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Mayor's Day at Conway.

Children's Concert at Conway.

Death of Mr. John Hughes,…

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The Late Rev. Father Comerford.

A Colwyn Bay Dispute.

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I Markets and Fairs. I-

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Markets and Fairs. WET SH BANGOR (November 18th Fresh but ter, In. 2d. per lb. eggs, 7 for Is. beef. 7d. to lOd. per If). mutton, 8d. to lOd. iat pigs, 4d. to 4 [d. chickens, 3s. 6d. to 5s. per couple. CARNARVON (November 19 th).—Fresh butter. Is. 2d. per lb. eggs, 7 to 8 for Is. beef, 7d. to 9d. per E). mutton, 7d. to 9d. lamb, 8d. to 9d. young pigs, 18s. to 23s. each ducks, 3s. to 3s. 3d. each r geese, 6s. 6d. to 7s. each. DENBIGH (Ncvember 16th).—Fresh but- ter, is. Id. to Is. 21cl. per lb. salt ditto, Is. Id. to Is. 2d. eggs, 6 to 7 for Is. beef; 7d. tc 9d. per lb. mutton, 8d. to 9d. lamb, 8d. to 9d. fat pigs, 4 d. to 5d. ducks. 4: to 5s. per couple wool (English), lid. to Is. per lb. dittc. (Welsh), 8d and 9d. 2 LLANGEFNI (November 17th'),-Fresh butter, Is. id. per lb. eggs, 8 for Is. beef, 7d. to 9d. per lb. mutton, 8d. to lOd. lamb, 8d. to 10(1. fat pigs, 4}d.; voung ditto, 17s. to 20s. each ducks, 2*. 3d. each oats, 13s. 6(1. to 14s. per quarter. PWLLHELf (November 16th)fresh butter, Is. per lb. eggs, 12s. per 120 beef, 7d. to lOd. per M). mutton, 6d. to 9d. fat pigs, 4d. young ditto, 15s. to 19s. each ducks, 4s. to -is. 6d. per couple geese, 6(1. per lb. CONWAY (November 18th).—Fresh but- ter, Is. 2d. per lb. eggs. 6 for Is. PROVISION MARKETS. LIVERPOOL (Saturday).—Cheese rides firm, with recent full prices asking for best makes and a moderate sale transpiring. Butter market lias a firm tone, and the de- mand is fair at yesterday's quotations for all i'es:ripti/>ns. Fges firm. Cheese, per September, 56s. ditto coloured, 57s. ditto earlier makes, white, 54s. to 55s. coloured, 58s\ to 56s. 6d. Butter, per 1121bs. Danish choicest, 120s. to Irish creameries, 10Hs. to Ills.: ditto factories, 90s. to 100s.; Canadian creameries. 106s. to 103s. Siberian, 100s. to 104s. Australian, 106s. to 110s. New Zealand, 113s. to 115 s. Eggs, per 120: Irish hen, l is. to 15s. 6d. Russian, Q-s. 6d. to 10s. 6d. Danish, l is. 6(1. to 16s. COHK (TuesciaN.).-QLiotatioii- Firsts, 92s. seconds, 88s. thirds, 86s. mild cured: Superfine, 95s. choicest boxes, 95s. Fresh butter, 94s. and 88s. HAY AND FTRAW. BIRKENHEAD (Tuesday).—Hay, 60s. to 72s. 6d. per ten. CORK (Tuesday)-—Small supply, very good demand, and prices very good hay, 57s. 6d. to straw, 37s. to 10s. LONDON (Tuesday) .-Liberal supplies experienced fair support at steady rates at the Whitechapel Hay and Straw Market to-day. Best clover quoted 82s. 6d. to 92s. 6d. and inferior, 67s. to 77s. specially picked hay, 82s. 6d. good, 70s. to 77s. inferior. 40s. to 60s. mixture and sainfoin. 78s. to 87s. 6d. and straw, 2,qq. to 33s. per load. CORN. CHESTER.—Steady demand, and feed- ing stuffs are against the buyer. Foreign wheat has advanced Id. per cental, and American maize about 3d. per sack. Offal" in fair demand at increased figures. Oats steady, with a little more inquiry. Red wheat, 4s. to 4s. 4d. per 751b. new grinding barley, 3s. 3d. to 3s. 6d. per 641b. old oats, 2s. 9d. to 2s. lid.; and ditto new, 2s. to 2s. 3d. per 461b. LEICESTER.—Fair average attendance of buyers and dealers, with moderate sup- plies of home-grown wheats. Trade steady with a rather better demand for fine dry samples. Red wheats, 28s. to 33s. white wheats, 29s. to 35s. per 36 stones. Malting barley steady grinding barley quiet. Fine oats active and firm ordinary quiet. SHH-EWSHURY. Good attendance more grain on offer. Wheat, 13s. 6d. to 14s. per 2251b. old oats, 13s. to 13s. 6(1. new, 10s. to 10s. 6d. per 2001b. beans, 13s. to 14s. per 2401b. barl-v. 14s. to 14s. 6d. per 2801b. CATTLE. CHESTER (Thursday, November 17tn).— Owing to snowstorms, there was a poor at- tendance, and supplies of stock were below an average. A keen demand for milch cows; which the supply entirely failed to meet. Milch cows, £ 22 to j'24 stores, £ 15 to -1-17. Few sheep were offered. STOCKPORT (Friday, November 18th). —A large supply of cattle, and an active trade for dairy cows, which fetched from /18 to /23 each. DONCASTER (Saturday. November 19th.) A big supply of cattle and a good trade. Srrcng stl res in forward condition were in demand, bullocks making £ 13 to £17 10s. heifers and drapes, £10 to £ and young stock. £ô to y8 each. Dairy stock continues scarce and dear, newly-calved cows making If 18 to /22 per head. Only a moderate show of sheep. Breeding ewes realised 40s. to 44s., and lambs 25s. to 40s. each. LEICESTER (Saturday, November 19th). —Good supplies of home-bred stock, which came to hand in good condition. Trade steady for medium-priced cattle. Milch cows in demand, choice making /23 to £ 26 good lots, f20 to £ 22 secondary, £ 17 to £ 19 shorthorn bullocks. £ 12 10s. to II;) 105.; Irish crossbred Herefords, /16 to (17 10s. crossbred polled Angus, £ 13 to £ 16 Welsh runts, £ 12 10s. to /16 10s. young stock, £ 5 to /8 calves 20s. to 45s. each. Sheep sold steadily at unaltered rate' to fg calves 20s. to 45s. each. Sheep sold steadily at unaltered ratc". SALFORD (Tuesday).-—-Owing to the fog, a quantity of stock expected had not arrived at the time of writing, and business was greatly interfered with prices were prac- tically unchanged. Quotations :-CtDice- small cattle, Bid. good bullocks and heifers, 2 6d. to 61d. middling cattle and good young cows, 5 jd. to 5Jd. rough cattle, 4.Jd. to 5d. choice small North country sheep, 7Jd. to 8d. heavy, 6Jd. to 7d small Irish, 7d. 4 2 1 2 heavy, 6Id. to 6Jd. ewes, 41d. to 5|-d. calves. 61d. to 8fd. per lb. 4 (I I BIRMINGHAM (Tuesday) .-Very few beasts offered and business ruled quiet, best Herefords selling at 7fcl. per lb. shorthorns, 7od. bulls and cows, 4id. to SAd. Wether sheep were disposed of at 7:\d. to 8}d., and ewes and rams, 5d. to 6|d. per Ih. Moderate supply of pigs and trade active, bacons making 10s. gel. cutters, I Is. to I Is. 6d. porkets, 12s. Bel. and sows. 9s. 4(1. per score, LF'FDS (Tuesday).—Cattle and sheep supplies were smaller than last week, and a fair demand, with prices in sellers' favour. Beef, 51e1. to 8d. sheep, 5Jd. to HI-d. calves, 8.d. per lb. Pigs, 7s. 6d. to 7s. 9d. per stone; quiet trade. Beasts, 1,562; sheep, 1,G2-t calves, 5 pies. 49. HOnET (Tuesday). The supply of all stocks is about the same. Buvers attended in average numbers. Trade ruled brisk, and late rates were little altered. (-)uotat!cns Beef, 5td. to 7d. per lb. mutton. 61d. to 8(1. per tb. veal, (lid. to 8d. per Jb.

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