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CITY OF LONDON POLICE-Last week Mr D. IV Harvey, M.P., having received a confirmation of his I appointment from her Majesty's ministers, was sworn into office as a Commissioner of the City of London Police by Mr Barou RIf, at YVestminster, the cap- tion being the first judicial act of the learned judge. Mr Harvey has therefore entered upon the onerous duties of the office, and virtually vacated his seat for the borough of Sotitlnvark, although the vacancy can- not be declared until the meeting of parliament. THE DUKE OF WELLINGTON has appointed Col. Gurwood, Deputy Lieutenant of the Tower, as suc- cessor to the late Major General Sir Francis Doyle. THE DUKE of Wellington, since his appointment to the office of Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports, has annually paid to the Treasury, for the public ser- vice, the whole amount of the proceeds of the office. THE WESLEYANS. The loyal and beneficial effects of the Wesleyan instruction amongst the lower orders have been strikingly exemplified by the refusal of the Cornish miners to join their mutinous brethren in Wales. They were often tampered with, but remained firm to their duty. The majority of them, as it is well known, are members of the Wesleyan connection. LORD BROUGHAM has become a subscriber to the Cumberland lee-total Society. We have not beard that his lordship has signed the tee-total pledge.— Carlide Journal. A RETURN made to the House of Commons, on the motion of Mr Eaton, M.P., for Cambridgeshire, of the persons appointed under the Tithe Commutation Act with the (fates of their appointments, amount of salaries, &c., has just been printed. This return con- tains the names of 121 persons who have been en- gaged in working the machinery of that act, at an expense to the country, during a period of less than two years and a half, of £ 4'2,453. His Royal Highness the Duke of SUSSEX has con- sented to act as administrator to the estates of his late brother, the Duke of York. The death of his executors, Sir Herbert Taylor, and Sir Benjamin Stephenson, rendered this step necessary. Her Royal Highness the Princess Sophia is residuary legatee, and although her Royal Highness has always been willing to abandon her claims in favour of the credi- tors, still she has a right, through her illustrious brother, to protect her own interests as well as that of the creditors. A correspondent says some idea may be formed of the unusual activity that has lately prevailed in the Woolwich arsenal from the fact that a greater number of pieces of ordnance, chiefly brass, has been cast within the space of the last four months than during the whole period of the seven years previous to that t Pout. PREACHING IN THE OPES AIR- The Lord Mayor has issued a notice prohibiting public preaching in Smithfield and all other parts of the City, as it has proved only an excuse for disorderly meetings, to the disturbance of the peace. Chartist "sermons," as the Chartists call them, have hitherto been frequent, and generally ended in serious breaches of the peace, to the alariii of the peaceably-disposed inhabitants. Notwithstanding this notice, numbers assembled last Sunday evening, when a party having got into Gilt- spur-street, close to the Compter, they began shouting as if in defiance of the police, some ot whom, however, being in plain clothes, and close to their heels, they were immediately surrounded, and politely handed into the Compter, where the Lord Mayor happened to have just arrived, who, having reprimanded them, and received their promise not to so ottenu again, dis- charged them. GROUND has been taken at Peckham for the pur- pose of erecting a Popish chapel; lhis is evidently done for the purpose, of perversion, as there are not, it is believed more than two Pop'sh families in Peck- ham. DODWORTH CHURCH.—Mrs Langford, of Dod- worth, near Barnsley, has handsomely subscribed the sum of £ 100 towards the erection of a new Church at that I)Iace.-Leeds Intelligencer. The Rev. Dr. WARREN, of Manchester, has se- ceded from the Wesleyan connexion, and become a member of the Church of England, rhe foundation stone of a new church, of which Dr. Warren is to be the incumbent, to be built by public subscription, was laid yesterday week by Sir Oswald Mosley, Bart., in Everey-street, Manchester, in the presence of a large concourse of people. It appeaTS that the Bishop of Chester had promised to ordain Dr. Warren, provided his friends could succeed in erecting a church for him. LORD FRANCIS EGERTON has been re-elected Lord Rector of the University of Glasgow for the ensuing year. THE MARQUIS OF LAWSDOWVE has subscribed the liberal sum of X. 100 during the past week to the Salisbury Diocesan Church Building Society, being his Lordship's second donation. REX V. JODDRELL CASE.—Our clerical readers are aware that a case has been selected for the purpose of again raising the question as to the proper mode of rating tithes. The name of the case selected is Regina v. Capel, and the argument was fixed by the Court of Queen's Bench to be heard on Saturday. The tithe owner's case was complete and ready for argument. The Attorney General, however, on the part of the landowners, succeeded in postponing the hearing until next term.