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,-Vain Villainy

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8' '11 Hi *L>e d/erris § f| TSJyWY f Rubber Heels 1 L; ==L All ISrtj There is satisfaction in wearing Redferns Navy |4| BflU 1 fi Pads—the satisfaction of knowing that every step yon CDS • ■ FV i take costs you less because Navy Pads wear longer • • m jj than hard leather heels—longer than other rubber heels. H jj thau bard leather heeIs-Ionger than other rubber hed. H f ■* ■■1 There is also the satisfaction of comfort. The spring E I of Redferns Navy Pads materially assists the natural spring of the | foot. ad that means easy walking. | » p I g "jytj But if you would be satisfied, see the name [ < W •RedfernV on every pair of your rubber heels. I J Men's.6ld.9«r pair: Ladies' and Children's, 444.per stir. p j Of all Boot Dealers and Stores. H A Rtdfarn's Navy Quarter Tips for those who prefer B 8 MCI I t this style of rubber heel, are just as good in auaUty as IB Vfe"/ pBLM Navy Pads. H V. m.iijy Write for BooJtU*— B I iiSaoRedfera's Rubber Works, Ltd., j| | £ 1 Hyde. Wear Manchester. fl BE NSON'S WATCHES BEST VALVa ia THB MARKET, AT MAKER'S CASH PRICES. laSihrerCMM. Jjnfnf The MARVEL of tho 20th CENTURY. BENSON'S Ma eholish lever. mk"\T[TE wish the public buy a Good LON DO Jf- M VV MADE ENGLISH LEVEIl, instead common country-u.ade English. Sw *8, at 111 I jBSB) j ■fl American work, and are sure they will find ft Hm« JmB touch cheaper in the long run, hence our iatro- 09 if EMS duction of this Watch for those who do not wish if • | spend more than £ 8 10s. JMSM The movement is J-plate of our beet Lonfloa make, Jewelled in 7 actions In Mnssivo Sterling Silver Crystal Glass Cases, £3 10s Sent free and safe at our risk, to all parts of the World for cash, or P.O.O. 12EHSO1P0 BOOK of WATCHES from a to 2500. CLOCKS, CHAIKS, I NGAGEMEN'ii X* RINGS, BROOCHES, PLATE. &c., &a. Post free OH application. In Silver Cases. > 'l!í '1 Ok BENSOK'S JEN wlLKVEK WATCHES can only be excelled bv the New En^Ii-h Lever dr- ribsd ffiofyk. above. A sound Watch a- a very low price In S'> rl-nij iMJi. Silver. Crystal Glass Cases, price L2. Unequalled by any oth-jr Waved sold the price. /ff/i TOtilaa Sekctions of Watohes or Jewellery sent free on receipt of reference. fflPl UWM!" -A ttfUll OLD WATCHES AND JEWELLERY TAKEN IN EXCHANGE tmlj t ilfeiSSl "WATCHES ancl JEWELLERY sent tree by pest at our risk to a!E iBfL. LjBigaK parte of the World or Cash for Poet Office Order. J. W. BENSON, Ltd., V\W fi i|M H.M. THE QUEEN'S WATCHMAKERS^ \li\l jjmm THE STEAM FACTORY— m 62 & 64, LUD6ATE HILL, LONDON. -• CLOCKS for PraMNtatlon Church. School, and Public Bulldlnp, VABnCTTLABS POST F&KS. THE LIGHTNING BINDER For all classes and sizes of Papers. Music Lecture Ncrtesi Sermons, Statejments Letters, -Magaidnes, Periodicals. &c. Perfectly tight but immediately released. Miitrttifti >rh>ll "I"' .u tI'" ,i.h," "IIU". fIN' | IMH 'tUIU ttntHHimm HMW 1 "t' 1ft "11111 HI" | IHl^HR "I &1M" ft, .tI'h"" SCUT -ACTING PRIIfQ A Wonderful Office TIDY. Bound in Full Cloth: Strong Steel Spring Backs .1f-W1llw-wa'wW'¡t'I'W'J'IrI.¡II \11'" t.jII'IIII'" 'II,' t. 't. ¡II'" Call and inspect same at 1£.0 :113111. a SOD., Kexmfct, Office RfofMi