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GEORGES Pile and Gravel Pills ———————' «EUJR CAEL FEDDYGINIAETH HON MEWN TRI 0 DDULLIAU GWAHANOL FEL Y CAN LYN: — K. i M. Z I PARK HOUSE, SALISBURY ROAD, CARDIFF. JASSWTL ^SYR,— Mae fy anwyl fam wedi dymuno arnaf lawer o weithiau i ^ysgrifenu atoch i ddioleh i chwi o waelod ei chalon am y lleshad y mae 'wedi dderbyn trwy eich Pelenau. Y mae yn 73 mlwydd oed ac y sinae yn hapus genyf ddweyd y mae yn teimlo yn hynod o iach a hoenus. ?Priodola sefyllfa ei hiechyd i ddau beth, a defnyddio ei geiriau hi, sef, yn gyntaf, i drugaredd yr Arglwydd, ac i'ch Pelenau chwi yn ail. Dioddefodd boen dirfawr yn ei chefn am lawer o flynyddoedd, ond tua ithair blynedd yn ol penderfynodd dreio blychaid o'ch (Pelenau cbwi, a mawr y lleshad a dderbyoiedd yn union. Maeeigenauyn agored wrth ibawb am y lies mae wedi deimlo, ac yn parliau i dderbyn o hyd. ejmlai rwymedigaeth arni i gyhoeddi hyn er budd i earaill. Ydwyf, yr eiddoch yn ddiffuant, D. BEYNON, Coal Merchant. MfEWN BLYCHAU, Is I5C a 2s 9c YRt UN. v DRWY Y POST. la 3c « 3s YR UN. PEKCtlENOG J. E. -GEoR(4-F,, LII.R.P.S., IIIRWA.IN, Aberdare DANEDD. GELLHl ymweled a DR. TONES, Craig Owen \jr (near the Railway Station), Bangor, bob aydd lau yn No. 16, Lledwigan-road, Llangefni. Yn Mangor bob dydd, ond ,<dyddiau Mawrth ao lau. Yn Llaoerchymedd o ddeg tan un, ac Amlwch e ddau tan bump, gyda Mr Hughes, Stationer, 8, Market-street, Gorphenal E-fed, Awst 5ed, Me V; 211 a Main, Hytbef 28ain, Tadm-eidd 25ain, Rha^vr 23ain. Yn Methesda, IA=berie,ac Ebenezer ar tOl 6Ictwnt tall. 0 goes A WaaHterful Metfjoino* J j I !j f w For Billons mad Nerrcns Disorders, audi,*s Wind O and Pain to tbe Stocach, Sick Headache,t^iddi- A ness, Fulness *nd Svefclline after meals, Diastiness ,00 and Drowsiness, Cold Chills, Flushiugs,QfHeat, A J. Loss of Appetite, Shortness of BreaAb, Costive- CP ness, Blotches aa ,the Skin, Disturbed Sleep, O .A Frightful Dreams, And ;*U Nervous and Trembling w Sensations, &c. THE FIRST DOSE WILL QtVE 9 RELIEF IN TffEMTY MMI/TE8. This is no fiction. Q — >* £ very sufferjr is earnestly invited to try one tQojc •# of these Pills, tad they will be uknov O tfeidtfed to be Worth a Guinea aBox •! <0 £ ^ECHAH'S PILLS taken as dweoted. will quickly restore ¥eaaaii& to complete health. ™ & Th^y promptly remove any obstruction or iiwega- A ilarity.of the system* For* J Wmk Stomach, I tlmfJaired Digestion, J Disordered Liver, a t sef ilSte magic—a few 44ses will work 10 J O wethers upjits the Vital Organs; 5trengthening the muscular System, restorinf the long-lost w Consf.iajtion, 4-inging back the 2een edge of 0 A appetite, and -arousing' with the Rosebud of — Heaitli tho .whole physical .energy of the human frame. These are "facts" admitted by M thousands, in all ciasses of society, andpne of the 9 best guarantees -to the Nervous and £ ie{ £ litated is — that BEE'S PILLS Aavfl tha Largest Sato of any Paint MmsfJcfnm 9 40 In the World. q Prepatwl only by J THOMAS BECCHAM, ST. HELEN8, LAHCS. J Sold everywhere in Boxee i a.A. E. W. ELIAS, CYCLE DEPOT, 360, 361, 36?, HIGH SI BEET, BANGOR. AGENT FOR HTJMBER'S, PREMIER'S, EXCELSIOR'S, SWIFT'S, CENTAUR'S, grARKBROOICs, SINGER'S CYCLES, and all kipfe of MOTORS. Best value on the market for 910 10s—Free Wheel, Dunlop Tyres, Plated Rims, Two-rim Brakes. BEESTON HUMBER ON VIEW, as riddten by H.R.H. the Prince of Wale*. I Belle Lamps, and all kinds of Accessories kept in Stock'. C.T.O. Bepw^r. CYCLES ON HIRE, from 6d koUi, 7s ód per week. PETROL O S,pAI. 31667 CYCLES -» VERY B £ SL *i'; i'i, ijJ FOR 10/4 }'IiEE LADIES GENTLEMEN. iO/ WJiEi'JI.s. arrttii/f J'llidlov.'liMrti, ) Xthly. I OASLI ;.R MONTHLY r— V jP\ 1-. Py.MI.'NTS. ) /r/Nv\ f)X I il 5S- l''l4\ t.A' f f 1 \> £ 7 '5s* '4 3) C L ,F V V £ s 8s- '5/- a 7 5J!. I6/8! V r*r S £ y l5S* '7'6! 2 POST |I tew*" rite at once for NEW SE FOX's LIST, over 100 natron and I oTcr flOO ii'.ustrali. ris, of JCKO Cycle* taxi latest Cvclins • at lowor prioax than any other liouso. ,S<B( noi( /r«« ^lETROPOLiTAN MACHINISTS' Co., Ltd. ,C "] '7S> BUhopsgate Street Without. London. E.C.. f AMO PMOACtM.T ClBODS. Lmmx, W. ESTABLISHED IN 1836, *OR THE PROTEJTION OF TIRADE. STUBBS' MtEBOANTJLE OFFICE, (Stabbal Ltd.). 42, GRESHAM-STREET, LONDON, B.O. Sabacsabers, by obtaining-tisoely informatMB through THE STATUS ENQUIRY DEPARTMENT, MAY AVOID MAEjlNG BAD DEBTS. Every Trader should read STUBES' WEEKLY GAZETTE With wibioh is issued a Supplement oontaming LISTS OF CREDITORS. fJeT all the nt Failures. COMMERCML REGISTERS", contain OJ." tJIan NINE MILLION ENTRIES. DEBTS RECOVERS PROMPTLY AND REMITTED TO SUBWCSJBERS ON TIJM DAY AiCD FRIDAY in fitch Week. L) RAN C H E S: At Abeay-ieen, Binniuf j 1..1 ham, Blaekb^n, Bradford. Br.igbton. Bri^oi, Belfast, Cardiff, Cork, Crovton, Dublin, Dundee, Ediabutgh, Exeter, Glasgow, End. derafield, Hull, Leeds, Leioeetea, Liver- ijittol, LG don (W End), MaaioUester, New- caetle, Norwich, Nofetingbam, "1yiBaHth, PortØf aiqutb, Sheffield, Southampton, Sttodenwand, Swan- sea, Wolverhampton. Spivoffices :—Bsiston, Gmbridge, Detdbj, lhia fries, Glouoeeter, Gr«eno<vtf Grimsby,Halifax,Hauler, Inverness, Ipswich, ^inoerick. Londonder.-Y, Mid- dlesbtao', Newport (lton,. Northampton, Oxford, Perth, Preston, Reading, StocktoB-on-Teet, Tor- quay, Walsall, Waterford, A& arcenter, York. Termw:-Bl la, £2 21&. -3. jBS 6m, aceordiag "i reqttsreJBesti Prospectua forwarded oiL application to any of the above effioM. ACCIDENTS of all KINDS EMPLOY ER-S' LIABILITY, Accident and Disease (Small Pox, Scarlet Fever, Typhoid, Diphtheria,&c.) Burglary & Fidelity Insurance. I RAILWAY PASSENGERS' ASSURANCE CO. Established 1849. Claims Paid £ 4,450,000. W. OORNHILL, LONDON. A. VIAN, Secretary. Agents required in unrepresented districts. Manobeeter Office: 16, John Dalton-street. 3421 JUBILEE. JUBILEE PELENAU JONES TREMADOC (JONES' TREMADOC PILLS), C EJ yr HEN EEDDYGINIAETH GYMREIG ADNABYDDUS. ac sydd wedi SEFYLL PRAWF droa HANER CAN' MLYNED gan y Deyrnas hon a Obyfandiroedd Ew.op, fel nad oes braidd Deulu yn Nghymxu na chlyw sant eu Ttdau &u Teidiau yn son am eu rhin- weddau at wellhau pob afiechyd sydd a'i dueddi ad o'r Yeturnog a'r Mu ac Anmhuredd y Gwaed a'r Doiur Cyffredina Chyndyn hwnw y Orydcymalau. Gwertthir an yr holl Wholesale Houses a Manwerthir gain bob Chemist drwy y byd gwa reiddatdig mewn Blychau Is lc. 2a 6c, a 4s he 2 vjr un. Ûd lnethir eu eael yu yr ardal, anfoner eu gwerth mews Stamps i'r CAMBRIAN PILL DEPOT, Tremadoe. North Wales D.S.—Nid oes llai na Box cy fan ør Pills hyn i'w cael- Stock-taking Sale and. "TMTIL 9th AUGUST, j Genuine Rerluctions rin Prices. PIONEER C°mP"e^e Furnishing Stores, ■ IV Itttn 9 to 19, Bold St., Liverpool. I Carpets Made & Laid Ib'ree, Linoleums Laid Free, BLINDS MADE MtiEE, AND OTHER MONEY-SA VING OONClESSIONa Send for Sale and other Catalogues. ^?'y JOSIAH HUGHES k Co., General, Furnishing, Manufacturing and Builders' IRONMONGERS 159 & 161, HIGH STREET, BANGOR, BEG TO DTiAW THE ATTENTION OF THE (PUBLIC OF I UPPEJi BANGOR TO THE FACT THAT THEY HAVE OPENED A New Branch Shop IN UPPER BANGOR (Top of Glanrafon Hill). 4 Established 1813. M. A. CROOKS HIGH-CLASS BOOT AND SHOE ESTABLISHMENT, 222, HIGH STREET, BANGOR, And UXBRIDGE SQUARE, MENAI BRIDGE- Ladies' & Gentlemen's Boots and Shoes In the Latest Styles, by the best English, Parisian, and American Makers. II It BOOTS and SHOES, .¡I. to. Boys' and Girls' Boots in a variety of grades. BESPOKE BOOT MAKER REPAIRS Telegrams: Cameon, Bangor. t Telephone 51. I& I A DONALD CAMERON, LADIES AND GluJi ILEMEN'S TAILOR AND OUTFITTER, ,CATHEDRAL BUILDINGS, BANGOR, and TOWN HALL BUILDINGS, BEAUMARIS, Respectfully solieits the inspection of Ladies and Gentlemen to a large, and choice stock of High-Class Woollen fabrics and Cuiintry wear. GENUINE HOME-MADE HIGHLAND TWEEDS Greatly valued by every sportsman for tibeir soft and porous texture, and being manu- factured from pure long wool, is naturally wet resisting and specially adapted for FISHING, SHOOTING, AND GOLF CAPES. REAL VICUNA, SOFT fLkXO NY, AND CHEVIOT TWEEDS, In Solid Colours, Checks, and Hioather Mixture for Ladies' Coals, and Travelling Costumes. Tailor-made to Measure, or Pattern Garment, also cut lengths sold by the yard. CLERICAL AND YACHTING SERGEI, COATINGS, AND LIVERY CLOTHS. Unshrinkable Shirting and Cricket Flannels Shirts, Pyjamas, Psnts lnJ Underclothing, Hand-knit Cycling and Knicker Stockings, Tr avellrKg Plaidfe, ilugs, and Wrap*, Hat;, Caps, Helmetf5, Collars, and Ties. AGENT FOR DR JAEGER'S PUK- WOOL MANUFACTUREH. AND CELLULAR. CiOTHING- COMPANY. — Robe and Cap Make? by Appointment to the University CoJiege of North Wales. Patterns on Application. 7350 I EST. 1870. Bayne & Dargie,- CLOTHIERS, UPPER BANGOR. AGENTS for the CELEBRATED NA UHLU SERGES TELEPHONE .No. 11. ESTABLISHED uVER CO YEARS WM. ROWLANDS & CO., WHOLESALE and RETAIL WINE and SPIRIT MERCHANTS BANGOR Bass & Co.'s Ales and Guinness' Stout in Cask and Bottle. Office and Vaults-288, HIGH STREET. Bottling and Duty Paid Stores—James Street & Union Street, Bangor ZD 0 Branch Establishment—Foundry Vaults, Llangefni. PRICE LIST ON APPLICATION. 21713 Complete Summer Outfits, 'BOATING, /FOURING, TENNIS, Summer Shirts, Faqcy Vests & Hosiery PANAMA, STRAW, and- LINEN HATS, Sum mer Ties, Su m merG loves FOR BOTH LADIES AND GENTLEMEN. EXCELLENT CHOICE. — See our Windows & Inspect our Stock. Vallance Bros., highst, Tailors and Costumiers, BANGOR LEA AND PERRINS' i Be careful to see that LEA. & PERRINS' Signature in WHITE on the RED LABL. is on every bottle* None genuine without. ) Imitators ol the label will be prosecuted. i ORIGINAL CATTPP I WORCESTERSHIRE UnUOill. GRAY Ac Co., LLANGEFNI, Dymunir galw SYLW NELLLDUOL at y STOCK HELAETH o bdb math o FITTING'S sydd ar law, perthynol i'r holl Beiriana-u sydd yn cael eu defnyddio yn Mon. DIM GWAHlANIAJirH PWY MAKER. Dyma yr adeg niwyiai cyfleus i IxxSdi y Peirianau mewn hwyl. Edrycher ar unwaitih beth fydd yn eisieu a g«lw- gyà,a GRAY and Ce., a ojddact caei. Peirianau Newyddion yn awr i'w Gweled mewn Stock. "OAilffiRJAN" (Poweil, Wrexham). v "BAMFORD." "-NEW ERA" (Williams, Rhudd lan). "HORNS B Y." "RICHMOND & CHANDLER" (Peiriant XenyJJ :;1: Men). I PEIRIANAU AMERICAN AIDD. "MASSEY HARRIS," "OSBORINE," "PLANO," Etc., RELWYR GWAIR (HAY OOIX.BOTORIS) 0 BOB MATH, STEiEL A OHQIED. CRIRYNAU C'EFFYL (Horse Rakes): "LION" (Bviuiford's), "WoODOOFFE," "PLANO," "TIGER," Etc., Etc. j A Pho-b Math c Offerynau Angenrheidiol ar gyfei* y Tymhor hwn e'r Flwyxldyn, rhy Juosog I i'w henwi. f [ Galwer limbic, neu Ajifon>-r drwy y PaH ara Catalogues a Phrisiau. I 2i>33. í I important to Advertisers Thf roicbined ei?e»]ation of these .Iunrns!» I* juoh as to ensure the most extensive publ'r'fty for all annwrneemenki throughout Wftle*, imongst Efiglish firms havi«)g business relations *rith the Principality, and amongst Welshmen gene:al?y throughout the Uni'd Kangdom. LARGEST CURCULAT10N WALES. Ef>lafc!ished 1807 'l'HE NORTH WALES CHRONICLE,' Evtabhuhed 1854. THIS ORIGINAL LLA .NDDDNO riRf-lCTORY AXD VISITOR, Ocntailing List of VRaTOnS for Llaitdndno and s %rtrict. The "Dinctory" can be obtained in L'andvf-J tt the Pubtishiag Office, Caxton Ht<os,a, 13^, Musty*• itreei. S^>lwidid mooHu for AdvertJSemtJuts, Incl, thoutd be meivud at the Ofih-es in Bangor. r»r in LlaiKluttno, en FRIDAY MORNINGS. Dnri: Snmi»ier Months a bi-weekly is published on Mi. NESDAYB, and Advertmenatnts should be reeeivE.4 jot teter than TUESDAY MORNINGS. FRI- )A Y'S Ùlfme Free by Post for a Tear 6s 6d prepaid, and #8 on -,rrl).(-4i.t. 80ALE OF CHARGES. "NORTH WALJQJ CHRONICLE, "ORIGINAL LLANDUDNO DIRECTORY, and "GWALIA" (We»«bj. Per Line P,i t. d. f,.<rli<iif^Kry Not^:Ctt., Ejection Addtesm? 1 0 i. r: d Prospectuses of Puhhfl Companies and UoverJHn-Ent and Chaiietry Notices 0 9 7 I Legal »ud Pubbo Notiees, Sales of Real Property,and Misjceliariecus 0 5 9 Pitblicatious, Local COlWJertll. En- t,ertainmeno, e»c. 0 3. 2 41 The above Advertiwnaeiits are Scaled by 'I' Ifeamtre, the actual print iiues not being ,,Clu When Advertisements are inserted in a:rt:. ono (taper, a deduction of 50 pur o-nt. of. il e nC)e w 111.. for eech extra paper. TKtVDE ADDRDSiF.S.—These are mBtrte.'? sM Heanouable Rates, varying according to apace up Lmd nnvtber of insertions urdertd; t-29 jrder is for 62 :n«ertioM, the price is h Ptl ".h mgie Oohtron, and 11 per iucL Donbie L<Ap"in« A r,dnttii)n is mMif when more ml are taken. rASAGRAPH ADVERTISEMENTS. Ch.vgea 1.1, Lf, Ver Ww; Special Positions at Is per lino. aittAV PREPAID ADVERT! SEAS EN j>. — Jnder the iiead of "Wanted," "To Le," or be Soid, One laaertic.i. In In 2 Papers In 3 iJ5,^er8 0110 op 2 ]i.ertious or 3 In-yJ'iona Paper, fn One i'apor. in olit per Worda. d tl 11 d J 10 19 2 p iA 16 2 6 IT) M a 3 « 4 « } ii 4 0 60 J,ithili.a1 ir.'jtr'icnf ohargec pro rata 11o."1 pein e rxtra if Y,pbee arc to be addressod to the (TSca. Heiuitlanoeo.—Cheques ana P;U. UrJer" to t os,yablo to D. WUhtW»».—S.amps not recei- fol .anlllll.i fxeeeding Two Sbiiiings and Sixpence. ArtJ«tic, Tgienic, CaU tr: V'0- T 7 !i VlflO dresaed in any Riyle, fit "elÓ Finest Workuiaiuhip, Detection impoj-s.^fa, Li^ O I XT ( L^yJ made on tbt pvaj27>.?« v'I.i* IJTJljO in A/! ebadea oi dInT, winch will stand all chmates iw wfa* her* Uuurauteed to remain iu curl. Krosa 7/b 'f A } I U ol Pure Human £ i;ur. X ,l\ A L/O One quality from Iij- COMBINGS o°'Ldrp*' \J t \J. ounce, PRIVATE SALOON FOR LADIES' 4 A! INQ AND SHAMPOOING. R. B. WATSOK, Opposite Tbe CathpdUi, BANGOR. _-R- .A- W* Richards. FISH, GAME & POULTRY MERCHANT, W AMI 374, HIGH-STREET, BANGOR. BRANCH SHOPS AT 329, HIGH STREET, and 6, HOLTKHAD-ROAID, FPPEIt BANGOHL lOE AND ALL FOREIGN GAME IN STOCK. Wo. 39. 2U78 -w Beiore you Furnish your House CALL AT EDWIN JONES, Kyllin Place Cabinet lwii orkg, BANGOR, V/HKRW liOU WILL FIND A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF All kinds of FURNITURE. III 4lt" and well-known all ov:i' the Country, CarriaLre tPrea. 2&S4 ESTABLISHED 1348. THE Journal of Horticulture COTTAGE GARDENER AND BOMB FARMER. C,ida. < JOHN WRIGHT, F.R.H.9, A;;sist»*J "1 i tag of the Best Writers, m VRa C.i} OAL GAUDENING. WEEK1>, ice 3d; Poet Free, d. Terms of Subscription — One Quarter, 3H 9d; Half Year, 78 6d; >04 Year, 15s. Office: 171 "fLEET STREET. LONDOF