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Disturbances at Henner.

Fishguard Slaughter-house.

■ Fishgoard Tradesman's Misfortunes


■ Fishgoard Tradesman's Misfortunes At the Pembroke Dock Bankruptcy Court on Friday, before the Duputy Registrar (Mr WHOM Bryant). William Thomas Birkin, bootmaker, Main-street, Fishguard, appeared for his public examination. Debtor was represented by Mr W J Vaughan, solicitor, Fishguard. His statement of affairs showed gross liabilities amounting to £ 99 17s, and expected to rank at £ "93 us 6d. There were eighteen unsecured creditors for £ 92 17s 6d, and one partly secured creditor for £5 155 6d the value of the security being estimated at £ 5 is 6d. His assets were estimated to pro- duce £ 34 12s 4d, and after deducting prefer- encial charges, there was a deficiency of £ 60 3s 2d. Debtor described his failure to the following causes Illness of and deaths in family want of capital." In reply to the Official Receiver, debtor stated that he had been married seven years and had a family of three. He kept on the business until the petition was filed, but stopped dealing with the firms last August when he returned to the steamer as a fireman. He received 305 per week wages, but about three weeks ago his health failed him and he had to be put on a lighter job. The Official Receiver When did you first find you were in this position ?-I was doing my best working on boats and trying to pay off these bills, but when I was pressed by this one man I had to file my petition. Did Mr Vaughan make any offer of any particular composition to these creditors ?— No, sir. Before I was able to make an offer one of the firms issued an execution against me and put the baliffs in. And because of that the composition fell through ?—Yes. You attribute your failure to the fact that you had a great deal of illness, and several deaths in your family ?—Yes, sir. Further questioned, debtor said that the doctor's fees amounted to £5 5s, and the two funerals cost, one £2 and the other zC4, whilst altogether sickness and deaths had cost him £ i7s 9s. He had been sued in the county court by several firms. The Official Receiver Why did you go into this retail business ? Why didn't you go in for boot-repairing ?—Commercials were calling upon me and told me they had good lines which would sell in a short time, and I thought I might do myself a good turn by selling them. You were persuaded by commercial travell- ers ?—Talked into it, sir. I see you state that from your pension, the profits from your business and your wages, you have only earned £44 4s 8d, ,and you have been living at the rate of £ yS per year? That is because of the time the little boy was dying when I had a big expense, That is in the item of C17 9s. Had you, any idea that you were living during the past twelve months at the rate of £ 30 per year more than your income ?-No, sir. The examination was closed.

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Foresters' Meeting at Fishguard.