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Jack's Fortune.


[ALL HIGHTS ii ESERVED]. Jack's Fortune. BY ALICE MAUD MEADOWS, Author of Cut by Society," A Million of 8. Money," Blind Man's Buff." CHAPTER IV.-Continued. "I am going to marry the man who adores me," said DuiBv; "as for the rest, mother, you have only to give your consent to my tnarriage with Jack and all father's difficul- ties will be over. I am perfectly deter- mined not to ruin my life by marrying a man I do not love." 1 "You don't n.ind ruining my life." "You are more than unjust," mother. "You will be sorry some day, Daisy, that you said that." This was the sort of conversation that took place every day. No wonder the girl worried and troubled, grew pale and thin; no won- der her lover's expression was anxious. "Dearest, what ia to be the end of it?" he said one day. "Anything I could do to help your father, I'd do gladly but I don't want to wait for ever for my wife." "Nor I for my happiness," she answered; "but what can I do- So long as I do not marry I have a big income; I can, at all events, satisfy father's creditors so tar as in- terest on their money is concerned, though I cannot pay off the capital; if I marry you at once I do not know what will happen. I am determined never-never "-she looked up and siiiied-" to marry anyone bi't you, but oh, Jack: you may have to wait five years. Moth -T is obstinately against its now. I wonder whether you would think me worth waiti".i.r tive years for' "I think, and hope you know I should," Jack "Hut surely, your mother I will give way? Daisy shook her head. "I don't think site ever will. CuIe; I give up the fortune, she will keep us wait- ing five years. Oh, Jack, I love you so! she said, "the money seems nothing to me; I only hesitate because of papa." iou don't think, darling, at the last minute your mother would change her mind?" "No her temper would not let her." Folk of iron will, or stupid obstinacy, often think the whole of the rest of the world more pliable. Mrs. Austen encouraged Sir Staple Findon not to discontinue his visits, and after a time the world began to believe he, not Jack, was Daisy's accepted suitor. This, however, only made stronger her determina- tion to marry Jack at any price. "Jack," she said one day, "I can't bear it much longer. I'm unhappy, dearest. I don't think things are so bad with father as mother says anyway, it's not our fault. Let ua get married, and lose the fortune."



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