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GLOBE FURNISHING COMPANY. 12 TO 18, PEMBROKE PLACE, LIVERPOOL. FURNISH FOR CASH. OR ON OUR SPECIAL HIRE-PURCHASE SYSTEM AT CASH PRICES. NOTE.-Our Hire-Purchase System is entirely different from any other, and has been highly commended by the whole of the local Press. NO SECURITY REQUIRED. NO EXTRA EXPENSES ON OUR HIRE-PURCHASE SYSTEM. The fair and equitable manner in which our business is carried on and our reasonable terms and low prices are so well known throughout the North of England and Wales as to render further comment unnecessary. T E R M S WE GIVE OUR CUSTOMERS THE PRIVIL- EGE OF ARRANGING THEIR OWN TERMS OF PAYMENT, AS THEY KNOW BEST THE AMOUNf THEY CAN CONVENIENTLY AFFORD TO PAY EACH WEEK OR MON fH. All Goods We Sell are delivered free to any part of the United Kingdom. Private Vans if required, no charge will be made. An inspection of our Stock will at one-, r°mfy intending purchasers that. we give bett. uue than any other house furnishers on the lilre- purchase system in the provinces. FURNISH FOR CASH, OR ON OUR HIRE-PUtoCHASE SYSTEM AT CASH PRICES. Oar new Prospectup, Large Illnstrated Catalogue, Press Opinion?, and Price-list sent post free on application. GLOBE FURNISHING COMPANY (J. R. GRANT, Proprietor), 12 TO 18, PEMBROKE PLACE, LIVERPOOL. Business Hours: 9 a.m. to 8 p.m., Saturdays 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. KIRK'S ARCADE Short cut from High Street Z> to the Parade, I WILL BE OPEN for the WINTER WITH A LARGE STOCK OF COMIU & ARTISTIC & PRIVATE Christmas Cards TOYS and FANCY GOODS SUITABLE FOR XMAS PRESENTS. A CARD. Messrs. R. & J. E. EDWARDS, L.D.S., R.C.S., DENTAL SURGEONS, STANLEY HOUSE Attendances: DENBIGH—Every WEDNESDAY, at 11, High Street (over Dick's Boot Depot). RUTMN-First TUESDAY (Fair Day) in each month, and third MONDAY, at Mr Liswis JONES', Printer, &c. MOLD-First and Third 8ATURDAY in each month, at Miss MINSHULL'S Milliner. T. HULLEY, gAKER & CONFECTIONER FAMILY GROCER & TEA DEALER, Castle Temperance Hotel, KINMEL STREET, RHYL. Fresh Supply of Butter and Eggs always on hand First-class accommodation for Visitors and Commercial Travellers. PRIVATE APARTMENTS. ALEXANDRA JjlAMILY AM QOMMERCIAL JJOTEL, High Street & Kinmel Street, RHYL. J. WILLIAMS, Proprietor. Excellent accommodation and good attendance at strictly moderate charges. We matured Spirits and good BraDd Of Cigars. ALEXANDRA MEWS:—CRESCENT ROAD. Wedding Equippages, Landaus, Broughams, Sociables, Waggonettes, Dog Carts, &c., for Hire BRAKES leave the Hotel and Mews to all Dlaces of interest. ft- GO TO THE NORTH WALES PUBLICITY ASSOCIATION With which is affiliated THE RHYL AND DISTRICT Billposting and Advertising Co., 32, Wellington Road, Top ofElwy Street), RHYL. If you want successful publicity and to reach the people. Sandwich Men and Advertising Carts always in readiness. If you want any effective Billposting at Rhyl, Pres- tatyn, Rhuddlan, St. Asaph, Abergele, Pensarn, Dysertb, Meliden, &c. if you have any Handbills or Circulars to distribute, Public Announcements to make, or Circulars to dddress, come to us. If you want to advertise anything in any daily, weekly, or trade newspaper, then, first consult the official press directions of the whole world in our possession IW Onr only address in Rhylis 32, WELLING- TON ROAD (top of Elwy Street). Managers, T110MAs EVANS & Co., "The North Wales Publicity Association," the oldest members in the district 01 the United Billposters' Asso- ciation. IN TRUCK LOADS TO AN\ STATION. For Prices apply theeveson mjvP -Kl JCj COAL & COKE, CO., LTD. 1 BIRMINGHAM. Education, ST. OSWALD'S, FAIRFIELD AVENUE, RHYL PRINCIPALS :—THE MISSES REES. (LATE OSWESTRY), CAMB. HON., & S. KENSINGTON SCHOOL OF ART CERTS. F R E N C H-P A R I S. ASSISTED BY A RESIDENT FRENCH GOVERNESS, AND VISITING PROFESSORS. A limited number of Pupils reLLI-ved. Pre- paration for all Exams. Special care to Delicate Children. Highest References to Clergy and Parents of Pupils. Prospectus on Application. FAIRHOLME RHYL. Ladies' School. Principals:— THE MISSES ROBERTS. Assisted by Resident Governesses, Visiting Masters for Mathematics, Modern Languages, Drawing and Drilling. Pupils are successfully prepared for Examin- ations—Oxford and Cambridge Local College of Preceptors, and London College of Music. Terms and List of References upon application. IDDLE-CLASS "jg D U CATION L ?. WELSH, B.A., Course of Instruction: ENGLISH SUBJECTS, CLASSICS, MATHE- MATICS and FRENCH. BOOK-KEEPING AND SHORTHAND. Private Tuition. Boarders Received Full Particulars on Application. Address—31. WATER STREET. RHYL. ST. ASAPH COUNTY SCHOOL. UNDER THE 52 AND 53 VICT. C. 40. Chairman of the Governors:- SIR W. GRENVILLE WILLIAMS, BART., of Bodelwyddan. Head Mater WM. EASTERBY, LL.D., B.A., Second Master-J. H. ARNOLD, B.A., University of Durham. Science Ma,te.CHARLES BARNES, B.Sc. Victoria University. Drawing Mater-J HANMER HUTCHINGS, Esq., Art Master, S.K. Dtill Sergeant Sercreant Instructor EVANS, Royal Welsh Fusiliers. and other Masters resident and visiting. Pupils are prepared for all Professional and University Examinations, and there is also a Modem Side for a thorough Commercial Education. There are 8 Free Scholarships and 16 Bursaries the Scholarships being tenable for 2 years. The Buildings are large, healihy, and commodi- ous, erected in 1881, and surrounded by 6 acres of Playing Fields Terms for Day Scholars £ 6 per annum, payable in advance terminally :—For Bo-rlerii, on applica- tion to the Head Master. ^ODEttN QOLLEGIATE j^CHOOL, RHïL. Sound Professional and Commercial Education. Subjects include Latin, French, Mathematics, English, Shorthand, Science, &c. Good home comforts. Limited numter of Boarders. Excellent Teaching Staff of University Graduates. For further particulars, and successes gained, apply- MR. D. J. DAVIES, 1st CI. C.M. PRINCIPAL. Bronwydd, Churton Road. SPECIAL NOTICE. VOIOE PRODUUTION AND SINGING. Mr. T. Amos Jones, R.A.M., BARITONE, (Bronze and Silver Medallist), Is open to give Lessons in the above subjects Pupils visited at their own homes (if preferred) at Rhyl, Denbigh, Colwyn Bay, &c. Also open for engagements in Oratorio, Ballad, 1:1 11 and Miscellaneous Concerts. For arrangements, &c., apply at 7, SUSSEX STREET, RHYL, or to MR. W. H. EVANS, PORTLAND PLACE, DENBIGH. HOGH EDWARDS, (HUWCO PENMAEN), GROCER, PROVTSlON, & SMALL WARE DEALER, Penmaen House, Wellington Road, RHYL Home-made Bread. Fresh Butter and Eggs direct from the Farm. Po ell's I Balsam j 01' Aniseed j OF' rt& .1. ( I I 1 FOB V | Congrhs I Asthma i ] Bronchitisj J Influenza) I AND ALL S LungTroubles fc See above Trade Mark on each Wrapper. j I In "Bottles, 1/11,2/3, 4/6 and 11/ /POWEUi'SlldAPmHTOLS,l/liaBox< ESTABLISHED 1824. J f Sold by Chemists throughout the World. S ? Laboratory: I, Albion Ijondon, 8JS. j Amos Brothera, Wholesale and Retail Stationers, Sussex Street, Rhyl, just received cocsignment of commercial wholesale and retail in stationery. Fred Roberts & Co. CABINET MAKER S, UPHOLSTERERS, GENERAL HOUSE FURNISHERS, AND FURNITURE RKMOVERS AND STOKERS. FOR READY CASH OR BY EASY TERMS OF PAYMENT. PIANOS, MAILCARTS, &C. ON HIRE BY THE DAYïWEEK OR MONTH. REMOVALS BY ROAD OR RAIL. ESTIMATES FREE. Note the Address: 3, Russell Buildings. RHYL. FIRST CLASS LADIES' TAILORING AT MODERATE PRICES. Splendid Assortmert of NEW PATTERNS For the coming Season. D. DA VIES, Tudor Place, Wellington Road, RHYL. COMFORTABLE CENTRAL. NAYLOR'S Commercial Temperance Hotel and Dining Rooms. QUEEN ST., RHY L. Visitors and Commercial Genflemen will receive every attention. Sleeping accommodation from 1/6 per night BOARDING TERMS FBOU 4/6 PER DAY AN ORDINARY DAILY. C. C. NAYLOR, JProprietor. LARGE QUANTITY OF Fire Wood AND Second-hand Timber. For particulars to MR. KEDHEAD, STEAM PACKET WHARF, VORYD. JOHN ROBERTS, PLUMBER, &c., 27, ABBEY STREET, RHYL. All Orders will receiye his prompt attention. AMOS MALTBY. R FTAIL. & F AMILY BUTCHER, la, Water Street, RHtL. Prime Beef, Mutton, and Lamb daily. The best selected Homo-fed Produce'only offered. There isn't an Enemy within your gates one has o dangerous as the demon of defective sanitation. Have your pipes and drains properly attended to and your doctor's bills will be reduced to a minimum. Typhoid and its allies are deadly foes, but it's not such a diffi- cult matter to keep them outside of your home, if you'll but take the hint from us. R. JOLLEY has given long study to the science of sanitation, and he is well up in all the modem inventions and appliances. R. JOLLEY, Plumber, Glazier and Gasfitter, 4, ELWY STREET, RHYL. The Patentees-Macniven & Cameron, Ltd deserve A NATIONAL TESTIMONIAL for then excellent inventions.—Dover Chronicle. THE WAVEBLEY PEN. THE PICKWICK PEN. THE OWL PEN. THK HINDOO PEN. 6d. & Is. per Box. Waverley Works, Edinburgh I EADE'8 OELFBLL \TED GOUT & RHEUMATIC PILLS. BEGIRT RUED. The Safest a-id most Effctnal Curv f^r THEY REQUIRE NEITHER GOUT, RHEUMATISM, CONFINEMENT NOR ALTERATION RHEUMATIC GOUT, LUMBAGO, OF DIET, AND IN NO CASE AND ALL CAN THEIR EFFECT BE MUSCULAR PAINS. INJURIOUS. TKADii, MARK. These last three Years I have never had a pain, 27, Boyne Stieet, Wiliington, Durham, Jan. 12. 1898. Mr Fade De:lf Rir,- It affords me !!TC It pleasure in writing these few lines, 10 inform you about vour vilu ble Pills If in ><;v^n vears since I had the Rheumitio Fever ¡{lid ;if-, follllwing- threa years I had the rheumatic pains. Hiving tried sure remedies" but got no oertpf, i heard of your Pills, which I got aud u"eri, lind received great benefit. Tnese Last Three Years I have ne^er had a paia in regard to Rhenrmtics. You c-tn ti-e tuy lIame. Ilnd also publish to the world the grpat power vour Pills have over Rheumatic pains, and many I have told have got relief. They have t'eeu to me three times the v,Iue I have paid for them -I remain, yours truly, JOHN LONGSTAFFK. P.3.—I would have written you sooner, but I have given them a g )od test, EADPil GOUT & RHEUMATIC PILLS. I would not be without them if they cost One Pound a Bottle. 16, Burton Crescent, Dewsbury Road, Leeds, May 2, 1894. Dea*- Sir,-It. is with unbounded pleasure L send you a few lines in praise of your most excellent Pills. It is Six Years since I first b,1.d Rheumatic Gent, and I had three months m bed with it. Of course I hltd the doctor, and he sweated me down almost to a skeleton. The IItxt Spring I bad anuther dttHck, acd was persuaded by a friend to try your Pills. I did so, and am quite sur6 they prevented rnv beinff laid up again. I would not be wahout them if Lhey cost a Pound a Bo t e. You are quife at liberty to make what use you like of this. Wishing you every success. Mr G. Eade. Yours truly, .^LBSET MOUNTAIN. PREPARED ONLY BY GEORGE EADE, 232, GOSWELL ROAD, LONDON. And Sold by all Chemists, in Bottles, ls. I 'I three iu one 2s 9d. Sent post ir,e by Proprietor on receipt of stamps or postjl order. BAD .AS LKB3, VTED GODT* AND RHEUMATIC PI-Tit English Wataboa-The Best TImeksopors, ss ENGLISH WARRAN BENSON'S K""T,.WATC HES THOUSANDS OF TESTIMONIALS. Guaranteed for ACCURACY, DURABILITY, & STRENGTH, at MAKER'S CASH PRICES. In 18-ct.Gold Cases. m i( £ a BENSON'S NEW KEYLESS EMM LEVER rair lLeLcl[JL4Bn. mfttL S-plate movement, BEST LONDON MADE ENGLISH Mil Mutt US VER, Chronometer Balance and Strong; Keyless Action. In 18-ct.Gold ml K l)« Crystal Glasi Cases, £10, or in Hunting and Half-Hunting Cases, A12 10s N. jj This Watch is made to replace Swiss Watches, and, for JSnglisb VK\ (iff make, is exceptionally low priced. BENSON'S "EW KEYLESS EHGUSB LEIEI fo*1 Gentlemen. Awmfi A ?-Plate BEST LONDON MADE ENGLISH LEVER, Chronometer Balance and Strong Keyless f mi>M n Action. In 18-ct. Gold, Crystal Glass Cases, £ 12. '■ This Keyless English Lever is the Cheapest Watch of its kind ever offered to the public at the price, and super- 3) IB aedes all other Watches previously sold at the price, j m/fg ijr -< SELECTIONS SENT ON APPROVAL. ITTATCHES and JEWELLERY SENT FREE at mtljj ^our^nsk^o all parts of the World for Cash or P.O.O., mL^ ^||| OLD WATCHES^ AND JEWELLERY TAKEN mil 1. Ilm BENSON'S BOOK of WATCHES, from £2 to M., CLOCKS, CHAINS, ENGAGEMENT RINGS, BROOCHB8, r ^W//M PLATE, &c., &e. Post free on application. J. W. BENSONLtd., H. M. the Queen's Watchmakers, THE STEAM FACTORY, 62 & 64, LUDGATE HILL, E.C., LONDON. CLOCKS for Churches, Schools, and Public Buildings, from 95, Estimates -Ire% Stand Unrivalled for HONEST VALUE. L he ILIXU MSO or b Twelve Monlhly Pay- ments, of 17ig. Guamnteed for Twelve Montbs. Fitted with any First Class Ott 4 The Ladles* "ILIXUM," Clean, Chic, Light, Easy Running, 99 ios, (or by Twelve Monthly Payments of 19s. gd)d ( Illustrated Catalogue Post free fr&m ( .AL. Oamage, 3rmtclL. EColbom, London, 3B.Cy. I www,wv,wvwvv,wwwvwvv CONNAH & CO S DEPOTS. DEPARTMENTS. AGENCIES RHYL CYCLES HUMBER DENBIGH MOTOR < ARS PREMIER WARHINGTON BABY CAR., I,GE- RUDGE CHRT IR BATH CHAlh SINGER T. HELENS PLATING SWIFT BAKGOR ENAMELLING ENFIELD CARNARVON REPAIRS HUDSON HOLY EAD HOTKEY ¡ RALEIGE LLANRWST TENNIS ROVER BLAENAU FESTINIOl GOLF CRESCENT fl 'W CHEAPEsr place in North Wales for Cycles, -L. » -i-*l ^5 Children'^ C»rri si d Bath Chairs, CONNAHS LARGEST 8T' K (>UTSIDE LONDON to select from. CONNAN 9S Depots (see "b..v apply ANY ARTICLE connected with our trade AT fIN H'S beinR w xtensive one, we can buy and sell cheaper A "LITTLE DR\li,' s\FETY for Children at £ 5 5 9 W JLvt With PDCuinatic thn is a mBtV6l. CONNAH'S ri: —»• k "EX'C ROY \L WKLS » fitted complete with Warwick or Dnnlop ZA.J1 ^5 Tyres, and weivhi> Mni- 26Jlbs., costs only £ 10 10 0 1VT1VT 4 "ROYAL WEL^ LADIES', with Puncture-proof Tyres, is V^VFl^l i^l best value ever offer-,I a £ 10 10 0 A H'C "R0YAlj CAMB r \x*" RACE is the finest flyer existin 1^1 ITI f\ B 1 "Speedmen' should sfurry for one £ 12 io A ¥¥; £ < "ROYAL CAMHRI VN", ROADSTER, is an ideal Touri8ty J\W 1^1 J^l /m II Machine, LIGHT SAFE, EASY, ton-Puncture Tyres, all for X,12 10 0 A ¥¥FC< "ROYAL CAMBRI 1N." LADIES isthe PRETTIEST SAFETY i^l on the Murket non "unnture Tyres^ and Transparent Gear Case £ 12 10 0 A WW "ROYAL CAMBRI V," TRICYCLE, is the Machine par- J^l il^JIJL ^5 excellence for Middle vire Riders £ 20 0 0 r^A\T\T k "ROYAL CAMB HI\N" TRICYCLE is the pieasantest and V^VFi^l 1^1 ^IlJCI. >3 safest Machine FOR »»i.E ASURE TOURS. rj/\]fcTirr A ¥¥>Ci "ROYAL CAMBRI V" TRIOYCLE has been ridden several times, 50 MILES AFTER TEA by a Ltdy. A "ROYAL CAMBRIAN," TRICYCLE is fitted with non- J^l iM~E Puncture Tyres, Double Brakes, Luggage Carrier &c. A "ROYAL WELSH" MOTOR CAR, Safest in the World. All Guaranteed on every p^rt removable. r^niVt\T A ¥¥? £ < "ROYAL WELSH" MOTOR CAR sent to purchasers own J^l door, ready to drive, use of driver for 2 days. A |¥^ ROYAL WELSH" MOTOR CAR is inspected periodically "1^1 1^1 J\ 11 by our Inspectors, and only costs £ 173 0 0 rjri'mTTfcT A ¥¥)r| EASY PAYMENT SYSTEM applies to everything wa sell, J\ P l^l 1^1 ■ ■ absolute secrecy secured. /irrVT A "¥¥")r< CASH SYSTEM gives purchasers far better terms than even the i^l ilLJnL London Stores. WORKS-Lake Side. Rhyl. WAREHOUSES—Bodfor St & Queen St., Rhyl (and as above). TELEGRAMS-" Connah," and name of Town. ?w rt r¡ J. M. GRIFFITHS 9. SUSSEX STREET, Cannot be beaten anywhere for FIT, FINISH, STYLE AND QUALITY AT MODERATE PRICES. SUITS FROM 35/ TROUSERINGS FRO. 12/6 OVERCOATS FRO. 33/- Yhe Latest Style in Hats, Gaps, Ties, Collars, Gloves, Shirts, and Underclothing &c. BOYS' READY MADE ar noted for Wear and Cheapness. ,,T01T7.r. REPAIRING DONE ON THE PREMISES Fresh Fish, Game, Poultry and Fruit Daily. Such is the expression of MR. MUDD and we candidly believe him, for wejnotice what a difference his STOCK presents, to that we usually see lying dry and flabby exposed for sale in some of our large towns. His display of GAME and POULTRY from the Vale of Clwyd, his English and Foreign FitUIT continue a household topic. MR. MUDD has branches at 5, MARKET HALL RUSSELL BUILDINGS, HIGH.ST., as well as ST. ASAPH. Music Music!! Music! THE London 9- Cambrian Music Warehouse ROCHDALE BOUSE, HI(;II-ST., RHYL (Upposite General Post Office.) PIANOS by Brinsmead, Collard and Collard, Bahhnaum Knauss, and all leading Makers. AMERICAN ORGANS by best Makers. A large Stock always on hand for selection. Liberal Discounts for cast off Maker's prices. Easy terms of payment arranged. Violins, Man- dolines, Banjos in great variety. Strings and Fittings of best quality. Latest Songs and Music, including the new Diamond Jubilee Publications, and the correct versions of Songs as sung by Tom Wood's Minstrels. Ours is unquestionably the largest, best, and most complete Stock of High- class Instruments and Musical Requisites in the Town, and we keep only the very best quality. In pection cordiilly invited. TUNINGS AND REPAIRS bv thoroughly practice man (late with Broadwood & Son.) PIANOS & ORGANS FOR HIRE. Box Office forthel Grand Pavilion. iggpYou cannot mistake the Shop. It is next door to the Magnet Photograghic Studio and opposite the General Post Office, a M sm- The QUADRANT" Patent.. CHAINLESS BICYCLE wltlx orou-roller gear, 1899 Model U acknowledged to b« the frQ*t ipwterpiece of modern cycle conitruction, < WRITE FOR PRICN LIST. Uftkon-X&e QUADRANT CYCItB Coft LW i BIRMIXaHtH. THE LONDON & CAMBRIAN MUSIC & FURNISHING Co. BEG to announce that they have taken into their employ Mr. ALFRED (SHEPHERD, late of 41, High Street, Rhyl, as Manager of their House Furnishing Department, and that their spacious Showrooms, i Alexandra Buildings, Mar- ket Street, Rhyl, are now replete with a large and well-selec- ted Stock of House Furniture of a quality and at Prices which will compare favourably with the best Houses in the Trade, and they are now prepared to undertake Complete House Furnish- ing in all its branches on the most liberal terms. I MARVELLOUS VALUE IN Drawing and Dining Room Suites, Bedroom Furniture, Bedsteads I and Bedding (a Speciality), I Venetian and other Blinds Made and Fixed, I Wall Papers in great variety, l Carpets and Linoleums. I F-LJRNITURE REMOVALS, IN COVERED VANS, BY ROAD OB RAIL ESTIMATES FREE. Please Note Address PIANOFORTE AND MUSIO Warehouse, ROCHDALE HOUSE, (Opposite General Post Office), HIGH STREET HOUSE FURNISHING SHOWROOMS, Alexandra Buildings, Market St., RHYL. "C:aia Visitors should inspect the new Stock of Presents and Souvenors at Amos Brothers, 13, Sussex St., and 6, Wellington Road, Every- thing strictly moderate in Price. Old False Teeth Bought. Many ladies and gentleman have by them old or disused false teeth, which migrht as well be turned into money. Messrs R. D. & J. B. Fraser, of Princes Street, Ipswich (established since 1833), buy old false teeth. If you send your teeth to them they will remit you by return post the utmost value; or, if preferred, they will make you the best offer. and hold the teeth over for your reply. If reference necessary, apply to Messrs. Bacon & Co., Banker3 Ipswich. 3007 NBWSPAPUBS. Recommend MACNIVEN & CAMERON'S PENS The Waverley Pen for Easy Writing.- The Flying Scotchman Pen, instead of a Quill. The Flying J writes 200 words per dip. Sample box Is. Id. by post. WAVBBLSY WOEES, Edinburgh.