. They some as a boon and a blessing to men, 'ssSjjtSrim Wanted Immediately, APPRENTICES and IMPROVERS in the Dress and A Mantle Making Business.—Apply to Mrs Gunn, Clarence-street, Pontypool. Apartments, FOR ONE or TWO GENTLEMEN; central and eomfortable.—Apply H. Free Prest Offioe. For Sale, A CART suitable for a Farmer or HauUer. Apply to JoNBg & Sumption, Pontyyxd Brewery. Near Sebastopol, Pontypool. FOR SALE, Fire Newly erected FREEHOLD COTTAGES. For particulars, apply to Mr H. Jones, Nioholas-street, Pontypool. To Let, 2 HOUSES at AbereyehaO; Pontnewynydd; 1 do. on the Sow-hiU.—Appif to Gborqb Masters, Pontypool. To be Let, IN the early part of June, th< DWELLING-HOUSE, Garden, and Appurtenances now in the occupation of Mr Francis Morgan, of TrollJlanl-For full particu- larg apply on the premises. • To be Let, WITH IMMEDIATE POSSESSION, VALE HOUSE, Freehold Land, Pontnewynydd. Y Water laid on; good garden.-Apply to R. FISHER, Pontnewynydd. Pontypoo).-To be Let, A FREE FULL-LICENSED INN, in the main thoroughfare of the town, now-doing a good trade. of proprietor cause of learing. Particulars may be known on application to Mr G. Jolliffe, Crane-street, Pontyp-l. ANOTHER GREAT REDUCTION IN SEWING MACHINES! THE « SINGER" TREADLE MACHINE may now A be obtained for £ i 10s, or on the weekly hiring system, at Sevan's General Furnishing Warehousefi, Clarence-street, Pontypool, O' Broad-street, Blaenafon. William Gowland Golding, deceased. Pursuant to an Act of Parliament made and passed in the 22nd and 23rd years of the reign of Her present Majesty, cap. 35, intitled, "An Act to further amend the Law of Property and to relieve Trustees," \rOTlCE IS HEREBY GIVEF, that all Creditors and-Persons having any CLAIMS or DEMANDS opon or against the Estate of WILLIAM GOWLAND GOLDING, late of Commercial-street, Pontypool, in the County of Monmouth, Watchmaker and Jeweller, de- ceased (who died on the 22nd day of March last, and Letters of Administration to whose Estate and Effects J^ere granted to Georgb Gowland Golding, of Burn- k&m, in the County of Somerset, Gentleman, out of the Principal Registry of the Probate Division of Her Majesty's High Ceurt of Justice on the 23rd day of APril, 1877), are hereby required to send in particulars their Claims and Demands to the said Geokgb Gow- LAND GOIRDING, or to no, the undersigned, on or before the 6th day of July next. And NOTICE IS HEREBY ALSO GIVEN, that after that day the said Adminis- trator will proceed to distribute the assets of the deceased among the parties entitled thereto, having regard only to the claims of which the said Administrator shall then have had notice, and that he will not be liable for the assets or any part thereof so distributed to any person of whose debt or claim he shall not then have had notice. Dated this 14th day of May, 1877. GREENWAY & BYTHEWAY, Solicitors for the sard GEORGE GOWLAND Golding, the said Administrator. s PAPER HANGINGS j NEW PATTERNS. I E. JONES, STATIONER, &C., George Street, Pontypool, HAS receir«d A LARGE STOCK OF PAPER HANGINGS, which he now offers at very low prices. prices. Commencing at 3d per piece, MONEY immediately advanced to any amount from JU. JE50 and upwards, upon any description of security, comprising real and personal estate, farming stock, re- versions, annuities, furniture (without removal), life policies, and other tangible personal security No charges made, or commission taken, and the strictest secresy will in all cases be observed. Interest as follows, viz. :-On freehold or leaseholds from 3 per cent. per annum, per- sonal security from 4 per cent. per annum, other stcuri- 's ties at equally reasonable rates. Applicants are requested to apply:in the first instance by letter, containing full Particulars, in order to save unnecessary trouble, to Fhkderick Hawkins, Esq., 9, Great Russell-street, Bloomshurv. London, W.C. KrirrTnTG, Netl^tting- Game, Poultry ds Garden from ^rite for lists & 9«taxnps. David Reid CXk, Hilton 8t.. Manohester. ^LEANLlNESairW^NIXET8 Befined VV BLACK LEAD in BLOCK, stores, ami Crate of Ironwork eaual to tmnuaaed steel, vtthoat waste or anol Sold everywhere by aUShopkeepers In Id., aDd 64. Blooka, aafl lj. Boie*. Ash M i- W. G. NIXEY'S BL- A C-T LEAD 1' trnd ssethat you have it.uwe. London. CA UTIOtf.—Th»T« are several ImitaWon8- SõDA WATn-and LEMOÑADII •y UACBIKKS SIBIAG SYSTEM ^rttenlaw post frea. if. ft WlLOOCKS, Back 8treftt. BATH. 'J^AMPLOUQHir^?BETIG gALUJE rr*Ja most agneable and and ouring ttS? *?i!S pox eruptive It instantly relieves »«m(!«t intense headaefie limojnioe 5TTUP, is a specific *n itout & •'Jy'i Holbom-hiii IE n, ^ctiaHsr(^ij)sfASTmA7~ gRONOHITIS, and NEURALGIA- TlR- J* COLLTH T?ROWT«t'8 CHLORODYNB, ■radical report* on the effloacv of Chtorodrjie render it of v!tS5 tapOTtonee that the publio should obtain the genuine, which is KXr?°5 £ ?v y '.Government stamp, hearing the words Dr. J 8ee decision of Vioe-C3hanoellor Bir W. Page Wood.Jnly l«th, 1864. Numerous ttstunonlals from eminent Physician* awiomrmny each bottle. u O. WniKniSOSjlSsq., F.R.C.S., Spalding. ,.1 tt invaluable in Phthisis and ^asmoaic Ooa^t wi8 dqiio&u u very marked. T „ Dr. M'Millnian, of New Gtiloway, Sootland. «»M tte most valuable medicine Imovn. ? l/I J 8/9 ft 4/6 by all Chemists. Sole BEaao* toeturer. J. T. DAy^jyphax. 88. qt. BnaseU-at.. London.W.Q. "1^ AYE'S TBS BXST GPRING MEDICINE. VV 8 O Purify the Blood. Cleanse the TfcTT T n By stem. &o to the root of disease, and restore health. Established OO years. Of all Chemists. r'JONStTMPTION, &o., can be "CUBED by NEWMAN'S improved pure EXTRACT of MALT PrS- rarea from the finest Kentish Malt, being noil-fermented and from spirit. In bottles at lffl. As a sample half-dozen 10/6 Paid. London Offloea, 164, Strand, London W.G. AGENxti WANTED In Iopdoo. Qountry and the Continent. pARALYSIS, threatened Paralysis, &a ^T^?»^r3llr* HALSE'S Extraordinary Cures by means of of Paralysi% pebility, Loss of Muscular Power, Bheumatum, Indirestion, Live* Complaints, Sleeplessness, &o. gend 8 or 6 stampg to Mr- Hftlse. *0. Addison Rd.. Kensington Port Free. Si* Penny Stamps. A DVICE AND INSTRUCTIONS FOB the a INVALID in SEARCH of HEALTH. remediesi ME LAN CHOLIA, Nervous Prostration, Impaired Digestion, &c., &o., their speedy A^eviation aad Cure by » new rtmple process. J. WlLUATtrg, t> MVV.. g. Marlachal Street. Aberdeen. O CATCH^ENNY.-If you desire to make 30A per week easily and honeetly enoloae 10 SampleTVorth 3/ to J WILBY.'town Hall, l^eld. mnested. ALL TEA DEALERS WHO 8XKS 1^9 and Address to WILLIAM JAY, 82 & SS, MINOBIES, fcONDON, R receive per next post a sample vahM Twopence, and information worth many Pounds a-year. THE* NATIONAL RELIANCE HE NATIONAL RELIANCE r*-ADVANCB COMPAQ ADVANCES from 40 to foOO without delay or pubhmty to either Sex upon note ol eots.'itoo, furnlt°^e wTtbout plMit, imple- fcterest. No^Offloe Feee, Sureties, Law Costs or Loan offio* Aistaaoe no object- ApP^ personaUy or by letter, T. K. OKl6l.MMi»p.. ny Tiaitofitt3t.,HAvergtookflill, London, N.W. KMOK.Y CHISNEY^S. Billingr's Patent r~lTKBIlA OOTTA TEES^INAIfi are the best cure aa applied jo Windsor Castle Somereet House.War Office, Horse Quards, Thomas's Hospital, Gr^8Mr %>tel, & 80,000 elsewhere With the greatest ^ancons. Prise 10/6 each. Prospectus sent on Cttiplioatio^T^no.. 7, Wood 8t,.WeBtminstor. WkS gTElMjrSIJTBSTBOTONTPrFXTEST BALANCED HIGH-SPEED ENGINES. The best and flbeapest small steam eogin08 ^ri068 per actual horse Power 4 h.p„ £ £ 28112, £ 28; ao, £ 34; SO, £ 48; *0. £ 67; aij £ eii 70. *76; and 90, £ 68. Govemers and feed pumns extra. Boilers equally moderate. Very eoono- inioal in fueL Testimwiift1?.Parformanoe on application. JOHN BOURNE & Co.. •Engineers, 66, Mark Lane, London. IRON" HURDLES, IRON HURDLES; All kinds of Iron Hordles. Oontinuous Fencing, Field and Entrance dates. Manufactured by BAYLIS3, JONES a«d BAYLISS, Victoria Wosto, Wolverhampton, and 8. Crooked Lane. King Street, London. f>yiT^gaea free on application. I^LUN S! BBEECH^tTJZZLB IiOADERS,RlFLES, Catalogues Free- J- P-OARR.Dundas 3t.,Hqdderafleld Champagne CYDER, Lime juice cor- ^dial & VINEOAB. HBWLEY Sc SON, invite Aobitts for »le of the above, alt prteewrticles. « Pa52" Phiet 00 appiieatien. Sffl««VJe»er et..TQoVi|J^ad^. ± ESTABLISHED 1850. I THE PONTYPOOL General Furnishing &Bedding WAREHOUSE, Clarence-street, Pontypool, AND (BRANCH) 95, BROAD-STREET, BLAENAFON. JOHN BEVAN, Dealer in every description of HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, PIANO- v FORTES, HARMONIUMS, HARDWARE, &c., &c. Agent for tho" Singer" and Challenge" Sewing Machines. tat SINGER TREADLE MACHINES FOR f4 IO5. GOODS DELIVERED PER CART FREE. SEEDS! JOHN KNIPE & SON, SEED, CORN, & PROVISION MERCHANTS, Crane-street, Pontypool, BEG to announce that*they have just receives a LARGE ASSORTMENT of GtABDEN, FLOWEJEl and AGRICULTURAL SE2EDS which thej can confideatlj recommend. Seed Wheat, Barley, Oats. Spring Vetches, Clovers. Grasses, Early Seed Potatoes, dec fililiurrrn beWARE OF WORTHLESS Hf.l'llllMI IMITATIONS OF RECKITTS PARIS BLUE The Genuine is used by the Laundresses of THE PRINCESS OF WALES A*fl) DUCHESS OF EDINBURGH. AGENTS REQUIRED In every Town and Village throughout the United Kingdom, fo represent THE GOVERNMENT SECURITY FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY, Limited. A Liberal Commission will be allowed, whereby energetic Agents may be enabled to secure a good addition to their income. S J Applications to be addressed to the Secretary, JOHN J. BLAKE. 164, Queen Victoria Street, London, E. C. Cricketing Goods, Fishing Tackle, Archery, croquet, badminton, and an out-door games may be obtained at H. Fox's, Hair-dresser and Wholesale and Retail Tobacconist, Commercial-street, Pontypool. Tickets for Fishing in the Usk. Nervous debility.-gratis, a medical WORK, showing sufferers how they may be cured without the aid of quacks. Free on receipt of postage tamp. Address, Secretary, Institute of Anatom), Bir- mingham. EVERY KAH ma owiF-PAXKTZV- "RUT LUNDY's Celebrated HOUSEHOLD •»PAHrrs mixed ready for use. Padtedin 1, 2, 3, 4, 8, a and 7 lb. Tins which can be opened with the! and closed again. Dry. hard &iid clony within eight houm The popularity of these Paints have imitations, none of which will necessary that every Purchaser should sec,that on every .Tin is stamped "John?. I<undy & Co.. LeiOi,, as some Retailers otherwise give the common imitations, which they are induced to keep merely that they get it cheaper, and reap more profit. Sold br all Dnuarists, Grocers and Ironmongers. ACCIDENT INSURANCE COMPANY Jt$L (Limited), No. 7, Bank Buildings, London, E.C. Gkkkhal Aocedests. PERSONAL Ikjubibs. EaUiWA-T Aoocdbhxs. I DEATH BT Aocidknts. C. HARDING. Manager. THE FREEHOLD PROPERTY! INVESTMENT ASSOCIATION (limited). Offices, 13, Coleman Street, Bank, London. E.C. SankerB, National Provincial Rani of England, Binhopeg-atrt 8t. Capital £ 100,000. Shares Lb each. Interim DWdends of jL5jw Interim Dividends of £ 5 per Cent-, per ATinnm paid at Mid- summer and Chrirtm". ana a bonns at end of gnan .I Year. This Association provides an effective INVESTMENT in (Dost reliable Securities, FREEHOLD LAND, and HOUSES. The objects of the Association are:- The objects ot the Association are:— L—To secure a profitable return to Shareholders by mailing advances on freehold securities only. t—To secure to persons h&vinf money tv» deposit « ready aad safe mode of doing so at a uniform rate of interest. 8.—To assist the acquisition of freehold property by instal- ment payments, extending over a term of years. Secretary. J. H. EDMONDS. mHE REAL PROPERTY TRU ST, Limited, J-10, Regent St., London, 8.W. Capital <61,000,000. In- vests exclusively in Real Estate. Raoeivee DEPOSITS at 3J to 6 per Cent, per Annum, ft offers special advantages to thelYork-1 ingr Classes. Pamphlet with full details, gratis and post tree. Inftuential Agents Wanted. Terms & particulars on application. ETTEST N OV E L T I E S. L PARISIAN MANTLES AT WHOLUALBpiucmm. ¡' PARISIAN MILLINERY AT WHOLHSAL* PBICKS. PARISIAN COSTUMES AT WHOLMALS PJTICICL MOURNING. Every description of Goods at WHOLXBALX PRICES. Patterns post free from TAMES SPENCE & CO., fj Wholesale Drapers. 76,77, 78 & 79 ST. PAUL'S CHTJRQHYARTS. LONDON. E.C. LBERT CRAPE, one fold of the new Patent ALBERT CRAPE is as thick as two folds of the old make, is mnch cheaper & weargj>ett».r gold by all Drapers. "ClUNERAL Robes, &c.—Newest Styles, Best JL Valne. Flannel and Cambric Frillinga & Cofen Linings, Coffin <;io;hB Baizes, Waddings. &e. W. CiJARKE. Coventry, TMPORTANT NOTICE.—To Gentlemen J-xesidmgint^^nntoydrabroad. THE OXFORD CLOTH-! ING COMPANY 454, 642 & 543, New Oxford St., London. W.C., have now ready their extensive assortment of New Spring and Summer QWs, cOTSistogof_thenwe8t designs in Diagonals, Checks, Meltons, &c., &c., for PVock Coats. Business Coats and Suits, also a Scotch Checks for their famous Leinsters for Spring & Summer wwr. 5000 patterns of Fancy Angolas, Che<&sTjSeotch Chev?ots and Stripes for our 13/- Tro users. A VMietyof each sent post free with plates of fashion and cards for on apphoation to B. CUBITT 454.542 & 543, New Oxford Street, London.W.fi. UNPARALLELED FINE ART DISTRIBUTION 1A GUINEAS for 15 SHILLINGS £ d A VF a GUINEA PRIZE GRATIS to alL Six msgniflcent Engravings by Turner, R.A., Ansdell, R.A. and Bouvier, K-A-, size 30 by 22, (genuine unpreseiotiB from the original Steel Plates), published at Ten Guineas the Set, suffi- cient to furnish any Dining or Drawing Room, sent securely packed on receipt of 10s., together withia. Guinea Prize. One Engraving and a Coupon for Guinea Prize free on receipt of 2^0 —All orders address JAS, Dbxtbb, Secretaiy, Art Union PAUL JERB.AR.D'3 Fine Art Galleries. HO. Fleet^t.! London, Where the nets are on view. Estd.40years. ProspectuBone BIRXBDAT or WS^BIVO PRESENT. mHE NEW ILLUMINATED ALBUM. 1 Registered. LB PENDANT DU PARTERRE, (Companion to the Parterre), HAVING 18 DIFFERENT COLOURED DESIGNS. Quario size, bound in Russia and Moroooo. A HANDSOME PRESENT. To be obtained of the Principal Stationers and Booksellers. Each Book stamped, Registered with the Publishers' initials T. J 'S. & Co. ENGRAVINGS, CHROMOS, Photographs, Xu Ac B BROOKS & SONS. Carvers, Gildera & Publishers. 171. Strand! Corner ot Surrey Street. The Cheapest House in London. Established l.750. — FINEST TEAS.] [BEST SELECTIONS. FROM ALBERT A. DEAN AND CO., JL 41. Ludgate Hill, London. Choioeet growths of the Season in China and India, in 4, 6, 6 and S lb. Canisters, Chests, Half-Chests or Caddie*. Price List ofGoods of all f I Expen^ture Agnation kinds, free on application, j J gjven when required for Gash •Carriage free on £ & worth and upwards. IVJUECIfrs DRESSING BAGS & CASES. iYJL Despatch Boxes, Tourists' Writing Cases. Jewel Cases. Writing Desks. Scissors, Razors, Table Knives, the Magic Razor Strop & Paste, at Mechi's, 112, Regent St., W. Catalogues fi ee. SOCIETY OF ARTS. ONE SHILLING MOIST COLOUR BOX. Unadulterated Pigments. LECHERTIER BARBE & Co., 60, Regent Street, London. And all Artists' Colourmen, and Stationers. THE "Every-Day" DINNER SERVICE. Set for 12. £ 4 15s. A marvel of good taste, economy and indestructibility. Toughened G 'ass in great variety. Prices and patterns free by post. JOHN MORTJX)CK, 203 & 204, Oxford Street, SO & 31, Orchard Street. Portman Square, London, \V. URN1TURE.CARPE I1 S, &o. Brussels. 2/4i 2/0, 3/3 & best 3/11, none higher or better. Tapestry do.. 1I10i. 30,000 of Furniture, Bedsteads and ed m-, at very reduced prioes. All Goods warranted, paclced and delivered free.to any Railway Station.—WM. WAINE, Wholesale. Ej«rt and General Furnishing Warehouseman, 131 to 189. Nwington Butts, London. New Illustrated Priced List Grati«. gton Butts, London. New Illustrated Priced List Grati«. BBANDS. PIANOFORTES and HARMONIUMS at, BANDS, PIANOFORTES aud HARMONIUMS at Wholesale Prices at J. MOORE'S. Buxton Rd., Huddersfleld. Prioes with drawings of every Instrument post free. 1 any kind of Band. Patronisedby thb Army/Navy,«Rvfle Corps. Second-hand Instruments bought or taken in Exchange. Bradfori>S Patent" -voWHL" WASHING MACHINES, Wringers, Mangles. Laundry Fittings, &e. CATALOGUES free by poet. 140, 141 142 & 143, High Holborn, London. Crescent Iron Works, Manchester, & 130, Bold bt., Liverpool mHE SOUTHWARD LEAD A GLASS Co., Hose Alley Warehouses, Park St., London. S.E. LOWEST CASH PRICES to the Trade for Sheet Lead and Pipe, Sheet Zinc, Tin. Solder, British and Foreign Glass, White Lead, Oils, Colours, Varnishes. Plumbers' Brass Work. Wrought Iron Tubing* Rain Water Castings, &c, Pri«M Current on application. ASPfiALTE »O OFINO BLT, Onb Pbhkt per square foot. tf^ROGGON & Co., MANUFACTURERS « tTpper Thames Street, London, 59, George Square, Glasgow. 2. Goree Piazzas. Liverpool, ON CHURCHES SCHOOLS & ROOFS, JL Erected by CBOOOON and 00., 43,. Upper Thame» Street, London. 59, George Square, Glasgow. 8, Goree Piazaas, Liverpool. HE ttlTRIFYING SILICATE PAINTS, JL PROTECT IRON from CORROSION; WOOD from DEOAY. Do not BLISTER, ARE Non-Poibonour, Bbilliast, Durable, Economical. For HOUSE, SHIP and GENERAL USE. Manufactured in all Colours by the SILICATE PAINT COMPANY. LIVERPOOL. P HOUSES, DAMP CHURCHES, MJ &0., CAN BE CURED CHEAPLY & THOROUGHLY by the PETRIFYING LIQUID Manufactured Transparent or in Colours, only by the LIVERPOOL SILICATE PAINT COMPANY, who are also the Sole Manufacturers of the Petrifyi.ng Silicate Paint. WARD PINK's DELICACIES JLi ARE THB BEST. BuT or ALL Grocers. Jams, Jellies, Marmalade, Pickles, Sauces, Bloater Paste. &c. f^LARKE's Pyramid Food Warmers, 3/6. 5/- & Qt. Clarke's Pyramid Night Lights for heating Clarke's good Warmers. Boldevgrywhere. Works, 110, A'banySt,, K. W( a PONTYPOOL UNION. j CONTRACTS for PKOVISIONS, &c. ALL persons desirous of Contracting with the Guardi- ans of this Union, for the next three months for BREAD, FLOUR, MEAT, GROCERY, CHEESE. BUTTER, MILK. RICE, SHOES, COAL, SOAP, CANDLES, SPLIT PEAS, OATMEAL, and other Articles of Consumption, for the "Workhouse of the said Union; and also for supplying the several Parishes in the said Union with BREAD and FLOUR, are requested to deliver Sealed Tenders at my Office on or before the 20th day of June instant, and send Samples to the Uniyi Workhouse on Thursday Morning, the 21st day of June instant, by Ten o'clock. The Board will receive Tenders for supplying the Pontypool, Abersychan, and Usk Districts, with Bread and Flour, separately. It is competent tor any person to Tender for any of the Articles separately, and the Board will not under- take to accept the lowest Tender. Forms OF Tenders MAY BE HAD AT MY Office. Security, under a penalty of Ten Pounds, will be required for the performance of the Contract, that the Goods supplied are of the quality contracted for. EDMD. B. EDWARDS, Clerk of the Board of Guardians Town Ha], Pontypool, June 13, 1877. PANTEG & LLANFRECHFA PERMANENT BUILDING SOCIETY, Griffithstown, Pontypool. TRUSTEES. (For the purposes authorized by the Act of Parliament 37 and 38 Vict., c. 42, s. 25 and 28./ Sampson Copestake, Esq. John S. Cousins, Esq., M.D. Edward James Phillips, Esq. I William Collins, Esq. Wm. H. Osborne-Taylor, Esq. Alfred A. Williams, Esq. DIRECTORS. Dr. Cousins, Cwmbran House, Chairman of Directors. 1\ A. Williams, Esq., Maesderwvn, Vice-Chairman. Mr Jabez Jacob, Cwmbran Mr Thos. Edwards, Pontypool Mr Frederick R. Phillips Mr J. R. Wright, Panteg Mr W. Smith, Griffithstown Mr J. Brown, Griffithstowil Mr D. Davies, Stafford House Mr W. J. Rees, Swansea Mr Isaac Butler, Panteg Sampson Copestake, Esq ?' ^eat^er» Coedrgric Edward James Phillips, Esq Mr J. Goodenough, Panteg Wm. H. Osborne-Taylor, Esq Mr C. Lawrence, Pontymoil William Collins, Esq Mr P. Chapman, Pontnewynydd 3tr W. If. Rosser, Pontymoile Mr W. H. Pratt, Lianvrecht-a Mr W, Jacob, Griffithstown BANKERS. The West of England and South Wales District Banking Co. SOLICITORS. Messrs E. B. Edwards &,Son, Solicitors, Pontypool. SURVEVORS. Mr Ernest Deacon, Pontypool. Mr Roberts, Swansea. SECRETARY. Mr B. H. Madge, Panteg Steel Works. TREASURER. Mr William Collins, PontypooL THIS Society is established to enable members to borrow money repayable by monthly instalments, to purchase or build houses, redeem mortgages, &c.; -or to accumulate monthly subscriptions at compound inte- lest. Profits to be divided among advanced as well as an- advanced shareholders. Subscriptions on unadvanced shares, Sg per month. Half and quarter shares may be taken. Paid-up shares, which are repayable at three months' notice, either from the members or the Society, are issued, bearing interest at the rate of 5 per cent. per annum, receivable half yearly. MONEY NOW READY TO ADVANCE For further information, rules, &c., apply to the SECRETARY or the following Agents :— Mr W. P. THOMAS, Bridge Shop, Pontnewrdd. Mr JAMES Baowu, 54, King-street, Blaenafon. GREAT REDUCTION IN PROVISIONS At T. PROSSER'S Crane-street, Pontypool. NOW FOR HAMS, BACON, CHEESE, LARD, SALT AND FRESH BUTTERS, FRESH EGGS. TEAS, COFFEES. SUGARS, at a Great Reduction. JAMS, JELLIES, PICKLES, SAUCES, Of all descriptions. Cuirants, Raisins, Nuts, Figs, Plums, Cakes of Good r Assortments. Candles, Soaps, Soda, Starch, Blue, &c. An Immense Sale of the above at unquestionably LOW PRICES. Why Suffer? I WHEN the following well-tried Remedies are a hand :— Stephens's Cough- Mixture, for the speedy care of Coughs, Colds, Asthma, &c. One Dose gives relief.—In Bottles, Is lid and 2s 6d each. The Blood Purifier, Stephens's Compound Fluid Extract of S,rsaparilla, Dandelion. and Quinine, cleanses the Blood from all impurities, and gives strength and energy to the constitutiou.-In Bottles, Is ld and 2s 6d each. Wigginton's Dr Moore's VAgetable Liver and Stomach Pills (prepared from the original prescription of the late eminent Physician, Dr Moore of Usk). For nearly twenty years these Pills have been the roost general Family Medicine for all persons troubled with Bilious Disorders, &c., in the county of Monmouth.—In Boxes. 7d, Is I'd. and 2s 9d. Edwards's celebrated Worm Powders. Many children whose lives have been despaired of have been entirely restored to health and vigour by one dose of these Powders.—In Packets, 7M and Is lid. Quinine, Rhubarb, and Dandelion Pills, the great remedy for Indigestion. In Boxes, 7jd Is lzid, and 2s 9d. Stephens's Restorative Female Pills, pre- pared from the prescription of a celebrated London Physician.—In Boxes, Is ld and 2s 9d. The above preparations are prepared only by I E. STEPHENS (Dispensing and 1 etcnnary Chemist J CLARENCE-STREET, I)ONTYPO,)L And, to prevent counterfeits, will in future tear hie signature on the Government Stamp. I Sitting Boom and 1 or 2 Bedrooms TO BE LET.—Apply at No. 12, Park Terrace, Pontypool. ASHFORD HALL, CROESYCEILOG, NEAR PONTYPOOL. To Parties Furnishing and Others. I Messrs. WAITE & SON HAVE been instructed by the Rev EDWD. MORsH, Jl who is leaving the neighbourhood, to SELL BY AUCTION, on the above premises, on Monday, the 18th day of June, 1877, at One o'clock in the Afternoon, ALL HIS NEAT AND USEFUL HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE PIANOFORTE, AND EFFECTS; Comprising pianoforte, by Owen Stoddart; mahogany, loo and other tables case of stuffed birds; pier glasses, in gilt frames; sewing machines, by Singer, £ White and Mann; carpet; easy and other chairs, in leather couch, in hair; pictures, electro coffee pot and kettle, fenders, fireirons, ornaments, lustres, clocks, various lots of books, feather beds, pillows and bolsters, wood and iron half-tester and French bedsteads, palliasses, marble top and other washstands, mahogany and other dressing tables, mahogany commode, dressing and toilet glaasee, chamber ware, mahogany swing ciih, mahogany cheat drawers, cane-seated chairs, mahogany towel rail, kitchen tables, shelves, cbair-.trays. washing machine. mangle, by Bradford; bench, ladders, milk tins, cheese vats, large water casks, bread pan, buckets, kettles, and other kitchen requisites. On View the Morning of Sale. Auctioneers' Offices: Clarence-street, Pontypool, May 31, 1877. MARKET HOUSE, PONTYPOOL. To Boot & Shoe Makers, Dealers, Brokers, and Others. SALE OF SOIEING AND OTHER LEATHER, BOOTS, SHOES, L-PPERS, 4-c. also, a lot of excellent HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, PIANO- FORTE, and EFFECTS. (Removed for convenience of Sale.) MESSRS WAITE & SON WILL SELL BY AUCTION, as above, on Thurs- yy DAY, June 21st, 1877, at Two p.m. punctually; comprising capital cottage pianoforte, in walnut, by a first-class maker music stool; music; splendid ma- hogany book case, with glass doors; mahogany sofa, stuffed and covered in hair; mahogany dining room. smoking, easy, office, and other chairs; rosewood card tables, mahogany chests drawers, painred wardrobe, dining, loo, pembroke and other tables pier and toilet glasses, half-tester and French iron bedsteads, palliasses, mattresses, feather and miilpuff beds, bolsters and pil- lows, blankets, wash stands and dressing tables, toilet ware. shower and hip baths, chair nighl commode, towel rails, clothes horses, carpet, sideboard with I drawers and cupboard, bureau, prints, window rollers and blinds, ottomans, &c., &c. Also, a Bartlett's weigh- ing machine, capital ladders, a quantity of boots aad shoes, uppers, socks, leather, and other useful effects. Clarence-street, Pontypool, June 14, 1877. PRELIMINARY NOTICE. George St., Pontnewynydd, NEAR PONNTYPOOL. TO BREWERS, CAPITALISTS, AND OTHERS. SALE OF Valuable Licensed House, Private Residence, Premises, and Large Garden. Messrs. WAITE & SON ARE instructed by Mr JIdmcni> Af-vvlom, w»-o is retiring from business, to SELL BY AUCTION, at the Horse-Shoe INN, Pontnewynydd. in the first week in July next, at Three O'CLOCK in the Afternsfee, subject to conditions to be then produced and read, ALL THE ABOVE VALUABLE PROPERTY, COMPRISING :— The Licensed Honse, The Swan Private Residence, with premises and garden adjoining. Also, a Large Garden, well-stocked with fruit and other trees, with a frontage of about 204 feet (more or less) to the main road from Pontypool to Abersycbaa. The Property is I° excellent repair, AAD Water is laid on. Further particulars next week. Clarence-street, Pontypool, June 14, 1877 HO R NIIU^TET THE CHEAPEST & DEST. For 30 years this Tea, has been preferred for Strength & from not being colored with tho usual 'facing powl r.' Genuine rP6' London packets are signed o»3on Prices 28 4d—2s 8d—3s—3s4d & Ss Ed per lb. AGENTS IN THTS DISTRICT 0, .fIo I; o c:L. TP.&DE (The Lion, Net and Mouse.) POWELL'S BALSAM OF ANISEED. For Coughs j For Asthma For Bronchitis I For Influenza, &o. THIS OLD ESTABLISHED IN Y ALU ABLE MEDICINE has the extraordinary property of immediately relieving Coughs, Colds, Hoarseness, Difficulty of Breathing, Huski- nesft in the Throat. It operates by dissolving the congealed Phlegm, and thereby causing a free expectoration. IMPORTANT TESTIMONIAL. Dear Bir,—I may tell you that I have used your Balsam for a very long time (both for myself and my family), I think it an invaluable medicine for memtJers of my pro- fession, and have always strongly recommended it to my brother and sister artists. If you think a testimonial from me would be of any service, you are very welcome to make use of this. I am, dear Sir, Yours truly, IilOMlEL BROUGH, Globe Theatoa. ASK FOB POWELL'S BALSAM OF ANISEED. Bold by all chemists and medicime venders t-hrons^houl the world at Is Hd 2s 3d and family size l'ls per, bottle.— Proprietor. THOilAS POWELli, Blackfriars Road, London. Epps's Cocoa— Grateful and Comforting.— By a thorough knowledge of the natural laws which govern the operations of digestion and nutrition, and by a careful application of the fine properties of well- selected cocoa, Mr Epps has provided our br akfast tables w'th a delicately flavoured beverage which may save us many heavy doctors' bills. It is by the judicious use of such articles of diet that a constitution may be gradually built up until strong enough to resist every tendency to disease. Hundreds of subtle maladies are floating around us ready to attack wherever there is a weak point. We may escape many a fatal shaft by keeping ourselves well fortified with pure blood and a properly nourished frame."—Civil Service GAZETTE. Waters' Qi'ininf. Wine for sixteen vear< Iv" hf-fn universally admitted to be the best Tonic kuown, a Useful and agreeable accompaniment to Cod Liver 011. 1, We can bear personal testimony to its value as a tcnic." Standard.—Local Agents • John Knite & Son, Fan.ily Grocers, &c.. Crane-street, Pontypool, and Griffiths- town and Messrs Jonfs & Whitney, Tea Dealers, Family Grocers, &c., Blaenafon. Wholesale Waters and Son, 34, Eastcbeap. London; Lewisfc Co..Worcester. Holuuvav's PILL.In general debility, nervous tremor, and mental depression, these unrivalled Pills have a marvellous etfect. They have won the confi- dence of millions in all parts of the civilized world. 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