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Mayor's Day at Conway.


Mayor's Day at Conway. His Right Worship the Mayor of Conway (Councillor Henry Jones) attended Divine service at the Carmel C.M. Chapei yesterday (VVednesday) afternoon The usual proces- sion from the Guild Hall is a picturesque one, but that of yesterday was marred considerably by the inclement weather which prevailed. Despite this a large tJllm ber of peopie attended at the Guild Hall to accompany the Mayor to the service. The procession formed up at the Guild Hall headed by the police, under Deputy Chief Constable Rees, and they were followed by the Town Band, which played lively selec- tions. Then came the officers and sergeants of the "E" Company 6^h R. W. Fusiliers, followed by other Police and the Fire Brigade. The Mayor came next, wearing his robes and chain of office, accompanied by Aldermen Dr. M. J. Morgan, Edward Roberts, and A. Netherwood, Councillors John Williams (ex- Mayor), Dr. Carter, J. E. Conway Jones, J. W. Hughes, and John Jom's. Then came the ex-mayors, county magistrates, the ofhciais of the Town Council, c<"»-opuve members of the Town Council, the chairmen and vice- chairmen of the different local bodies in the vicihity, the Overseers of Conway, Gyffin, and Llanrhos, the Old Age Pension Committee and officials, school managers of all schools, Deganvvy Improvement Association, clergy and ministers, and amongst these were the Rev. O. Selvvyn Jones ft he Mayor's Chaplain), Revs. Win. Jones, T. GwynedJ Roberts, \'11!' Edwards, Luther Thomas, Menat trancis, j. 0: Jones (Gyffiin), \V. Mellor, Tecwyn Evans, Henry Jones (Pensarn). and others. Then came the headmasters of the schools, the postal officials, the master of the Workhouse, deacons and sidesmen of all chapels and churches, the executive officials ot the Free Church Council, and ttif- teat- of the proces- sion was formed ot a large number of Cor- poration workmen. Large numbers of reople witnessed the pro- cession, and in a verv short time the chapel was filled to its utmost capacity. Here a very- impressive service was held, conducted by the Rev. \V. Jones. As the Mayoral proces- sion walked up the aisles :\11". H. O. Evans played a voluntary on the organ. "Ine hymn Before Jehovah's awful throne'' was sung, after which the Rev. Wm. Edwards read portions of Scripture from the 8th chap- ter of' the book of Zachariah. The Welsh hymn .1 Duw b icst in' y:i Argiwydd da" was sung, and the Rev. Wm. Meltor engaged in prayer in English. The English hymn God moves in a mysterious way' was impressively sung; after which the Mayors Chaplain ascended the pulpit and delivered an eloquent and impressive sermon from the text Behold the Kingdom of God is within you," Luke, 17th and the 21st verse. The sermon was preached in English and Welsh, and at the close he addressed the Mayor and Corporation as follows Brethren of the Council, I will sum up the substance of my message to you in these words, have faith in God, live to humanity and devotion to duty, aud if you proceed in this spirit, you may have good ground to expect the most abundant and rich blessing of heaven to rest upon your efforts." A collection, which realised £4 6s., was made in aid of the local Nursing Association. In his prayer after the sermon, the Mayor's chaplain referred to the serious illness of one of the members of the Corporation, and chaplain referred to the serious illness of one of the members of the Corporation, and prayed that he may have a speedy recovery. The Welsh hymn, I- \Vele'r dydd yn gwawrio draw," brought the service to a close. The procession was re-formed, and a large concourse followed the Mayor and his sup- porters to the Guildhall. Later in the afternoon, at the invitation of the Mayor, a very large number of ratepayers sat down to a capital tea in the Carmel C.M. Schoolroom, catered for by Mr Fred Jones, Grosvenor Restaurant. The Mayor presided, and he was supported by several members of the Council and other prominent gentlemen. At the invitation of the Mayor, the toast of the King and the Royal Family were heartily responded to. Alderman Dr M. J. Morgan then submitted t'he Mayor and Corporation. He felt sure they had all enjoyed the afternoon in face of the inclement weather. He had the greatest pfeasure in proposing a vote of thanks to the Mayor and Mayoress fur their kindness in entertaining them to tea. With regard to the Corporation, they all knew as much as he did about them. He was delighted to think tftat they had such a genial and generous Mayor as Councillor Henry Jones to fill the chair for this important year. (Hear, hear). If was hoped that the King would visit Conway when he came to North Wales next year. He (the speaker) had the honour of taking him over Conway Castle a few years ago. and the King had a very good impres- sion of Conway, and he said at the time that he would be very glad to come again when in the vicinity. He trusted that their Mayor would do his utmost to induce His Majesty to visit the ancient borough again. (Loud applause). Mr. J. P. Griffiths, who will be returned as an unopposed councillor on Saturday next, was loudly applauded when he rose to second. He said that when he was returned he would be the youngest member of the family and those members as a rule were to be seen and natrheard. He wouid not only be seeu in the Council, but hoped he would alio be heard as well (applause). He rejoiced that he was going to the Council to uphold the hands of mfembers who were there aire tdy. He would do all in his power to further the welfare and prosperity of the borough. He also trusted that the timely message read from the Mayor's Chaplain would be their guiding spirit throughout the year. The proposition was carried with ac- clamation. The Mayor in response tendered his sincere thanks for the reception given to the Mayoress and himself. It never entered his mind that he would hold the coveted position in the ancient borough of Conway. He had been a re- cipient of great kindness from his colleagues in- the Council. He was extremely proud to be a member of the corporate body, and with- the kindness and sympathy of all they would have a very successful year. Several of his colleagues on the Council were unable to attend to-day, but their letters were very glowing indeed. He again thanked them for their welcome, and also for their attendance in such inclement weather (applause). The Rev O. Selwyn Jones, who responded on behalf of the Mayoress, also returned thanks. He said that Councillor Henry Jones became Mayor in the year that their beloved King Edward died, and it was a very interest- ing tact that Councillor Jones was born in the year that King Edward was married The speaker went on to eulogise rhe work of the Mayor in the Church, and said that he was a self-taught man, and great credit was due to him that he had become Mayor, through hard work, of such an ancient borough. (Hear, hear). He sincerely trusted that his year of ,office would be a prosperous one. Dr W. Carter then proposed a vote of con- dolence with Councillor A. J. Oidman in his very serious illness, and wisued him a speedy recovery. I ..rec.overy. The vote was carried in silence. The proceedings terminated with three hearty cheers for the Mayor and Mayoress, called for by Chief Officer F. A. Deiamotte, who was in charge of the arrangements. This (Thursday) evening the Corporation workmen are being entertained by the Mayer to a luncheon in the Town Ilall. BRIEFLY BIOGRAPHICAL. Mr. Henry Jones, Conway's new Mayor, was born at Nantglyn. near Denbigh, on the day his late Majesty King Edward VII. and Queen Alexander were married, March loth, During childhood, he went to live at Ty'n-y- Pistill Farm, Pias Madoc, Ruabon. There be attended the Pen-y-Cae National Village School, under the mastership of Mr. Archer. During that time he also attended the Calvinistic Methodist Chapel, Acrefair, Ruabon, under the pastorship of the late Rev. Llugwy Owen. M.A., Ph.D.. who did great work in the interests of Evangelism and Education, and terminated a successful career at Conway, where he resided during his late years. At the age of fifteen years, Mr. Jones was with the late Sir Watkin Wynn's agent for two years, during which period he attended the Calvinistic Chapel of Hyfrydle, Cefn Mawr, Kuabon. He afterwards went to Liverpool in the service of Alderman William Jones, J.P., Ex High-Sheriff of Anglesea, for a period of 16 years (being 13 years outdoor manager), and at that time connected with the Stanley Road (Bootle) C.M. Chapel, afterwards at- tending Peel Road C.M. Chapel, for 14 years. Liter he came to Deganwy (in the Borough of Conway), and established a branch of the business of Mr J. Parr, of Bootle. He was first returned as a Councillor of Conway Borough in 1903, for three years, and later was un- opposed in May, 1910. He was elected to the Carnarvonshire County Council, representing Conway (East), in March, 1910. Now he has the honour of being Mayor of Conway in the Coronation Year, the year which the Prince of Wales will be invested at Carnarvon. a —: m

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