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FOOTBALL. NORTH WALES COAST CUP (SEMI-FINAL). BANGOR v. CARNARVON. While Holywell (whom Carnarvon have already vanquished by three goals to nil ia the Welsh Cup competition) were engaged in the other semi-final" with Buckley Vic- toria, whom they vanquished by three to one, the Carnarvon Ironopolis were striving against Bangor at Llandudno to enter the final-with indifferent success. Both teams turned out in capital oondition, though on the Bangor side two men were unwell, viz., Arridge and Lewis, and the 'Nops eleven also included an invalid in the person of D. S. Jones. From the play of these men during the game, a casual observer would not have suspected anyone of them of indis- position, but there can be little doubt that neither of the three played up to true form. The 'Nops, winning the toss, chose to play with a bright sun behind them—a wise choice, though, as a matter of fact, the sun affected the Bangorians very little. The game was a curiously disproportioned, shape- less affair, and one very difficult to describe, except either in full detail (which is out of the question), or in terse generalisation, which would convey a wrong impression to readers. As thus, speaking generally, Ban- gor did most of the pressing in the first half in the proportion of about five to three. In the second half the Bangorians also did most of the pressing, probably to the extent of say five to two. But te state the matter boldly so would not be fair to the 'Nops', who, in spite of the preponderance of pressure on their goal, never, to my mind, appeared to be in any danger of a decided beatirg, while, on the other hand, they might very easily have come off victors by a couple of goals. The fact is, the Bangor forwards were the most dashing, enterpris- ing, cohesive, and determined, but they never mastered the 'Nops' backs or goal- keeper. IOn the other hand, the 'Nops' forwards, inferior in the matter of clan and determination as they were, were yet superior to the Bangor backs on many occasions, and had it not been that Alec Hughes was in good form in the Bangor goal, and that the Bangor backs for ever filled ] gaps in the back line, the Bangor goal would have fallen many times. Au contraire, as the French say, the Bangor forwards, superior as they were, were always safely held at bay by the backs and goalkeeper alone. True they got the ball into the net twice in spite of the 'Nops' backs and keeper, but on each oceasion the offside rule had been infringed, and the points did not count. The only legitimate goal scored was by one of their half-backs, J. Arridge, who, running in at the ball as it was coming away from a scrimmage, resulting from a corner, magni- ficently placed, drove it back at lightning speed into the Carnarvon net. This happen- ed just five minutes before the end of the game, and the Bangorian spectators, naturally enough, considered their team as safely in the final. But, alasl "there's many a slip t'wixt the cup and the lip," and so it was in this case, for, running straight io from the centre kick, the 'Nops' forwards literally drove the Bangorians pele mele into their own goal, and so closely was the attack pushed home that two of the 'Nops forwards were clearly offside, when a pass to Hugh Williams enabled that player to touch gently on to T. Roberts, who at once shot for goal. Sam Roberts diverted the ball out of goal, but in doing so, placed the two Carnarvon right wing men, who were nearer the net than himself, and in a terribly threatening position, inside. Alec Hughes and Sam at once claimed offside, but 0 the referee was close tip, and rightly took no notice of the claim, and the two Williams battered the ball past Alec into the net, and thus the game ended in a draw. Final result being: Carnarvon, 1 goal; Bangor, 1 goal. HOLYWELL v. BUCKLEY VICTORIA. At Mold. The play for about twenty minutes was very exciting, and then Buckley got a goal, whilst just before the whistle sounded half time a goal fell to Holywell, and the score was made level. Half-time score:—One goal each. In the last half Holywell had the best of the game, and added two goals. Result :-Holywell, three goals; Buckley, one. ° MENAI BRIDGE v. RHYL TOWN. At Menai Bridge on Saturday in beautiful weather. Menai Bridge won by seven goals to none. J I


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