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-----------..,,-ILiberal Demonstration…

Disturbances at Henner.

Fishguard Slaughter-house.

■ Fishgoard Tradesman's Misfortunes

--------Oddfellows Meeting…


Oddfellows Meeting at Newport The annual meeting of the Carningli (Newport) District of Oddfellows was held at the Oddfellows Hall, Newport, on Wednes- day, the 5th instant. The Provincial Corresponding Secretary's account showed a balance of £ 6 4s Iold in favour of the district. The total number of members in the differ- ent lodges were returned as follows :—Good, 916 Bad, 5 Total, 921. There were documents and receipts for five funerals from Glantivy, the total advanced by Lodge being £40. The P.C.S. reported that Gwain and Kemes Lodges had complied with the re- commendations of the Actuaries, and that the amendments had been registered and printed. He and Brother Vaughan Davies had been up to Manchester by request of the G.M. and Board of Directors re Gwain Lodge. The Directors had promised to recommend to the next A.M.C. to take over again the funer- al liabilities of 66 members and their first wives, if the District appointed book examin- ers under General Rule 41, and keep a separate District funeral account. He further mentioned that brethren could now qualify by examination as lodge and district auditors Brother J R Davies, P.P.G.M., had written him giving notice of his resignation on the date of the next District meeting. They would have also to appoint a District Trea- surer owing to the lamented death of the late Brother M L Jones, National Provincial Bank, Concluding he referred to the cen- tenary of the order,which is to take place this year. It was resolved that Brother J Henry James D.G.M., be appointed Grand Master for the ensuing twelve months, and Brother Thomas Lewis, of Cleddy Lodge, as D.G.M, for the same period, Brother 0 Beynon Evans to con- tinue in office of P.C.S. Brother Vaughan Davies brought forward the case of two distressed brethren and it was resolved that £ 1 each be granted them from the District Management Fund. The following nominations were made for the next A.M.C. :-Brother 0 Beynon Evans for the Investigation Committee Brother Henry Evans, P.P.G.M., for the Estimates Committee and Brother Vaughan Davies for portrait in the magazine. It was resolved that Brother S G Adams, Glantivy Lodge, and Brother Benjamin Williams, Kemes, be appointed. book mana- gers, and that £1 is each be granted them as remuneration. It was resolved that application be made to the Unity to take over the funeral liabilities of 66 members of Gwain Lodge, and their wives, to the extent of Cio per member and 5 per first wife. Brother David Lloyd was appointed treasurer of the District. It was resolved that the matter of the Centenary be left to the respective lodges that a levy of sixpence per member be made for management and unity purposes that the next District meeting be held at the Odd- fellows Hall, Cardigan, on Saturday, July 9th, iyio. At the conclusion of the meeting the brethren dined together at the Llwyngwair Arms, after which a cordial vote of thanks was passed to Mrs Thomas, the hostess, for the good spread provided.





----------__-Pembroke Boroughs…




Foresters' Meeting at Fishguard.