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EPITOME OF NEWS. lfre. Matthews, of Regent-road, Oadby, near Leicester has given birtii to triplets, ail boys. The Prince and Princess of Wales have been to see "The House of Teinpcrley at the Adelphi Theatre. An old Bristol group of Adonis, and Cupid, lOins. high, realised £18!J at Chnstie's. A slight fire was earned at the Wallace Collection by the-fusing of electric wires. At Sotheby's a large altar candlestick, a relic of the Martinique eruption, was sold for five guineas. Eight men were injured at Pumpherston Oil Works, Mid Lothian, by the collapse of scaffolding. Lord Derby is having a cric., It pitch pre- pared at a cost of £ 1,000 for the benefit, of the servants on his estate at Covvorth Park. Sun- ningdale. "Do you think we get more tiuthful as we get older?" asked Mr. Rose at Tower Bridge Court when a. witness eaid he believed a man because of his age. Towards the cost of removing jving's College H,fir,itl to t;1 London £ yU0 has r- ccived from the trustees of the late IÁlJd Grim- thrrpe's Chanty Fund, and also a second dona- tion of 100 guineas from the trustees of the late Robert William The Second Sea Lord. Vice-Admiral Sir F. Bri,ig.-Yr.rn. has «• rived at Dover to holfl an inquiry concerning certain matters connected with the naval harbour. During the absence of the oecupicos thieves broke it. a flat in Upper Marviebone-st: eet, W., and got awav with a quantity of jew«\:ery S.;h"- dress.-«i. Four storks which were marked aad liberated by an 0:-rtiihühgjc" « -loietv in Pr¡¡ja have eaptuied and < ,\anmicd in the TraasvaaJL They had down about 5.600 miles. To become h«:iorary curate to tisoon, (JanoD E. L. (>c;ige. the Rev. J. Fk*»xn (.,<df-c. for- merly rector of Coeton, AS,Iton Mowlray. has removed to Gravesend, where his son is rector. As he was driving a specialist to St. Thorn r a* Hospital, where an urgent operation had to be performed, a chauffeur, who had excec-ded tie1 speed limit at Kingston-on-Thames, wa« allowed to go on payment of costs. A denial is given to the story recently pub- lished that the Crown Prince of Germany had been ordered by the Kaiser two tlaye detention in his palace. 1 Mr. Frank Glenirtor. the manager t the London Pavilion, was accepted as sursty at Bow-street for Mrs. Pansy Egg* a, wbo i« better known as "La Miio," and who, with her husband and Percy Holland Xaflton, i8 charged with conspiring to defraud a Brook- atreet jeweller of £ 8,000 worth of jewel*. A small river steamer, the Richard Paul, which only draws four feet of water, has left Dover with an English crew on perilous 0 voyage across the Atlantic to Brsmt It is almoat impossible for a respectable person to go into Hyde Park after øunt. H said Mr. Paul Taylor at the Marlborough- street Police-court. "Certainly it is sufflst for respectable man." A Munich girl named Hilda Mele&ner ia bringing an action for breach of promise against her sweetheart, who refuses to marry her because she has adopted the -"Uwbau- fashion of dressing her hair- It was stated during the Home Office inquiry into the Liverpool riota that the solicitors on both sides were being threatened, both per- sonally and by letter, every day, aDd that riot- ing had been renewed on the previous night. '"Vulgar conversation between servants is not a justification for disimaissal,- Judge Willis re- marked at the Souihwark County-court, --but when it is used in & contemptuous manner towards an employer, it josiiftas lust ia dis- missing his servants." The London Operatic and Dramatic Soeiety has produced a new comic opera at the Cripple- gate Theatre, with the title "Tbe Superior Sex." After three amusing attttx the problem which of the sexes is superior remainaunsolved. The libretto is by Mr. H. D. Banning, and the composer is Mr. J. H. Kaundel". Legislation dealing with the milk StAkki PIy should be uniform and universal in jts appli- cation, and that, pending such legislation. no further powers should be given to any l^eal authority, was the gist of a resolution pato.d at a meeting of the executive of the Tube; eu- I logist Committee. With the Archbishop of Wrotmiuster as I president and the Roman Catholic bishops ø1 I England and Wales as viee-presidents, a per- manent committee has been forstwsd of repre- sentatives of various Roman CathoVie societKf* in England and Wales to arrange for a yearly National Roman Catholie Congress in this country. This year's congress will meet ia Leeds from July 29 to August; I or 2. Among bequ-sota left by Captain Thomas: A. Maberley, of Cuckfield, to his nephew, is a large Bible in three volumes, eostsining family records since 1708. In the course of a case at-,tho Old Baia detective stated that a key with which a door at Teddington was opened would unlock half the doors in the district. Elections for a Primate of Australia &a!fe resulted in a tie, the Archbishop of Sydney and the Archbishop of Brisbane having secured eight votes each. The Sicilian players, who were ft gw»t at- traction at the Shaftesbury Theatre two vears ago, are to appear t- six weeks at the Lyrifi Tneatre. General Booth, who is, ia his eighfy-fimfc year, will be absent on a preaching tour in Holland and Germany uLtil the atemd wesek in March. All female prisoners between the ages of eighteen and twenty-three are to be treated specially as "juvenile adult" prisoner* with, certain privileges by new wileme Of -the Home Office. To measure 515ft. long, G2f¡. broad, and 66tft. deep, a passenger steamer with accom- modation for 1,750 passengers, has bemc ordered by the Anchor Line. of Glasgow, from Messrs. D. W. Henderson and Co., of Partiek. By wireless the British cruiser Andnmoed* reports to Gibraltar that Percy 8t. Luke Chappell, a first-class boy, has been washed overboard in a heavy sea Mid drowasdL All efforts to save him were fruitless. "As a protest against the Socialistk pro- posals which are being brought Jormunl at the Labour Party's conference at KfewjWa* tradesman of the town has cent 900 rtiiflmgi to the Anti-Socialist Union, 60, V During a fog off St. Catherine's Point, IaJe of Wight, the English steamer S&. Bede is reported to have collided with. steamer Mercator, which became maetrJoggpd^ sevara iw-vcnt to tar 1111F I L



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