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Temperance Meetings at Fishguard.

The New Jabes in the Gwaun.




Fishguard Drainage Scheme.


Fishguard Drainage Scheme. At the District Council meeting last week- a letter was received from the Local Govern- ment Board acknowledging the receipt of the report of the Medical Officer of Health, Dr J. M. Owen. In regard to Fishguard the Local Government Board asked what steps the Council were taking to carry out the recom- mendations made in Dr Wheatoo's report of December 16, 1901.—The Chairman explain- ed that the report had reference to the con- dition uf Fisho-uard.-A member asked when Fishguard people were going to get Urban Powers. Mr Eaton Evans When they know their own miuds.-After some discus- sion, the Clerk read the report of the Medical Officer of Health for the Fishguard district, in the course of which he gave the details of disease and death in the district durirg the year. Proceeding-, he said that although two and a half years had p seed since Dr Wheaton's report was made nothing bad been done to carry out the necessary sanitary im- provements be recommended. There should be, be said, no further delay in placing Fish- guard and Goo lwick in a thoroughly sanitary state. The longer the matter was left over the worse the condition of affairs would be- come, so that, eventually, through sheei neglect, the ul imate cost might become great.—Mr Vaugban admitted, so far as Fish- guard was concerned, that something ought to be done at once. The delay had been caused because they had been hoping to get urban powers, but a dispute had arisen as to area. It had now been discovered that the Lociti Government Committee of the County Council had power to define an area, and be was iu hoi)ts they would do so. After de- scribing the steps that have been taken at Fishguard by gettiog an expert down on the sul j ct, &c., he proposed a resolution to the effect that the matter should once more be referred back to the Fishguard Parochial Committee, consisting of the entire Council, with an intimation that some steps must be taken without further delay. Fishguard would have to pay, and therefore he thought the Parochial Committee ought to have a voice in the matter. It was for them to get < an effective scheme, and, at the same time, the most economical one possible. Mi Eiton Evans seconded Mr Vaughan s resolu- tion, which was carried. There were several important details in the report the Parochial Committee of the Fishguard Paiish Council will require to con- sider at the next meeting. Pressure from the Local Government Board will be brought to bear on the deferred scheile-def erred chief- ly owing to the delayed urban powers, con. cl sequent on the bungling of the Local Govern- ment Board Committee of the County Council at the enquiry. Had the committee accepted the area defined with such nice dis- crimination, the opportunity for holding up Fisbguard and Goodwick's rather soiled bills of health to the public gaz, at this inopportune moment would not have occurred. If Fib- guard peoplle did not, iu the words of Mr Eaton Evans, know their own minds at the enquiry, it would doubtless be a source of satisfaction to Fishguard if it could feel quite certain that the Local Government Board Committee knew its business on that memor- able occasion. Did the committee act within its powers in giving the Moses-like-assurance and gesture—" We will define an area for you ? Like the wilderness prophet in the watei-finding business, they reckoned with- out their host, The Local Government cl Board committee's chairman may try to bluff out of the alleged undertaking, but the reports. official and otherwise, remain as is- disputable,trustworthy records of the inquiry. It is unfair to saddle the place with the onus of delay, when the fault lies witn the invinc- ibles at the end of the county. Perhaps the ill-wind from the District Council will fuse the two places, Fisbguard and Goodwick, to- gether for their permanent and mutual wel- fare,



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