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LANCASHIRE AND THE DEE FISHERIES. ♦ A CHESHIRE COUNCILLOR'S VIEWS. ♦ REMARKABLE SPEECH. ♦ MR. HOLBROOK'S POSITION. ♦ [By OUR SPECIAL CORRESPONDENT.] A meeting of the Lancashire Sea Fisheries Joint Committee was held on Monday at Preston, Mr. J. Fell presiding. The CHAIRMAN explained that a letter had been addressed to him by the Hon. H. Holbrook protesting against a communication sent him by the deputy clerk, informing him that he was not entitled to sit on that committee, though he was a member of the Dee Salmon Board.— Mr. Muspratt, deputy clerk, then read the Hon. 11. Holbrook's letter, which ran as follows :— | COPT.] LANCASHIRE SEA FISHERIES. To the Chairman Lancashire Sea Fisheries, Preston. Sir,—I received on the 12th August a letter ■dated the 11th August from Mr. J. P. Muspratt, acting clerk and legal adviser of the Board. informing me I could not legally sit on the Board, to which I had been elected by the River Dee Conservators Salmon Board as their representative. Conservators Salmon Board as their representative. Copy of this letter I forward to the Chester papers, so that full notice may be given, and the original I send to Fisheries Department Board of London, with copy of this protest. I received notice the Lancashire Board meets at Preston County Offices, 11.30 forenoon, on 23rd August, and being incomplete without representation from River Dee, I have to protest against the second paragraph in the report of the Finance and General Purposes Committee being considered until after next meeting River Dee Board. It relates to the resolution Lancashire County Council for the Lancashire Fisheries to come up the River Dee to the injury of the fishing industry there. My desire in this protest is also to relieve myself from personal liability, so the River Dee Board as a body can claim on the Lancashire Board for any expenses that may occur, and not, as in the sluices, have to pay part of a large sum for asserting their rights. The whole sum came to £8,000 to £10,000 for all to pay, most part by the Chester Corporation. In this the River Dee Board will follow their own wishes, myself I take no responsibility or liability. My opinion is I shall be carrying out the wishes of the River Dee Board by this protest until it has been before the River Dee Board, and they have had the privilege of taking whatever action they may desire thereon.—Your obedient servant, HENRY HOLBROOK. Parkgate, near Chester, Aug. 21, 1897. The CHAIRMAN stated that the Dee Salmon Board had overlooked the qualifications necessary for representation on that committee, and there was really no reason to object to the course which had been taken. The committee were merely carrying out their bye-laws in the matter, and he saw no reason why Mr. Holbrook should not have been present when the matter could have been explained to him. They regretted the affair, though nothing further could be done in the matter. Under the Act no vacancy or vacancies could be dis- cussed outside the Board. Col. TURNER, in moving the adoption of the report of the Finance and General Purposes Sub-committee, said the whole gist of the matter was in the proceeding of the County Council and Mr. Holbrook's letter of protest had reference to what was done there. He saw Son ofS?h y ,6y should delay the considera- lusslsted bvTr T?auagr^ph 0f the reP°rfc as suggested by Mr. Holbrook, and he accordin^lv moved its adoption.—The report stated £ "A £ £ RU VT''VAASSVTEOTTI Tradefor » a° be ?*ade to the Boar<l of 8e?PS I ? order ^lgamatxng the Lancashire iSLSl fv?- ?utrjct *nd the Western Sea 8hfr« n w U"der the name of The Lanca- Western Sea Fisheries District,' and tending such amalgamated district up the iyer Dee to the seaward side of a line ^rawn from Burton's Head, in the county of ^nester, to Connah's Quay, in the County of *«nt. The sub-committee hoped that the Dee Board of Conservators would consent to the extension, as considerable confusion existed at time in consequence of the bye-laws ■v>i the two committees not being exactly identical, 3nd it was difficult for the fishermen to know an, in which district they were fishiDg. 1 he CHAIRMAN expressed the hope that the "ee fishery Board would look on their proposal m a broad and fair way. They were in no sense aesiroua of depriving them of any privileges; fk Were most anxious to do anything to aid rather than to injure. The conservators in the Uee would in no way suffer by their amalgama- tion with the Lancashire Committee. At the Present time their position there did not seem to be very satisfactory, and he was quite satis- fied that the Cheshire people, in dealing with the question, would have an open mind, and would in the end agree that Lancashire was not attempting to maraud in the Dee, or to do anything of the kind. Mr. A. T. WRIGHT, as a representative from riu u're> that thot-e members of the Cheshire County Council whe had considered the subject were in accord with the proposals of the Lancashire Committee. It was only a few members of the Dee Salmon Board Conservators I who were afraid that some injury might be ^one to their district and to their salmon. With the Dee Sea Fishery Committee they believed they would now be able to reach the estuary of the Dee, and as tar as their salmon district J was concerned satisfactorily. He believed, however, that friendly negotiations would felrrl co^incing the Dee Salmon tfoard that the amalgamation—if the Western *° b.e amalgamated—would be attended with beneficial results. There should I n° dlfficujty,in ^acting bye-laws which nave been carefully considered, from being evaded. At the present time the bye-laws could be evaded, and this applied both to the small tishin boats and to the mussel beds. The Dee Sea FIshery Board had not a sufficient number of bailiffs, and this deficiency could be taken advantage of by the fishermen. The report was adopted, and the following resolution was unanimously carried :— thJirao„thi8 j?int committee approve of the action of Boar^ ofa^l^Unty C°^Dcil in to the existiri ° T for an order amalgamating the easting Lancashire and Western Sea Fisheries inS lv. extending such district so as to the Dee remaxmng portion of the estuary of


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