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NEWPORT. POLICE COURT, MONDAY, APRIL 2.-(Before the Mayor and T. Hughes, Esqrs.) Thomas Harris was charged with assaulting Richard Thissey on Saturday evening. Fined 10s. and costs. Robert Sullivan stood charged with having, on Thursday night last, assaulted and most brutally treated one Jane Kacey, who lives in friar's field. Fined 40s. and costs, and in default of pay- ment to two months' imprisonment. Hugh Price and Thomns Roberts were sever ely charged with stealing a coat. It appeared that the prisoners went to Mr. Boro- man's house on Monday last, and wanted to sell him a coat. Mr. Boroman thinking it to have been stolen, gave information at the police station the same evening. Prisoners were apprehended on Wednesday by P.C. Hopkins. Case dismissed. Ellen Mahoney was charged by Mr. Salter, relieving officer, with having several times rpplied to him for relief, stating that she had nothing to get food he gave her a ticket each time to go to the Refuge. Mrs. Huxtable stated the prisoner came the fourth time to the Refuge, when she searched hear and found 4s. tiel. about her. The prisoner also stated that she had a sick daughter but there was nothing the matter with her. Committed to Usk for fourteen days for vagrancy, and the money forfeited to the common union fund. L'dward Webster was charged with obtaining goods under falsa pretences from Mr. Garrett, druggist. The prisoner obtained the goods in October in the name of Job Rees, a wheelwright, living at LaniTmrtin, who it seemed had made a. eonripromUe •»itu Mr, Garrett when the bills were sent in. John JJaoies wns charged with stealing clothes, the pronerty of one Hughes. Committed to take his trial for larceny. CATTLE MAUKF.T, WEDNESDAY, APBlL 4TH.—This market was better supplied with stock this week than last, and prices upon the whole similar. We noticed some fine beasts, and several pens of sheep of good quality. Prices,—Beef, 4 ,d. to 5^. per lb. mut- ton, 5d. to 6d. calves, 6d. to ti.'d.; pork, 8s. 6d. to 9s. 6d. per score shipping price of beef, £2 4s. to £ 2 6s. per cwt. MONMOUTHSHIRE RAILWAY.— WE trust the difference now pCtlding bdweell the Canal Company and their freighters is about, being settled. Captain Simmonds, who is engaged by the Board" of Trade, lately inspected and examined the different departments from which the dispute arises. At a meeting of the directors ind freighters h, Id this week at th" Canal office, Capt. Simmonds at- tended, and every hope is entertained that this vexatious question will be settled salisf-ctorily 10 both parties. The model waggon was tried on the tramroad. Several of the directors were present attended by Capt. Simmonds, Mr. Haidie, Mr. Barber, and I Colson, C. E.