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9hmrtiørnrrnt5. TO THE ELECTORS of the CARDIGANSHIRE BOROUGHS. DF-KR PITIENDS, THANK you most sincerely'for the honour you have con- ferred on me by electing me your Representative in the Commons' House of Parliament. You have elected me perfectly untram- melled by Pledges; and I trust you will never have to repent of the confidence you have placed in me. It is my intention to give my general support to Her Majesty's present Government; but, as I said lately in ABEKYSTWITH, I go into Parliament bound to no Party, and shall reverse to myself the right of using my own judgment, and voting according to my own conscience on any measure brought forward, let it emanate from whatever Party it may. I much regret my time will not allow of my thanking you individually for your kind support; I shall, however, avail myself of the first opportunity of doing so. I remain, Ever yours faithfully, PRYSE PRYSE. PRINTING of every description executed at the PRINCIPALITY Office, with neatness, accuracy, and despatch, on very mode- rate terms. Copper-plate Printing and Bookbinding. PUBLIGATIONS OF THE RELIGIOUS TRACT SOCIETY IN STOCK. Orders for Books, Magazines, and other Periodicals, Music, or 11 any other Article whatever in the Plain and Fancy Stationery de- partment, procured to order at a few days' notice. mUABLE AGENCY. MANSELL and CO., WHOLESALE TEA and COFFEE DEALERS, LONDON, who have already agents in almost every town and village in England, are desirous ot ex- tending the same to Wales. The teas and coffees are packed in neat leaden cases, and very little trouble attending the sale. It would be a valuable addition to a light business, such as a Bhemist or None but the most respectable persons will be appointed, who can give undeniable references. The list is fast-filling, but a few towns are vacant. Early applications are necessary, to MANSELI> and Co., 2, Buckleraburf, London. DENT'S IMPROVED WATCHES AND CLOCKS, T? J DENT, Watch and Clock-maker by distinct appointment K o to the Queen, H.R.H. Prince Albert, and H.I. M the Emperor of Russia, most respectfully solicits from the public an inspection of liis extensive STOCK OF "WATCHES AND CLOCKS. Embracing all the late modern improvements, at the most econo- mical charges. Ladies' Gold Watches, with gold dials, jewelled in four holes, 8 ¡;s.; Gentlemen's, with enamelled dials, 10 gs. j Youth's Silver Watches, 4 gs. Warranted accurate going Lever Watches, jewelled in four holes, 6 gs-E. J. DENT, 82, Strand 33. Gockspur-strcet; and 31, Royal Exchange (Clock Tower Area), ^TIYEN^S ORIGINAL GREEN GINGER WINE. MANUFACTORY—TEMPLE-STREET, BRISTOL. Bit YXCII ESTABLISHMENTS—BARGE-YARD, LONDON IlENllY & DUKE-STREETS, LIVERPOOL. JOHN STIYENS and CO. bos?respectfully to inform the public that their original GREEN GINGER WINE is in the high- est state of perfection, and especially adapted foi this season of the y, ar; its excellence is so weR known, and so justly appreciated, that comment is unnecessary. Amongst the variety of htiyens's Wines, there arc many so nearly resembling the foreign (without their spirituous dun-acter), that they are highly recommended as a safe beverage for children, or weak, debilitated constitutions. J. S. and Co. would particularly call attention to their cele- brated ORANGE TONIC. This cordial, combining all the medicinal properties of a fine tonic, possesses the rich and beautifu flavour of the Seville Orange, ren- dering it a pleasant and agreeable beverage, at the same time afford- ino- a <hf>-ilt'hv and vigorous tone to the whole system. N B —The UNIVERSAL SAUCE, lately introducedby Messrs. Stivens and Co., is now the popular sauce of the day. All Pickles manufactured at their establishments, are prepared entirely with ifalt Vinegar, and families may be fully satisfied that all chemical process is as strictly avoided as it prepared by tneniselves. May be obtained of most respectable chemists, oilmen, and gro- cers throughout the kingdom. 4 NEW MODE of WASHING," says the Maidstone A Gazette of Jan. 30th, 1849, which has been advertised bv Mr Twelvetrees, Bookseller, has been submitted to us for trial. We have ascertained by careful experience that the plan pursued is really a great saving." Several persons who have purchased the pamphM have been°80 well satisfied with it, that they have called at our office to suggest that we might do great good, and save much unnecessary labour, by strongly recommending its adoption by our readers enerally, in our scientific column. We do this most con- "see'further notices in Evangelical Magazine, The Friend, Leeds Mercury, Mothers' Magazine, Professional Almanack, and all the ,I j, principal Journals.. The above method is so economical ana ^ped^ti.ous that a FAMILY'S SIX-WEEKS' WASH can be ACCOMPLISHED BEFORE BREAKFAST, for less than sixpence, without a washerwoman. „„mrTTnm^r,r,„ Directions to be had only of HARPER TWELVETREES, Bookseller, 14, New Millman-street, Foundling, London, for 31 stainps and a directed envelope. No others are genuine. THE SCIENCE OF WASHING. NOW READY, an elegant little Brochure, in a sealed Envelope, beautifully printed in gold anil colois, HARPER IWEL\E- TLLEES* celebrated Copyright PAMPHLET, containing Improved Directions for accomplishing a Family's Six-Weeks' Wash before Breakfast for less than Sixpence, without a Washerwoman. May be had at all the Berlin" Wool Shops, and of every Bookseller in the Kingdom for 2s. 6d., or of HARPER T WELVKTREES, Publisher, H, New Millman-street, Foundling, London, for 31 stamps and a directed envelope None are Genuine without the Gold Cover and Proprietor's name. See all the leading Journals in the Kingdom for Testimonials. dothatelt wAmi) IN ST. MARY-STREET, TWO GENTEEL FURNISHED APAILTMENTS. Particular attendance will be required. Terns Hberal. Apply by letter, pre-paid, to X.Y.Z., Post-ofilce, CARDIFF. TIIE MANSE GARDEN: or the Pleasant Culture of Fruit-Trees, Flowers, and Vegetables, r bsauty and profit of th'j Villa or Farm.' B^r N. PATEitSON, •0- SIXTH THOUSAND. Price 3s. 6d., cloth. It will prove a very valuable aid to amateurs and others, who Manage their own gaidens."—Gardener's Journal. p" l?ull of good, useful, and practical information. —Mark-Lane Express. T, Glasgow and London William Collins ana a»l yook«eaer8. BRECON COLLEGE. 'PllE NEXT COMMITTEE MEETING of the ABOVE 4 INSTITUTION will be held at the COLLEGE HOUbii on Vv the 14th of MAHOII. TO commence by 10 o clock. JUST ARRIVED, and now Landing ex Schooner WILLIAM, EDWARD WAKEHAM, Master, direct from Lisbon, 490 Boxes of ORANGES, 200 „ ONIONS, in Prime condition. Also about 20 Tons of FRENCH ONIONS now Landing, and a quantity of very SUPERIOR SEED POTA- TOES, quite free from disease. Apply to Mr. JAMES KEYSE. Offices, 16, Market-street, NEWPORT. THE ORIGINAL HOWQUA'S MIXTURE OF 40 RARE BLACK TEAS AND MOWQUA'S SMALL LEAF GUN- POWDER. BY I"- APPOINTMENT. THE reputation of these teas is now so thoroughly established, that it is unnecessary to dilate upon their peculiar qualities. They have acquired a celebrity in a comparatively short period, un. paralleled in the annals of trade. Brocksopp, How, and Co., 233 and 234, High-street, Southwark, London, feel confident that the superiority of their articles and their standing in the tea market, will suffice to distinguish them from the puffing adventurers of the dav. The Howqua's Mixture of 40 rare black teas is now reduced to 6S. 8D. PER POUND CATTY PACKAGE, and the Mowqua small-leaf Gunpowder, to 85. OD. PER POUND CATTY PACKAGE, half and quarter catties may be had. To meet the requirements of families in Great Britain, the mana- gers of Howqua's and Mowqua's estates have commenced shipping a SECOND GROWTH called SEMI-HOWQUA and SEMI- MO WQUA, which, while partaking of all the distinguishing qua- lities of the originals, are, as being more economical, better adapted for ordinary consumption. Semi-Howqua per pound catty package 5s. Semi-Mowqua pearl leaf gunpowder, ditto ditto 7s. CAUTION.—-These teas are genuine only when contained in ori- ginal Chinese packages, secured with the seals of" Ilowqua and "Mowqua." B. H. and Co. also continue to supply their original and well- known package teas at all prices. THE CHEAPEST AND BEST COFFEE. Brocksopp andCo.roast their coffees by powerful steam machinery, and prepare them after the French manner. Great economy and improvement of flavour are the results. Coffees prepared by this, process being 30 per cent. stronger than those roasted in the ordi- nary way. Per lb.—s. d. Per lb.-—s. d. Demerara 1 4 Fine strong Mocha. 2 0 Fine Jamaica 1 8 Finest rich old ditto 2 4 Fine Jamaica 1 8 Finest rich old ditto 2 4 Packed in lead to preserve the aroma. N. B.—In reply to numerous applications received from private families, to be supplied with the above teas and coffees, the Com- pany most respectfully refer them to their appointed agents, this being the only medium through which they may be purchased retail. The trade can be supplied with the coffee in the berry, in quan- tities of not less than one chest, roasted on the peculiar and patented principle. An excelleut living, if actively pursued, or a material addi- tion to income, with moderate exertion, is derivable from the sale of the above articles. Brocksopp, How, and Co. are now prepared to appoint agents in every considerable town throughout the United Kingdom. Parties desirous of becoming agents must therefore apply immediately, in order that their names may appear in the advertisements. Full particulars of terms, with a price list, will be forwarded, by post, on application to Brocksopp, How, and Co., tea importers. 283 >uH1 AGENTS FOR THIS DISTRICT:— CardiffAgent wanted Aborayroii-W. Green, Pier-street Abergavenny—W. H. Hurst, chemist, Neville-street Beaufort & Victoria Iron Works—J.Jones, grocer & tea deale Brynmawr—David Edwards, Stamp-office Brynmawr-John Jones, draper and groccr Brecon—Philip Bright, chemist, Medical Hall Cardigan—Joseph Clougher Carmarthen—Wm. Morgan, chemist, Lammas-street Crickhowell—Wm. Christopher., chemist, High-street Dowlais—David Lewis, chemist, High-street Jglwyswrw-J. D. Evans, draper and tefl-dealer. Ditto—R. Watkins, draper and tea-dealer Haverfordwest—T. Williams, chemist, 17, Market-street Ditto-Givyni-io Harries, chemist, High-street LlandiJo-Thomas James, bookseller and stationer Llandovery-Rees Bishop, tea establishment, Stone-street Mcrthyr Tydvil—Edward Watkins, Pontmorlais Milford Haven—J. D. Merritt, chemist Monmouth—J. Wightman, bookseller, Agincourt-squarc N arberth-J ason, Meyler, grocer and draper Newport—J. Grout, stationer, High-street Ditto—John Thomas, chemist, 154, Commercial-street Newcastle-Emlyn—Thomas & Evans, grocers & tea-dealers Ditto—Samuel Jones, grocer and tea-dealer Ditto,—W. Laen, chemist, 1, Meyrick-street Pontypool- William Conway, chemist Swansea—C. T. Wilson, Castle-square Tenby—Richard Mason, bookseller Tredegar—Isaac Edwards, hatter and tea-dealer. EMIGRATION. IN THE STATE OF GEORGIA—UNITED STATES OF JL AMERICA.—For Sale, 120,000 Acres of FREEHOLD LANDS, in IRWIN COUNTY; in Lots of 120 Acres and upwards, at Five Shillings per Acre. The Lands lie between thirty-one and thirty- two degrees north distant from the Atlantic Ocean one hundred and twenty miles, and at an elevation of four hundred feet above its level; free from swamps, climate salubrious and healthy, distant from England eighteen or twenty days' sail. They are bouuded by the Navigable Rivers, the Flint, and the Ocmidgee. A railroad, two-thirds finished, passes through the lands, which will connect both these rivers.- Vessels sail nearly every Week from Liverpool to Savanna or Charleston. Passage to either City from £ 3 to 1:4 per head;—From Charleston and Savanna, the Lands are reached by either Coach, Waggon, or Steam-boat.—Every information may be obtained relative to the above, &c. from RICHARD KKIL i, Esq., No. 1, Royal Exchange Building, London. BEE CONS HIRE. HIGHLY VALUABLE FREEHOLD RESIDENCE AND FARM:, Adjoining the Town of Talgarth (8 miles from Brecon and 7 from Hay,) TO Eg PEREMPTORILY SOLD BY AUCTION, BY DAYID JONES, At the SWAN HOTEL, in the Town of HAY, in the County of BRECON, on THURSDAY, the 8th day of MARCH; 1849, between four and six o'clock in the afternoon (subject, to conditions then to be produced), ALL that FREHOLD MESSUAGE or DWELLING-HOUSE, BAllNS, STABLES, COW-HOUSES, GRANARY, and other FARM BUILDINGS, GARDEN, and LANDS, called CIIANCEFIELD," in the parish of TALGARTH, containing by 152 acres or thereabout, of rich and productive Meadow, Pasture, Arable, and Wood L'nids, within a ring fence, and is bounded by the lands of the Earl of Ashburnham, W. de Winton, Thomas Watkins, Allen, Esquires, and others, now in the occupation of Mr. Evan Davies, a highly-respectable tenant. CHANCEFIELD is beautifully situate, the premises are large and convenient, and may be made a comfortable residence for a respect- able family; is half a mile from the parish church, and the London mail passes and repasses daily within about a mile. It is well sup- plied with water, and the rivers Wye and Llunvey are within a short distance. It commands extensive and picturesque scenery the Brecon Beacons, Mvnydd Troad, Black Mountain, the Rael- norshire Hills, the ruins "of Bunas, Bronllys, and other ancient Castles are prominent objects from this attractive spot. The famed Llandgors Pool, which abounds with fish and wildfowl, is only four miles distant, and the Wye-side Harriers hunt in the neigh- bourhood For a view, apply to Mr. EVAN DAVIES, on the premises; for further particulars," or to treat by Private Contract, to the Propri- etor, EDWARD ALLEN, ESQ., South Parade, Tenby, Pem- brokesl ire; or to DAVID JONES, House and Land Agent, Hay, South Wales, where a map of the estate may be seen. GLAMORGANSHIRE. To be Sold by Auction, at the Angel Inn, in the Town of Cardiff, On SATURDAY, the 31st Day of MARCH, 1849, subject to such Conditions of Sale as shall then be produced, (if not sold by Private Contract, of which due Notice will he given), all that FREEHOLD F ARI AND LANDS, CALLED "WEDDALL," containing 38A. OR. 30r., situate in the Parish of Saint John the Baptist, in the Town of CARDIFF, in the County of GLAMORGAN. The Premises comprise a good Farm House, with a newly-built Cottage, Coach-house, I three-stalled Stable, and 1 single Stable, Barn capable of containing 100 Llestrads, Stalling for 7 Cows, &c., with a large Garden, the whole in complete repair, and now occu- pied by the Proprietor. TIn Roath Brook runs the whole extent of one side of the (h i ai ti, and there is an excellent supply of Water to all other part* vfthe Land. Immediate Possession may be had of the Land, and of the Dwell- ing-house and Buildings on the 1st of May, 1849. For particulars apply to Mr. DALTON, CARDIFF, at whose Office a Map may be seen. NOTICE. THE UNDERMENTIONED SALE HAS BEES UNAVOIDABLY POSTPONED FROM THE 1ST TO THE 22ND DAY OF MARCH. PEMBROKESHIRE. MB, II. P. GOODE t) EGS to announce that he has received instructions to offer for j) SALE BY AUCTION, at the COMMERCIAL INN, in the town of FISHGUARD, on THURSDAY, the 22nd day of March, 1849, at one o'clock in the afternoon, an exceedingly valuable freehold property, comprising four rich I< AltMS, known as Trewrach, Gam, Pentre, and Penywaun, with some new cottages, erected by tenants on building leases, situate in the parish of Fishguard, intersected by the road leading front Fishguard to Newport, and bounded by Fishguard Bay on the north,"importantly placed to participate in the benefits to be derived from the improvements of that harbour when it is made the terminus of the South Wales Railway. The whole of the pro- perty contains 304a. Ir. 26p., which will be divided into six lots, suitable for convenient occupation for building and other improve- n-teiits.. Printed particulars with a plan and description of the lots will be ready by the 10th day of February, and may be had on application to W. B Cooper, Esq., solicitor, 17, Hatton Garden, Loudon at the place of sale, and the principal inns in Pembrokeshire and of H. P. Goode, Land Agent and Surveyor, Haverfordwest. Haverfordwest, January 31st, 1849* "^OCAllPENTERS AND BUILDERS. FOR SALE, A HANDSOME SHOP-WINDOW, not Worse than New, with Mahogany frames, and frontispiece, and large beams. Apply to Mr. JOHN HIBBERT, Grocer, Sc. Mary-street, CARDIFF. BRISTOL GENERAL STEAM NAVIGATION COMPANY, 01 iTICE, QUAY, BRISTOL. THE following steam vessels are intended to I- ford, Victory andRose; Tenby, Osprey and Phoenix; Milford, Pater, and Haverfordwest, 'Osprey; Carmarthen, Torridge direct; and Swansea, County, and Beresford, Bristol; Newport, Swift and U sk; Cardiff, Star and Prince of Wales; as under-mentioned, during MARCH, 1849:- FROM BRISTOL TO ? -'S 4 S «s *5 J S §f 3 3 *5 ? MARCH. £ <3 "d £ | § -g £ ti « S M a a -3 w £ H E £ <2 £ o Thursday 1 ••• ultl 9iaul "J am Friday 2 11 am ••• ••• 'H pm am II am Saturday" 3 12 noon ¿S1 llj pml2noou 12no'n Monday. 5 3a 2.J pin 2 pm Tuesday' 6 Si pm 3* pm 3J pm 3$pm 4 am pu* 3 pm Wednesday 7 ■■■ ■■■ ■■■ ■■■ c alB 5 ilrD Thursday *8 ••• ••• 03 t 6 aiu 51 am G am Friday 9 7 am 03 6^ am 6 an, ii am Saturday 10 7 am m g am 6.J am 7 am 11 I:J)¡: Monday. 12 ¡;, C,) 7 am 8 am Tuesd,Ltl, 13 8 am 8 am S am 8 am ¡;£ 8J am 8 am fy am Wednesday14 >2 H an; 9 am Thursday "15 ••• § » H 3111 » am OJam Friday lfi 10 am fi"g 10 am 9^ air 10 am SatUiday 17 IAJ am •• 00 'R lOJam loj am Ifljam. -lg .s Mrmcl ty. 10 12 noon 1 pm Tuesday- -20 2t pm 2 pm 2 pm Z pm a 5i 2 am pm 2 pm Wednesday21 S a 3t pm 3 am 2-1 Thursday 2a a § 4$am 5 am :31 am triday 23 pm -g a 5^ am pir, 5 am Saturday 21 3 pm 6| am am 6 am 21) Monday ..26 a 61 am 7A am Euesday' 27 8 am H am 7 am 7t am g j§ 8 am 71 am 8 am Wednesday2S H t 7 am 8A am Thursday.s* g §• 9J am S3 am 9 am Friday.311 10 am H 10 am 9J am 10 alft Saturday.3110';am IOtmnlOfamlla FOR BRISTOL FROM '(-« q te 2 MARCH. 1,1:1 I S ? ? B W S § & £ S? £ 5 ÇJ Thursday 1 ^7 ■■■ am Si am S^am Fiiday 2 U am linigh 11 am 6 pm £ ll.j am 8-J am 9 am Satuiday 3 ••• 6*5 1 am 10J am 10 am Satuiday 3 6*5 1 am 10J am 10 am Monday. 5 ••• g| liipml.^pm Tuesday. 6 1 pm ""P. 5 am 2J pm pm Wednesday 7 3 pm 3 pm Thu sday' 8. « '■? 6J am 4 pm 4 pm Friday 9 6 am 7 am o g S am 5 am 5} am Saturday 10 8 am 2 am 7$am 5} am 6 am Monday. 1^ 6 an'l am Tuesday. 13 7 am o'<u 9} am fij am 7 am Wednesday 14 "•g 6| am 7 am Thursday 15 >>-3 jo am 7.^ am am Friday. 16 9 am 10 pm 9 am 4 pm 'g | I0i am "i am Sam Saturday 17 114 am am 84 am Monday. 19t am Ujam Tuesday. 2012noon ••• jjZl H am 1 pm 1 pm Wednesday21 g g, lj pm 2 pm Thursday.22 s 5 am 2* pm 3 pm Friday. 23 6 am am 'g § am 3 pm 3^ pm Saturday 24 7 am 1 am am 4i am 4 pm Monday .26 •"§ § 5} am 6 am Tuesday .27 7 am 8; 9 am 6 am 6 am Wednesdayas 6J am GJ am Thursday.2S St 9.} am 7* am 7 am Friday zir 9 am II pm 10 am 5 pm p | !10j am 7f nm s am Saturday.3] j 114 ami 8^ am 9 am The Piiasxix will .very shortly have completed her refitment, and will be replaced on the Carmarthen station with increased fa- cilities for carriage of Goods (see future hills). CUT The whole of the above vessels are fit tod up for the convey- ance of passengers and goods,—Female stewards on b >ard. Carriages avid horses shipped with care.—Horses and carriages to be shipped two hours before sailing. Particulars may be obtained by applying at the Bristol Steam Navigation Company's Office, Quay, Bristol; where all goods, packagesy parcels, &c., should be addressed:—For Swansea and Cardiff, to \V". B. Owen, Bull Wharf, Red cliff-street and Clare- street Hstli, Marsh-street; and E. T. Turner, 12, Quay-street; and for Newport, to J. Jones, Rownha.m Wharf, Ilotwells. AGENTS.—Mr. Joseph Morgan, Tenby; Mr. J. Rees, Haver- fordwest Mr. Palmer, Milford Mr. Bowen, Pater Mr. John N. Smart and Mr. W. Pockett, Swansea; Mr. T. John and Mr. A. Hingston, Cardiff; Mr. Martin, Ilfracwube Mr. Thomas Baker, Lynton; Mr. Robert-Stacey, Cal'ill;¡rthcuj and Mr. R. Joues, N ewpGrt. Regular Trader from London to Cardiff, H"e',vport, &0, ;I THE SCHOONER GLAMORGAN, T JOXES, Master, is now LOADING at COTTON'S WHARF, Si. TOOLEY-STREET, LONDON, for Cardiff, Newport, Merthyr, Dowlais, Aberdare, Abergavenny, Brecon, Monmouth, Pontypool, Cowbridge, Bridgend, and places adjacent, and will SAIL POSITIVELY ON THURSDAY, MARCH, 8th, 1849 For Freight, &c., apply to the Master on Board Mr. RICHARD BURTON, Wharfinger, Newport; Mr. THOMAS RICHARDS, Abergavenny Messrs. PROSSER & Co., Brecon; Messrs. J. H. & G. SCOVELL, Cotton's Wharf, London or to Mr. W. BIRD1 Duke-street, Cardiff. London, February 28th, 1849.




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