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ABERGELE URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL. DISAPPEARANCE OF THE SURVEYOR AND COLLECTOR. The monthly meeting of Abergele and Pensarn Urban Council was held on Monday, under the presidency of Mr Thomas Williams.-The Clerk reported that he had that day received the following letter from Mr R. E. Hughes, the father of Mr Roberts, E. Hughes, surveyor, sanitary inspector, and rate collector to the Council:— "Dear sir,-I very much regret to inform you that my son, Robert, finding that his accounts were deficient, has left Abergele, and, I am afraid, the country-of which I have just been informed,— and I am unable to say where he is at present. I have, with the assistance of a friend, gone througb his accounts, and find there is a defioienoy, but thf aotual amount I cannot exaotly say, as I do not know what amounts are due to him for salary and other matters. Kindly let me know who are his guarantors. I send herewith two cheques aad a credit by refund, amounting to L 14. 17s. 6d., which please have plaoed to his credit. I send you also the rate oollector's books. I shall be glad to know the actual defioienoy when you have made it out.- Yours, truly, RXCSABD EDWASD HXJOHBS." P.S.-I am having all the papers, &c., belonging" ;0 the Council collected, and they will be sent you tomorrow. J EM0" W°,Von of Mr J- Pierce, seconded by Mr Edwards Williams, it was resolved "that the Clerk be instructed to investigate the collector's hooka and ascertain the deficiency, and as soon as possible issue a warraatjfor the arrest of the collect >r, Robert E. Hughes; also that the Clerk be empowered to obtain outside help if necessary and to collect the balance of the rate, the question of extra remunerat- ion to be considered later." A committee was ap- pointed to consult with the Clerk on the matter.— Mr Thomas Evans remarked that, although he had had no hand in electing Mr Hughes as their sur- veyor and collector, he thought the matter ought not to be passed over without a word, He did not know whut they ware to do. WboLa could they trust? This officer from a neighbonriug town, like his prodecesaor, came to them with exceHent testimonials. He had testi- monials from gentlemen they as a Council knew well, and after all the trouble and care tht the Council had taken he had mude a fool of them and laughing stock of the town. He really ielt it very deep)y. He did not know how in the world they were to go about the business in future. It was impoisible to put trust in testimonia s (hear hear). The Cleik reported that the Sub-committ a on the question of the pinfold which obstructs the view of the new County School from the m;Aira mad, and the removal of which is desired, me on December- 14, there being also present representatives of the County School Governors and Mr Charles Jones, the proprietor of thli land adjoining. A uu nitnous opinion was put on recoid tb, t in the interests of the County School it was desirable that the pinfold should be removed, and th-1 the Council should be asked to obtain accommodation elsewhere for the E0W the-e. Mr Cra'ubo explained #>. the couuty school governors had no funds out of which they could assist to provide another build- tor the town's purposes, and they thr<iW them- se ves upon ihe mercy of the Urban Council, whom tney asked to carry out the improvement in the interest, of the school which is an important, benefit ° v,*6 i18 Jones promised to build on his land if the ugly pinfold were removed, and the increased rateable value would compensate the Council for the expeuse.—The further con- sideration of the question was adjourned. If was explained that the Publie Works Loan Commissioners had agreed to lend for 30 yeare to he Council at 3 per ceat per annum the money required to furm and tile footpaths in the town, in accordance with the authority to borrow recently garnted.— Mr Evans said the terms were very favourable, considering the present condition of the money market. --The offer was acceptjd. Alluding to the bill with which the Council is now proceed- ing to Parliament for power to compulsorily acquire land for widening the road from Abergele to the station at Pensarn, Mr Crabbe. the clerk, said he had received notice of three dissentients-the two large landowners who declined to sell and one tenant. He had had three assents, and no reply from the other parties interested, nor did they expet any (hear, hear), r