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LOCAL FLOWER SHOWS. -6. ST. OSWALD'S, CHESTER. The annual flower show of the parish of St. Oswald's, was held on Wednesday, at Abbot's Grange, Liverpool road, and was, speaking generally, equal to, if not in advance of, its two predecessors. The entries were more numerous than previously, the vegetables were altogether finer than at the last show, and the collections were exceptionally good. Cabbages and cauliflowers gave much satisfaction, both being excellent samples, considering how unfavour- able the season has been. Carrots were also fair specimens. The great scarcity of fruit was noticeable, and of the little shewn the quality was not good. The wild flowers made a pretty show. Apples were of average quality, but the intense heat has much interfered with their growth. This was also the case with pears, but there was fair competition in this class. Beautiful collections of plants and flowers, for exhibition only, were sent by the Duke of Westminster, Messrs. Dicksons, Messrs. McHattie, Mrs. Hudson, and Mrs. Potts. The judges of the produce were Messrs. G. P. Miln, and T. Weaver, while Miss Payne judged the wild flowers. Late in the afternoon the prizes were dis- tributed by Mr. G. A. Dickson, who said he had been told that the society was progressing wonderfully, and that the present show was much ahead of the previous ones. This was very satisfactory, and he was pleased to note the excellent quality of the exhibits, especially in the vegetables. They should recognise that those exhibits should represent as far as possible the general craps of the garden, not that everything should be grown simply for the sake of taking a prize. He thought the prizes that day had been fairly won. The success of the show was due in the first place to the active lead of the vicar—(applause), and next the committee, with Mr. Jeffery as secretary, all of whom were untiring in their work in connection with the show. Although the attendance during the afternoon was not good, large num- bers arrived in the evening for dancing, when the ground was illuminated by three large Wells lights, kindly lent by Mess. Turner and Co., Queen's Ferry, and under the superintend- ance of Mr. John Day. The depot band of the Cheshire Regiment was present, and there were other amusements on the ground. The follow- ing was the prize list:— COTTAGERS. Six spring onions: 1, Robert Whipp; 2, C. Hughes 3, F. J. Wheeler. Autumn onions 1, C. Hughes; 2, J. Woods; 3, J. Wilkinson. Turnips (white): 1, J. Wilkinson; 2, T. Fisher; 3, D. Manley. Carrots :1, D. Manley 2, R. Whipp 3, E. Warburton. White kidney potatoes 1, R. Whipp; 2, D. Manley; 3, J. Downward. White round potatoes: 1,E. Warburton; 2, J. Wilkinson; 3, R. Whipp White cabbage 1, J. Wilkinson 2, J. Brown; 3, J. Woods. Red cabbage: 1, J. Woods 2, T. Fisher 3, R. Whipp. Beetroot: 1, E. Warburton 2, E. Bennett; h c, J. Wilkinson. Cauliflowers: 1, D. Manley 2, C. Hughes 3, E. Bennett. Peas 1, D. Manley 2, E. Warburton 3, T. Fisher. Broad beans 1, E. Bennett; 2, T. Fisher 3, J. Woods. French beans 1, E. War- burton; 2, F. Merrett; 3, E. Bennett; h c, J. Wilkinson. Scarlet runners 1, Mrs. E. Hughes; 2, E. Warburton; 3, R. Whipp. Collection of vegetables 1, R. Whipp 2, E. Warburton 3, J. Wilkinson. Red celery 1, F. J. Wheeler 2, F. Merrett; 3, E. Bennett. Vegetable marrows 1, F. J. Wheeler; 2, T. Fisher; c, J. Wilkinson. Leeks: 1, F. J. Wheeler; 2, E. Warburton. Eschalots: 1, J. Brown; 2, D. Manley; h c, J. Woods. Asters: 1, J. Brown; 2, E. Bennett; 3, R. Whipp. Stocks: 1, R. Whipp 2, E. Bennett; 3, J. Brown. Pansies 1, R. Whipp 2, J. Brown 3, E. Bennett. Window plants 1, R. Whipp 2, Mrs. E. Hughes. AMATEURS. Collection of vegetables 1, G. H. Jones 2, J. Wilkinson; 3, F. J. Wheeler. Collection of potatoes: 1, J. Wilkinson; 2, G. H. James 3, the Rev. E. C. Lowndes. Cucumbers: 1, R. Whipp; 2, F. J. Wheeler. Tomatoes 1, G. H. James. Vegetable marrows 1, F. J. Wheeler; 2, J. Wilkinson. Red celery: 1, J. Brown; 2 E. Bennett; 3, F. J. Wheeler. Rhubarb: 1, J. Brown; 2, G H. James; h c, J. Woods. Parsley V wWliku^on: 2' the Rev- E. C. Lowndes; h e, J. Woods Dessert apples 1,G. H. James. Kitchen 1- J- Wilkinson 2, E. Bennett; 3, F. J Wheeler; he, the Rev. E. C. Lowndes. Dessertplums- 2, J. Woods. Dessert pears: 1, F. J. Wheeler- 2 G. H. James 3, J. Wilkinson. Plants in bloom: 1, J. Dutton 2, G. H. James. Collection of cut flowers: 1, J. Brown; 2, the Rev. E. C. Lowndes. Double dahlias: 1, J. Brown; 2, the Rev. E. C. Lowndes. Gladioli: 1, J. Dutton; 2, G H James. Stocks 1, G. H. James 2, the' Rev. E! C. Lowndes. Asters 1, J. Brown the Rev. E. C. Lowndes; 3, G. H. James. Carnations 1, G. H. James; 2, E. Bennett; 3, the Rev. E. C. Lowndes. Sweet peas 1, J. Woods 2, the Rev. E. C. Lowndes. Hardy annuals 1, the Rev. E. C. Lowndes; 2, J. Woods 3, J. Brown. SECTION 3 (OPEN CLASS). Zonal geraniums: 1, F. Richmond; 2, B. C. Roberts. Stove or greenhouse plants: 1, B. C. Roberts; 2, Judge Wynne Ffoulkes. Begonias 1, Miss Humberston; 2, Judge Ffoulkes. Roses: 1 nf w?° 8 2i ^iss Humberston. Collection 2 1°^ bl°oma: h Miss Humberston; Ffoulkes. Carnrftions and mpotaan • 1 fT kers^on 2 Miss E. F. Shand. Grapes I. r. Richmond. Collection of fruit: 1 F Rich- mond 2, Miss Humberston. SPECIAL PRIZES. Table decorations 1 (presented by the Misses Kelsall), Mrs. Pnngle; 2 (presented by Captain i!i. S. Meredith), Miss C. Tomlin; v h c, ivfiaa E. F. Shand. Sunflowers (prizes presented by Mrs. Eaton): 1, J. Wilkinson; 2, Dr. Bridge. Bouquet of wild flowers (prizes by the Misses Payne): 1, R. Todd; 2, Pollie McNeil; h c, Alexander McLean. Mr. Baker's prizes for allotment holders—Col- lection of vegetables 1, G. H. James; 2, E. Bennett. Heaviest vegetable marrow 1, F. J. Wheeler. BUNBURY. The Bunbury flower show held on Wednesday was a decided success. Notwithstanding the counteracting influences of the long drought, the exhibits were greatly superior to those of previous years as regards quality, and the fact that the number of entries this year totalled up to about one thousand shews the rapid progress made by the society since its inception three years ago, and proves how fully warranted was the opinion expressed at that time by the promoters that Bunbury was specially suitable for a horticultural society. To the following gentlemen is due the credit of bringing the exhibition to so high a state of perfection :— Mr. R. Brocklebank, president; the Rev. W. A. Edwards, vice-president; Mr. W. Woolley, treasurer; Mr. R. T. Mathews, hon. secretary. Committee: Messrs. S. Trickett, Neal, R. 'Vickers, W. Cartmale, J. Jackson, C. Vickers, Morton, G. W. Hewitt, P. Elson, Parker, and T. S. Nield. The gentlemen's gardeners' class shewed a great improvement on pre- vious years, special praise being accorded the group of plants from Mrs. Blain's (May held), and Mrs. Aspinall's (Fox- daley. A first-class certificate of merit was awarded to Mr. R. Vicker's pretty cottage garden design (not for competition). The table decorations were very good indeed. The cottagers were strong, particularly in potatoes, onions, carrots and peas; apples, both dessert and culinary, being very good. The following acted as judges:-MessrB. Pierce and Breen, flowers, vegetable, &c.; Mr. Roberts, honey; Mr. and Mrs. Parton, Weston Hall, butter and eggs. An interesting feature in connection with the show was the cheese exhibition, the prizes being subscribed by members of the Cheshire Hunt. There were 25 entries. For this branch the committee comprised :-Messrs. S. Challinor, G. Dutton, T. S. Nield, and T. Rutter. Messrs. J. Cookson (Bunbury) and F. Bebbington (Manchester) acted as judges. A programme of sports was well contested. The Bunbury Brass Band was in attendance and played for dancing. Unfortunately the showery weather prevented a large number of visitors from attending. Miss Jones, Fir Bank, kindly handed the prizes to the recipients. The list of prize winners is attached:— GENTLEMEN'S GARDENERS. Stove plants (in bloom) 1, Captain Feather. stonhaugh. St.)ve plants (foliage) 1, Mr. Charles Thelfall 2, Mr. J. G. Houghton. Green- house plants (in bloom): 1, Mr. R. Brocklebank 2, Mr. C. Thelfall. Greenhouse plants (foliage): 1. Mr. R. Brocklebank 2, Mr. C. Threlfall; 3, Mr. J. G. Houghton. Specimen plant: 1, Mr. C. Threl- fall; 2, Mr. J. G. Houghton. Begonias (Tuberous- rooted) 1, Mr. R. Brocklebank. Ferns (exotic): 1, Mr. J. G. Houghton; 2, Captain Featherston- haugh; 3, Mrs. Blain. Coleus 1, Mr. C. Threlfall; 2, Mr. R. Brocklebank. Geraniums: 1, Mr. R. Brocklebank. Table plants Mr. J. G. Houghton; 2, Mr. C. Threlfall. Button holes: 1, Mr. R. Brocklebank 2, Mrs. Blain. Carnations 1,Mr. R. Brocklebank. Roses: 1, Mr. R. Brocklebank. Black grapes 1, Mr. R. Brocklebank; 2, Mr. J. G. Houghton. White grapes 1, Mr. R. Brocklebank. Tomatoes: 1, Mr. J. G. Houghton; 2, Mr. R. Brocklebank. Collection of hardy fruit: 1, Mr. R. Brocklebank. AMATEURS. PLANTS.—Greenhouse plants 1, G. W. Hewitt. One specimen greenhouse plant: 1, G. W. Hewitt. Fuchsias and geraniums: 1, G. W. Hewitt. Begonias: 1, G. W. Hewitt. British hardy ferns and two greenhouse ferns 1, G. W. Hewitt. FLOWBRS.-Hybridroses: 1, G. F. Dutton. A sters: 1, J.Kemp 2, T. Windsor. Dahlias (decorative): 1, J. Cadman; 2, J. Kemp. Double dahlias (show): 1, J. Cadman. Cactus dahlias 1, J. Cadman; 2, G. F. Dutton. Pompon dahlias: 1, J. Cadman Carnations: 1, W. C. Dodd; 2, J. Cadman. African marigolds 1, G. W. Hewitt; 2, T. Windsor. Open to ladies only-Table decoration: 1, Miss Brookshaw; 2, T. Grocott; 3, L. Mottram. FRUIT.—Dessert apples: 1, Mrs. Hopley; 2, Mrs. Hinde. Kitchen apples: 1, A. Sheen 2, G Watson. Pears 1, A. Sheen 2. P. Reade. Plums: 1, J Hopley; 2, W. Large. Gooseberries: 1, H. Woodward; 2, G. W. Hewitt. Black and red currants: 1, G W Hewitt. VEGETABLES.—Cucumbers: 1, S. Burrows; 2, J. Cadman. Tomatoes: 1, S. Burrows. White and coloured kidney potatoes 1, P. Reade 2, G. Watson. White and coloured round potatoes 1, G. Watson; 2, P. Reade. Varieties of potatoes 1, P. Reade 2, C. Hitchen. Runner beans 1, S. Burrows; 2, S. Peet. Dwarf beans: 1, Miss Brookshaw; 2, J. Cadman. Broad beans: 1, G. Watson; 2, J. Cadman. Peas: 1, G. Watson; 2, Miss Brookshaw. Autumn onions: 1, Miss Brook- shaw 2, P. Reade. Spring onions 1, S. Burrows 2, G. Watson. Eschalots (large varieties): 1, P. iieade 2, G. Watson. Escalots (small varieties): 1, J. Woodward. Cabbages (not ox) 1, Cadman; 2, J. Woodward. Cauliflowers: 1, Miss Brook- shaw 2, P. Reade. Red cabbages 1, J. Cadman; 2, W. Couzens. Beetroot 1, S. Burrows; 2, A. Sheen. White celery: 1, P. Reade. Red celery: 1, P. Reade. Vegetable marrows 1, W. Couzens; 2, G. W. Hewitt. Carrots: 1, G. Watson; 2, S. Burrows. Table turnips: 1, P. Reade; 2, J. Cadman. Lettuce: 2, H. Woodward. Parsnips: 1, S. Burrows; 2, P. Reade. Rhubarb: 1, J. Hough; 2, W. Couzens. Collection of herbs: 1, W. Couzens 2, G. W. Hewitt. Parsley: 1, T. Windsor 2, Mrs. Hinde. COTTAGERS. PLANTS Window plants (not fuchsia or geranium): 1, A. Prince; 2, William Parker. Specimen window plant (geranium) 1, A. Prince 2, William Parker. Specimen window plant (fuchsia): 1, W. Brooks 2, J. Morrey. Specimen window plant: 1, W. Parker; 2, H. Hinde. CUT FLOWERS.—Hybrid roses: 1, J. Wrench; 2, W. Parker. Asters 1, J. Wrench; 2, Mrs. Frodsham. Stocks: 1, T. Welch; 2, A. Prince. Dahlias (decorative): 1, J. Sheen. Double dahlias (show): 1, H. Jackson 2, J. Sheen. Cactus dahlias: 1, H. Jackson; 2, J. Sheen. Pompon dahlias 1, R. Vickers; 2, W. Parker. African marigolds 1, J. Wrench; 2, H. Jackson. Carna- tions 1, H. Jackson; 2, W. Parker. Collection of annuals: 1, W. Parker; 2, H Jackson. Hand bouquet (out-of-door flowers): 1, E. Spencer; 2, A. Prince. Bouquet wild flowers (for children under 14): 1, E. Sinclair; 2, E. Prince. Collection of wild flowers (for children under 14): 1, E. Sin- clair; 2, W. Prince. FRUIT.—Dessert apples 1, J. Sinclair; 2, J. Sheen. Kitchen apples: 1, J. Thompson 2, W. Edge. Pears: 1, A. Prince; 2, J. Sinclair. Plums 1, E. Spencer; 2, H. Jackson. Goose- berries 1, J. Wrench; 2, J. Sheen. Black and red currants 1, J. Morrey; 2, H. Jackson. Col- lection of hardy fruit: 1, E. Spencer,; 2, J. Wrench. VEGETABLES.—Cucumbers: 1, T. Woodall; 2, A. Prince. Kidney potatoes (white and coloured): 1, J. Wrench; 2, W. Parker. Round potatoes (white and coloured): 1, W. Parker; 2, J. Wrench. Potatoes: 1, J. Sinclair; 2, T. Latham. Broad beans: 1, T. Welch; 2, J. Wrench. Runner beans 1, W. Parker 2, A. Prince. Dwarf beans: 1, H. Hockenhull 2, J. Guest. Peas: 1, T. Welch; 2, J. Sinclair. Spring onions: 1, W. Parker; 2, J. Dykes. Autumn onions 1, W. Edge; 2, W. Parker. Carrots: 1, J. Sheen; 2, J. Dykes. White celery: 1, W. Parker; 2, J. Wrench. Red celery: 1, W. Parker; 2, T. Woodall. Vegetable marrows 1, C. Ashley; 2, J. Wrench. Eschalots (large varieties): 1, W. Stockton; 2, T. Welch. Eschalots (small varieties): 1, F. Vickers; 2, W. Stockton. Red cabbages 1, T. Woodall; 2, E. Spencer. Cabbages (not ox): 1, E. Spencer; 2, J. Thompson. Beetroot (long) 1, E. Spencer; 2, T. Welch. Savoys 1, E. Spencer 2, J. Guest. Cauliflowers: 1, J. Wrench; 2, J. Sinclair. Table turnips: 1, J. Sinclair; 2, A. Prince. Lettuce: 1, T. Welch; 2, A. Prince. Parsnips: 1, J. Guest; 2, W. Parker. Rhubarb: 1, A. Prince; 2, J. Mottram. Parsley: 1, J. Sinclair; 2, J. Wrench. Leeks: 1, J. Wrench. Collection of herbs 1, A. Prince; 2, J. Morrey. BUTTER.-For cottagers keeping only one cow, best lib. of butter: 1, Mrs. Ashley; 2. Mrs. Couzens; 3, Mr. J. Pownall. For cottagers keep- ing two cows, 21bs.of butter 1, Mrs. Simpson 2, Miss N. Lovekin; 3, G. Harding. Best 41bs. of butter, slightly salted (open class): 1, Mrs. J. Stokes; 2, Mrs. P. Reade; 3, Miss E. France. DRESSED FOWLS AND EGGS.—Fowls (dressed): 1, Mrs. Hodkinson 2, P. Reade. Ducks (dressed): 1, W. Couzens; 2, Mrs. Parker. White eggs 1, Mrs. Stockton; 2, Mrs: Clutton. Brown eggs: 1 Mrs. M. Vickers 2, G. Dutton. SPECIAL PRIZES. Best and neatest cottager's garden: 1, Joseph Guest; 2, Henry Jackson; 3, Thos. Guest. Best collection of vegetables: 1, J. Wrench; 2, T. Woodall and A. Prince 3, W. Parker. SPECIAL PRIZE SUBSCRIPTIONS GIVEN BY THE CHESHIRE HUNT. Best three cheese (coloured): First prize, 93; second prize, X2; third prize, £1: 1, Mr. Cooper (Ridley); 2, Mr. Simcock (Alpraham); 3, Mr. T. Guest (Spurstow). Best three cheese (white): First prize, X3; second prize, X2; third prize, JE1: 1, Mr. E. Langley (Ridley); 2, Mr. J. T. Wilson (Beeston) 3, Mr. E. Willis (Ridley.) HONEY. Best two shallow bars: 1, W. Parker; 2, J. Kemp; 3, T. Vickers. Best six bottles: 1, W. Parker; 2, C. Willis; 3, J. Kemp. PROGRAMME OF SPORTS. 100 yards handicap, boys under 15 1, J. Guest; 2, W. Lloyd 3, T. Edge. Three-legged race, 100 yards: 1, J. Guest and J. Large; 2, W. Bainbridge and H. Guest. 100 yards handicap: 1, W. Grocott; 2, H. Guest; 3, R. Lewis. Egg and spoon race for ladies 1, Mrs. J. Guest. Mile race 1, Bainbridge; 2, Lewis; 3, W. Grocott. Slow bicycle race for men, 50 yards: 1, W. Holland; 2, T. Kinsey. Bicycle race for men, one mile: 1, T. Kinsey; 2, H. Parker. Slow bicycle race for ladies, 50 yards: 1, MiflS M. Matthews. Tug of war, 10 a side T. Rutter's team won, Messrs. S. Cawley and S. Challinor acted as judges, Mr. T. Rutter as starter, and the committee as handicappers. HESWALL. The annual fruit and flower show in connec- tion with Heswall and district took place on Saturday in the grounds attached to Roscote, kindly lent by the president and chairman (Mr. T. Brocklebank). The show appears to grow in popularity year by year, the beautiful sur- roundings amid which it takes place also serving to attract numbers of visitors. The honorary officials were as follow iB :-Patrons: Messrs. W. Bromley Davenport, M.P., Leadley Brown, Charles Maclver, B.A., Colonel Cotton- Jodrell, M.P., the Rev. T. H. May, M.A., Mrs. Thedore Rathbone, Captain Meadows Frost, Messrs. F. Batters, J. G. Churton, J. Cooper, W. H. Jones, J. Larden Bromfield, C. F. Hutton. Committee: Messrs. Henry Bower, Edward Griffiths, George Talbot, S. Ellis, J. Tarbuck, Edward Broster, E. Ellis, H. Holford, J. Pullen, F. Mousley, T. Jackson, Baxter Smallwood, S. Ring, W. Lawton, J. Lightfoot, H. Swift, J. Caldow, T. Barlow, J. Cooper, J. Kitchen, D. Sillitoe, J. Patterson, T. Roberts, and W. Crellin. Mr. J. W. Shaw (hon. sec.) again rendered invaluable service, assisted by Messrs. J. Pennington, W. Ledsom, and G. Hollowood, and Mr. F. Batters acted as hon. treasurer. The show was in many respects a great improvement on its predecessors, but the wet evening interfered sadly with the comfort of the visitors. Mrs. T. Brocklebank, who dis- tributed the prizes at 6.30, made an interesting address, in which she referred to the many advantages attending the cultivation of the products of the field and garden, and compli- mented the committee and officials on the success which had attended their labours.—Mr. J. W. Shaw appropriately replied. Special prizes were given by Messrs. F. Batters, S. Ring, Brownlie, J. Kitchen, H. Swift, D. Sillitoe, T. Barlow, the Rev. T. H. May (rector), E. Griffith, J. Pennington, T. Montgomery, and S. Johnson (Heswall Nursery). The judges were Mr. A. Jamieson, Hermitage, Neston; and Mr. Playfair, Spital Hall. Results:— CLASS A.—COTTAGERS ONLY. Two cucumbers: 1, T. B. Smallwood; 2, J. Caldow. Two cauliflowers: 1, H. Rutter; 2, W. Owens. Two vegetable marrows: 1, H. Rutter- 2, W. Crellen; 3, T. Smallwood. Two heads of celery 1, J. Evans; 2, B. Rutter; 3, T. Caldow. Eight white round potatoes 1, H. Rutter; 2, W. Owens; 3, T. Rutter. Eight coloured round potatoes 1, J. Caldow 2, J. Peers; 3, H. Rutter. Eight white kidney potatoes 1, J. Caldow 2, W. Owens; 3, H. Rutter. Eight coloured kidney potatoes 1, J. Caldow; 2, W. Owens; 3, H. Rutter. Eight onions 1, J. Peers; 2, W. Owens; 3, T. Roberts. Eight shallots: 1, J. Caldow; 2, W. Owens; J. Peers. Twelve pods scarlet runners 1, T.B.Smallwood; 2, J. Caldow; 3, H.Rutter. Twelve pods peas 1, J. Hughes; 2,J.Caldow; 3, H. Rutter. Twelve pods French beans 1, T. Rutter 2, T. B. Smallwood; 3, J. Peers. Twelve pods broad beans: 1, T. B. Smallwood; 2, H. Rutter. Two green cabbages; 1, J. Rutter; 2, H. Rutter; 3, W. Owen. Six carrots: 1, T. B. Smallwood 2, J. Peers 3, W. Owen. Six carrots 1, T. B. Small- wood; 2, J. Peers 3, W. Owen. Collection of table fruit 1, T. B. Smallwood. Collection of culinary fruit: 1. T. B. Smallwood. Collection of vegetables 1, T. Roberts; 2, J. Peers; 3, H. Rutter. Fern in pot: 1, T. B. Smallwood; 2, H. Rutter. Geranium or pelargonium: 1, T. B. Smallwood 2, H. Rutter. Fuchsia: 1, T. B. Smallwood 2, H. Rutter; 3, T. Roberts. Gladioli (three spikes): 1. H. Rutter 2, T. Roberts 3, T. B. Smallwood. Four cut dahlias 1, T. B. Smallwood 2, T. Rntter; 3, H. Rutter. Four cut asters: 1, H. Rutter; 2, J. Caldow; 3, T. B. Smallwood. Four spikes of stock 1. T. Rutter: 2, T. B. Smallwood 3, H. Rutter. Three cut roses: 1, T. B. Smallwood; 2, H. Rutter. Collection of cut flowers: 1, W. Crellen 2, H. Rutter; 3, T. B. Smallwood. Hand bouquet: 1, T. B. Smallwood 2, J. Caldow. Window plant in pot: 1, T. B. Smallwood; 2, H. Rutter 3, J Evans. Best kept cottage garden 1, T. B. Small- wood 2, J. Caldow 3, T. Rutter. CLASS B. (Farmers, tradesmen, market gardeners or amateurs.) Two heads of celery: 1, W. Hough; 2, J. Evans; 3, J. Caldow. Twelve white round potatoes: 1, J. Totty; 2, W. Hough; 3, J. Caldow. Twelve coloured round potatoes: 1, W. Hough; 2, J. Caldow. Twelve white kidney potatoes: 1, W. Hough 2, J. Caldow. Twelve coloured kidney potatoes: 1, J. Totty; 2, J. Caldow. Twelve onions 1, H. Rutter; 2, W. Broster; 3, W. Hough. Two green cabbages 1, J. Totty. A collection of three plants in pots: 1, T. B. Smallwood. CLASS C (OPEN CLASSES). Two bunches of grapes: T. Brocklebank. Six dessert apples 1, T. B. Smallwood 2, L. Brown; 3, E. Ellis. Six cooking apples 1, E. Ellis 2, T. B. Smallwood; 3, E. Griffiths. Six dessert pears 1, Mrs. T. Rathbone; 2, L. Brown; 3, C. MacIver. Six plums, dark or light: 1, E. Griffiths; 2, Mrs. T. Rathbone. Six sticks of rhubarb: 1, T. Brocklebank 2, C. MacIver; 3, H. Ratter. Two cucumbers 1, J. Talbot; 2, C. Maclver 3, E. Ellis. Two cauliflowers 1, C. Maclver 2, W. Hough. Two vegetable marrows T. Brockle- bank 2, Mrs. T. Rathbone; 3, R. Brancker. Twelve shallots 1, T. Brocklebank; 2, L. Brown; 3, J. Caldow. Twelve pods of scarlet runners 1, R. Brancker; 2, T. Brocklebank; 3, C. Maclver. Twenty-four pods of peas 1, T. Brocklebank; 2, Mrs. T. Rathbone; 3, L. Brown. Twenty-four pods of French beans 1, T. Brocklebank 2, J. G. Churton 2, E. Ellis. Twelve pods of broad beans 1, Mrs. T. Rathbone; 2, L. Brown;3, T. Brocklebank. Two roots of parsley 1, H. Rutter 2, C. Maclver 3, T. Rutter. Eight tomatoes 1, W. H. Newbrook 2, T. Brocklebank; 3, T. Talbot. Three heads of celery 1, L. Brown 3, E. Ellis 3. Mrs. T. Rathbone. Two green cabbages 1, Mrs. T. Rathbone 2, T. Brockle- bank 3, C. Maclver. Two red cabbages 1, T. Brocklebank 2, Mrs. T. Rathbone 3. C. Maclver. Six carrots 1, L. Brown 2, T. Brocklebank 3, R. Brancker. Six parsnips 1, W. Broster 2, L. Brown 3. T. Brockle- bank. Six turnips 1, Mrs. T. Rathbone 2, C. Maclver 3. J. G. Churton. Six swedes: 1, E. Griffiths 2, W. Hough; 3, G. Totty. Six mangold wurzels (long): 1, W. Lawton; 2, J. Totty. Six mangold wurzols (Globe): 1, W. Lawton; 2, W. Hough. Six beetroot: 1, H. Rutter 2, W. Broster 3, T. Rathbone. Twelve onions (autumn or spring): 1, L. Brown; 2, T. Brocklebank 3, E. Ellis. Six leeks 1, E. Ellis 2, U. MacIver; 3, T. Brocklebank. Collection of potatoes 1. C. Maclver; 2, T. Brocklebank; 3, L. Brown. Collection of table fruit: 1, Mrs. T. Rathbone. Collection of culinary fruit: 1, Mrs. T. Rathbone; 2, Mr. T. Brockle- bank. Collection of Vegetables: 1, L. Brown 2, C. MacIver; 3, Mrs. T. Brocklebank. Six roses (six varieties): 1, J. G. Churton; 2, C. MacIver; 3, T. Brocklebank. Collection of cut flowers: 1, C. Maclver; 2, E. Ellis; 3, T. Brocklebank. Collection of everlasting flowers: 1, C. MacIver; 2, L. Brown; 3, J. Evans. Six hollyhocks 1, T. Brocklebank; 2, C. Maclver; 3, Mrs. T. Rathbone. Wild flowers (adalts): 1, W. Howard, jun.; 2, Miss J. E. Hollowood. Wild flowers (children) •. 1, Miss Nellie Caldow. Collection of three plants (foliage): 1, T. Brocklebank; 2, Mrs. T. Rathbone. Collection of three plants in bloom 1, E. Ellis; 2, T. Brocklebank; 3, Mrs. T Rathbone. Six dahlias (double) 1, C. Maclver 2, E. Ellis; 3, T. Brocklebank Six dahlias (cactus): 1, E. Ellis; 2, C. MacIver; 3, T. Brocklebank. Hand bouquet: 1, T. Brockle- bank; 2, C. MacIver. Three ferns (pots six inches): 1, L. Brown; 2, H. Henbrook; 3, T. Brocklebank. One greenhouse fern: 1, T. Brocklebank; 2, E. Ellis; 3, L. Brown. Hen's eggs (six white) 1, T. B. Smallwood; 2, W. Hough; 3, T. Roberts. Hen's eggs (six coloured): 1, Mrs. H. Rutter; 2, T. B. Smallwood; 3. R. Brancker. Collection of wild flowers (children under fifteen): 1, Miss A. A. Hollowood; 2, Edward Caldow; 3, Miss S. Shakeshaft. Cottager who competes in the garden prize and has the best show of hollyhocks: T. B. Smallwood. Carnations (cottagers only): 1, T. B. Smallwood 2, H. Rutter; 3, J. Caldow. Window fuchsia (cottagers only): 1, J. Jones. Six pansies (cottagers only) 1, T. Smallwood; 2, J. Caldow; 3, H. Rutter. Six hollyhocks 1, T. B. Smallwood 2, W. Howard 3, J. Caldow. Collections of flowers and foliage in garden (cottagers): 1, T. B. Small- wood 2, J. Caldow; 3, W. Howard. Collection of vegetables, while growing (cottagers).- 1, J. Caldow; 2, J. B. Smallwood; 3, T. Rutter. Greatest number of prizes gained by farm labourer H. Rutter. To the farm labourer who comes second with number of prizes: W. Owens. For gentleman's gardener who gains most points (silver medal): W. G. Hollowood. For the farmer who wins greatest number of prizes W. Hough. Best collection of vegetables in show J. Tarbuck. W ILL ASTON. The annual exhibition of flowers, fruit, and vegetables, in connection with the Willaston and Wistaston Floral and,Horticultural Society took place on Saturday in Willaston Park, being opened by Mr. James Bailey, of Willaston Hall. For butter, the prize-takers included Mr. P. Reade, of Swanley Mrs. France, of Spurstow, near Tarporley; Jessie Dean and S. Bebbington, of Acton; while prizes for cheese were awarded to Mr. T. Bostock (Willaston) and Mr. B. Boston (Stapley). Mr. H. J. Hobson, of Stapley, won two prizes for col- lections of farm produce. Prizes for the best vegetable gardens were won by Messrs. F. Grocott, J. Harding, J. Newton, and T. Meakin. For groups of plants Messrs. J. Proffitt (of Stapley) and W. Pollet (of Nantwich) were the principal prize-takers, and for stove and greenhouse plants the same gentlemen. For collections of fruit, Mr. W. Nicholson, of Ape- dale, Newcastle, was first, and for 12 varieties of vegetables, Mr. S. Burrows, of Burland.


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