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TRIALS OF PRISONERS. STEALING COAL AT DOWLAIS. Catherine Thomas, Martha James, and Eliza Williams were charged with having, on the 5th March, stolen one hundred and forty pounds weight of coal, belonging to Sir John Guest. James Bailey deposed to having seen prisoners taking the coal. Peter Rogers, police-eonsiab'e, at Aberavon, stated that he knew Catherine Thomas some fifteen or twenty years ago, and that during that time he heard nothing unfavourable of her character. Verdict of Guilty against the three prisoners. Sentence, four- teen days' imprisonment. ANOTHER CASE OF COAL STEALING AT DOWLAIS. Ann D y was charged with stealing, on the 16th March, eighty pounds of coal, the property of Sir J, Guest. Henry Pugh, police-constable, proved having seen the prisoner take the coal. Verdict^ Guilty. Sentence, fourteen days' imprisonment. STEALING WEARING APPAREL AT ABERAVON. Elizabeth James, aged 18, pleaded Guilty to having stolen va- rious articles of wearing apparel, the property of William Shute, of Aberavon. Sentence, two months' imprisonment with hard labour. STEALING A GOLD RING AT PWLLCLAWDD. Catherine Morgan, an interesting-looking married woman, aged 23, with a child in her arms, was charged with stealing a gold ring, the property of Mary Howells, a widow. It appeared from the evidence that the ring was kept in a drawer; that the prisoner was at the proseclllrix's house on the 21st February that the prisoner gave a ring to the Neath town crier, and requested him to cry it and that the ring turned out to be the one which the prosecutor had lost. The prisoner said that she found the ring on the street. Mr. Hall made an appeal to the jury on behalf of the prisoner. The chairman summed up most carefully and at length. The jury then retired, and after an absence of nearly two hours, brought in a verdict of Not Guilty. Counsel for the prosecution, Mr. T. Allen attorney, Mr. Coke. Neath. Counsel for the defence, Mr. Hall; attorney, Mr. C. T. Rhys, Cowbridge. OBTAINING MONEY UNDEH FALSE PRETENCES AT NEATH. John Protlieroe pleaded Guilty to having, on the 2oth March, obtained three pounds from one John Phillips, by false pretences. Sentenced to six months' imprisonment with hard labour, part of the time to be kept to solitary confinement. STEALING A HEN AT IIIRWAUN. John Lewis, labourer, aged 31, was charged with having stolen a hen, the property of Thomas Williams. The prosecutor stated that prisoner had been working for him. and that he slept in a hay-loft, near to where the hen roosted; that shortly after prisoner sold it to one John Harris. The prose- cutor identified the hen as his property. Verdict., Guilty. Sentenced to fourteen days' imprisonment. Counsel for the prosecution, MI. Morgan'; attorneys, Messrs. Perkins and James, Merthyr. STEALING TROUSERS AT ABERAVO. John Carpenter, aged 18, was charged with having stolen, on the 11)th of March, a pair of trousers, the property of John Quick. Verdict, Guilty. Sentence, one month's imprisonment. Counsel, Mr. Hewson attorney, Mr. Coke, Neath. The prisoner was undefended. N v.\xn.—EH:abeth Protheroe was charged with having stolen ji shawl, the property of Francis Tomkins. It appeared that the prosecutor's wife left her shawl, in the month of January, hanging behind the door in her house that when she went in search of it a few, weeks ago, it was missing thtit she went to a pawnbroker's shop and, fOlllld it. The prisoner stated that a female who lodged at her house left it with her in payment of her lodgings, and that she knew nothing of the prosecutor's wife, or that the shawl was hers. The jury acquitted the prisoner. Counsel, Mr. Hewson; attorney, Mr. Coke. The prisoner was undefended. STEALING COAL AT PENYDARREN. John Davies was charged with having stoIen 40 pounds of coal, the property of the Penydarren Iron Company. A witness de- posed to having seen him take the coal. The prisoner said that he was working under the Company, and that he thought he was at liberty to take a few lumps of coal for his own use. Verdict, Guilty, with a recommendation to mercy. Sentence, fourteen days' imprisonment. Counsel for the prosecution, Mr. Conybeare attorney, Mr. E. G. Smith. Prisoner was undefended. STEALING WEARING APPAKKL AT MFRTIIYR. IVilliam Peach, a strong, healthy-looking fellow, was charged with having, on the 27th of March last, stolen a coar, trousers, shirt, waistcoats, and a silk handkerchief, the property of Wiiliam Thomas. The prisoner, it appears, lodged at the prosecutor's house the night before the robbery, and decamped in the morning, after having helped himself to the articles above enumerated. Informa- tion was then given to the police, and the prisoner was appre- hended at Newport. Police-constable Huxtable, of Newport, stated, that in conse- quence of information received from Mr. Wrenn, superintendent of the Merthyr police, he apprehended the prisoner in a pawnbroker's shop, in the act of disposing of part of the stolen property. He had the silk handkerchief on his neck at the time. Reed, a lodging-house keeper, in Whitmore-lane, Cardiff, said, the prisoner lodged in his house the night before he was appre- hended, and that he left the coat in payment of his lodgings. Verdict, Gniltv. Sentence, two month*' imprisonment in the Swansea house of cortection-three days in each month to be kept in solitary confinement. Counsel for the prosecution, Mr. Conybeare attorneys, Messrs. Perkins and James. The court adjourned at a quarter to seven.