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THE REPEAL.-The commencement of the te- peal campaign in Dublin is exciting much curiosity with respect to the policy which will in consequence be adopted by the new Irish Government. We pro- fess, says the Globe, no absolute information upon the subject; but, judging from the general complex- ion of existing indications, we apprehend that, with a strict determination to pass over nothing directly and unequivocally i legal, the proceedings of the O'Connellites will be pretty much left to the spon- taneous disposal of the more influential and reason- ably disposed portion of the Irish public, who in re- ality concern themselves little with the subject. In spite of certain noisy and artificially created demon. strations to the contrary, there is reason to think that Irish perception is becoming every day more keen upon the distinction between real and factitious grievances and more aware of the excessive trickery of the agitative process as now practised in Ireland. [Thus the Whigs leave the wild beast to prowl unresisted.—Ed. G. & G.] TilE O'CON,\El L TitIBUTE -To the credit of the good sense of the Irish people, this gross attempt at extortion appears generally to have been a miserable failure. In some places, people were hauled into the chape's by force to contribute in others, gentlemen in .rood circumstanccs gave l-a'fpence This is as it should be, and wi'l tend more to si enee O'Conneii than any thinj;1 else could do. HUMANE FEIXLNG.—A friend of the late Mr. Wontner was exceedingly desirous of witnessing for once in his life the awful spectacle of an execution, and was permitted by the late Governor of Newgate to go into the press-yard. Mr. Wontner took his friend by the arm, and conducted him to the drawing- room of his house, saying, in an agitated manner, 11 NVIiet) they are dawn (meaning the victims of the law) let me know." He presently observed," 1 know it must be all ovei*, aiid I will now tell you a curious tact—1 nav*- iicvci yet witnessed au execution. When I was Marshal, I immediately turned in a different direction when the platform was about to fall, and since I have been here 1 have always avoided the sight. JJONNA MARI.A'S RECRUITS.—Yesterday the James Watt, steamer, arrived at Blackvvall with up- wards of 70 men, who went out as recruits in the ser- vice of Donna Maria, about two mouths since. They stated that they left London under the promise of •21. 5#- Pfr ,,i0,h, but on their arrival at Lisbon, they were informed that only IDs. ppr month, and the usual rations, would be allowed. Ninety-one men were dis- satisfied and left their ranks in consequence they were informed they should be sent home, but were marched into the citadel and kept, in close confine- ment with a very short allowance of food, and had nothing to sleep on but the bare hoards. They were there kept for a fortnight, when, by the intercession of Sir J. Doyle and Admiral Pa rker, they were then ordered to go on board the Raiuha, fcoin whence they were removed to the steamer which brought them to E,Ia,ld. They are most of titelli ii, a very emaciated collclitiol); and very short of clothing-, their necessi- ties having been so great as to induce them to sell (heir clothes tor food, but few of them having shirts to their backs. 011 leaving the vessel they were j-iven JOs. each Eighteen invalids arrived with them, vybo received 4/. each, and were told that, on the tvai" being1 over and Don Pedro succeeding, they mio-ht return to Portugal where they would be taken care of.,Lopidon Paper. DEATH OF A FACTORY CHI£.D,- Yesterdav week an inquest was held at Macclesfield upon the body of a gjd, Sarah Stubbs, 12 years of age, who had worked in the cotton factory of Mr Thorp, and met her death under the following circumstances :-011 Friday after- noon, while the deceased was at work, the overseer, whose name is James Walker, beat her over the head wi:h a strap of leather about 16 inches long, and aboot an inch and a quarter wide. She cried a little and soon after complained of a pain in her head. She went home and renewed her complaints, stating that the overseer had flogged her. She died ou Sunday. The surgeon staled (hat death had been occasioned by el a concussion of the brain and the jury returned a verdict of manslaughter against the overseer, who has been committed for trial. Thejury likewise expressed their regret that any child should be beaten with such aweapon in any factory.- Chcster Courunt. ATTEMPTED ASSASSINATION.—A most dastardly attempt, was made by some scoundrels between 1 and 2 o'clock on Tuesday se'nnight, with a view to as. sassinate G. E- H-Creswell, Esq. of Sherston, Wilts, iu revenue for some imaginary grievance incident to that genUeman's efforts in suppression of poaching, which has been proverbially the besetting sin of a certaiu class of the inhabitants of Sherston-Magna and its vicinity for a length of years past. Incredible as it txiay appear, the poachers, who are a most daring, and organized band, have iu former seasons levied a species of English Black-Mail, or forbearance-money on the gentry iu the various immediate districts of Gloucester and Wilts, to prevent their depredations on their preserves, &c. Mr. Creswell has rendered himself obnoxious in his endeavours lately to suppress this systematic gang, and received an mtimauon to expect a consequent revenge, which we are sorry to add Wds attempted as before detailed, by ihe ruftans add Wds attempted as before detailed, by the ruftans making a noise under his bed-room window, wuh a view to draw him to the same; but faring to do so, they discharged a volley of small arms laden wuh powder, shot, and balls, through the three front bed- room windows in one of which were Mr. and Mrs. Creswell and an infant child at the time, fortunately without their sustaining any other injury than the alarm incident to such an attempt at midnight assas- sination necessarily occasioned. A reward ot 301- has been offered by Mr. Creswell, and wearen.tormed that it is the intention of the gentry and pi-itteipal in- habitants of the district to offer a still further reward, and to apply to the Secretary of State for the Home Department fortheusuai proclamation of pardon and reward for the apprehension of the priticipals in this diabolical outrage. Mr. Creswell had a pointer don- destroyed about two months since by having im throat cut, aud then suspended by a sign-post of a public house, with a notice appended in the true Capt. Rock sty'e, commanding him to leave the county, or they would have blood for supper, aud serve him in like manner, desiring him to prepare bis coffin !— Bristul Journal.





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