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NEWPORT. IRISH IMMIGRATION.—The magistrates of Newport have just performed an act likely to operate as an example to captains of vessels who bring over here in their vessels cargoes of destitute Irish to impoverish this country. Oue of thes men has been committed for two months for refusing to pay the penalty of for violating the Act of Parliament, having brought over a large number of his miserable fellow-countrymen, he not hiv- ing a license to carry passengers in his vessel. ACCIDENT.—On Saturday last, the youngest child of Mr. Hosser, of the Bull Inn, Stow Hill, Newport, was run over by a carriage, but fortunately escaped with a few slight bruises. MR. BELLAIRE, one of her Majesty's Inspectors of Schools, visited Poiitiiewynydd, on the It inst., to examine candidates for apprenticeship under the Minutes of Council. There were saveral schools met, and upwards of twenty candidates, two of whom were from the Newport National School. Six were passed—three boys and three girls. We understand that two of the male candidates who were passed were from this town, Mr. D. Morris and Master William Evans. CATTLE MARKET, WEDNESDAY, -MARCH 7.—The market this week was well supplied with beef, mutton, and pork. We noticed some prime oxen, belonging to Mr. Mathew Cope, of Abernant; — Seamark, Esq., of St. Albans; it. Ducham, butcher. There were some fine pens of sheep of Messrs. George Dowie, 11. Keen, Langley, &c. We noticed also some prime Devonshire sheep. There were some prime pork, exhibited, which soon exchanged hands. Calves are scarce. Several horses appeared the market was slow and dull. Prices — Beef, 4^d. to 5|d. per lb.; mutton, 6d. toGjd.; pork, 9s. to 10;. per score; calves, 61. to 7cl. per lb.; shipping beef, £ 1 4- to £ 1 6s. per cwt. MISSIONARY MEETING OF THE WELSH ASSOCIATION OF MON- ltoUTIL.ililitE Oil Tuesday and Wednesday last, a missionary nieetinir connected the Welsh Association was held at Mill- street chapel, in this town. At three o'clock 011 Tuesday after- noon, the ministers met m conference, to discuss matters bear- ing on the interests of Christ, in the county, in connexion with the association. The following resolutions were also unani- mously adopted; Rev. David Salmon, in the clizl;r :-I.,t. "Hint this meeting earnestly requests that every congregation send petiiions forthwith to Parliament, in support of the motion of llichard Cobden, Esq M.P., for the adoption of the system of arbitration instead of war in determining international dis- putes." 2nd. "That this meeting protests against the un- founded assertions disseminated in certain quarters in these day. namely, that the majority of the Dissenters of Wales are in favour of Government aid for education; and respectfuliv solicits every county union to adopt some measures to bring the question to an issue." that this meeting wishes to im- press the importance of taking active measures to meet Dr. Campbell's proposal in reference to the Congregational lec- tures that is., on assurance of a circulation of 6,0. 0 copies the Congregational lectures shall be published in a huudsOnie oc- tavo form, large type, at one-eighth of the present cost—thus, a 12s. volume will cost, Is. 6 1. The Rev. G. Griiffths, Mount Zion, Newport, was appointed to correspond with the Dr, 011 the subject, and forwaiM subscribers' names." At six o'clock, the lev". D. Evans, Tredegar, aud E. Hughes, Penymaiu, preached. At ten o'clock, 011 Wednesday morning, the Revs. Edward Williams, of Cwmbran (English}, and M, Ellis, My- nyddislwyn. A public meeting was held at three o'clock, in aid of the missionary cause, a he iuev ting was addressed by the Revs. A. Barber (Weslevanj, M. Ellis, J. Elrick, of Lon- don, T. Giinian, H. Daniel, Pontypool, W. Allen (Baptist), D. Evans, Tredegar, and Williams, Cwmbran alderman Lewis Edwards, Esq., presided on the occasion. At six o'clock, the Revs. T. Gilman, Tabernacle, and W. Williams, Adulam, Tre- degar, preached,




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