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ILLUMINATION OF PROME,NADE.-At f meeting of the Llandudno Electricity Com mittee a, letter was read from Mr Willoughbj Lance wath reference to a scheme of illumina. tion of the Parade. The matter was not con sidered. ELECTRICITY GEiNERA'T'ED.-Th>e< tota: number of units generated1' this year to Augusl 4th was 387,573, an 'increase of 52,297 as com patred with a similar period last year. From July 1st to August 4th 134,150 units wert generated, an increase of 18079 as compared with the corresponding üeriod of last year. MARKET RENTS AND TOLLS.-The Col- lector of market rents and tolls has reported that during the month of July (containing five Saturdays) the following sums had been col- lected by him, namely: —Rents, P,34 14s. 7d.; tolls, P-12 8s. 7d.; total, C47 3s. 2d. The amount collected during July last year (containing four Saturdays) was zP,35 Os. 9d. PROPOSED SHELTER IN INVALID'S WALK.—The ISurveyor reported that he had been 'in communication with he Ecclesiastical Commissioners and the Mostyn Estate with re- ference to the erection of the proposed shelters on Invalid's Walk, and stated that the Com- missioners are prepared to permilt the erec- tion on their laiud upon payment of annual acknowledgment of Is. This the Committee agreed to. For a grant of a similar privilege the Mostyn Estate asked1 for an annual acknow- ledgment of 2s. per annum, aind that a formal agreement should be entered, into. The Com- mittee instructed the Clerk to see Mr Hum- phreys, and br,ing the question up again at the next meeting. A letter was also read from, the Mortgagee of the Craigydon Land Company agreeing to the erection of a shelter on the foreshore opposite Craigydon Parade, in the position seleete/d iby the Committee. At a later meeting Mr G. A. Humphreys agreed to a rent of oneslhilling per annum. ATTEMPTED SUICIDE AT LLANDUDNO. --At a special police court held at Llandudno on Saturday, by Dr, Dalton, a man named John Brown, an anemployeid wiaiter, was charged with attempted suicide. P.O. Ja-rvis said that he had been informed by some cab- men that the accused had been trying to pur- chase a xevolver. He traced him to, a chemist's shop, where, after first asking for some poison, he was served with two botttles of ehlorodyne. The officer followed !in the direction he was reported to have taken, and eventually saw him beside a haystack tin a field off Conway Road. He had taken the contents of one bottle aind was about to drink the other, when the officer stopped him and took him to the police station. The accused said that he had no intention of taking his life, 'but that he was in the habit of taking about half a bottle of tchlo-rodyrie to put him to sleep wfien he was on the spree.—Dr. Dalton: You are doing a v-ery silly thing. A diose is not more than 30 drops and you have taken 300. The accused eveintually was brought to see the seriousness of his position and prolmised; never to toucih another drop. He was then handed over to a friend; who. promised to take care of him until he lea-ves; the town.