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W. J. CHURCHILL'S HAPPY VALLEY MINSTRELS Perform Daily in the Happy Valley at 3. Evening Performances Three Nights a week Prices Front Seats, 9d.; second, 6d.; ouaMoned seats or the grass for children, 4d. LLANDUDNO GRAND HOTEL. -.0:- Only Hotel in Llandudno over- looking sea and facing due south. Adjoins Pier, to which Visitors have access free of charge. Hotel Omnibus meets trains. -:0:- Telephone Nos. 150 and 0281. Telegrams—" Grand, Llandudno." REGINALD C. VAUGHAN, Manager. Also Edinburgh Carlton Hotel." THREE GOOD THINGS. I THREE GOOD THINGS. j When the sun plays havoc with deli- J X cate complexions, something is needed f to soften the skin and give it a velvety J 3 texture. That something is } I Carnartion Cream v It is not sticky or greasy, and is ex- i cellent ior massage purposes. C t Care must also be exercised in the S selection of a soap, as soaps which con- f tain an excess of Alkali are injurious. 1 3 Our CARNATION CREAM SOAP is a { pure superfatted soap, delicately per- < fumed, and can be used with impunity s upon the tenderest skin. > i Our "BREEZE OF THE ORME" C perfume, which is put up in dainty x f bottles at Is. 9d., 3a. and 5s. 6d. is de- lightfully fragrant and refreshing. K } F. N. Mercer J t CHEMIST & OPTICIAN, C £ 101, tyostyq St., Llandudno. Everything for Motors and Cycles AT Deacon's, Vaughan Street, Close to G.P.O. and Railway Station. LLANDUDNO BEST GARAGE IN NORTH WALES. HAVE YOU CORNS ? If so, Try AMERICAN CORN SILK. (Ph. 1. Form 772.) WILL REMOVE THEM IN THREE DAYS. In boxes, 6d. each. Prepared by- Kate N. Hornibloi M.P.S. Dispensing and Photographic Chemist, 4, Queen's Buildings, Llaqdudno. Telephone No. 104 Llandudno Pier Co, Ltd, Secretary Mr. SAMUEL B JGHES. SEASON 1907. The Pier Company's Popular Concerts. Morning at 11, Evening at 7-45. —I GRAND ORCHESTRA. Musical Director: Mr. Arthur W. Payne, A.R.A.M Sub-Conductor, Mr. W. HAIGH. Augmented to 40 performers Artistes. 12th Special, Aug, 3rd— Miss Esther Palliser, Soprano Aug. 3rd to Aug. 9th— Mr. H. Turnpenny, Tenor. Admission to 6-0 p.m., 2d.; after 6-0 p.m.. 6d Season Tickets: Front Seats, 30s.; Seeond, 22s. Monthly Tickets: Front Seats, 16s.; Second 12s. Weekly Tickets, 3s. 6d.; Front Seats, 5s. PIER THEATRE VARIETIES, LLANDUDNO. Manager S. HUGHES, Junr. DA I LY at 3 and 8 p.n). ROYAL AMERICAN iiGis c Monday, Aug. 5th, and during the week- Curing the Blind. The Bad Stepmother. The Repehtant Dog. And 10,000 other Pictures. SATURDAY AFTERNOON, SPECIAL TREAT FOR SCHOOL CHILDREN. Prizes for Boys and Girls ADMISSION 6d.& Is. Saturday Afternoon, 2d. & 3d PIER HEAD PAVILION. MESSRS. ADELER & SUTTON'S !P iero 11 s DAILY. Afternoon at 3. Evening at 8. MONDAY, AUG. 5th, and during the week entertainments will be given by Malcolm Scott. IRIS BRANSFIELD, Comedienne. TOM EVANS, Baritone. TOM STUART, Impersonator. PENYSTON MILES, Accompanist. A. R. SUTCLIFFE, Comedian. _r For Beauty's Cheeks, f | WINTER'S PEARL CREAM A Dainty Balm for Dainty People. I X Renders the skin soft and smooth a f i velvet. It entirely and speedily re- 3 f moves all roughness, redness, SUN- S BURN, freckles and all irritation of I the skin caused by the sun, wind or f sea bathing. If this dainty skin balm I s used regularly night and morning as 3 r a massage cream it will impart a i natural and beautiful bloom to the s complexion. s > Contains NO Glycerine. JJelicately Perfumed. S Price Is., Is. 6d., Is. 9d. and 2s. 6d. By }\ f post 3d. extra. S ? To be obtained only from i 0 J. Winter & Co., I M.P.S., Dispensing Chemists, P X MOSTYN ST, & MOSTYN AVENUE, s f LLANDUDNO. 4 l Telephone—Mostyn Street, 40. s J Craigydon, 40a. ) TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE TREATY MARINE RESIDENCE, LLANDUDNO NORTH WALES. A Magnificent Marine Residence, in the centre of Llandudno Bay, fronting sea, with superb views of the Great and Little Orme's Head, and which has been especially adapted for an Invalid's use, no expense having been spared, and in- cludes a well-built and beautifully up- holstered lift from the hall to the first j and second floors. < The House comprises splendid Hall, handsome Dining Room, very spacious morning Lounge Room, noble Drawing room (all with bay windows), full comple- ment of Bedrooms (all with superb views of sea and mountains), large Bathroom, two separate w.ei., large Kitchen, Ser- vants' Hall, Butler's pantry, Scullery, etc. The house is replete with every possible convenience, and the decorations are of the most costly and beautiful de- scription. The sanitary arrangements are entirely modern and up-to-date.—Apply to Mr D. Sherratt, 4, Penrhyn Crescent, or to Messrs Dew and Son, Trinity Square Llandudno. Square, Llandudno. Grand Theatre, LLANDUDNO MONDAY, August 5th. for Six nights and Matinee, Saturday August loth, at 2-30, important engagement of Mr. Wm Greet's principal Company in the successful music comedy— The Earl & the Girl 1 From the Lyric Theatre, London. Doors open at 7.30 p m., commence at 8 Early Doors to Pit and Gallery at 7.15 p.m. 6d. extra- Seats in Dress and Upper Circle, Orchestra and Pit Stalls may be booked. Box Office open from 10 to 4. No charge for booking. Seats may also be booked at M. L. Wagstaff, The Gloucester, 89, Mostyn Street, at the Principal Hotels, or at Mr. A. J. Fleet Music Warehouse, Colwyn Bay. PRICES OF ADMISSION.—Boxes from 10/6; Orchestra Stalls, 5s.; Dress Circle, 5s. and 3s.; Upper Circle 2/6; Pit Stalls, 3s.; Pit, 1/6; Amphitheatre, Is.; Gallery 6d. Telephone 0288. "—— Grand Theatre, LLANDUDNO. MOMDAY, August 12th, three nights only, at 8 Mr. George Dance's Company iR- The Catch of the Season. THURSDAY, August 15th, Three nights and Matinee on Saturday at 2 30. First Visit to Llandudno of Mr. H. B. IRVING In The Bell's," Lyons Mail," -t King Rene's Daughter," and Charles I Seats can now be booked At the Theatre and at M. L. Wagstaffs, The Gloucester, Mostyn Street. Prince's Theatre, LLANDUDNO Lessee ARTHUR E. YAUGHAN Manager J. RITSON Telephone 94 6-50 Twice Nightly.O 9 MONDAY, Aug. 5th, and during the week return visit of the Gieat American Star Artiste- Miss DINAH MORRIS and her talented troupe of Southern State artistes (2C in number) including Sam Morris in his original character, Uolonel Martin Muggs in her great success- A VILLAGE IN DAHOMEY. J. H. DARNLEY & CO. in the successful Farcical Sketch— WHAT A NIGHT Together with a Grand Array of Talent for the Holiday Week. Prices of Admission. Dress Circle, 2s. 6d.; Orchestra Stalls, Is. 6d.; Side Circle and? it Stalls, Is. Od.; Balcony 2d.; Pit, 6d. Children Half Price to all parts The Steamers of the old established Company, The St. George's S.S. Co, Ltd., Will ply (weather and other causes permitting) on one of the most beautiful rivers in Wales, between Degaijwy, Conway & Trefriw Please note the name of this Company's steamers- "KING GEORGE," PRINCE GEORGE," and ST GEORGE," and that they start from the St. George's Landing Stages at Deganwy and Conway. Sailings for week ending Aug 10. Train from Leave Return from Llandudno Deganwy Trefriw. Tuesday 8 0 a.m. 8 10 a.m. 9 40 a.m. Wednesday 8 30 „ 8 40 10 30 „ Thursday 9 40 „ 9 50 „ 11 60 „ Friday 9 45 „ 9 55 11 50 „ Saturday .10 30 10 40 „ 12 25 p.m. f Doubtful if steamers reach Trefriw. Fare according to distance. FARES-Fore end, Is, Return 2s.; After end, Is. 6d Return 2s. 6d. Children half price For further particulars apply to Messrs. P. & H. Lewis, Conway and Llanrwst; Messrs. Roberts & Co., Quay, Conway R. E. Jones Bros., "Weekly News, Office, Conway and Colwyn Bay The Hotel Belle Yue, Trefriw Mr. Slater, Photo Artist, Mostyn St., Llandudno Mr. John Jones, Glasgow House, Pen- maenmawr Mrs. Tritton, Castle Hotel, Deganwy Mr. Tomkinson Indispensible, Colwyn Bay; and at all the principal hotels in the neighbourhood, or to Manager, Captain W. Roberts, Quay, Conway. For the convenience of passengers, Luncheons and Teas will be ready on arrival at Hotel Belle Vue, Trefriw. Special Notiee.-Tickets for these steamers are NOT SOLD at Llandudno and other places, and can only be had on board the steamers. VISITED BY OVER A MILLION PEOPLE THE GREAT PICTURE The Return from Calvary, By HERBERT SCHMALZ. This great Picture, which was by Special Royal Comand submitted to Her Majesty the Queen, has created a perfect fuxoire in every town. Hundreds being unable to obtain admittance every night. Now on view at The Art Gallery, 106a, Upper fyostyq St., Llandudno. 'Hours 10 to 9. Admission 6d. OYOLE.-Aiaxvelloas Bargain. Gent's new 1907 Coventry machine, highest grade; fitted with Clincher Tyres; Crabbe roller lever, front and back rim brakes the very latest Perry's ballbearing free wheel, plated rims, coloured centres, black enamelled and lined frame, mud- guards, magnificent machine, not soiled, complete with gas lamp, bell pump, spanner, etc.; 24 9s. 6d. Great Bargain., worth double, will send on approval any distance before cash sent.—M. House, St. Madge, Pitman Road, Weston-super- Mare. Liverpool and North Wales S.S. Company. LA MARGUERITE, daily (Sundays included) for Beaumaris, Bangor and Menai Bridge. Leave Pier 1 p.m., due back 5 p.m. for Liverpool. S.S. ST. ELVIES, or ST. TUDNO.—Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, for DOUGLAS. Leaves Llandudno 10 a.m., due back 7 p.m. S.S. ST. TUDNO.—Monday and Wednesday, August 5th and 7th, for HOLYHEAD. Leaves Llandudno 11 30 a.m, due back 5 45 p.m. S.S. SNOWDON or other Steamer, Daily Sail- ings for Straits and Carnarvon. Leaves Pier 10 5C a.m., due back 5 20 p.m. S.S. SNOWDON.—Tuesday, August 6th for LIVERPOOL, VISIT OF CHANNEL, FLEET. Leave Pier 10 a.m., due back 6 45 per St. Elvies Saturday, August 10th, for BLACKPOOL. Leave- Pier 10 a..m., due back 6 30 p.m. Visit of the Channel Fleet. ST. ELVIES.—Tuesday, August 6th, for LIVERPOOL. Leaves Pier 8 a.m., due back 6 45. Visit of Channel Fleet to Liverpool. Cheap fares. Special Sailing Bank Holiday (see small bills) Special Trip to Menai Bridge, ftndays. Re- turn fare, Is. Leave Pier 3 p.m., due back 5 30 p.m. REDUCED FARES ON SUNDAYS, between Llandudwno and Menai Bridge 2s. First Re- turn, Is. Bd. Second Return. Reduced Fares for parties of 10 and upwards. All information will be supplied at the Pier Gates by Mr Arthur Parton, the Company's Agent. Telephone 141. HOLIDAYS ON THE continent by the Royal British Mail tyoute, via HARWICH and the HOOK OF HOLLAND. DINING AND BREAKFAST CARS. Daily Express Services to Berlin, Leipsic, Dresden, Munich, Vienna, and to Norway, Denmark and Sweden. HOLIDAYS in BELGIUM, including Brussels for Waterloo, and The Ardeanes, via Harwich-Antwerp every week-day. Send post-card to the Continental Manager, G.E.R., Liverpool Street Station, London, E.G.. for descriptive illustrated pamphlet (free). ROCK CASTLE, (Foulkes' Cave.) TYGWYN ROAD, GT. ORME'S HEAD. THE Scarlet Merrions Vaudeville Entertainers, Will give their refined entertainment twice daily, At 11, 3 and 8 p.m. During the Season. DEGANWY, Near LLANDUDNO. PLATT HOUSE AND VALUABLE FREE- HOLD BUILDING LAND. SALE of a Valuable. FRHEHiOLD PRIVATE RESIDENCE, with STABLING and GROUNDS; also Several Choice BUILDING SITES, iall beautifully situated in the above rapidly rising Seaside resort. MESSRS. WM. DEW and SON will OFFER FOR SALE, BY PUBLIC AUCTION, at the MARINE HOTEL, LLANDUDNO, on MON- DAY, AUGUST 26th, 1907, at Three o'clock in the afternoon, the, above Charming FREE- HOLD PRIVATE FAMILY RESIDENCE, with its Grounds, Gardenia, Stabling, etc., situate in a most convenient spot, overlooking the Estuary of the Conway, mountain scenery, etc. Also Eight Capital FREEHOLD BUILD- ING SITES, ranging in atea from 1555 to 7948 Square, Yards, all having a frontage of about 70 feet each to a main road, all.1beautifully placed, oomimandinig magnificent views. Plan, Particulars and Conditions of Sale may be obtained of Mr R. Harold Williams., 21, Great St. Helen's, London, E.C.; at the Auctioneers' Institute, 34, Russell-square, Lon- don, E.C.; or of the Auctioneers, at their Offices, at Bangor and Llanduduo. — LLANDUDNO. SALE OF VALUABLE FREEHOLD BUILDING SITES MESSRS. WM. DEW and SON are instructed to OFFER FOR SALE BY PUBLIC AUCTION, at the MARINE HOTEL, LLANDUDNO, on MONDAY, AUGUST 26th, 190, at 3 30 o'clock in the afternoon. 1918 SQUARE YARDS of VERY VALUABLE BUILDING LAND, with extensive frontages to Nant-y-Gamar-road and Mostyn-avenue. The Property is divided into three convenient Lots. Particulars, with a Plan, are in course of pre- paration, and may be had on application to Mr Hugh F. Hall, Cis-sbury-,court, West Worthing; of Messrs Field, Son and Bromfield, Solicitors, Fenwick Street, Liverpool; at the Auctioneers' Institute, 34, Russell-square, London; or of the Auctioneers), at their 'offices: at Bangor and Llandudno. BIRMINGHAM UNIVERSITY. FACULTY OF MEDICINE, Associated with the General and Queen's Hospitals for Clinical Teaching. SCHOOL OF DENTISTRY, In conjunction with the- Birmingham Dental Hospital. The WINTER SESSION opens on October 1st, 1907. The University grants Degrees in Medicine., Surgery, and Puiblic Health, and a Diploma in Public Health; also Degrees and a Diploma in Dental Surgery. The Courses of instruction are arranged to meet the requirements of other Universities and Licensing Bodies. For Prospectus and further information apply to GILBERT BARLING, M.Sc., F.R.C.S., Dean. TO all having APARTMENTS TO LET.—Do not lose pounds by having your apartments empty, when for Is. (or three weeks, 2s.) you can have a 30-word advertisement in Six London Suburban Newspapers circulating in districts which each year sends thousands of Visitors to Llandudno. Names of papers Leyton, Leytonstone, West Ham, Wanstead, Woodford and Forest Gate, Manor Park and xiford Express and Independent.— Address, Publisher, Independent Office, Leytonstone, London, N.E. TO THOMAS WORTHINGTON. Notice and Advertisement of Order. 1907, No. 486. In the High Court of Justice in Ireland, Chancery Division, Master of the Rolls. Between JOHN CARROLL, Plaintiff,, and THOMAS WORTHINGTON, and MAUDE SARAH FABIAS WORTHINGTON, Defendants NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that on the 16th day of July, 1907, the Right Hon. the Miaster of the Rolls made an order in this matter whereby the Defendant Thomas Worthington was given liberty within ten days from the publication of this notice to dispute the amount therein de- clared to be due by Mm and his Oo-Deitendajit to the above-named Plaintiff and that in default Wf his so disputing said amount, within the time aforesaid and also further in default of payment by him to Plaintiff within two months from the publication of this notice, of the sum so found to be ckie by him together with Plain- tiff's ciosts, the premises set out in the schedule to said Order will be sold after the accounts and inquiries therein directed have been taken and rraade. Dated this 1st day of Augu&t, 1907. ALFRED HENRY, Solicitor for said Plain-tiff. 22, St. Andrew Street, Dublin. To the said Thomas Worthington aad all wham it may concern.

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